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Charles Rich Clark Journals
1922 - 1929

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1922. Jan 11
Unloaded some coal in coal house. Gross 2630, tare 13xx

1922. Jan 12
I load up a small load of meadow hay for Marvin to take to his homestead in going out to feed the 93 head straw. Get hay from middle lower meadow.

1922. Jan 13
I go at 8:30 P.M. and get back at 10:40 P.M. to feed cattle at the farm rather than let them go till morning. This is second feeding this day (rest of sentence not discernable.

1922. Sun. Jan 14
As I go in late to S.S. the ass't superintendant asks me to lead in the concert recitation. I am glad I knew the 23 Psalm, maybe only one in S.S. who knew it well. It is as much used in the world as Bro. Callis has said.

1922. Mon. Jan 15
I go and sign a note at (rest of paragraph not discernable.)

1922. Feb. 2
Emma and I attended W.W.'s birthday party held during afternoon and evening. Folks from Montpelier there. A time of good cheer.

1922. Feb 15
F.W. Boehone

Geneva, Idaho

[Some German words and names here - cannot translate]

Hyrum Oakey

Dingle, Idaho

The above named High Counselors have made a house to house visit of Nounan and are nor in Georgetown visiting us. Had dinner with Emma's preparation. Elder Boehone came from Saxony, Germany, the same city from which Brother Maeser [came]. He heard Emil Maeser in Hamburg address his friends' wife as "sister" and desiring to hear the true gospel, he began to investigate. Today he wanted to learn what is meant by second annointings. I suggested that he inquire when in the temple. Bro. Oakey speaks as though he himself has not received those higher blessings because of not getting married after his wife died.

1922. Sat. Feb 18
Attended funeral of Leonard Smith's wife.

After funeral Marvin took two teams on two sleds and went out on the divide and obtained two small loads of quaking asp wood to burn. Was so late I went horseback on Buck and met him this side of clay hill. Jeff plunged into snow up to his sides, Marvin said.

1922. Sun. Feb. 19
I drove Colmar and (name missing)to the farm to feed 100 head of cattle including 50 calves and went to S.S. then fed at noon and again after meeting. Elmer Clark came down with Pres. George and attended Ward Mutual Conference this afternoon.

1922. Feb. 22
No school today on acct of Washington's birthday. M.C. and Ella went up on the train to Montpelier to witness Boy Scout program but horse races instead if Scout program which program to be on Saturday.

1922. Feb 23
Learning the change I telephoned Pres. I. C. Rich to see if he thought it good to have Deacons meet in Prieshood meeting before their program. He asked me to call up Bro. Winters, Stake Scout Master.

1922. Feb. 24
Shoveled snow from the straw covered shed behind the barn and measured the snow , if four feet deep in the field above town. Arthur catches muskrats below town. Caught as mink the other day that had changed holes and the mink when caught was on his way back after two weeks. Arthur uses feathers to allure the mink.

1922. Thurs. Mar. 9
Have been in doors over a week with severe cold. Sore Lung. Spit of Phlem, Mucous or substance. Emma thinks I have had the flue and not over it yet. Sent a letter this morning to cousin Homer J. Clark, Middlefield, O. Wrote to Russell at Tampa.

1922. Mar 11 - 13
Wrote long letter to Carlos. W. Clark, N. Zealand. Snow on center of lawn 45 inches. South of house in garden spot, 50 in.

Attended S.S. Bro. Smart asked me to take the lesson in Parent's Class and spoke (word not discernable) to be as he said if they take you for to teach in another class there will not be enough left for Parents Class. Violet Clark and (name missing) were present. Bro. Smart spoke as though there will be no S.S. next Sunday because conference of the Stake. Supt. MC. Clark seemed in doubt as to whether the Bp wants an attempt made for S.S. I learned from Bp that he wants S.S.

1922. Mar 12
Bp Tippets said that not only S.S.chool meeting to be held next Sunday for those who do not go to conference. I was asked to lead in concert recitation next S.S.

1922. Mar 13
Wrote to Alex Melaik

1922. Mar 16.
Attended choir practice. Marion, Ella, Julia made 40% of the numbers present.

1922. Mar 18 - 19
Stake Conference. I rode up with W.W. first day and Harold Tippets , 2nd. Visitor -Geo. F. Richards, Levi Edgar Young, Wm. Rich spoke of So. America settled by people in search for gold No. America those in search for God and No. America has made most progress.

1922. Mar 20.
Rec'd letter from Russel Clark, answer to mine. Had charge of Priesthood meeting. Class subject, Protestant Revolution. First day to work since taking flu. First day my lungs O.K.

