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Charles Rich Clark Journals
1916 - 1921

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1916. Wed. Sept 13
As ward teacher Elmer Clark and I went visiting in the district north, W. Smit, F.R. Bacon, Leo Black, Byron Smit, Sister Johnson, Welkers, and Wilbur Bacon. -Thurs., also at eve.

1916. Fri. Sept 15
At night visited Lewis Robison again to talk with him and his wife alone in their home to see if they don't feel like donating to the fund to assist Bloomington to build a meeting house. His wife, Eva says they need a home and gives that as a reason. He said that Bloominton can rent a house well as he. His debts stand first in his estimation, say they don't think Bloomington would help Georgetown.

1916. Sat. Sept 16
Went to stack second crop at the farm but too green. Julia was driving team on the ricker, Vernon helping me. Oren and Newell the Bull rakes and Marvin the horse rake. Later Vernon got out the plow to plow on the dry farm and I went and he came to go to Paris to go to the dentist and to fill and appointment on Sunday as one of the ward board. Julia and Newell went to get water out of the river for fuel. He would like to take some wood to Paris next week to be ready for school at the Academy. Marion baptized Ellsworth and I confirmed him.

1916. Sun. Sept 17
Gave in teacher's report on Sunday. In parents class I read from Burbank's book, "The Human Plant."

1916. Mon. Sept 18
Finished second crop.

1916. Tues. Sept. 19
Loaded part of car of hay from "south timothy" . At night feeding Jack I fell from the loft through a feed hole down into stall. Vernon went out to his homestead.

1916. Wed. Sept 20
Arose early and got ready and at 9 A.M. started to Paris to take Julia and Marie for school. Julia started at 1 P.M. in district school beginning eighth grade. Brought home freight for Marion.

1916. Oct 12-16
Martin Winters looked for hard times in three years if Wilson elected again.

Lela wrote to me from Boulder, Garfield Co., Utah writing to me at Georgetown. She says: Dear Father, I guess you will wonder what has happened to me being away down here. Well, strange things often happen - A schoolmarm, indeed. I have a fine little school and think I shall like it here. It certainly is a very wonderful country. Many great things to see. Should like very much to hear from you folks up there. Tell Newell, Marie and all to write to me. Have been wondering if you came down for conference. Hope this finds everybody well and happy. Your loving Lela

1916. Oct 13
Wilford King brought 1845 lbs of potatoes and took them to Marion's store.

1916. Oct 14
Brought another load today of potatoes.

1916. Nov.
One day before Thanksgiving Day I left Salt Lake to go to the Southern States upon a mission. Arrived in Florida Dec. 9. In July I was sent to Chattanooga and after five weeks I was sent to Virginia. Presided in Va. Conference from Jan. to August and after a release from the Conference I visited Lawrence in Mass and returned to Chattanooga via Topsfield, South Royalton, Montreal, Ogdensburg, Palmyra, Rochester, Niagara, Cleveland, Middlefield, Niles, Ohio, Cincinnati. Pres. Callis had thought some of releasing me but said he did not have the spirit of release as to me and I was sent to Jacksonville, Fla. With suggestions to be in Atlanta a week to help get a better feeling in Atlanta branch. I was to remain longer if I saw I needed to. While at Atlanta President Steele of the Georgia Conference wanted me to visit Augusta. I did so. I traveled on the highway riding with people in autos who were willing. One man riding alone desired me to ride with him on to Columbus. Remained in Columbus, S.C. long enough to get something to eat and to see the capitol and a few other sights - about two hours and rode out on the street car to the end of the line and then took the highway again. Did this way leaving Augusta. Visited one of the saints at Savannah.


1919. July 3
This afternoon Marvin took Ford truck out to scatter strychnine. I went with him. Lizzie Woolley was helping Marvin day before and they went to Soda. Elmer and Elber Kerby came.

1919. July 4
Saw good parade in Montpelier. Newell went as other returned soldier in parade.

1919. July 5
I turned water down to W.W.'s use from so. Timothy. Vernon took Lizzie Woolley to train to go to Centerville. Marie and Julia with their mother went to spur. Vernon and Newell and Marion went to Montpelier to see horse races. I irrigated a little and gathered up gravel around well.

1919. Wed. July 16
Cold water bath every other morning. Every morning seems too often unless hot weather.

1919. Wed. Oct 29
Newell left Salt Lake to go to Eastern States Mission. He was sent to Philadelphia.

1919. Nov. 19
Russel Clark is 19 yrs old. He leaves Georgetown on the date to the southern States upon a mission. Russel labored in Florida. Returning began studying medicine at U. of U.

1919. Wed. Nov. 26, 27, 28
I plowed with four horses near the Richard's old house in round Valley. It was a cold day. The coldness and wind came to Morgan in the morning after Carlos had fed the horses bran and oats. Lawrence and Carlos each had been breaking lucern on the upper field of the Richards old farm in Round Valley on the day previous, Nov. 25. I had commenced up there with my sulky. Theirs worked good but mine did not so Lawrence suggested that I go to the lower place and plow a piece that had not been much cultivated. On this Wed. morning when it turned cold Carlos expressed himself how he did not want to go on a day like that. Snow was on the ground but I had to get off the sulky so often to regulate the doubletree, etc, that I could keep from suffering with the cold. I wanted to keep young anyway and I exerted myself in being active and not grow stiff. I wanted to finish my job and the cold weather would make this day the last day of plowing. Fall plowing is so important. I did not intent to plow long after dinner time and I did not stop for noon. When I got down home just before dark Wallace saw me taking care of my team and said, "Why, Father, have you been plowing? I know you went up to plow but thought you were back. Are you sure your face is not frozen or your ears or hands? How did you keep from it?" He guessed that he better go up to get his father to quit plowing. It was a general wind from the east.

Vernon stopped off on the next day (Thanksgiving Day) from Denver. Said a cold wave from the east struck Denver just after selling the steers. Some had not sold and the steers would not drink and increase their weight. To drink was allowable with the custom. Morning of thanksgiving it was 28 degrees below zero at Rock Springs, Wyo., 10 degrees below in Salt Lake, 12 degrees in Montpelier and 8 degrees below in Georgetown. On Wed. The 26th Emma left her home for 3 hours and Marie was in Marion's store and Emma's house plants froze. Vernon and I left Morgan after 7 P.M. and went to the show in Ogden and on Fri. Nov. 28 at 1:40 A.M. started for Georgetown on O.S.L.

