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Charles Rich Clark Journals
1913 - 1915

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1913. Sat. Feb 9
Hauled coal from Spur. W.W. hauled ice. Fed cattle from F.R. Bacon's.

1913. Sun. Feb 10
On program to speak from manual on Marriage. Wilbur Bacon and I had book to sing and I followed William in Tenor which effort was the first for me except a few times (about) in S.S. in part singing.

1913. Tues. Feb 12
Vernon on mission. Wrote to Vernon and sent another $50.00 check. The other one paid his bills and $10.00 left. This check is for him to go on a trip East if released. This evening letter came from Vernon to the effect that he may not get released till a few days before Wilson's inauguration, Mar. 4.

Hauled 41 bales of hay in two trips to finish for C. Bartche, that Marion is selling. I also fed some water grass hay that was not mixed this year with the timothy then later I fed load of hay from the farm on my way back from Woolley's Spur.

Feb. 22 Vernon released.

1913. Wed. Feb 13
I gave George Short a receipt for paying me for Bp. Hayes 50 cents for Nounan Sharon Road that the missionaries had laid off and Bp Hayes got his sons to work it with him. I went over the road once. The other evening Newell went to Marion's straw stack on his homestead and got part of the horses (9 hd). Did not see 6 head but got them this evening looking well. I hauled about seven loads of straw from F.(two words not discernable.)

1913. Tues. Feb 19 to Apr 30
Julia and her mother are forty miles east of Boise on the reserve at Stock's.

Hired George Smart to feed. I hitched Chief and Jeff and he was till 1:30 to 4 P.M. a load of straw from F.R. Bacon's and a load of hay from the farm 3rd load from the center stack, the poorest hay and the first of three stacked. I met with W.W. and Walter to decide whether to make application for cattle on the reserve this yr. @ 36 cents and to decide how to reply to Utah Light & Power Co. who threaten condemnation suit if we insist on having $10. per pole for the power line. They pay some $5.00 and some $6.00.

Vernon plowed each side of Spring Creek lower end of farm. Marvin drilled in oats south of first stack yard and down next railroad. Newell plowed. I cut willows for crossing for Vernon and set out shade trees (golden willow south of house). Marvin is home from school for a week. Newell has been out of school for a week.

1913. Wed. May 1
Snowing this morning but I plowed lot in evening. Evan Hoff did his first plowing. Vernon and Marvin mended harness. Had first pie plant this evening. If no snow we would have had all small grain in. Newell asked Marie to go to party tonight, the first time benefit for choir. We milk twelve.

1913. May 8
Sent genealogy to J18, MacIntyre Bldg., Salt Lake

Ran spingtooth harrow on garden spot. First work this spring on that spot Newell finished harrowing lucern up field at noon and I went up to garden spot. Vernon went to Fielding to dance.

1913. June 12
Rcv'd 125# Horsford's peas from Wallace Morgan.

1913. May 19th and 20
Set out cabbage plants up in field, and May 19th, lot here at house and button onions.

1913. May 21
John Kunz took cattle today, 17 heifers of mine and 3 of Marion's, two heifers and one steer calf. Set out some more (2 rows) of sprouting button onions. Vernon baled hay. Bred Jno Hayes mares.

1913. May 22
Bp. and I met incoming officers of Relief Society and set them apart, Mittie & Counselors.

Transplanted raspberries from first space to second space.

1913. May 23
Alvaro Dunn pd me $1.00 on price of History of the Church.

1913. May 24
Harrowed South part of garden spot and planted one row of beans. Used W.W.'s drill and frilled 24 rows of Horseford peas on south just north of the garden of button onions I set out this week, and maybe a Rutabaga crossed with sugar beet. Have set out 5 rows of strawberries with, I think, will grow without water. I stopped drilling peas at 6:20 to go visiting with Leslie Prescot and Claud Tippets who want recommends and B. Hayes is suspicious about their worthiness. Went in (whole line undecipherable).

1913. June 22
Shod Bess, fixed plow. Vernon with Willard out to Star Valley with Heber. Returned Tues., June 24. Drove Daisy with one of Walter's.

1913. June 24
Baptized Myron Albert Bacon and Albert Bacon confirmed.

Baptized (name missing) Bacon and Vernon confirmed.

Did some horse shoeing, finished watering the 20 this 4 A.M. for second time. Lucern good now in bud and 1/20 in bloom.

1913. Thurs. June 16
Jacob Tueler, sons and son-in-law have finished yesterday, the cement basement to the school house.

Vernon, Marvin, and their mother are anxious to make some improvement here at the house and engaged these masons and they commenced this morning. They laid 18 sections of cement reaching from the front gate to the house. In outlining what to do Vernon and Marvin wished me to yield to the making of a cement cellar behind the house and to the putting of a barber shop building on this cellar for a separator room. Their mother did not like the building so close that it would obstruct the view, but she yielded in view of the argument that Uncle Wilford was glad we are going to have a better cellar and a separator room and that Vernon said to me "We are spending the best part of our lives to work at home to get out of debt and we think you ought to be willing to listen to some things we want."

1913. Thurs. July 3
Emma had $79.23 saved to pay for a cellar - $30. 00 gold
$ 8.94 check
$ 8.00
$ 4.59
$ 27.70

The cement walk, cement porch and the cellar back of the house was finished by Jacob Tueler, sons, and relatives, six of them.

Marion is excavating behind his store to build . Water rose last night in his.

Vernon went to P.Pong to visit Snake River Country aiming to go to Burley. It has been raining this season lately.

1913. Fri. July 4
M.I.A. committee let the Bp learn when too late that they had not prepared a program. Not even the flag was raised.

1913. July,10,11,12
I watered the 20 up the lane, 3rd watering.

Sent FaBella by Jno Tueler to Paris to breed. Boys would have had all lucern on the farm cut but broke mower. Vernon went to Montpelier to his 1st dance up there and tomorrow to Cokeville.

1913. July 14
Pitched hay today on slides (3) . Orian Heldon drove and Julia in overalls drove teams back and forth and in the afternoon also drove derrick team.

Send deeds today of land from Heiners to Annie stating she could have deeds made out in her name and I would keep them in escrow.

