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1912. Jan 29
Walter Sizemore hauled 12 loads of manure for 1 ton of hay hauling all himself using my dump boards and dumping the manure in rows on timothy S.W. of first stack ;yard this side of Swampy Meadow. Hay from Spring Hollow--- Gross 3850

Tare (sled) 1430
Net 2420

1912. Feb 23
Bp Hayes gave me $4.80 pay for Deacons outlines.

1912. Feb. 27
All were vaccinated.

1912. Mar 14
Scab came off

1912. Apr 1.
Marie and Julia and Evan Hoff got April Fool on me.

1912. Apr 2
This morning Marie and I measured snow in drift on the lawn - 2-1/2 ft deep,.

1912. Apr. 3
Adelbert Hayes hauled manure on garden spot @ 3 cents. Also Gilbert Bacon 3 loads @ 30 cents, 90 cents. Hauled 23 loads @ 30 cents = $6.90 from Severick';s barn and from Frank Hayes Manure pile.

Geo. Smart hauled 25 good sized loads of manure with his own outfit for 3600 " timothy and sold hay. I left this to him to do as well by me as Fred Smart, but he did not.

Walter Sizemore hauled nineteen loads and dumped in piles for a load. Small loads too cheap. Hauled one load man hour so considered by others.

1912.Thurs. Apr 4
Rode Topay to Georgetown Spur. Paid full fare to Soda, 65 cents and at Ogden stopped at Glady's. Went with her to choir practice. Went to every meeting of conference stopping two nights at Albert Robinson's, one night at the Twins with T.B. Clark.

1912. Apr 8
Annie took Shortline to Farmington and I the Bamberger, an electric car service, stopping at Centerville meeting Emma's father eating supper with Orrin and Addie and Orrin's mother, stopping at Melvins and at Porter Walton;'s buying for Emma some ivies. At H.D.C.'s with Annie April 8 hearing piano music from Amasa's daughter at A.L.C. and from Eugene's daughter.

1912. Apr 9
Rode "Mell" to Morgan, eating apples at Bro. Hobbs and supper at Bay Smith's.

1912. Apr 10
Leo Black's account working for me: Dec. 23, 24, 25, 31

Jan. 9, 10,11,12,13,14, 15,23, 24, 25,26, 27,28,29,30,31

Feb. 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9,10,11

Mar. 7,8,9,10,11,12,15,16,18,19,21,22,23,24,25,30

Killing beef & hauling hay to Spur 1.50

	$10.. oats - Smart & Prescott
	   10. to Leo
	     5. to Leo
	     7. coal					Total due Leo:  $38.90
	     5.85. meat
	     5. Hay
	     1.25 grain
	       .75 Marion's store 
	  $ 44.85

1912. Apr . 22
Geo. Smart worked 4-1/2 days feeding, putting nine hours pr day, and 5 hours and half @ $1.25.

Meadow hay @ 8.50----13.60. George wants a ton. He is to haul with his team and dump boards @ 25.

1912. Wed. Apr 17
Aunt Mary Rich died. Alice telephones. Funeral 1 P.M. Saturday 20. Prest Lyman came up.

1912. Sat. Apr .20
Marvin drove Daisy's three yr. old this spring second time worked this spring and Prince, Jos.'s horse first time worked since hurt last summer on carriage.

W. W. and I got on train No. 5 due 8:35 and met on the train, J. S,. Clark, Wm. Strufer, Jr., Heber Rich, Dr. F. Strufer, and Dr. Budge going to funeral

Joseph and I rode from Montpelier with W.W., Millie, and Bro. Winters. Viewed the remains at 2:30 P.M. Same peaceful influence as at my mother's funeral. Went to Paris cemetery for first time. Pres. Shepperd said it good thing for leading brethren to attend special meeting tomorrow at 2: and 6:30. Same buckboard load went back, I sending word to Bp Hayes that I would go to Georgetown if he would return to Paris from Montpelier or stay in Paris .