A few hours before Vernon came to Morgan as we were eating Thanksgiving dinner a letter came to Carlos announcing that he is to go to New Zealand "sometime" in January 1920. (Later Carlos is to go Feb. 4.)

Cattle looked good feeding in swampy meadow when other people needed to feed.

1919. Fri. Dec. 5
Lyman Rich ate dinner with us. He brought 25 head of his father's horses to go to Blackfoot to be wintered. W.W. was here. He branded some horses here.

1919. Sat. Dec 6
Vernon, LeGrand, and a Mr. Miller left Georgetown with over a hundred head of horses.


1920. Feb. 9
This date on Emma's letter from Georgetown, written to me: Dear Charles, We would be glad to know whether or not you reached your destination. I noticed by the paper next day after you left here that an account of " flu" The Roundup was cancelled. (It was to be in Logan). (I went thru Logan on down). Marvin has been in bed the last five days and Alice the last three days with flu. Marion has had a close call to pneumonia. All are improving but not yet out of danger.

All other cases of flu in Georgetown are ended. Flu is bad in Bennington and Montpelier and increasing in Paris. Fielding closed last Wednesday expecting to open today but did not open and the students came home this morning.

1920. Feb. 25
Feb. 24, Carlos Clark left Salt lake to go to New Zealand.

Feb. 25, Carlos Clark sailed from Vancouver, Canada

1920. Mar 1
This is date of a postal card written from Georgetown by Emma to me addressed to Morgan. Reached Morgan Mar. 1. Card acknowledges receipt of my letters and says there was a delay in answering because of quarantine. Emma said Marvin had genuine flu but got along fine. About 36 hours after he came down Alice (Marvin's wife) came down it but did not get along so well. We had a long hard fight to ward off pneumonia. Just as Marvin got around after flue he broke out with small pox. But did not have so severe case as Vernon's. Julia came home from school (from Paris) as school (Fielding Academy now closed) She kept Floyd and Bruce here (at home) and I spent my time with Marvin and Alice under quarantine, raised yesterday.

The card says further Enoch (Nelson) came last Friday, Walter left day before yesterday for Farmington. He will return a complete man, the better half is Violet Christensen.

Fielding opened a week ago today. Julia did not go until Tuesday. I hope all is well there. We have winter the last ten days. With love, Emma

I saw Walter and Violet and little Wealthy in the Salt Lake temple while I was there at opening meeting.

1920. April 1
April Fool's Day. My birthday. Marie gave me a pr of cuff buttons.

Went to Conference. Train fare1-1/3 from Soda 5.85, 70 cent each way between here and Soda. Someone thought a year from now we shall have a station. I saw where stakes are set for flare for a tank. It is said that Novene house will be brought up here.

Attended conference Sun M.

1920. Apr 6
Family reunion at Sarah Knowlton's. I attended and took train for Georgetown and reached home on April 7. Marvin and Alice remained a day later and received Patriarchal Blessings from Elder Hyrum G. Smith.

One night while at conference I slept with Nathan at his home. Tried to persuade him to do different as he is being with Cleo as his wife. They have not been married by law of the church or of the land. He is a law unto himself it seems.

Left Salt Lake on midnight train for Georgetown. At reunion we had an impromtu program. Speaking was done by us who had lately returned from missions. Jos. In charge.

1920. Thurs. May 13
Planted the garden with the garden planter. Parsnips at upper end 1-1/2 rows. Beets 5-1/2 rows. Lettuce 3, radishes 5. Planted double rows of premium gem peas, early dwarf, wrinkled.

1920. Sat. May 15
Helped Del Hayes trim trees on garden spot. He is taking it and the 20 up the lane for half. In afternoon Jno Hayeds helped us set out 600 strawberry plants from Mourtenson @1-1/4, also 18 from W.W. King @ 2-1/4. Everbearing.

1920. Sun. May 16
Milked the cows, went to S.S. Led in concert recitation, Matt 22 - 37 - 40. Sang in choir in sacrament meeting. Met with Abel Smart and Alvaro Dunn to understand each about canvassing the ward for $175.00 to improve Stake House ground. Vernon attended Union (S.S.) meeting at Montpelier and Marvin rode up with him to get his car out of winter storage.

Attended M.I.A. with Emma, Marie, and Julia. Walter did well as class leader. W.W. Clark did good in being active in discussion. Julia had a subject on Jos. Smith.

1920. Mon. May 24
Planted 4 rows of American Wonder Peas. Planted turnips, rutabagas,3 rows.

Bred black Bess and Roan.

1920. June 20
Attended Stake Conference in Montpelier. Dr. Talmage spoke from Prov. XXX 8-9 on obedience. Spoke of the suffering the confirming to some man when he ran the sewing machine.

Section foreman telephoned, a bull killed at Spur. I saw a gap in the fence through which the bull went from Norman's pasture. I turned water on the meadow.

1920. June 21
Vernon went in his car to Blackfoot to look after the horses. I pulled weeds out of carrots.

1920. June 24
My recommend from Morgan was presented. I sustained as member of Georgetown.

1920. July 1
Rode Buck and led Colmar to Johnson's Ranch and to Dan. Sizemorie's at the old McCammon ranch. Spent some time in visiting.

1920. Wed. July 7
Assisted Walter Clark prepare to put in cement dam just above road leading to the farm to irrigate theirs and ours.

1920. Thurs. July 8
Walter and I with Bryant in afternoon assisted with Will Mith put in cement dam in head of ditch to run water on E.B,'s and my land in D.I. Stoddard's land. Pd. $2.00 for use of the mixer belonging to the irrigation co.

1920. Fri. July 9
Turned water on meadow on south side of lower meadow at night. I visited Lewis Robison and Leo Black to get donations to improve Montpelier Stake Tabernacle grounds.

1920. Sun. July 11-18-25-26
Went to see Jos Bee to see about S.S. work. Concert recitation - I asked Owen Freeman to lead concert recitation on Sunday, Aug. 1.