Marvin raked and Newell finished mowing hay on the "farm, 1st, and brought up the machine to mow the twenty up the lane tomorrow. Told the boys of changed method of gathering hay. I used to pitch on wagon without basket rack , bind it with poke and pitch it off with a hand fork.

Went to Priesthood meeting and only three of us there, Melvin Clark, Leo Sorensen. Read from Deacon bulletin on sustaining the priesthood.

1913. July 15, 16
Newell mowed the twenty up the lane, the last of the first crop. Marvin does much raking.

1913. July 17
Hauled in slides about 30 loads.

1913. July 18
Hauled in slides , about 30 loads. Evening took ride in carriage up to Mattie's company, Alice Steed, Alice Clark, Emma, Marie, and Julia. Primary children's (word undecipherable) from 8 or 9 till 11.

1913. Sat. July 19
(Whole paragragh unreadable…)

1913. Sun. July
Attended Bishop's meeting 8:30, S.S. @ 9:30, Sacrament @ 1 P.M. Wilbur Bacon left his post at choir just as meeting was about to begin because Wilford Bartche's telephoned for Marion to come with some singers to funeral and Wilbur was not consulted. After meeting I went down to explain, he did not wait for Bp. Hayes to explain. I apologized to Wilbur for asking Marvin to go.

1913. Mon. July 21
Rained while hauling on the 12 acres lucern at farm. Marie in overalls, driving for us taking a turn with Julia.

Afternoon I drove out three miles to get subscriptions to improve meeting house- 3500 to see what each family would contribute and thereby follow a suggestion of Pres. Shepherd. Jas Dunn $15. Willing to pay more if needed. Harvey Dunn $10. ; Jesse Dunn maybe $10. ; Wm Dunn - no response; Brady Dunn $25.00.

For county road front to Emigration Canyon; Jas F. Dunn $1.00 check to Bp. Hayes; Jesse Dunn some - maybe. Brady Dunn 50 cents cash, pd; Wm. Dunn 50 cents cash pd; July 24 - Maurice Tippets 25 Cents. Ang.. H. Nelson, 50 cents.

Milton Smith said the work done was so one could go horseback and could be done in half day. Said he promised a dollar, would pay none.

1913. July 24
Celebration at 10 A.M. W. W. C. gave the oration. Jane Hoff asked me at eh ball g round to go over to crowd in front of meeting house "trouble". W. Payne, boys and W.W. Hayes.

1913. Sat. July 26
Commenced cutting meadow hay - So. timothy patch.

1913. Aug 1
Hauled hay on 20 up lane yesterday at 3 P.M. today and tomorrow. Rain has nearly spoiled for baling. Now the hay is a little green and we put on salt. We stack in middle of the field and used three slides.

1913. Sat. Aug 2
Hauled hay on three slides on twenty.

1913. Mon Aug. 4
Finished lucern first crop and dragged derrick down lane.

1913. Tues Aug 5
Seed peas on garden spot. Did not come thick enough and we plow under part of the heavy crop of mustard. Peas good on Walter's land only some overgrown with weeds. Water some of the peas Aug.15, and potatoes.

1913. Mon. Aug 4
Raspberries are at their best, 27 qts every other day picked. Loaded a car of timothy from South Timothy, 15 tons on main piece.

1913. Aug. 15-16
I helped the boys bale with Marion's bailer about twenty five rods west of South Timothy patch . Have been stacking the best of the timothy in main field above stack yards.

1913. Aug 15
Newell finished mowing last of the meadow above swampy meadow. This last piece is west of oats above horse pasture.

Arose 3:10 A.M. to go water on the twenty.

1913. Aug 10
I had Julie run the bull rake a little to give her experience. She changed work with Millard and let him drive the baler team. Ella picked raspberries for Emma.

1913. Aug 16
Newell finished mowing upper meadow except a corner north of the oats overlooked which was mowed on Monday 18th.

1913. Mon. Aug 18
Commenced mowing lower meadow. Moved on Mon., Tues., Wed. and finished on Thurs. Aug 21.

1913. Aug. 20 & 21
The grain (dry farm wheat) is ripe enough to cut.

Finished stack of straight timothy overcast 80 ft, highest I ever built in that stack yard. Built another stack in meadow stack yard of mixed timothy and meadow.

Dragged derrick over to south side of upper meadow (in afternoon) and stacked all that grew next to the oat patch (oats getting white on top of heads) There were about five or six tons.

Later in the afternoon took derrick rope to derrick and started stack on north side of lower meadow. Marvin on bull rake, Julia driving derrick team today, Marie yesterday. Marie said, "Look at the stack I put up." Bro. James Dunford came up on the stack and looked around. I told Vernon I took satisfaction in the fact that I did not take out life insurance.

1913. Sat. Aug 23
Worked till dark getting up last of the timothy leaving some broadleaf to finish on Monday 25th.

1913. Sun. Aug 24
Took Zella with me when I drove to Paris to attend Relief Society conference, at S.S. at Bern.

1913. Mon. Aug 25
Finished meadow hay without the rain.

1913. Tues. Aug 26
Mowed mustard on garden spot.

1913. Wed. Aug 27
Hauled mustard to burn willows. Richard R. Lyman lectured on water system.

1913. Thurs. Aug 28
Elmer Rodeback and Vernon start mowing 2nd crop. Julia and I shock grain on dry farm. Newell too, in connection with helping the binder running. Marvin ate dinner with Julia and me while Newell ran the binder.

1913. Mon. Sept 1
Emma said to me, "Was you out in that rain? You came in a hurry, didn't you". Then she told me what Julia said. Julia came out of the bedroom 7:10 A.M. remarking about the sudden shower, "My, that's a hurry-cane isn't it!"

I had been to tell June Freeman I wanted to take back what I said against the bishop calling together the choir to settle Wilbur (name not decipherable) case of leaving the leadership of the choir five Sundays ago because Bp was (several words not decipherable) part of the choir to Nounan to C. Bartch's boy's funeral,. It was hard to see that it was better to meet with the choir rather than to meet Wilbur by himself.

1913. Sept. 4
Finished cutting barley. Have had rain some this week. We are having the hay on lower meadow bailed by Lewis Robison.

