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2022 Clark Family Tour

Clark Family Tour

Connecticut to Ohio — October 19-27, 2022

Message from A. Charles Clark and Richard Lambert:

Greetings Dear Cousins-

river with trees

As the two tour directors hosting the proposed Clark Family Tour in October, we wish to invite your attention and reconsideration of several things that may not be readily apparent about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Please think about what this can mean to your own family traditions.

Our family will begin our autumn excursion in Milford, Connecticut during the 380th year of its founding. Our ancestor 'Deacon' George Clark was one of the original settlers in 1639. From the historic colonial origins of the Clark clan we will visit other sites important to Clark history in Connecticut as outlined in the attached flyer. It is our hope to be able to erect a marker to Deacon George in the cemetery where he is buried just as we did for Timothy Baldwin Clark and Laura Clark Phelps on our first Clark tour. [This idea still in the formative stages.]

Significantly, our experience will be augmented by equally important visits to locations critical to early church history - the birthplace of Wilford Woodruff - near Farmington, Connecticut and the wonderful events associated with his life there, is just one example.

Then on our way to Ohio we will stop at Church History Sites in Pennsylvania and New York. (Next year will mark the 200th anniversary of the First Vision.) The Sites are now under the management of Church History Department and much has been done to make a visit to the sites informative as well as inspirational. Especially is this so at the recently dedicated Priesthood Restoration Site in Harmony PA. President Nelson has described his experience at the dedication as one of the most meaningful of his entire ministry.

The culmination of our experience together will occur in Kirtland, Ohio, scene of many noteworthy Church events. Highlighting our time there will be the unique privilege of enjoying the expertise of Karl Anderson, noted Church scholar of the Kirtland period and a dynamic host. Karl, who is the author of Joseph Smith's Kirtland and The Savior in Kirtland is one of the truly great Church History teachers. Because of his relationship with several Clark family members he has agreed to spend more time with our group than normally done -- an extraordinary blessing as you will see.

As veterans of many Church History tours, and several family-centered ones as well, we feel very good about the itinerary we have been able to organize with Mormon Heritage Tours. This is a grand time to delve into early Clark history; and to complement it with an equally superior dose of church history only makes the opportunity more inviting.

[This is Richard speaking:] Charles Clark is the greatest living historian of our Clark Family, and author of the recently published book on Timothy Baldwin Clark. To travel to these family places with him will be an unforgettable experience. Your feeling about your Clark heritage will be forever changed.

[This is Charles speaking;] Richard Lambert is a very experienced tour guide, both in the U.S. and England. His wealth of Church History knowledge significantly enriches this opportunity to honor our early American ancestors and immerse in the spirit of the Church's beginnings in New York, Pennsylvania and Kirtland, Ohio.

We're concerned that the information about this wonderful trip hasn't been widely disseminated. We urge you to pass along this invitation to your children, grandchildren, cousins, parents, uncles, aunts or anyone interested in a rare opportunity to combine family and church heritage in one experience. Deadlines are approaching and action is needed to ensure a successful family experience in October.

A Charles Clark
Richard Lambert