Vernon went to Paris on Fri. and came this morning. Annie, Ella's sister and daughter, Pauline, came on a visit. She is going with her husband to Castledale, Emery, Co., Utah. He is to teach in the college of the church schools. I wrote a letter to Myral, Ridgedale, Idaho, Pocatello Valley. Myral is there on a 640 acre dry farm running a Titan tractor. Myral writes that he is playing in an orchestra and is going to be organist in the S.S.

1920. July 24
I was sustained as member of High Priests Quorum. I rode up to meeting in the Walter, Bp. Tippets going with me. In Fast Meeting F.R. Bacon and I volunteered. Bro. VanOrman from Canada spoke on invitation. Monday Lawrence called accompanied by wife, mother-in-law, brother-in-law. Rode in the Paige[?]. Left Morgan Thur. Eve, N. Ogden Friday. All night where Myral is running tractor on newly purchased ranch on Blue Creek. Reached( word missing) about 4 P.M. on Sat.

Marion with Hazel and his mother rode in Marvin's car and I with Lawrence, we went to fish Haven. Marie had gone in the morning with Walter, Maurine, Rhoda, Violet and were bathing in Lake when we reached that resort.

Julie is over with Marvin plowing 8-3/4 miles towards Soda

1920. Thurs. July 29
After coming home from Johnson Bros. Ranch where I went the evening before with Collom, I turned water in upper north ditch over to the farm to water the oats. I also turned water again on the timothy south of the south end of diagonal lane. Marvin raked last of the lucern over to the farm. Julia mowed it. Vernon and Ellsworth hauled hay over to the farm and the boys put one load into the barn from the farm.

1920. Aug 12
Stacked hay on piece opposite creamery. Early in the morning I turned or changed water on south ridge of the "farm" watering for first time to get a second crop.

Vernon and I stack, Julia and Marvin run the bull rakes, Ellsworth drives team on the ricker.

Julia goes to choir practice for the first time in her life in Georgetown.

1920. Aug 15
Ward conference. Met Stake Presidency in S.S. I was called to open the school by prayer. Pres. Rich, when I met him said, "Hero Bro. Clark, always in his place."

1920. Aug 16
Stacked hay on north timothy.

Miss Anna Wilcox, Delta, Utah, Eva Clark Wilcox have been visiting us for a few days. She went to Sanova, IO, upon a mission when sixteen.

1920. Aug 21
Fenced stack of hay after stacking on piece at south end of diagonal lane.

1920. Aug 22
Bro. Abel Smart asked me to present the lesson in S.S. In S.S. I was the only one to raise my hand when school was asked who knew the recent recitation - Rom. Ch 1, 16 vss.

At noon Bp. Alma Hayes came along the sidewalk and saw me at Marvin's and he asked me if I wanted to go to Paris to the Bear Lake Stake Conference. I went with him, Wilbur and F.R. Bacon. Heard Apostle Ballard. Apostle Ballard read from D&C 45 section. Said the light to come forth was the manifestation to the Prophet Joseph and that the time of the gentiles is nearly here.

1920. Mon. Aug 23
Visited Nels Larsen in the collection of funds to improve the Montpelier Stake tabernacle grounds. Visited to get better attendance at sacrament and priesthood meetings.

Sister Parker gave me 50 cents donation. Vernon took Julia to Lanark to visit Miss Parker and to gather huckleberries. Marvin is raking hay on main field this side of swampy meadow.

1920. Sept 14
Annie write from Morgan just from Mt.Carmel. She attended Stake Conference at Kanab, Kane Co. on 4 & 5 of Sept.

1920. Sept. 21-22
Took 52 40/100 bu. of wheat to Montpelier Milling Co. @ $16.00. Good thing for me to sell so early. Wheat went down. This was frozen. I made three trips with wheat and price was down 5 cents each trip. It was raised on the dry farm each side of spring creek. Was glad I sold early.

1920. Sept 24
The card from Annie referred to above said she came from Kane Co. Stake Conference when she met Emma's aunt Edna Woolley and stayed at her home and met more of the Woolley family. Went two days to Manti temple. Parted with Os. Lela and children at Alton. This is highest settlement in Utah, elevation 7900 ft. Did not go to St. George as money too tight. It struck a hard blow to people of the south as all their income is tied up in flax and herds and no money can they get. Left Lela feeling much better after I got all her extra work done. I could expect her home to live this winter(to be confined) as she is fifty miles from a doctor. She needs to build her health. Ella is in Orangeville, Emery Co., Myral is in Blue Creek with Lawrence sewing wheat. Expect to move to Logan soon.

1920. Oct. 29
Am going again to lower meadow to fence stacks. Vernon met with Marion to see Abe Alleman about trespass on to Marion's land in Nounan.

I feel like voting straight Republican ticket.

1920. Oct. 30
Went to Stake Priesthood meeting with Wilford in his car, Marion also. I listened to Nephi L. Morning in the Gen. Theatre and witnessed free picture show and spent the night at Heber Phelp's. His wife was a Jones. She qualified to teach then got married.

1920. Oct 31
Rode on train from Montpelier to Georgetown in company with Nephi L. Morris, Pres. of Salt Lake Stake. He said that when Senator Reed Smoot explained the League of Nations to Pres. Grant that the latter said that he (Pres. Grant) had overstated himself, or to that effect. Said he thought Jno the Baptist was ordained to the priesthood by an angel. I question it.

1920. Nov. 1-2

Called at Sister Rasmusson. Encouraged her as to her getting her coal hauled. I said I would take pleasure in hauling it if she would let me know. She said that instead of 50 cents per ton, the cost of hauling from the spur would be $11.50

Called at Walter's to borrow his hand plow and I helped him a few minutes in plowing his garden. I tried that hand plow down to the farm and found that to plow in the water ditch I could do better to use the sulky and felt thankful for sulky plows. Marvin said he is expecting a gang plow to be shipped to him so he can make better headway plowing out on his homestead. His grain and Vernon's is in the snow uncut. If the snow goes, maybe he can get some of his grain. Some have used a horse rake to bend the straws of the fallen grain so the header can cut more of the grain. There are thousands of acres not yet cut.

Am going to plow down to the "farm". I go down one side of Spring Creek and up the other.

1920. Nov. 11
This week I help headers on Marvin's and Vernon's homesteads.

1920. Nov. 19
Am going to plow on the "farm" - the dry farm land on the north included in the irrigated part north of Spring Creek. That next to Spring creek was plowed with that on the south part by crossing the creek with the plow.