1913. Sept 5
I, Emma, Marie and Julia went to Soda with Joseph, Amasa, Edw., B.W.W.. Millie, Alice, Marie, Julia, Maurine, Mary Woolley, and Leora. Camped at Woodruff Spring at 4 P.M. we left( 2 words not decipherable) going to Gray's Lake and Star Valley. I believe that Joseph and Amasa are going to see some owing the D. Co. Bank.

1913.Sat. Sept. 6
On our way home we gave a man some bread and meat who said he had had nothing since yesterday morning. Said he did not get hungry after twelve hours, just weaker.

We drove up towards Reservoir canyon and picked service berries on way home.

1913. Sun. Sept 7
Richard R. Lyman made second visit. Spoke in Parent's dept at W.S. afternoon meeting and evening. After meeting at 4 P.M. he with Bp Hayes June Freeman, C.V.H. Sorenson went up left fork of canyon to look at spring . Later, I understand, Bro. Richard R. Lyman recommends that the town take the water above the houses.

1913. Mon. Sept 8
Loaded a car of upland hay that Marion has arranged to be loaded into a car at Woolley's spur. Georgetown Spur is to be used to hold the cars of the work train, I supposed to build new bridge where the old "steel" bridge stood.

We loaded the car with four teams, Jake and Nell, Snip and Chub, Bess and Bird, and the mare I got from Jno Hayes last spring that Jno said were 7 & 8 but which Thos. Hayes says are 8 & 9 . I traded But and Bill. Drivers were Vernon, Marvin, Elmer Rodeback, and I. Hauled from bales piled on the three pieces of meadow below the swampy meadow.

Mary Woolley (widow of Jno E.) is here.

Edw. B. came with Alice and children and took Emma with them for a ride over the farm. They gathered choke cherries down to the Stoddard.

Rained last night and tonight. All second crop nearly is cut and hot hauled on the farm.

Newell hauled manure with the new clover leaf spreader from some of the neighbors. Vernon and the boys have been hauling some a few days past from the corral pile and stables in the main timothy patch.

Monday night Newell went to meeting in time and took the minutes. I came from work 20 min. late and was glad I went, Bp. And Bro. J.O. Freeman was there. W.W. was conducting the meeting, all in one department, the only married man there until I came. It seems like I ought to talk with some of the boys. A few got up and walked out of meeting.

1913. Tues. Sept 9
Boys dehorned calves and castrated pigs and calves. Newell hauled 7 bales of manure. I helped Jno Hayes on a partition fence south side of "20" then went to tithing office to consider whom to choose to go take two month's kindergarten course at Fielding Oct. 13. Drove to see Jas T. Dunn, then to see Bro. Smart if Hannah could go. Then I helped milk and went to see Harrison plats to see if Emma could go and Bp Hayes will see if Laura Welker . Marvin went to practice in a quartet at Wilford Bacon's. Vernon went down to lower meadow to see(name gone)Robison to see if baler works.

1913. Wed. Sept 10
There was a clearing of stormy weather and last night there was a frost that made the lucern stiff down to the farm - about the first frost. Elmer cut the remainder of the lucern on the farm . Twenty up the lane to cut yet.

I and the three boys put up a partition fence parallel with the new street south of the west part of the main timothy, south of the tack yard. I hauled a load of willows to put on a dam in the lot to keep creek from washing deeper channel and to improve the lot by depositing sediment.

1913. Thurs. Sept 11
Wilbur Bacon is still not taking his place as choir leader. He would appear to want Bp. Hayes to go to him and apologize for not speaking to the choir leader when Marion was asked by Baetchis at Nounan to come and sing and bring a few with him. Wilbur said this morning when I reminded him that it was Thursday and it would be good to have a choir practice . He replied that the choir has not been having practices and he did not want to try to get them together tonight. I would think he might a week later.

Stacked second crop on some hay of first crop that had been rained on and not hardly good enough to bale. This second crop is dusty, bleached and brown but might be sold - seems as good as some that Marion has been shipping. Hauled from upper part of farm on N. side.

1913. Fri. Sept 12
Finished upper side and started upper side on South side. Hay a little better but dusty. Hay on east of North side raked today by Newell. It is good. The north part not rained on.

1913. Sat. Sept 13
Hauled hay till late then a little rain came. Jos. S. & A.L. came.

1913. Sun. Sept. 14
Reorganized Y.L.M.I.A. putting in for Pres. Mrs. J.O.Freeman, Counselors, (name missing) Wixom, and Jean Smith. The latter said she was going to school. Bp. Hayes said this work would be a good school.

1913. Mon. Sept. 15
I went to try to persuade Jean Smith to go to a church school if she is going to go to school.

Hauled grain on slides on S. West dry farm.

1913. Tues. Sept 16
Hauled grain on wagons on the west dry farm and took pigs and turned loose down on farm.

1913. Wed. Sept 17
Hauled grain till noon and came up and baptized Mary Lucile name(name unreadable).

Newell mowed second crop - started. Rest of us hauled dry farm in grain and second crop on the farm and finished second crop lucern.

1913. Sept 20
In evening piled hay on farm till dark. Newell moved on the twenty up the lane on Thursday and on Friday morning then went with Marion to Montpelier and on No. 17 left to visit at Blackfoot City.

1913. Sept 21
Joseph S. Clark was with us. He had Amasa and Edw. B. and W.W. and I were all at meeting together last Sunday, Sept. 14. They spoke.

1913. Mon. Sept 22
Loaded baled hay. Rained heavy early this morning. Loaded in first Automobile car I have seen S.P. car. Vernon got up to cover baled hay. Snowed a little. Hauled timothy baled hay from main stack yard. At 8 P.M. I went to meeting house to attend priesthood meeting. No one else came. I sang parts of three songs, prayed, read part of the lesson of the Deacon outlines about the "Move", and came home just as the folks were finishing supper - Joseph with them.

1913. Tues. Sept 23
Joseph told of Ezra James being full of fun and would snow ball with the little boys, with soft snow balls to the pleasure of the boys. "Everybody liked him" Lifted Bro (name missing) the Englishman by the collar and seat of the pants and tossed him in the snow for fun.

Hauled baled hay from stackyard through partition fence to Woolleys spur, Elmer with Bird and Bess, Marvin with Nell, Snip, and Hub. Vernon with Jno Hayes' mare, Chief and Jeff. I with Bloom and Prince

1913. Wed. Sept 24
Emma had convulsion before daylight this morning about 3 A.M. Joseph was sleeping in the parlor but said he did not know.