1922. Mar 21
Broke roads in snow 2-1/2 ft deep at S.E. corner of "farm" and hauled out hay from stack we bought of Maurice Tippets about 40 tons - $135.00

1922. Wed. Mar 22
Took cattle to new feed ground at S.E. cor of farm from meadow this side of Swampy Meadow. Helped by Marvin, Helen, Floyd, and by Julia.

1922. Mar. 23
Marvin fed the cattle at S.E. corner of farm hauling the hay from Maurice Tippets stack. His team nearly tired out because they had such a hard time breaking through the snow road. We broke a new road from Smith down to S.E. corner.

I fed the bulls over to the farm and fed the calves in field near South End of diagonal lanes and cows heavy with calf in field this side of Swampy Meadow, rebroke a road to stack this side of creamery.

A.Porter Clark had dinner with Emma, Julia, and me. He tried to get Julia to insure in Beneficial Life. I said I was not converted to Insurance. More money goes out by far then comes in.

1922. Fri. Mar 24
Newell's release message from Pres. Geo. W. McCune came as to Apr 1. Russell Clark at Tampa, Fla. Wrote about Mar 17 that he was released.

1922. Sat. Mar 25
Rec'd 955 # wheat from Bp. Tippets out of tithing granary @ 1 cent per lb.

1922. Sun. Mar 26
Fed calves and went to S.S. & meeting and M.I.A. Have not been on program all winter in Mutual in opening or closing exercises except tonight I was called on to dismiss by prayer. However, I have taken an active part in class exercise.

1922. Mon. Mar 27
Fed calves

1922. Tues. Mar 28 & 29
Put hay in barn.

1922. Apr. 1
Birthday on the day Newell is released.

1922. Apr 2
Rode with M.W. to High Priest's Quorum meeting. I spoke on properly presenting the question proposed.

1922. Apr 3
Byron Smit and I fed cattle. Had to leave part of one load of hay by road trying to get from the Maurice Tippets stack up to the point.

I was class leader in Ward Priesthood meeting.

1922. Apr 4
Marion birthday. He and I are intending to take 3 P.M. train to go to conference. I want to get to stock show and attend ceremony wherein Dr. Thomas is made Pres. of U. of U.

Marion and I walked part way to the depot. We took no overcoats and I used one that Joseph let me take. Cold backward spring. I saw only one person plowing through. Some plowing had been done. When I[saw] someone plowing was when I was in Morgan and was going with Lawrence to the Dry farm across the valley. We were taking a load of willows that were cut.

1922. Apr 27
Vernon is home from school and is pressing his trousers and Julia is out.

1922. Apr 28
Planted garden probably first in Georgetown, onion, lettuce, radishes, cauliflower.

Marvin visited us as a teacher. I mended Vernon's and Julia's shoes, one each,. Julia practicing music.

Arbor Day. Some of the school children cleaned school house. That was all I heard of going on.

1922. June 8
Marvin came in tonight from plowing. Finished frilling last week. Will drill oats tomorrow on the farm if we can get the seed. Newell and Ellsworth have been harrowing today to get ready. Ellsworth began work today. Vernon came tonight with Elmer, his wife and her cousin from Salt Lake.


1923, May 21
Planted garden. Earlier in season. Julia and her mother planted pea and radishes which are up. Later I planted 9 rows of onion.

1923, May 19 - 20
Today, Sat. I used springtooth harrow on garden. Ward Conference. Pres. H.H. Hoff not from Logan yet but Pres. Rich and Wright here. Evan Hoff's name presented as being worthy to bed ordained an Elder. Turned Dairy cows 37 in number, out of the N. timothy to get better feed. Leonard & Thornton Young turned their herd in and the cows crossed creek on Jos. Bee's land, tracking shows. Beets planted about a week ago.

1923. May 24
Newell herding Young Bros. Dairy herd. I planted garden, 9 rows of peas, Stratagem, American Wonder, Telephone and (sentence ends.)


1924. Mar 16-24
Visited first S.School as stake aid. Went to the S.S. again on the next Sunday (at Bern) and to meeting both times and brought home a load of straw each time from Bennington.

1924. Mar. 25
Maria after a visit for over a week returned home. Newell and Meta taking her in the sleigh.

1924. Sat. Mar 29
Attended Stake Priesthood meeting at Montpelier. I drove team as far as to Wilson Weaver's field six miles. Hauled a large pile of straw this winter.

1924. Apr. 3-4-5-6
Went to Farmington on conference ticket. Attended meetings of conference.

1924. Apr 13
Attended Nounan S.S. They were late starting and the Supt asked me to occupy the time. I did so but is was a disappointment not to witness the classes.