Jos. Bee said his own electric light plant has not cost him 50 cents since last Feb. He means cash outlay.

Wrote to Jas. T. Dunn telling him Jos. Bee had appointed him to lead in sacrament.

1920. Dec. 19
Went in sled to see if Marie comes on the train from Provo school. Took Emma, Iris, Floyd, June, Bruce, and Ellsworth. Marie did not come. On train from Montpelier conference were Bp. Hayes, Bro. Abel Smart and some young people. Bp. Hayes asked me if I would go with him to Bennington next Sunday as a home missionary.

Fed last of north stack of timothy in south timothy to beef. Tomorrow commence on south stack. Fed some lucern to beef from the (20)twenty acre piece up the lane that De. Hayes raised. I did not go to conference. Stayed to feed and told Vernon I would and he could go.

Marvin on Sat. 18 , 1920 A.D. had been to Soda to prove up on his homestead. Took 4,000# of wheat from his dry farm and brought back 4,000# of Salt for me, W. Ward Walter. Marvin went to conference today on train. Vernon rode up to conference with W.W. in automobile. Snow is about 8 inches.

1920. Dec. 20
At 7 A.M. I went to feed beef. Marvin took his wife to train. She went to purchase Christmas joys at Montpelier.

1920. Dec. 30
Vernon went to Montpelier in his car. He wanted to take the car with him via Soda to Cache Valley but too much snow. Later I learned that he could have gone via Nounan with Alice, B. Clark said as she came from Paris on Dec. 31.

1920. Dec 31
Took Pearl Spencer to the train. Marie and Julia rode down and seeing that I was to wait for Alice B. and children from Paris, the girls walked home. I also brought some whey from the creamery for my pigs and Marvin's.

People think that in many cases there are harder times, financially, now than they have known. When Vernon thought as he would be interpreted that Newell ought to come home from his mission on account of hard times I said it would be a disappointment to Newell. Vernon said there would be many disappointed before Spring. He wanted he said to go make some money.


1921. Jan 1
Some people greet each other with a "Happy New Year". I greeted this morning…..

1921. Jan 20
Marvin and I hauled last load of straw from Fred Barth(rest of name not readable)that we bought of (Name not written)Pugmire at $3.00 for load. On Dec. 27 I hauled the seventh load and hauled next to last (word not decipherable.)

1921. Jan 27
Marvin and I went to his homestead and brought two loads of straw. First loads.

Chesterfield basketball played here. We go again today.

1921. Feb 10
White Ink. We need to get some straw for the cattle.

1921. Fri. Feb. 11
Took Vernon to the train to go upon a stake mission. He and (Name not listed) Mortinson are to visit all homes from Pegram to Sage and Beckwith, not Geneva.

Received card from Anne in Logan Temple. Three companies now go through. She says Carlos wants to be prayed for so he can acquire the language.

Marvin and I fed the cattle.

1921. Feb. 22
Holiday. Old time dance at night. Marvin went to his homestead and brought a load of straw and hauled out some straw for the horses and led in a black one we are wintering - to break.

1921. Feb. 23
Emma went with me for a sleigh ride. I took some cans of whey from the creamery to the farm and fed the pigs for the second time. Took some the first time yesterday. Took trough.

Brought up a calf that had the piles.

1921. Feb. 24
Doctored the calf for the piles. Calf got worse.

1921. Feb. 25
Calf is some better and I was thankful because I had prayed that it would be better for I felt like (rest of page blank and then some days not discernable,).

1921. Apr 5
Run short of money to send to Newell. The following lent me some: Alma H. Hayes' wife $5.00)Pd back, Del Stoddard $2.00, Chris Sorensen $5.00, Wm. MCCammon $5.00. He rec'd pasturage for his cows and calves., Stanley Dunford $16.00, (Emma has pd part of this) Bro. …Welker $5.00 (Pd back) Isaac Kovine, $5.00, Abel Smart and his wife and daughter gave $2.00.

1921. Apr 9
Hauled manure on the raspberries and the 500 everbearing strawberries that I purchased @ 1-1/2 each from Bro. M….above Bennington a year ago. Del Hayes was to take care of them and about 30% died during summer of 1920. He set out everbearing raspberries that I purchased @ about 7 cents. Not well tended, not watered much.. Twenty in one row lived. Ten more lived in other rows.

1921. Apr 13, 19
Hauled from Wilford Kings on the last of the snow.

Bought from SL Stamp Co., 65 Broadway- 100 sire cattle tags $3.25; 100 Perfect cattle tags 3.25.

Hauled apple tree branches in sleigh in N. Timothy from garden spot.

1921. Apr 20
Went to Montpelier as a witness to Marion's addition homestead entry of as 40 in Nounan. Also tried to borrow some money to send to Newell.

1921. Apr 21
Ran the brush diag. On lower meadow. Brought up heifer. Helped heifer out of ditch.

1921. Apr 22
Finished dragging the lower meadow. A little ice under the thickest litter. Meadow well manured because of so many cattle. Cattle are thin. One full bred shorthorn had twins the other day. Calves are bald faced. The cow too poor to get up alone. Last evening a yearling heifer needed help to get out of a ditch and I helped her up twice today. Marion sent Hazel over from the store to tell Vernon one of the bridge men saw a cow mired in the swamp. Vernon and I went down with a lantern and failed to find the cow. Stormy weather, raining tonight. Autos could travel from NY to Oregon but for muddy roads six miles each side of Georgetown.

1921. Sat. Apr 23
Vernon fed all three classes of cattle because of storm. Said the better lookers were doing well in lower meadow without hay. With a new way of using pulleys and ropes we lifted up a full blood heifer. I milked 7 cows and a weak yearling lying in the west stable. Took cows and horses to south Timothy.

1921. Sun. Apr 24
Went to S.S. acted as teacher in theological subject - Peter. Drilled class on concert recitation. A practice the class seemed to enjoy. Marvin taught 2 inter. And W.W. the parents.

1921. Mon. Apr 25
Newell's birthday, 25 yrs old. Emma wrote him a letter. He is in Scranton, PA. Julia wrote us a card remembering whose birthday. Julia was on her way to practice on the piano at Fielding.

I called in Marion and Marvin to talk with Emma, Vernon and myself about Vernon's receiving a certain wage. Vernon asks $100 per month. We have it understood he is to receive wages.