1912. Wed. Apr 24
Ellsworth and Hazel ate dinner. Emma said he said she says meek for muck-I say muck.

Jos. And I rode over his 160 acres. Better than he thought. Entered at South and working and leading horses over all four wires that are under the snow. Dry farm on next ridge just ready to drag farrow, also flat near Spur.

1912. Thurs. Apr. 25
Joseph today rode FaBella with W.W. to look at latter's sheep and look out for a lambing ground over the divide.

1912. Fri. Apr 26
Broke land on Southside of Spring Hollow on Joseph's on the farm. Pretty wet on lucern on n. side. Snow in streaks on Southside. On Wed. Nounan offered about half (words not decipherable)

1912. Apr 21
Jos. And I slept at Wilford's in Montpelier last night and if Bp Hayes want to go back to Paris from his daughter Caddie's to attend special meetings appointed by Pres. Lyman. I thought of going to Georgetown to be with the ward not being another counselor of Bp. Hayes yet.

Bp. Hayes felt impressed to go to Georgetown on the train. He met Dr. Paynter going to Edith Smart who had jumped the rope 140 times it is said, and appendicitis had commenced. She was taken to Pocatello hospital and operated upon but died.

1912. May 4
Plowed sagebrush on Joseph's land on Spring Creek. Plowed with Bert Bacon's reversible plow.

Grass in Nounan pasture good enough now so cattle would do well without feed. Cattle down in the meadow have not been fed for a week.

Have pastured cows in meadow from 1st of May.

1912. May 6
Can plow old land today. Cold. Hail for a moment but later warm sunshine. Farmers out today.

Geo, Smart raked straw on his pasture to burn where High Smith fed horses last winter.

Dry farm South of dugway is just dry enough to harrow.

1912. May 8
Some are now seeding. Geor. Smart says in his pasture there is still frozen ground under manure and straw.

1912. May 9
Plowed in Spring hollow where snow drift just melted away.

1912. Sat. May 11
Drove Leo Blacks outfit to Emanuel Huff's to get 840# seed barley @2 cents. Went to flat East of Georgetown Spur to drill with WW drill. Wheat is @ 1.50 per cwt, oats 2.25. This barley is first grain we have planted. Rained a little in forepart of the day. Backward season.

Marion had choice seed oats he let me have to sow in cow pasture West of George Smart's.

1912. Mon. May 13
Finished sowing barley by Spur. Transplanted trees so as to have trees in garden spot two rows apart somewhat.

1912 Tues. May 14
Marvin and I hitched up Marion's iron gray.

I engaged to pay $85 for a course of music for Newell from Utah Conservatory of Music, Ivie Dunn teacher. Newell took first lesson. He said he wanted to learn but later he was a little reluctant, being a boy and his mother said slow to learn. According to Newell's expression or idea this course will improve Newell in mental activity, help to have music when we sing at home, help to have music at priesthood meetings, etc. I hope. Drove Iron Gray of Marion's and took Emma to Georgetown Spur to go to Rose to Skinner's engagement. "a mighty sick girl". Emma said the trainmen did not like to stop the long train of No. 5 for stations of George and Rose but thought case of sickness justified. The child was born when Emma arrived and Mrs. David Skinner alarmed. Emma was brought by husband of the girl. He was Jos Simmon's son.

1912. Wed. May 15
Harrowed with spring tooth harrow on lucern and drug harrow on dry farm.

1912 Thurs. May 16
The same.

Tues. and Wed. Bp Hayes and I started in visiting the ward from house to house and visited after field. We sang and prayed at every house, Abel Smart, Sarah and Hazel, Mrs. Jno Hayes and son, Mrs. W. King and children, Bacon and wife and two children, A.H. Hayes and all the family, S. Armatage and May Ann , S.R. Armatage and all, Thos Hayes, Lot Payne, wife and child, Louise Hayes, Will Hayes, wife and child, Horace Hayes, Byron Smith, wife and child. Perce Howard and family away-families in end of town.