Hauled bailed hay to Woolleys spur from timothy.

Walter Sizemore commenced baling on farm.

1913. Wed. Thurs. Sept 25 and 26
Walter Sizemore finished baling 170 bales average about 110. Finished loading two cars of hay and timothy and one mixed timothy and meadow hay from lower meadow, the south and middle pieces. Finished.

1913. Fri. Sept. 26
All the folks went in carriage to attend county fair and first day of semi-centennial celebration of settlement of Bear Lake. Julia, however, was already over having gone with Ella and Joseph on the Ping.Pong. the evening before so as to represent Georgetown in the parade. Girls ten yrs. old with pretty hair, one from each town. Bp. Hayes asked for Julia. I went up and finished piling hay on the "twenty". I also made reach to hayrack.

1913. Sat. Sept 27
Finished a good job in reach to hayrack. Vernon and Marvin came from Pairs today getting here late because they missed the Ping Pong in Montpelier.

Newell paid Lizzie Hayes boys 50 cents for a two yr. old mare. He drove today in buggy to Johnsons and brought it back. The mare they gave us for note for "Dick" sold five yrs. ago. Leslie Smart's house burned tonight.

Pres. Jos F. Smith is expected today to semi-centennial and Stake Conference tomorrow.

Last night I gave Alvard Quinn's wife a note of standing so she can get cheap rates with her son Wilford to England to meet other son there. I went up to try persuade Alvaro to go.to Paris as a pioneer.

1913. Sun. Sept 28
Vernon, Marvin, Newell, Marie and I went in the Ludlow to Paris to the stake conference and returned. Visitor Pres. Jos. F. Smith, apostle Jos. F. Smith, Jr., Bp. Nibly.

1913. Mon. Sept 29
I drove Steel and Cap to town and Dr. Smith took impressions for a new set of teeth. I have been without teeth since Mar. 1, 1913. Brought back 1500# of sugar for Marion. Boys loaded lucern in car from N. farm. Second crop, 1st baled for two years, that is of lucern, last year's lucern being damaged by rain except that raised on the "twenty" (up the lane) which was stacked by at the barn to feed the cows in the cow stables.

1913. Tues. Sept 30
Went again to Montpelier to have my false teeth fitted and brought freight for Marion. There are nice peaches in Montpelier so shipped in fruit car @ $1.25 per cwt.

1913. Wed. Oct 1
Burnt mustard on garden plot that had grown so thick and heavy could not now it with the mower. The pea crop on this land was choked out with the mustard. The peas were thin.

1913. Thurs Oct 2
Hauling grain to thresh.

1913. Fri. Oct 3
Finished hauling the grain (barley) and began threshing. Barley 520, Oats 180, wheat 935, --total 1635

I went to conference W. Ward. I stopped at Farmington. Joseph had just taken his convalescent leg out of the cast of plaster of Paris.

1913. Thurs. Oct. 16
Moved piles of hay on "Twenty" and turned some to hasten drying after I started to stack and found hay too wet.

1913. Fri. Oct 17
Tried again to stack - too wet. We went and dug potatoes in north side of peas.

1913. Sat. Oct 18
Dug potatoes on South side of peas on Walters, then stacked hay. That which turned is dry enough. Has been cloudy. Worked till nearly dark getting up hay.

1913. Sun. Oct 19
Some worked today. I did not.

Brady Dunn voted in choir leader. Wilbur released while I was at conference.

1913. Mon. Oct 20
Stacked straw up on W.W.'s till noon, then in afternoon finished hauling hay on the "twenty." The last of hay gathering for this year. Newell was so tired of pitching bundles to the machine this forenoon and pitching hay in the field in the afternoon he went to bed before chores. Vernon and I milked the fifteen cows. I was late to go to priesthood meeting and the house had the electric lights out by the time I started, so there was no meeting.

1913. Tues. Oct 21
Newell with Millard Rodeback to drive lead team went to plow dry farm, Vernon driving three horses with walking plow. Julia and I gather seed peas.

1913. Wed. Oct 22
Vernon plowed yesterday on lower part of farm on Joseph's where we raised oats crossing on a new bridge at lower end.

1913. Thurs. Oct 23
Also this afternoon I plowed this forenoon on the oat patch and set out some raspberries afternoon filling on north side of trees. Frost has made a few raspberries leaves fall.

Newell plowed on dry farm yesterday with six horses, counted eight today. Bright warm day.

1913. Fri. Oct 24
Took my first load of manure with the manure spreader. The boys have hauled about fifty loads with the same. I didn't like to spread on nearby land because this land gets cattle fed upon the land so I took the load to the dry farm and Vernon coming with the scraper thought I should not come so far. Thus spending time. He thought it could be better spent in plowing the oat stubble just west of the(word undecipherable)Richards-Bryan-Smart & Stoddard pasture.

After unloading part and Vernon the rest, we plowed and leveled on the oat stubble . Later I took Frank Hebdon, a deacon old enough to be a teacher with me visiting in a district not being visited in that part of the ward. The Bp makes me responsible for those to be visited, and later I helped Vernon dig vegetables out of the garden and put in Marion's cellar.

1913. Sat. Oct 25
Go to Paris taking with me Emma, Marion, and Bp. Hayes and return at 7:40 P.M.

1913. Sun. Oct. 26
Held Bishop's council, went to S.S. meeting and mutual. The latter just started manual work.

1913. Mon. Oct. 17
Plowed oat patch. Runaway. Threw Geneva Hayes out.

1913. Tues. Oct 18
Finished plowing oat patch. School begins in new school house. Newell and Marie take seventh, Julia the fifth. Mr. Farnsworth(word not decipherable) and Mrs. Blaine teach[ers].

Weather good except a little rain. Scrape level next to Railroad on barley patch on Fri. and Sat. Vernon plowed on dry farm with 8 head, with double disc plowing 12 inches.

1913. Sunday Nov. 2
In Bishop's council I claimed that there would be enough come to Monday night Priesthood meeting to justify holding sessions and if not let us hold them on Sunday mornings like some of the stakes do, provided the Stake Presidency say so.