1921. Tues. Apr 26
Helped Vernon feed and move cattle to label them tomorrow with the Forest Reserve tag. Bp. Tippets asks me to visit W.W. & Howard Clark this evening as a teacher. I do so. LeGrand and Leora are at home.

1921. Wed. Apr. 27
Vernon and I drove 103 head to the chutes and range rider Bo. Peterson of Soda labeled the animals, some in my name, some in Emma's, Vernon's, Marion's, and Marvin's. Fed the last of our hay. Would have had plenty if some 60 tons had not burned with spontaneous combustion. Many persons were not convinced before that a fire of a blaze would result from heating hay. Wilford and Walter either will lend us some hay. We took the more handy and Wilford showed us some of his timothy stacks in the field next to the Spur. We made a cut and fed all the cattle. Wilford said the village board met a RR official at the Spur who had a blank map and deed for to be filled out in relation to the water and right of way for tank water. The board has promised both these and Wilford doesn't like that in the board when the RR had offered him $2,000 for same as the village is offering for nothing. Yet the village has not to give, apparently.

1921. Apr 28
Fed cattle. Helped Vernon fasten the pigs in over to the farm so they will not get out any more. Voted on Tuesday not to disincorporate village. 2/3 voted likewise.

1921. Apr 29
Visited Bp. Hayes who is recovering operation. He said because money so scarce persons disappointed others. Truly I think so. \Marion and Ella came from Montpelier on train where they went to theatre last night. A car went north. Autos have gone before with team help. Forest rangers count early in spring was 226.

1921. Apr 30
Arthur Smith went thru the mud with his car at Crane's Ranch. Marion with his empty Ford got stuck in the mud at that muddy place, also this side of the point, a mile south of Georgetown on his return home at evening.

Went to Stake Priesthood meeting on horseback. Rode Buck. At meeting Pres. Rich said that Bishops should labor with some of the teachers in the wards to get them to go to sacrament meetings better. Said we in this stake ought to do better in attendance at meetings. Bear Lake Stake keeps well to the front in attendance to Sacrament meetings, Bear Lake Stake stands sixth in the church and Montpelier Stake 33 and we once stood 4th in the church.

I borrowed $150, from Arnold Eshler for 10 mo @ 8% to have means to send to Newell in Scranton, PA. Money is hard to get generally. Newell writes that the Elders in the field are experiencing a time of scarcity.

1921. May 1
Fasted till 5 P.M. after Priesthood meeting then Emma and I ate alone. Vernon went to Paris on the train this forenoon after feeding hay to the cattle. Hay that we raised is all gone except the barn nearly half full.

I rode up to Montpelier to High Priests meeting with Walter who drove his white top. Bp. Tippets rode also and coming back W.W. Clark and Ernest Hoff.

I promised to pay 55 cents per mo. With the other High Priests in this ward as a monthly donation for missionaries. Bern has paid 100 % for the four months this year.

1921. May 2
Transplanted rhubarb in the garden. At night attended meeting to discuss question of accepting proposal of the O.S. Line to put us in a station if we furnish water, right of way, and a street to lead to the depot. We rejected and will appeal.

1921. May 3
Bishop Hayes called, had a cane of Lancewood from New Zealand given him by Mr. Shields. Finished transplanting rhubarb. Helped Dean Hoff fix division fence. Sent a 20 and a 10 checks to Marie.

1921. May 4
Cleaning Meeting house. One of Stake Presidency expected next Sunday. Transplanted twenty everbearing raspberries in bottom end of the lot from 8 that lived from last years planting.

1921. May 5
Drove Buck, Nancy, Bloom, and( name missing) on Spring Tooth. Harrowed south of Spring Creek. Much stink weed coming.

1921. Sat.. May 7
Set out everbearing raspberries from Wilford King , cost 10 cents each. Everbearing raspberries are not much tried. Last year I bought 500 shipped from Wa. , and Del Hayes set them out but did not tend them well, less than 20 alive this spring. I bought 41 and set them out up in the field (a garden spot) near south side of apple trees on May 9. These are the most of that kind of shrubbery in Georgetown.

1921. May 9
Bro. Marriott came to work for us. He, Vernon, and I loaded 25 pigs in box car selling to Chas. Hess @ 7 cents. While loading we learned that we could have obtained 8 cents tomorrow from Staufer.

I transplanted a few everbearing strawberries on garden spot at same time I went up and set out some everbearing raspberries.

On Sunday I acted as S.S. teacher in 2nd Inter. Dept. of Sister Dunn (Harvey's wife was absent) and as Marvin did not get in from his dry farm . I am expected to teach this class when these two teachers fail to come. I was called upon in meeting to open by prayer, Mother's Day. Robert Lundy spoke so did Wilford. In Priestood meeting abt 4 P.M. I was asked to take charge of class exercise. Subject - Missionaries - Gospel Doctrine.

Stormy at night. No Mutual. One reason there is no meeting is because Marvin's Alice remained out to the homestead and likely no one else led out. She is a great help in the success of the young people's activities. Stanley Dunford has been good in boy scouts and Bro. Pinkney will probably take his place. Maybe Bryant Clark will be good help when he comes from school at Provo

1921. May 10
Helped scrape dirt against the cement buttment at their new bridge building to connect North Nounan with Georgetown. Later in the day I helped Vernon and Marvell Morell brand calves.

1921. Wed. May 11
We put some cattle through the schute to put tags in ears and brand a few.

Vernon had engaged Geo. Hogg's son to help us. While he was waiting for Vernon I spoke to him to encourage him to go to Sunday school. He said he was at meeting on Sunday. I suppose he did not rise at roll call. Maybe he's only a Deacon, not being worthy to be advanced in the priesthood.

Last Stake Priesthood meeting day it was announced that in ordaining it is not now said, "We confer the Priesthood", but "we ordain you a Deacon (for instance) in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and confer appertaining to this calling in the Aaronic Priesthood." The same was as we used to do a few years ago.

1921. Thurs. May 12
Run the brush drag on the north timothy now that the bulls are out and over to the farm.

Run the brush drag on the farm in the hollow north of Spring Creek. Later I went to Art Smith's and got 50 more everbearing strawberries and set them out south of the everbearing raspberries.