1912. Wed. May 15
Spent some time lately with Marvin trying to convince he should go visiting in his district as a teacher before he goes to Paris to school or see the bishop and get excused or arrange with Joseph Bee with the idea that his duty in the priesthood is paramount. Marvin got Wm. A. Dunn to go part way around then saw the bishop and got excused and went on P. Pong. next day.

1912. Thurs. May 16
Marvin went to Fielding to attend the remaining two weeks. Will try to pass in some studies of the High School course. Would like to go next year again then to A.C. Logan but now the A.C. has no more H.S.

1912. Wed. May 22
Dubby calved in Nounan pasture while I was gathering her and others.

1912 . Thurs. May 23
Water in river above hubs at Stoddard Crossing, last of snow drift that Joseph and I crossed wire fence to get into south end of Nounan pasture when Joseph was up.

1912. Sun May 26
Hauled load of manure on dry farm. The manure was taken from cow stables. Just feeding hay to cows.

1912 Sat. May 25
Circus. Ella and children went. I attended Stake Priesthood meeting. Buying back two sows - $35. They are full blood Durock Jersey but no papers.

In Priesthood meeting Prest. Shepherd said we ought to turn out to school elections. One of the bishopric of each ward should attend commencement next Friday. Do not _____on tithing but keep the reminder to pay in the season. Said no work in the church brought better results than that of teachers visits. I spoke in favor of Mormon teachers and trustees in our district schools. Milking till 11 P.M.

1912 Sun. May 26
Mr. Royce, school teacher, came on the lawn and played croquet with Marie, Julia, Newell, and Elmer Rodeback. Came into supper. Asked me how many acres farmed. I said, 200 acres. Newell said he plowed 54 acres last fall. That does not include part of the 3 acre garden spot.

Lower end of my strip by RR - 12
In old corn pasture -- 2-1/2
Lower end of farm 3
Dry farm -- 2-1/2 + 13-1/3 + 14 + 6

1912. Mon. May 27
I count 4 snowdrifts in Nounan pasture this morning. Less than a week ago I counted a dozen. Pres. Lyman's son, the civil engineer called up over the phone to see if Georgetown wanted to go over the situation about water system for houses. Bp. Hayes thought we are well for water and in view of prospects of building a new schoolhouse east of the meeting house , would not care so much to get a water system up.

Attended priesthood meeting, took an effort to commence on time. Two boys came and we three began on time. Second time disappointed in getting instrumental music before opening.

1912. Tues. May 28
Met tonight with James Dunn to see if he would not help more in amusements and not be in league with Will Hoff for the hall.

Willie A. Dunn plowed the garden spot south of house, first plowing with hand plow . I harrowed it with steel and then after taking Ella to P.Pong. to visit Paris before Marion left the store to visit the June Conference.

1912. Wed. May 29
Attended program of Dist. School meeting . Jos. Phelps spent 2-1/2 hours to see if I wanted a manure spreader, $150 cash or $170 on time one year without interest. Set out a golden willow, north of raspberry patch and 2 gooseberry and 10 raspberries near south side of lot.

Can see snowdrift in north end of N. pasture. Before going to June conference June 7,8, & 9, I set out two rows of potatoes.

1912. June 19
Pd 75 cents train fare from Morgan to Ogden. 5.35 from Odgen to Georgetown Spur. Met on train Rilley Robinson and daughter who gave me some cherries. Wm. Holmes' wife and little girl who gave me use of lunch box for a few moments to go right in the near seat and help myself, Mrs. D. W. Hess and son who was met at spur by D.W. Hess, giving me a ride. Near Nugget met man who gave me a banana as he passed them around.

Found the frost of June 14 about same as in Morgan, only I do not find it affecting the fruit so much. Sister Miner's plums were frozen and she cried over the disappointment. On Sunday Geo. Heiner and I administered the Sacrament to her and (Bro.) Mr. Miner asked me to sing the hymn, the song I once sang to him.

