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The following family publications are available for sale.


Timothy Baldwin Clark

This book is available for $40 each for pick-up now in Sandy and Kaysville, Utah. Please contact David S. Clark at dsclark@juno.com or 801-750-8185.

To order by mail, send a request and a payment of $46 per book wanted to:
Ezra Thompson Clark Family Organization
c/o David S. Clark
9702 S. 520 E.
Sandy, Utah 84070

A lot of effort has gone into keeping this book affordable for all family members -- it's being sold very close to cost. The additional $6 per book will pay for shipping costs.  

Timothy Baldwin Clark page Timothy Baldwin Clark color plate

Ezra Thompson Clark's Ancestors and Descendants

A few more copies of the second edition of this book by Robert F. Gould have become available. They will be sold for $30 each, shipping included.

* To order by mail, send itemized order list and payment to:
Ezra Thompson Clark Family Organization
c/o David S. Clark
9702 S. 520 E.
Sandy, Utah 84070

Noble Pioneer: A Biography of Ezra Thompson Clark
By Antone Clark. This 300-page volume is the most comprehensive work ever done on Ezra Thompson Clark. It includes previously unknown details of the Clark family move from Connecticut to Ohio, then Indiana and then Illinois, where they joined the LDS Church. It shares some stories of faith and courage, that have previously been unpublished. It also chronicles the family's travails in Missouri, Iowa/Nauvoo and then the trip West. There are over 1,000 combined hours of research that have gone into this publication.

Read the Foreword
Read a Sample Chapter, "How The Clarks Came To Join The Church", from this wonderful new book
Read the Complete Book or Save to Your Computer

Currently there are no printed copies left for sale. A future republication is being considered.