1921. Fri. May 13
Helped Vernon repair disc that he got from Mc's homestead today. We brought it from the Roy Wixom estate last year. Fielding put on a drama. Emma went.

1921. Sat. May 14
Planted garden 4 rows of American Wonder of everbearing.

1 of lettuce from government
1 row or radishes - early scarlet globe
1 row of radishes - Porter Walton-W's sparkler
1 row of radishes - Porter Walton - White icicle
1 row of carrots -Chartenay
1 row of beets from gov't - extra early Egyptian
1 row beets from Porter Walton - Detroit dark
2 rows of beets from Porter Walton - Early Egyptian
3-1/2 turnips
1 parsley
2 onions
1 parsnips - purchased 60 cents seed from M.C.C. store

1921. Sun. May 15
Clarence Rich left a cow with a young calf and hunted the cow.

1921. Mon. May 16
Drove 3 hours on farm on spring toothed harrow.

Emma went to spend few days in Paris at close of Julia's school year. Vernon took her in his car.

1921. Tues. May 17
At 4 A.M. I arose and went to Marvin's ranch to get some horses to have more to work.

1921. Wed. May 18
Considered the application of the village board to furnish ˝ second part of water to the O.S.L. for a tank from Lester Monk's spring whose water we use just below town. Marion and I and Vernon went and talked with W.W.C. about A.

1921. Thurs. May 19
Ate breakfast with Bp. Tippets. Emma is over to Paris with Julia to close of school. Julia graduating H.School.

1921. Fri. May 20
Run brush drag on some of the meadow for the third time so my cattle (220) makes manure. Afternoon dry enough to run the list harrow on the farm.

1921. Sat. May 21
110 head of cattle taken by Bro. Morrell Marrett to Dry Valley. Gave a check to pay 80 cents per head grazing fee to ass'n. Vernon is after Julia and her mother at Paris.

In S.S. this morning no one seemed prepared to recite the concert recitation, and I volunteered to repeat 2 Peter, Chap 1, ver. 19 to 21. I did not - left out a part.

During the week I planted over 500 strawberry plants everbearing. Bargained with Maurice Tippets @ 1 cent ea.

Set out everbearing raspberries.

About 20 of the 500 everbearing raspberries lived that Del Hayes set out last spring which were purchased from a Wisconsin nursery(Name missing).through Mr.(name missing) a broker of Brigham. I tried last spring to get everbearing raspberries from Davis County and other places but obtained only a few from Wilford Kings wife @ 10 cents each. This spring I got some more from her and some from Art Smith's mother. Set out some everbearing Rasp. In bottom of lot here at home in 1920 & 1921.

1921, May 28
I borrowed $100.00 from Arnold Eschler of Montpelier at 8%. He was recommended to me by Pres. Ed. C. Rich that signed with me. I paid about sixteen times, a little at a time until last payment Nov. 17, 1928, Obtained this to send to Newell on a mission.

1921. Sun. June 12
Vernon and Marie and Homer went to Pocatello to start summer school session.

1921. Mon. June 13
Summer school. Howard went earlier. School session is to be nine weeks from this year. Vernon and Marie rec'd normal certificates. They were among 50 out of 150 to do so.

Later Vernon goes to Ivins near Bancroft to teach. Acting as janitor besides, he gets $175.00 per month. Marie teaches at Berne @ $110.00

1921. Aug 21-22
Stacked hay in main timothy. Aug. 23 stacked hay in forenoon.

1921. Sept 24 - 27
May Woolley. Cherry died in L.D.S. Hospital , Salt Lake City. Emma and I, Marion, Ella, and Julia went to attend the funeral. Funeral at 2:30 P.M. at Victor. Lorin and Lizzie Woolley were there at Victor. High tributes by friends.

Returned as far as Rexburg on Monday. 26. returned via Tetonia, Sugar City, Rexburg, Pocatello, but we went up left fork of Georgetown canyon and Slug Creek through Tincup, Grand Valley of the Snake River, Swan Valley, Pine Canyon a hundred miles nearer than the way we returned.

On the trip after the funeral Marion expressed his having satisfaction in making the trip. We used Vernon's car and Vernon had Marion's truck down to Bancroft or Ivins near Talmage. Before going I did some leveling down on the farm. Julia and Ellsworth plowed.

1921. Oct 2 - 21
Attended S.S. and meeting as usual but failed to fast strictly. I ate some apples in the fore part of the day. Did not feel well. Had felt chilly doing chores on Sunday and Monday mornings. Would lie down as though not well and the Erysipelas [encephalitis ?] was in evidence.

4th.Next day - felt worse.
6th. Called Dr. King and kept in bed three weeks. Emma was very attentive.
7th. Was administered to and felt better except the disease kept on.
23rd. Began to be around in the house.
29th. Was outdoors over an hour.

1921. Oct 14
Round up on Johnson Creek and Slug Valley began. Walter and Hy Nelson went from Georgetown. I had about 196, about a third of the numb. for Georgetown (word missing) field was hired. W.W. went over a few days. Cattle roundup had lasted about 10 days.

1921. Oct 23
Morrell Merritt and bro. called.

Wild, demented, naked Indian. Morrell Merritt told me he saw about five years ago in the open country about four miles northwest of White Rock, Uintah, now Duchene Co., Ut while Morrell was out horseback. The Indian at sight ran to his wigwam and sat with one hand over his eyes and the other over his lap and remained quiet till Morrell retired. The Indian had been seen there for 45 yrs. Legend is that his tribe, the Utes cast him out for 20 years for killing a woman. Some say his mother and others, a white woman.

His wigwam made of three sticks with scant pieces of canvass that not keep the inmate from having its hair freeze to the ice in a sleet so that it is said a white man happening along did cut the hair from the ice and snow. Indian was course skinned and survived weather 30% below zero when animals in that country had frozen to death, thus showing the human being tougher than the brute. No blazing fire had been seen but a smoldering log.

1921. Oct 29
Marion's store broken into and about 60 prs of shoes, jewelry and some underwear taken.

Robbers went through rear window and escaped in auto.

Marvin and Vernon finished separating the beef from the rest, 46 head. Marvin has had a less number separated and fed hay once and finished fencing stacks.

Julia and Ellsworth plowed on the "farm" - nearly finished. Marie went to Montpelier with Marion and Ella in the truck. Alice came from Paris. She had been there to visit and get teeth attended to. Marie has now had her second week teaching.