I missed Bear Lake Stake conference by being to Morgan but I think I did good in being there and persuading Lawrence and Wallace and Jean and Dora not to go out riding. I maintained that is Bp Anderson and Pres Heiner have been seen out riding on Sunday afternoon that they maybe could give some justification. Lawrence thought I should not be too strict with young people, meaning I suppose, Dora and Jean who claimed that their father did not object to their riding out on Sunday afternoon if they did not be out late at night. The young people did not go out riding but Annie, the mother, thought they might on Sunday following.

1912 June 23 & 24
Bought cabbage plants and planted last Saturday up in the field and on June 25 planted some near south side and near north side. Drilled Marple Wurtzel seed and on last Sat. Will A. Dunn planted one space into potatoes and we will see results of such late planting. Hoed volunteer peas now in bloom and in pod. Apples going out of bloom. Can see young apples and young cherries. First cherry tree to bloom for us. (July 3 most forward peas now ready to use.)

1912. June 27 & 28
Sarah Ann Woolley with Gwendolyn and Olive came on a "pass" to visit with us. Surprise. Marvin brought them in a wagon coming from his Wedding Anniversary. We went to Marion's store just before bedtime and had treat in candy, etc.

1912. July 4
Took trip up canyon with lunch.

1912. July 6
Took trip around Soda Springs and back same day. With me were Emma, Newell, Marie, Julia, Sarah Ann Woolley, Gwendolin, Olive, Maurine, and Bryant Clark.

1912. July 9
Same persons except Maurine and Bryant, starting at 2 P.M. to go around Bear Lake, driving Bud and Prince. Arrived at Hot Springs at dark. All had a bath next morning except me @ 25 cents and 15 cents. Georgetown a few mosquitoes. Many here.

1912. July 10
Drove from noon till 8:30 P.M. to Geo M. Willis, 1-3/4 miles beyond Laketown and caught 16 suckers. Ire Nebeker's son on east side of lake shot three carp for us with Newell's twenty-two.

1912. July 11
Caught some more fish early in the morning with pitchfork. Then drove to St. Charles stopping with Bro. Keetch. Visiting Sister Cook at her daughter's on the shore of the lake, having a boat ride with Emma, Sarah Ann, Sister Cook, and Clarence Booth.

1912. Sat. July 20 to 24
The second Durock Jersey Red had four pigs that lived. Celebrated [July 24] in Georgetown. Bp. Hayes in parade represented Pres. Brigham Young as a pioneer and I rode beside in carriage driven by Horace Hayes (and George Smart attendant) with four horses. Parade small but a success. Newell rode Steel, Marion's horse and came out ahead of FaBelle. Committee employed Shepperd Orchestra from Paris because the Larsen and Hoff Hall orchestra did not harmonize with Bp Hayes, and Jos. Bee Orchestra refused because Joseph Bee occupied with his father's sickness. Bro. Bee's funeral on Sun 25th.

Jas Dunn, pres. of mutual, joined in opposition dance in Hall and Parley Smith, Scott Black and Willard Stoddard , Jr. are said to have sold tickets to the dance. David (name not readable)bought some and then at night asked for his money back but was refused . Do not open and close by prayer at the hall which is not in keeping with church counsel. Jas. Dunn has used his influence with Larsen and Hoff for Saturday night dances. Bp Hayes think Jas. Will not do to continue as Prest of M.I.A. if he does not do better.

I went to S.S. Conference in company with Bp. Hayes, Marion and Ella, visitors, Shepherd, Richards, Geo.(Name not decipherable) Charles D. Fell.

July 27, 1912
Attended Stake Priesthood meeting with Bp. Hayes, with "Prince and Bud" bringing back Emily Richards and four youngest children. Rulon Clark came yesterday to spend two or three weeks at Alice's.

1912 July 29
Rain has come second time on July 29. I was up in field cultivating potatoes. Second time came to bapt at 2 P.M. July 29, baptized five, Lionel and _____Dunn, ____ and ____Hoff, ____Ferguson. (Names not dechipherable).

1912. July 30
Went early to water on the twenty. What a waste of water in head ditch! Then went to election. I was one of the counting judges (several words not decipherable)Trimmed trees about ten days ago. Fruit buds forming.

