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Q. Who were the Wives and Children of Ezra T. Clark?
1st Wife Mary Stevenson Clark 1825-1911
Ezra James1846-1868Died coming home from a mission to England in Upstate New York
Timothy Baldwin Had 11 children
Mary Elizabeth Four children
William Henry1852-1854 Died in infancy
Joseph Smith Lived to be almost 103. 9 children
Hyrum Don Carlos Pioneer in Wyoming. Two wives and 18 children
Edward Barrett Two wives and 12 children. Key man in Davis County
Charles Rich Two wives and 15 children
Wilford Woodruff 11 children. Key legislator in Idaho
Amasa Lyman Two wives and 10 children. Lived to be almost 103 and ran Davis County Bank, silver beaver winner. Son has building named after him at BYU
David Patten 1867-1869 Died in infancy
2nd Wife Susan Leggett Clark 1838-1902 (native of England)
Seymour Thompson 1863-1893 Had accident as child and never was "right". Did not marry
Annie Vilate Tanner Author of famous book on polygamy. Mother of OC Tanner. Had 10 children.
Sarah Lavinia Knowlton Had nine children
Susan Alice Bell Steed Had seven children
John Alexander1871-1895 Died in Israel on a mission
Eugene Henry Six children
Nathan George Two wives and 27 children
Marion Franklin1877-1878 Died as infant
Laura Blanche Cook Silver Cook Six children
Horace Wells Six children
3rd Wife Nancy Areta Porter Stevenson Clark
They had no children together