Vernon went this evening to Paris.

A letter from Newell rec'd the other day says conference in Phil. On next Sunday. Senior Elder to be released and Newell next in seniority wonders if he will bed. I am anxious that the Lord's will be done and am hopeful his time is not shortened because of hard times.

1921. Sun. Oct 30
Sufficiently recovered from enysipelas [encyphalitis ?] to attend meeting and Priesthood meeting. Home missionaries, High Councilman, Silas Wright and Returned Elder Weaver. I asked the latter how he is feeling by this time. He replied that he is now feeling quite well but felt worse soon after coming home.

1921. Mon. Oct 31
This morning (Name missing) Prescott asked me to turn his horse in a field while he worked on the section. I granted.

Prescott saw something inside the fence of one of the stacks. I reported to Marvin who was preparing to go teaching so that Georgetown could be reported 100%. I visited as a teacher by appointment while the Bishop and Marvin fixed the fence and he helped Walter brand calves in the afternoon.

Children tick-tacked the windows. Hazel heard the carriage tongue drop and Marvin ran out and learned that some boys had a rope tied to the tongue to draw away the carriage horseback. We locked the carriage to Marion's truck.

I showed Marvin instruction book on the Palmer Method of Penmanship with the suggestion that we practice the movement suggested. Today is the first I have seen of this method that Vernon says is to be taught in all the schools. At the U. of U. I had the same movement taught in a course of special lessons taught in 1882.

1921. Tues. Nov l
Walter called this morning to learn if it suited us to have the sidewalk in front of the house cut down to a uniform grade. I told him it did. Private interest should conform to public good. Geo. Hoff and Stearns Bee were at rink during the day, also Bp Hayes. Donation work.

I am better each day. Today after mending my shoe and having dinner I went to help Marion fence last stack - one on main timothy. W.W. came riding down on Pert to get Marvin to help thresh but when he saw how needed Marvin was he was going to try to get along, but Marvin went. I urged him and Marvin found it was good that he went, he was needed so. I did my first work after E. attack to go start the fence.

I fed the beef cattle. Marvin fed them once before just after light fall of snow.

1921. Nov. 2
Mended or repaired the cot I have been sleeping on in the dining room. Emma has been making her bed in same room so as to wait upon me. Tonight I sleep alone upstairs and Emma and Julia sleep as heretofore in the front bedroom. This morning for first time I practiced penmanship in the Palmer method. Am going to try to get Julia to take the new method in home practice. Marvin and Henry Tippets went in the afternoon to fence the stack in the north timothy - later I helped them and turned the beef cattle into the field of fresh feed. The cattle in the field below were looking for feed to be hauled to them, now they are busy feeding themselves.

1921. Wed. Nov. 2
Home Evening. Julia and her mother and I sang Beautiful Zion in connection with a reading, prayer as usual, and quoting the scripture - For The Lord Shall Comfort Zion.

1921. Thurs. Nov. 3
Separated 15 head of heifers and smaller steers in with the beef leaving 49 head of beef (words blurred)..the price of(words blurred) so low this year that it seems (words blurred).more profit( words blurred).to let the steers grow and the heifers have calves from the full blood short horns or Herefords. 80% of the bulls on the range this year were Herefords. When (Name not decipherable)and I went to Slug Valley in June 1921 to hire some bulls of Mr. Bitten, we met Bro(name missing).Petterson who said he would like to see next year a run of over 500 short horn bulls on the range. He said a cross is better, the Short Horn gives quality and frame to the beef steers.

In the afternoon Marion with Marvin and me helping loaded two pigs of mine on his truck to take to Montpelier to load in a car out, was too late 5 minutes because he helped Chas. Collet who had trouble with his. Price 7-3/4 cents. Herman Hoff would give 7 cents but Marion brought them back. I fed the beef just at dark.

1921. Fri. Nov 4
In the blacksmith shop I sharpened two plow points. Later I used scraps on the "farm" and fed the beef. Emma read "Gospel Doctrine". Weather is delightful and has been all the fall.

1921. Sat. Nov 5
Julia and Ellsworth are getting ready this morning to go to the "farm" to finish plowing. Later they finished before getting their dinner. I are my dinner with Vernon and(words not decipherable) and rode Buck(name not readable).and met at the dry farm. They rode my riding horse and I took their team and used the scraper leveling and then fed the cattle and coming to the house I found a note saying Emma and Julia had gone with Vernon. They will go see Marie at Bern. Julia thought my face looked like sunburnt. I had been riding in the hot sun to look at the cattle. My face at night appeared to Ella to be swollen on each side of the nose.

Nels Larsen came across the farm on foot going up to his family. Talked with him about feeding beef. He says it pays to feed grain. Make troughs.

1921. Sun. Nov. 6
Emma thought I would better not ride in the cold to go to Montpelier to High Priests Quorum meeting. W. W. called with his car if I had wanted to go. Bp. Hayes in Fast Meeting told of testimony of Bro.(name missing) Stevens experience in Samoan mission. Elders swimming to a rock and one missing and Pres. blessed an elder who brought the dead body and on shore natives spoke of raising from the dead and his (word not discernable)was raised. In meantime he suffered much and expressed himself that he thought they should have administered to him sooner.

Emma, Julia, Marvin, Alice and I attended joint session of M.I.A. Alice Pres. Of Y.L. Marvin acted as chorister.

1921. Mon. Nov. 7
Cattle, the beef cattle got to the stack and it made more work.

1921. Tues. Nov 8
Hauled out damaged hay around the stack and put in willow bushes.

1921. Wed. Nov 9
Hauled out damaged hay around the stack again and put in willow bushes.

Fed beef hay and I wish I had troughs to feed chop @ 60 cents per cwt

Finished reading autobiography of Christopher Layton.

Took Juveniles [magazines] to Sister Rolph to read "Stepping Stones"

1921. Thurs. Nov 10
Gathered hay from around stack in lower meadow, repaired wire gate and hay rack, plowed with hand plow close to Spring Creek till dark then fed beef then milked three cows, then listened to Emma read of life of Sister.(name missing)Woodmansee.

Fixed heels to Julia's shoes. Elmer Clark called to borrow articles for the stage for Montpelier to put on a play. Ground plow point for two way plow at the garage. Pd. Geo. Hess 15 cents order on M.C. Clark for my using his Emery stone.