After S.S. I went to see if Leo Sorensen is worthy to take the missionary course. His father, Hans Sorensen said he was about $3,000 in debt but he was willing. I reported to Bp. Hayes and he said to send the name to Prest. Shepherd. Asked Hyrum Larsen to come to Monday night meeting.

1913. Monday Nov 3
Early I learned from Leo Sorensen he was willing to go to the Fielding [Academy] for missionary course.

Vernon and Newell seem to be willing to milk the cows once per day.

1913. Tues. Nov 4
Let Chas. Rodeback take manure spreader and three horses and he hauled a load of manure on lower meadow on north piece from their place to get rid of the manure. I burnt some willows and scraped next to R.Road to level so to water all the knolls below lower meadow before starting to plow. Clayton Robison hauled rock off one day.

Vernon said ground frozen some when he went to plow this morning on S.W. part of farm on dry farm. Drilled Marie and Julia - take 7x3+2+2 divided by 3.

Attended third meeting of commercial club. Discussed or renewed points to present to O.S.L. Co. to try to persuade the R.R. Co. to [put] in a depot.

1913. Wed. Nov. 5
Loaded some seed pea piles on hayrack on Walters and burnt weeds and used Walters sulky. Started to plow garden south of trees.

1913. Thurs. Nov. 6
Milk cows once per day and I go early to plow riding Daise up and catch Snip, Jake, and bloom in W.W.'s field and starting in the rain, the weather became fair. W. W. came up looking after his stock and inquired if I would be done tonight and bring down the plow so he could plow stubbles of barley down near the railroad and later his oats stubbles upon his "twenty". I finished except extreme south where some onion sets had been left in yet and where cabbages grew without water. Vernon plowing on the dry farm yesterday but rain hindered fore part and did not want to hitch up eight had for part of day today.

1913. Fri. Nov. 7
Vernon finished S.W. dry farm. I hauled coal from Marion's car borrowing Lorenzo Bacon's wagon. Lorenzo is said to have sold to Roy Wixom to go to Canada.

1913. Sat. Nov. 8
Enclose pigs stack yard on the farm. Bart Harrison wants $5.00 damages for hogs. I tell Vernon if it takes that much to satisfy him we will give it with a welcome. There are 22 pigs in all. We need a pasture and expect one next year. Helped Newell this morn - 3x/5 =20. Newell plows the S.E. dry farm - 21/2 acres today. Hired Daise to Bro. Farnsworth to go to wife's mother's. Emma asked to whom Anderson's deed is given in exchange for the land opposite the mill. She wonders if to Annie and her children and not to me. She and Vernon seem to think I am in debt to her to the value of this place, Georgetown. Later, when I explain they do not.

1913. Sun. Nov. 9
Edw. B. and Vernon spoke in meeting, the former is up to thresh. I took charge in meeting and spoke against hoodlumism. I took charge in parent's class, I led in concert reconciliation, Ps. 23 - 1-6 and did not look on. Took a subject in Mutual "spiritual development."

1913. Mon Nov. 10
Scraped t level next to RR near spur. Milked all 13 cows this morn. Vernon plowed 8 head on some pieces (words not decipherable.)

1913. Tues. Nov. 11
Yesterday and today my face is swollen, hope I will not have encephalitis(?).

I scraped near new street near RR. Hauling a load of manure from the stables with the manure spreader at Mrs. McCammons. Charley Rodebnack showed me where so they could load up and thereby get rid of their manure.I scraped corral on garden. Began raining. Emma made ice cream for Relief Society dance to raise money to help buy a steel granary to be located in Montpelier.

Vernon helped Walter and his father thresh forenoon and plowed ,8 head afternoon. Read of Roy Eccles demanded $15.00 and a Pinkerton detective riddled with ball bearings shot at him.

1913. Wed. Nov. 12
Plowed the lot deeper than ever plowed. Did not irrigate last season hope not to do so next. Vernon traded Holstein, Spot to Sam'l R. Armatage for two way Sulky Oliver. Only been used for ten acres. We also get $10.00. Price new is $75.00. Let Melvin. Loveland take two heifers with calves and(word undecipherable) to milk for their feed. Let John Hayes take 9 head to try to see if they want to milk them for their feed. Marion is having an addition on back of his store.

1913. Thurs. Nov. 13
Vernon and I fixed fence 'till 2:30. Afterwards Vernon plowed with the Olive two- way plow and I scraped to improve the entrance to the field of west timothy above swampy meadow. For fear of freezing I work late with Snip and Jake. Newell practices about every night from school receiving his lessons of the music lessons Ivie Dunn gave. Tonight Vernon take charge of choir practice, Sadie Brady Dunn asking him.

Snowed about two inches before I quit work at 10:30.

Julie comes out of bedroom to ask me and Newell to [come] in and her mother show us pretty sight. In moonlight the trees look pretty.

1913. Fri. Nov. 14
Plowed among the orchard trees covering the mustard and plowing the seed to depth of 8 - 10 inches and 11 inches. This will make cultivating in the future, "one year seeding, seven years weeding." Used extra short doubletrees and plowed close to the trees. Forepart of day I go get pigs from Arthur Smith straw stack and fasten them in the stack yard pen on the farm.

Vernon is plowing with three horses below lower meadow.

1913. Sat. Nov. 15
Finished plowing trees.

1913. Sun. Nov. 16
Went t o Junius Freeman's to Council. Sp. Hayes delayed for some 'cause and was a few minute late, something seldom happens in his life that he is late to an appointment.

1913. Mon. Nov. 17
Plowed south part of garden spot and gathered a few onions grown from "sets". Did this late in the day because I got pigs in.

1913. Tues. Nov. 18
Plowed the pea ground on Walter's covering peas that were left to depth of 4,5,6 inches. Want to see if will not winter kill. If I raise a crop next year from the seed thus planted I will have a great many weeds sprouting to contend against.

1913. Wed. Nov. 19
Plowed a piece on Walter's garden spot that I had planted to potatoes but did not cultivate much and weeds were thick and rank and a few potatoes green and I picked up potatoes quite late in the season, but the frosts have been light so far. Suggested to Alice and Walter that they plow the rest of their land joining. But Alice said the boys would not have time having in view that Walter is to get ready to leave Salt Lake for a mission - N.W. States on Dec. 10. Vernon finished plowing the large piece but not the small piece below lower meadow and brought up the plow some more on the new dugway leading to the "farm", but not time.