1912 July 31
Cultivated potatoes(word gone) garden spot twice and each. Twice before(word gone) along each.

1912. Aug. 1
Ran Thos Hayes new shovel plow with wings on it every row, two thirds over plat. Rain stopped. In afternoon I plowed under some weeds.

1912. Tues. Aug. 6
Finished furrowing out potatoes with Thos Hayes shovel plow making deep furrows. Potatoes are in bud here and there are some in bloom. Ella's beans in bloom. Commenced stacking lucern on farm.

1912. Wed. Aug. 7
Hauled lucern in slides. Rulon helped till noon for Walter.(Word missing) got under slide and slide was loaded. Wm. A. Dunn called to me and Marvin picked up the boy and he soon regained consciousness.

1912. Thurs. Aug. 8
Cloudy and settled weather. Lorin Woolley telephoned that John, his brother died at 2:30 this morning. Funeral at 2 on Saturday. Emma will go. John was piling hay Tuesday but went to the house at 3 P.M. feeling poorly telling Mary. She did not know how sick. Mary not undressed after that. Wed. morning he went out early, Mary accompanying him as far as the granary and she returning, threw herself upon the bed. She heard John at the back door and reached him in time to catch him as he was falling. Mary called Marcus and then ran over for Grandfather Woolley and John was dead before she returned. Marcus alone with him. Bro. Woolley, his father could hardly believe his son was dead.

1912. Wed. 20 - 21 Aug.
Dry Farm drills - Aug. 5 - 10 (North) ; 16, 19, 20 (West); 21 (S.East)

Drilled last of the dry farm wheat on hill, 30..wheat on Joseph's land.

1912. Thurs Aug. 22
Last of first crop of lucern is dry enough after the rain to haul. It is in Spring Hollow.

1912. Aug 19
Bryan cutting meadow hay.

1912. Thurs. Aug 22
Sister (name missing)Welker from Bennington came to assist Bp. Hayes in reorganizing Y.L.. Esther Pyott wishes to be released is going away for a while and she claims she does not like the way James Dunn uses his influence for the (name missing) Hall instead of meeting house in amusements. Eva Dunn was sustained [by] Pres.

Horse races. Roy Hoff's mare got beat by gray from Logan.

I cultivated potatoes with shovel plow, second time with it.

On Aug. 15 Emma returned.

1912 Aug. 23
Sorensen's barley is ripe. Binder at work.

1912 Sun. Aug. 25
Went with bishopric and school trustees to try to decide how much of S.E. corner of meeting house square for school house lot. Bp Hayes and I thought 1/3 front in S. and 2/3 front on E @ $20. per acre. Trustees thought price rather high. Robert L. Scott becomes janitor.

Meeting at night in interest of parents department work. Walt Cook, speaker, he having visited our ward conference. Referred to prophecies concerning Zion.

1912. Mon. Aug 26
Can see Albert Bacon's dry farm wheat shocked across river.

Last Saturday and today stacked hay on S. timothy patch. Left some across ditch on South side to haul for tithing. I also went with Marie and her mother to shovel- plow potatoes while they picked raspberries. Finished getting Ella's order of 100 quarts from Mary Ann Armatage. Her father helping to pick. He thought today was most to be picked of the season, at 10 cents a quart. Got qt for Ethel Dunn, clerking in Marion's store.

At 8 P.M. after a shower I went to meeting house to attend Ward Priesthood meeting. Bp. Hayes had been up canyon with fence, & others repairing it as far as Church Hollow.

Meeting was held even if there were only two present Robert S. Scott and myself. I explained to Bro. Scott that the authorities want the ward priesthood meetings to be held and he being willing we held a meeting. I took minutes and took them to the home of the acting clerk, Nels Larsen. A week previous I gave up and did not insist on holding a meeting and I feel better to do my part in holding a meeting when only a few come.

1912. Aug. 27
Hauled four more loads of manure from Jno Hayes on the spot of land near the south side that I had plowed where the mustard had outgrown the cabbage plants I set out from Morgan.