Attended Pegram S.S. with Elder Alrfred Blaser, Ass't Stake Supt.

1924. May 10 - 16
Jim Sizemore ran planter, too dry for the shallow planting, 2-1/2 acres of beets. I planted beans up in field and peas for Ella and me. If Bro. Abel Smart is right in his opinion it is too early for beans. He said that planting under the apple trees makes no difference but I told him that last year I planted some under the trees and some not under and that the former did not get frosted while those not under did freeze.

Bro. Smart was planting corn today but said that the 10 of May was a good date for corn.

Ran the brush drag on main timothy for second time and on the other meadow end of diagonal lane for first time.

1924. May 17-18
Sat. turned water on main timothy.

On Sun. Heber Kunz and I as Stake Aids in S.S. had our appointment changed from Nounan Ward Conference to Montpelier First Ward. I rode Red and met Heber on his way. It was first prayer meeting for me to attend since appointed an aid in the Stake Board. Led Red, riding to Bern with Heber. As 6 Stake S.S. work, all of members of Stake Board living outside of Montpelier were released and some living in Montpelier were released when Seymour Spencer became Stake Supt.


1926. Apr 1
This morning Emma said, "My goodness, look there!" I looked and she said, "April Fool". I had just been saying I am sixty five. Just after breakfast Gordon was met outside. He said the big pig is out. I replied I guess he got the big gate open and Gordon replied, "April Fool!" I took him in and told his grandmother.

1926. June 25
Went through the Logan temple early .(If I am not mistaken I am entering this as late a date as on Dec. 12, 1926.)

Later in the day I walked to a highway leading up Logan Canyon to get a ride to go to Georgetown, having no better way to do than to chance getting a ride and trust that good will come of that way of doing. I rode with Bp. King of Montpelier, Second Ward. Riding up Logan Canyon in Judge Keen's new Nash at 25 miles per hour, was impressive. Rode from Montpelier to Georgetown with George Hess that was coming to W.W. Hess' to get strawberries.


1927. Aug. 1
Gravel sold to W.W. Hess for cement foundation.


1928. Mar 8
Third Sunday. Went to Stake Priesthood meeting, Union Meeting.

After High Priests meeting I attended Stake Genealogical Committee Meeting. Elder .Swensen, the leader advised us to keep a journal or diary. During the week following I hauled manure on Marvin's lot with bobsled when ground was frozen in the morning. Also helped feed the sheep that he and Stearns Bee have in my lot.

1928. Mar 28-31
A few hours before I turned 67 years of age I was careless enough to ride Duke with a saddle. I was going to ride him up to Marvin's. He bucked three times and the last time I was thrown on to my head and left shoulder. August Schmidt picked me up.

1928. Apr. l
In Fast meeting W.W. Clark anointed me and Bp Hayes sealed the anointing

. Bonneville passed through Bear Lake: 1776. Jno. Jacob Astor sent ship to Astoria, Mar. 12 1812(?)


1929. May 13
Planted garden for Newell and Meta in home garden, 2 rows of lettuce last Saturday night and 2 rows radishes. Today 1 row of spinach.

[Some pages missing here and just these odd notes and addresses on last page.]

Mrs. Jno Averton Logan Ut
Alma Hess 179 West 12 South, Salt Lake Jan 15, 1913
Evelyn Clark 1640 So. 6 East, Salt Lake City
W. Dalby Anderson 824, 4th ave % Scott W. Anderson or % Utah Bill Posting, 246 E. 1 So.
Marie's Provo Address: 980 N. 1 E. St. Provo, Ut
Newell S. Clark. 2936 Spring Garden St. , Phila. 828 So. 49th St. Phila., Pa. 924 Pine St. Scranton. 92 Madison St. Wilkes Barre, Mrs. Solomon
Elder Carlos W. Clark. Box 72 Upper Queen St., Aukland, N.Z.
RaymondS. Gillie, 56 Burton St. Riedsville, N.C.
Russell Clark. P.O. Box 852, Atlanta or 350 Woodward Ave
Dunford, Wm. Stanly 275 I St Salt Lake City
Mclune, 273 Gates Ave, Brooklyn N.Y.
Clark , Warren O
Burnett, Niles O.
Clark, Homer J. Meadow View Farm, PO Box 40, Middlefield, R.I.
Ensign. Rugg, Harry Beaumont 811 West First South, Salt Lake City
Anderson, W. Dalby No. 6, Freeman Apartments 44 East 4 So.
C.M. Baldridge Webb, Ariz.
Myron Crandal 3026 Madison Ave, between 20th and 21 Sts Ogden
Mrs. Julia Wundell 1182 So. 4 E.


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