Vernon got ready and left for Paris to go to school. Newell took him to the Ping.Pong. Took some provisions and will room with Marvin in house where James Dunn is living (while James is assessor). Vernon would like to complete high school course. It was hard for Vernon to decide to go. He would like to help us get out of debt and go by himself. We encouraged him to go to school. Took the Oliver two- way plow and used on the new dryway.

1913. Thurs. Nov. 20
Finished plowing and scraping on the dryway then plowed a knoll to level down on small piece of plow land below Swampy Meadow, was afraid frost if I waited till next day.

1913. Fri. Nov. 21
Plowed ground 16 inches deep and set out raspberries north of old patch replacing old.

1913. Sat. Nov. 22
Hauled four spreader loads of manure from Jno. Hayes near barn on the north side of garden spot, then plowed the piece. This piece had been plowed in the summer with a rank growth of weeds, a chain to draw the weeds under. Plowed this land deeper than ever before from 9 to 13 inches. I expect the soil to hold the moisture well next season.

1913. Sun. Nov. 23
Led in concert recitation in S.S.

1913. Mon. Nov. 24
Dynamite used to break off piles under new steel bridge. Little snow. I take barley to chop at Sam'l Armatage at Fort Bob, and leave Bob and take spreader from garden spot up to Lizzie Haye's and Frank help me load up at his stable and I unload among trees and Jim Sizemore helps me load up. Mr. Blaine said he could. Blaine would give me 25 loads unloaded on the "twenty" then .

1913. Dec. 5
Helped Emma put down linoleum in dining room.

1913. Dec. 18
Melvin Loveland came at 2:10 to 4:10 P.M. to help with 3rd job.

1913. Dec 19
Took Marion to get on the Ping. Pong to go to Montpelier to board No. 17 to go to rock Springs - a car of hay was "turned down" and the RR agent told him if he did not get it unloaded the RR company would have to unload the car. There is so much traffic this time of the year. Newell went on P.Pong to Paris to attend opening ball of the Paris Pavilion.

1913. Dec. 20
Newell visited Fielding Academy. Milked 2 cows and cleaned stalls and that took nearly all my time.


1914. Jan. 4
Vernon and Marvin traded Chub (Nell's 5 yr old) and 12 dollars for Button & colt.

1914. Jan 6
Bro( name missing)Koge [?] began as a fourth teacher in school boarding with us.

1914. Jan 7
Emma and I signed deeds conveying to Anderson Bros the 5.40 acres we used to live on in Morgan.

I fed from the farm and James Dunn's dry farm - 3rd load of straw . [There is] less than a foot of snow.

1914. Thurs. Jan 8
Snowed a little.

1914. Fri.Jan 9
Melvin Loveland drove Steel and Cap on bobs to Ping.Pong. for me to get Pres. Shepherd to come to tithing office to audit tithing. Melvin L. worked 7 hours, Thur. Jan 15, fed 6 hrs.

1914. Tues. Jan 13
Read of rebels defeating the Federals at Ojinaga [?], Mex.

1914. Wed. Jan 14
Drove Haye's team to F.K.Bacon's for a load of straw. He is sick - not at school.

1914. Thurs. Jan 15
Took Emma to Society meeting and took Jos. Heldon to see a cow of mine at Wesley Welker's.

1914. Fri. Jan 16
Fed. Newell fed dry stock after school.

1914. Sat. Jan 17
Brought 7 month calf from Abel Smarts - 165# - $22 @ 13-1/2.

Traded Holstein 3 yr old to Jos. Heldon for his cow - 575 #, $10.00 cash. Cows age 12 yrs - that I sold for $22.00.

1914. Sun.. Jan 18
I led in concert recitation in S.S.

1914. Jan 29
Marie's report card : Arith - 80 - 75, 80-75; Gramm. 85 - 85, 80-75; Hist. 100-98, 85-84; Geog 80-80, 80-80; Physics 90-89, 80-80;

Reading 85-85, 82-75; spelling 75-80, 78-78; Writing 85-85, 85-90.

1914. Jan 26
S.R. Armatage took Johnson's Queen and Ballie to break them both for $15.00 on Marion's store, we furnish the feed.

1914. Mon. Feb 2
Wilford's birthday party at our house. Present, all of us, Alice, Melvin, Bryant (several words not readable), and Marvin went to school today. Vernon having 2 nd class hay bailed for sheep in snow in Wyoming. A man in town today to find some feed.

Robert Schmidt hitched up his team and helped me get a load of straw from his farm. Snow about a ft deep in the field. He made an extra trip from the straw stack back to the lane to make better road.

1914. Wed. Feb 4
I took Marion's team for a load of straw. They floundered.

1914. Thurs. Feb 5
Took Jake and Snip for straw. Met students going up home. Jesse Smart's team could hardly turn out and get back on road. Went forenoon with Bp Hayes to see June Freeman about having a better understanding about letting out of the house for amusements. Last Saturday there was a dance in the meetinghouse gotten up by the young people with no responsible person to preside.

1914. Feb. 16
This date I wrote to Emma from Morgan. Carlos had broken his arm a few weeks ago while he and hired boys were riding cows for adventure. (Three more lines not decipherable.)

1914. Tues. Apr 28
Dipped sacks of oats, barley and wheat (90 day) in barrel of formaldehyde against smut. Missed prayers last night not having them before the meal (I fasted) and this morning I fasted so as to be able to harmonize myself with home folks, but Emma came out as Newell was going off to work and we had prayers in the wagon shed. Vernon had already gone to work. Drilled barley in oat patches south of main stack yard acreage in two pieces 6-1/3 acres. Newell drove up cattle we fed in the lot.

1914. Wed. Apr 29
Newell finished drilling barley and oats south east of Georgetown spur. Vernon changed off at noon and left Newell then brought up extra horses and changed clothes and I hitched up Topay and drove Vernon to Ping Pong within a half hour from the time he was in the field at work.

Vernon and I planted potatoes on dry farm. First time to try on dry farm although I raised potatoes on the garden spot without water in 1912.