1912. Thurs. Aug. 29
Plowed the ground the second time where manured.

1912. Fri. Aug. 30
Plowed part of the lot south of the house, all the scant growth of potatoes being dug and a heavy growth of weeds went under to fertilize. Emma and Julia drove today up the canyon for serviceberries, Marie going both days on horseback on FaBelle after preparing dinner. Alice Clark also went today with Emma. Newell does the mowing of the day between swampy meadow and stock yard. Julia drove on the buggy to take hay knife to Newell the side of swamp meadow.

1912. Sat. Aug. 31
Drove Bud and Prince to Priesthood meeting accompanied in carriage Marion & Ella, Ellsworth, Hazel, Helen, Ivie Dunn, Lizzie Pyott, going to S.S. Union, Primary officers and Y.S. officers. I stopped all night at Bo. Stuckie's , eating supper with Daniel Price and his wife who is lately put in counselor to Pres. of Primary.

1912. Sun. Sept 1
Attended H.P. Quorum meeting. Rode to Ovid with Bro Poulsen and sons, walked to Bern. Meeting. I spoke. I rode home with Bro. Rigby and family and then with Dick Bun. Ate supper with W.W. Hess and family and walked the rest of the way. Emma and children were at conjoint meeting.

1912. Mon. Sept 2
Dressed a few rows of potato hills. Mustard was getting as start. Did some horse shoeing. Seven at M. night meeting.

1912. Tues. & Wed. 3 & 4 Sept.
Stacked hay - timothy. Julia and Marie prepared program, roll and minutes for Home Night Meeting. We held same.

1912. Thurs. 5 Sept.
Finished stacking baleable hay above swampy meadow.

Hail and frost last night, cut some potato vines with frost. Some lean vines up in the field.

1912. Fri 6 Sept.
Newell still mowing below Swampy Meadow. One more he thinks down there. Barley ripe near Georgetown Spur except the South part which was eaten by squirrels and now is grown up thick and rank.

Marion drove Bud and Prince for freight. Brought home Carson Welker drunk. The blacksmith did treat him on the way home - this was yesterday. Today Julia came home from the store telling her mother what she heard Ethel Dunn, the clerk and the blacksmith saying about Carson and what she heard Carson and Ethel saying later. Carson's conscience smiting him, Emma thinks led him to say he hoped someone would cut his head off. Emma thinks such a wishing is worse than the getting drunk.

Tonight there is a surprise on Carson. Marvin went. Tomorrow night a surprise on Wm. A. Dunn. Marvin is taking a crowd in the carriage. I think he is more reconciled with Ivie Dunn than for the past few weeks but I don't know.

Wm. A. Dunn working for us and expects to go to Australia in Oct and I wonder if it is for the best that he took out life insurance the other day. We pay him for that purpose. His father asked for him ten days to help with the crops.

1912. Sat. 7 Sept.
Finished the hay above swampy meadow and we took two bull rakes, two slides, and the derrick rope down the new road to lower meadow. Decided to change location of lower stack yard.

1912. Sun. 8 Sept.
Met Bp Hayes and James Dunn in tithing office in Bp. Council. Went to S.S. parent's class. Talked about law on school attendance.

At 2 P.M. Bro. W.W. opened, Edw. B. spoke on the good to repent and to forgive and of sadness, yet the providence of Pres. W.W. Richards demise. He and W.W.R. were so congenial. Funeral tomorrow, Mon. 1 P.M.

Ate dinner with Bp Hayes.

At night I tended team that is to go to Paris tomorrow to funeral, W.W. Richards.

Milked cow, put together separator and turned it. Marvin milked six cows, Newell and C. Rodeback, nine, and they fed the calves.

In meeting I urged attendance at Stake Conference next Sat. Maybe Pres. Jos. F. Smith.

1912 Mon. 9 Sept.
We all went to Paris and attended funeral of Pres. W.W. Richards in the tabernacle @ 1 P.M.

Speakers, Prest. Wm. S. Rich, Pres. Geor Osmond, Bp W.W. Clark, Pres. Shepherd, Elders Elmer B. Clark, C.C. Richards, M(unreadable) and Apostle Geo. F. Richards. So well prepared.