1921. Fri. Nov 11
Armistice Day, School got a pole from for the school flag. Commenced feeding the beef chop in the troughs that Frank Picora let us have when we bought his cattle.

1921. Sat. Nov. 12
Plowed ditch on the south side of Spring Creek. Would like to make the depth good enough to let all the stream of Spring Creek run down the ditch instead of down the bottom of the hollow so that the bottom would fill up some and so cattle could better shelter.

1921. Sun. Nov 13
Fed beef before Sunday School. Took part in parents class subject - Genealogy.

In Priesthood meeting after sacrament meeting the question of changing time of meeting to Monday nights was presented and the presiding officer said that we would put it to vote. It seemed to me that the question was supposed to be decided by the majority, but the Lord and one man is a majority. If the vote had been a minority in favor of a change it might be that the Lord through His spirit would manifest that a change should be made. In such a case the majority should be labored with to be willing to do the way the minority voted.

Marvin went out to plow. Vernon took Marie in his car to Bern and then went to Paris returning late. Clutch of his car would not work good so he borrowed Marion's truck.

1921. Mon. Nov 14
Emma and Julia were going to Ivins with Vernon to visit but Vernon's car did not prove to be in good repair. I fed cattle before I had been to the farm to plow in the ditch on south side of Spring Creek.

1921. Tues. Nov 15
Took the "two way" plow to prepare the land south of the trees where Del Hayes raised 14 sks of potatoes or more than acre of land. Frost made the potato crop short. He neglected the crop. I watered the potatoes once when I was up to irrigate the everbearing strawberries.

1921. Wed. Nov 17
Plowed on the garden spot part of today and part of other days of the week.

1921. Sun. Nov 20
Only Bro. Abel Smart, Geo Hoff, Emma and I were ones in parents class. +I visited other classes also. In the Primary the teacher was telling two stories that were entertaining but I could see no more as to religion than an ordinary district school teacher would tell in her school.

Addie Randall died at 5 P.M.

1921. Mon. Nov. 21
Marion and Emma went to Centerville to Addie's funeral

Hauled manure on the lot here at the house.

1921. Tues. Nov. 22
Hauled manure on the lot and plowed the lot.

Iris with Julia and me at breakfast. I assisted her in her leading in the family prayer. It was her first time. At night Hazel came to sleep with Julia and she led in the prayer, her second time.

1921. Wed. Nov 23
June came over before we had prayers and I asked her to lead in prayer with my assisting her. It was her first time.

Iris' birthday. June brought over a piece of birthday cake.

On Sunday evening Lorin Woolley telephoned to Marion that his sister Addie Woolley Randall died at 5 P.M. in Centerville.

Marion and his mother left Monday Morning to attend funeral at Centerville at 2 P.M. on Tues.

On Wed. plowed with the two way plow in diagonal lane with Jeff, Fly, and Nellie to improve the road and to prepare to turn the water on the east side of the road to take water out of natural channel then the beef cattle can cross from main timothy over into the willows for shelter. In afternoon I used the ditcher along the diagonal lane.

Marvin and Sister(name missing) Dunn with S.S. class had a party in the meeting house. Later 11:30 P.M) Marvin drove team to the Spur to see if Marion and his mother were on the train. They did not come. At 9 P.M. Marie came from Bern.

1921. Thurs. Nov. 24, Thanksgiving Day
Owen Freeman passing with his wife and baby, going over to Grace's parents. I suppose spoke to me in remembrance of its being a holiday. I was finishing the plowing of the lot with one horse next to the currant bushes. I replied to Owen that if he would call a meeting I would attend. I had in mind that it would be good to attend Thanksgiving service and thereby train ourselves in the spirit of the feeling of gratitude.

Marion and his mother succeeded in getting back to spend the day at home. We had dinner at Ella's.

Bigney was bred on Nov. 24.

1921. Fri. Nov. 25
Marvin, Hy Nelson, Sterling Merrit and I branded 50 calves. Put 43 calves in the lower part of the lot to wean and returned seven to their mothers.

1921. Sat. Nov. 26
Branded three more calves and branded six colts of the work mares --C on right shoulder folded by Fly, Nelly, Black Bess, Nance, Bloom, Hazel.

1921. Sun. Nov. 27
Busy with the cattle, Marvin and I so we missed S.S. Fed cattle. Choir released. I was one of the persons in old and new choir.

1921. Mon. Nov. 28
Marvin not helping to feed the beef. Money so scarce that we are not buying much coal. Dealers lack confidence in ordering a far for Georgetown coal. I clear land of willows and cut the willows to burn. Am late in finishing work and miss priesthood meeting.

1921. Tues. Nov 29
Drove six mares to graze and keep their colts in corral. Marvin helped me feed and he with Bartchie go out to homestead in dark, Marvin wants to build a shed for his horses.

Tues. eve I go with Mutual and honor to Fatherhood and Motherhood with Emma and Julia. Over or about 100 present. Singing America led by Wm. Johnson. W.W. an oration. He was also called to ask blessing on food at the table.

1921. Wed. Nov. 30
Fed beef cattle and calves.

1921. Thurs. Dec. 1
Fed beef cattle. Attended first choir practice after reorganization.

1921. Fri. Dec 2
Nounan played with Georgetown in baskeball. Howard came from Bern to play with Georgetown team and rode horseback to teach next day, Saturday, to make up for not teaching on the day after Thanksgiving.

1921. Sat. Dec. 3

1921. Sun. Dec. 4
Sleigh road to Montpelier not good but Bp. Tippets and W.W. Clark in a sleigh went to High Priests Quorum meeting. I went to S.S. and led in concert recitation as there was no one else had been appointed.

1921. Mon. Dec 5
Helped Marion and Marvin start the beef cattle to Montpelier. Marvin helped drive and Marion went up and saw them weighed. Forty five head to Mecham or Barnes Bros….12 head of 2 yr. old steers @ s5 cents; 11 head of 2 yr old steers @ 4.75 cents; 19 cows @ 3.80 cents; 3 stags @ 3 cents;

cows 44; calves 52; Heifer yearling 37; steers yearling 27; 2 yr steers 1; horses 8; stallion 1 -- …161 was what the inspector copied for the give a farm loan of the federal govt. 200 should have been number..

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