1914. May 9
Marvin drilled peas from sleight on dry farm, about same date planted 2 rows in garden.

1914. May 18
Alice Bridge slept with Emma and said she had set the date of June 10 to be married to Marion. They left this morning for Fielding School.

Last Friday Newell got 7 lambs on the divide. Ran weeder for the second time in the garden, onion, peas - the weeder attachment to the Planet Jr.

1914. May 19
Some garden beets are up but I needed more and planted more today. Buried some lambs near the asparagus. Newell came on the 15th to work. Has been grubbing willows. Newell runs the spring tooth harrow on the lucern.

1914. Sat. May 23
Afternoon Enoch, Newell, and I planted potatoes in spaces of the trees. Vernon came later after helping Melvin fix pasture in Nounan. I planted beans next to strawberries - south side of garden spot. Vernon drove Topsy from Paris and back today. Forenoon I pushed the garden weeder through my and Mc. Garden.

Heber D. Clark moved from Star Valley to Farmington Sep. 15, 1913. Taught the four higher grades in the North Farmington school with good results.

Jan. 4, 1914 his second daughter, Sibyl Clark, was born. He served as a ward teacher, class leader of the senior M.I.A.. of the 56th Quorum of Seventy; was director of religion class and a member of the ward choir.

During the school year he took correspondence work with the U.A.C of Logan, completing courses in economics, dry-farming and animal husbandry.

May 16th was with his brother, Elwin and stopped overnight with Uncle Chas. R. Clark while the two boys were on their way to Star Valley to look after their father's interests on the ranch there.

Aunt Eliza, their mother is just (May 18) recovering from a severe case of Pneumonia. Heber later served in the Wyo. Legislature.

1914. May 24, 25
Planted potatoes on garden spot, Enoch, Newell Hebdon

" " " with Millard
" " " with Evan Hoff plowing and harrowing.
I(word not decipherable) raspberries, planted some corn and asparagus.

1914. Sat. May 30
I drove Snip and Prince to Paris with Marion's 3 in. wagon to bring back Vernon's and Marvin's house keeping outfit, their school having finished yesterday. Justus and Bryant went with me, Marvin returned with us. Vernon went home early Sat. morning. Marvin's name was read in Stake Priesthood meeting recommended to be ordained an Elder. His recommend's at Able Smart's to go to Logan temple. He expects to go get with Alice Budge June 10, 1914.

1914. Sun. May 31
On Sunday I used my influence favor of Mutuals having meetings on Sunday nights as the bishop wants . My efforts were made, I suppose, because I went to Stake Priesthood meeting and felt like progressing.

In Sacrament meeting, Counselor Freeman in charge, Ed Austin and Jno Morgan of Liberty as home missionaries. I was impressed that something ought to be said in favor of Mutual meeting tonight. Old gentleman Larsen was about to begin the benediction. I spoke to him to wait. I spoke to Bp and Bro. Freeman that I would see to it we would have a meeting. I said to the audience "I believe the Mutual officers will go ahead with the meeting. If not, let us have a meeting anyway. The best night of the week!" I visited some to get a meeting and we held a good one. I give credit to going to the Stake Priesthood meeting on St. and of having the spirit of the time. Jesse Rich spoke of Mutual programs for the summer.

Home missionary Jno. Morgan and I visiting S.S. I noticed Marie teaching the intermediate. Her first experience of teaching in any of the organizations. Asst. Supt. James. T. Dunn asked her. She was so busy teaching visitors hardly noticed.

1914. Tues June 2
Planted mixed potatoes south of trees in garden spot. A few from Mortensen's, a few from Jos Bee's crop sold to Marion, both red and a few white from behind Marion's cellar door. Recent rain made the surfaced of the ground wet enough so they may come up. Leniel Hebdon harrowed three times directly after plowing. His first experience. I hoed around apple trees and raspberries. The latter are just beginning to bloom. Rained. Marvin going to Paris last evening returned. Says he is going to Logan Monday next .

1914. Wed. June 3

1914. Fri. June 5
Vernon & Marvin made new pasture for Lys. Newell watered Lucern . I repaired manure spreader and oiled it.

1914. Sat. June 6
Painted manure spreader, covered beans in fear of frost. Julia covered potatoes with soil using a hoe.

1914. Sat. July 4
Gave opening address in absence of Bp. Hayes. He went to Montpelier because the death of Jas Rasmussen's babe. Newell did not want to go help in the hay field on "the farm" because he thought Vernon had days off at time and he ought to have a day off on a legal holiday. I agreed with him if he wanted to attend the program in the forenoon. Rained on the hay at 1 P.M. Julia had walked down in her overalls to drive the slide, came home wet to the skin.

1914. July 16
Yellowstone Park to be visited. This afternoon at 2:15 with Marion's team Steel and Barney, Marvin and wife, Newell and Marie started for the park. Camped in lower valley in Blackfoot.

1914. July 25
Rode with Bp Hayes in his automobile with Marion and June Freeman to Stake Priesthood

Meeting, returned about 4 P.M. @ 20 mi. per hr. Intended to remain to exercises of a testimonial honor of Nancy Pugmire retiring as Pres. of the relief Society, but the notice given out was not understood to include us though afterwards we learned we were expected.

1914. July 26
Woodruff as one of home missionaries spoke well. Israel did and worshiped calf when Moses left.

1914. July 27
I painted the wagon that father bought for me in 1901. Vernon, Mathew, and Enoch went this evening to the river for a bath. Marion went with Bp. Hayes to good road convention to talk about having the county to build branch of Lincoln Highway.

1914. July 28
Emma and Julia went picked raspberries - second time. First time was last Sat. Some up the lane picked first about July 24. Mathew and I hoed potatoes and I cultivated potatoes.

1914. July 29
Matthew and I went up again to work in the potatoes. Wilford King made a bargain to take the crop on shares. He is to take those not cultivated for half, those that I cultivated about ten days ago for one third (we two thirds) and he is to deliver my share to me down town. He began pulling the weeds and next day he kept on only using the hoe where weeds were thin.

1914. Thurs. July 30
I watered the raspberries for the first time. Vernon [took the Bess mares to Montpelier and brought back extras for mowing machine. Commenced haying a few days after. Very little storm on the hay during the whole season. The first crop of lucern down to the farm had weeds and June grass. There was a frost that hurt the timothy to make a lighter crop but did not hurt the lucern much. Wheat was frozen - our spring wheat on the dry farm was not far enough along to be frozen with this first frost but was frozen with a later frost. Some people threshed only about half of what they expected. With Enoch and Mathew to help we made good headway.

1914. Wed. Sept 2
Finished wild hay. Stacked last stack - lower meadow.

1914. Thurs. Sept 3
Idanha, one of the four full blooded cows bloated, died. We gathered peas on dry farm on hill N.W. of Widow Sorensen's.

1914. Fri. Sept. 4
Gathered last of peas and shocked dry farm wheat. Emma took Matthew to train. Enoch stopped last Saturday.

1914. Mon. Sept 6
I had charge of night meeting of M.I.A. being chairman of the committee on program for a month. Bro. Morgan was speaker.

1914. Sept 23
Took coal oil tank and gasoline tank to town to get filled and Dr. G.T.Smith took impression for a set of teeth. Germans seem to be driven back some in France. Sugar dropped $50 cents.

1914. Sept.
Attended Conference and Utah State Fair. Returned Oct. 15 on my ticket. On Dec. 10 attended stock Association at Soda.

1914. Oct 5
Marvin took six horses to plow on the (words no decipherable) homesteads. Vernon and Marvin went out last Sat. and took the two way plow and returned. I dug last of the potatoes up the lane. Weather delightful. Emma, Julia, and Alice B. went to Montpelier to trade. We have had our new range up about a week. First new cook stove Emma has had. Annie had her first new one last spring - a Majestic.

Attended Stockholders meeting held in Soda Springs in relation to running better bulls. Apr. 22, 1915 is date of letter calling for assessment of $7.20 for 36 head of cattle on Dry Valley @ 50cents.


1915. Jan 1
Pd. $5.00 tithing for Newell and asked tithing clerk to give Newell a separate page.

Went with Bp Hayes to administer to Chase Edrington.

1915. Jan 2
Repaired fence around the lot. At night attended Bishop's council. Newell and Marvin feeding. Vernon went last night to Paris on the Ping. Pong. Marion and Ella and children spending New Years in Paris.

1915. Sun.
Attended High Priest's Quorum at Paris. Newell and Rhoda went with me to school. At meeting Pres. Stucki spoke on the Word of Wisdom. He said one would have wisdom, run and not get weary. Pres Shepherd thought W. W. meant what he said.

1915. Feb 3
Here is something copied from a card written from Centerville. Written to Emma at Georgetown. Card says that Emma's father is feeling well, that Addie and Camilla had been to a rag bee at Sarah Ann's, that Lizzie Woolley intends to go to the temple next day. On Feb. 4, card says further that I stayed all night at Addies, that I had made a good start to get to the temple - 7 A.M. - that Orrin milks a dozen cows, that Sister Margaret Randall at 92 (I believe) is quite active, that Sarah Ann gets lonesome at home alone in daytime, each child to a separate school. Matthew at Kaysville, Gwen at Bountiful, Harold, Addie's youngest, takes 1st yr High School at Bountiful, Marcus busy with manure spreader. Spent several hours at old home. Mailed from S.C. Feb. 4, 9 P.M..

1915. Mon. May 31
Attended baptism of Mirla Bacon. Albert Bacon baptized his daughter and I confirmed her at the water's edge in the water in Sister Bee's field near the old chopper mill site. Bp. Hayes being away, I presided. Vernon and Newell came home on Sat. and Sun from Fielding Academy.

1915. Sat. Oct 30
Rode with Marion in his automobile to Paris and attended Stake Priesthood meeting, S.S. Union and remained overnight with Emma and younger children in the Minor Wilcox house.

1915. Sun. Oct 31
Drove Melvin's team home early before breakfast and attended Georgetown Ward Priesthood meeting, S.S. and took charge in Sacrament meeting. I reported to the clerk that I baptized on Wed. the children of Nels Larsen.

1915. Mon. Nov 1
Helped Wilford thresh. I stacked the straw - and Melvin loaded.

1915. Tues. Nov 2
Started to plow the lot. I picked up rocks while Marvin plowed next to the R.R.

1915. Wed. Nov 3
Had my usual morning cold water bath. Vernon and Marvin have entered some land over the divide within the last week or so and intend to go out to plow today. They went. Marvin to plow and his new acquired: Vernon to harrow on old, and to drill. Vernon said he would stay till over Sunday but what he got in his grain. I helped Marvin thresh. Many of the heads of turkey red wheat had no kernels in them. It was a dry season.

1915. Thurs. Nov 4
Helped Melvin thresh. This exchange work more than balances help received from Melvin. Previous to helping Melvin I helped W.W. in exchange.

1915. Fri. Nov 5
Helped Melvin again till 11 A.M. He finished then Leo Black and I went to go over the river to help Marion thresh. He had the other steam thresher.

Met Marion at the river coming to get the dinner. He did not particularly need me so I went home by way of Georgetown Spur. At the Spur I talked with Bp Hayes. He asked me if I could be at the Bishopric meeting (in the tithing office at 4 P.M.) and I told him I could.

Bp Hayes with Thos Hayes and Lot Payne were hauling and grading for an extension of the spur. This extension is expected to be part of a siding track and we anticipate a station before long - maybe when the double track is continued from Pescadaro. (Station agent finally on duty in winter of 1922).

1915. Sat. Nov 6
Took chopped (rolled) wheat (Evan Hoff helping) from Wm. Hoff's chopping mill. Put some in feeding troughs in the stack yard down to the farm 1st for the fattening pigs, scraped the corral putting the manure in the garden.

1915. Sun. Nov 7
Vernon and Marvin returned from the dry farm. I went to 9:15 A.M. to High Priest's Quorum meeting.

1915. Mon. 8
Marion borrowed 3 sks of new wheat flour to sell to Wm. McCammon, this is first he had borrowed since he paid back 8 sks in full.

1915. Tues. 9
Scraped more manure on the lot. Vernon and I ate dinner with Marion and Ella. Vernon went to Paris on the Ping Pong to return in the morning.

1915. Dec
Visited the World Fair at San Francisco. Witnessed the close.

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