All right, and not paid up insurance.

1912. Tues. Sept 10
Rained yesterday and today. Tues. rained today. Could not stack hay so I with Alfred Welder @$1.00 cleaned out the stables then went up the lane with Snip and Snap and hauled manure, 7 loads on north side of raspberries to plow and set out more.

Received first letter from Gladys at Metropolis. She is happy. Has been cooking for men out on contract work, 5 weeks, $50.

Marvin with Chas & Elmer Rodeback stretched wire to separate main timothy patch from meadow this side of the swampy meadow.

1912. Wed. Sept 11
Alfred Welker and I plowed for raspberries, deep and set out raspberries. Emma picked raspberries and noticed green ones so she thinks she can pick four more times. Marvin and Charles Rodeback went out canyon for shale to grade around the barn. Newell mowed lucern on north side of 20. This is first we have cut of second crop.

Rained hard at 4:15 P.M.

Word comes from Mexican Federal General that male colonists can return to Mexico.

No program carried out - boys were wet and Emma and girls have been washing. Brass wheel in separator failed us.

1912. Thurs. Sept 12
This morning I put in the old brass wheel and during forenoon I put in leather bushing on top new wood bushing at bottom of bowl. Newell and C. Rodeback after load of gravel to grade around barn.

I spent part of the day visiting some of the teachers to get them to visit their districts.

1912. Fri. Sept 13
About 10 A.M. went after wild fruit in company with Emma, Julia, Millie, Rhoda, Maurine, picking serviceberries then chokecherries up hollow near Prescadio, up hollow, that is south of log cabin where the stream of water flows down. This tract with spring would be a good entry. Later Emma, Julia and I drove up to garden and picked the yellow transparent apples. These apples, two boxes, new on four or five trees. I took a few to Sister Richards, Paris, and a few to Ella's for when I went to conference next day with Marion and Marvin driving Steel and FaBella.

Rained little Fri. and Sat, not Sunday.

1912. Sat. Sept 14
Met Rulon S. Wells who said Pres. Smith was not coming because he had gone as to promise to Seattle to dedicate a meeting house. Apostle J.F. Smith, Jr. was also up . Pres. Wells speaking, said that fear and love are elements or means in persuading works of religion. Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Better to serve through love. Told of Athenians who said the Spartans "did" the right. Apostle J.F. Smith, Jr. said that we need spiritual educations. Some do more harm with knowledge without spiritual education.

Stopped all night at Caroline Woollleys. Herschel told of his being out to Woolley's Port. They do not now know where is H.S. Woolley. Did not fill vacancy caused by death of W.W. Richards yet.

Came home on Sunday at noon with Bp. Hayes, he fearing to be out late and I wanting to accompany him with his one seated buggy and wanting to do the chores so Newell and those with him could stay at night meeting. Bud and Prence drew well, C & Elmer Rodebacker.

H. D. Clark with Zula and Elwin came from Star Valley. He has to put up more than 160 acres of hay yet. Heber started to teach in H.S. Porter is called to go on a mission - Nov. Questioned Hyrum whether be better go now, H.D. with no large boys to help and some land to secure that is fenced, but if he does not go he is apt to get married - not to Miss Kennard, but Heber's wife's sister.

Visited Geo. Hess to go teaching.

1912. Sun. Sept 15
Stormed a little during meeting. I noticed snowing when I was in Paris in the tabernacle. Emma said it hailed in Georgetown. Telephoned.

1912. Mon. Sept 16
Visited Nels Larsen and Wesley Welker to go teaching and to get Wesley to repair H.D.'s buggy. Took H.D., to train and brought back W.W., Marion, and Ella. Attended Ward Priesthood meeting. Bp was detained because Mr. shields came to see him.

Did not hold meeting a week ago because it stormed and we were late from Pres. W.W. Richard's funeral. Last night we talked about the Atonement. C. Sorenson, Lorenzo Bacon, and Janitor, Robert Scott with me in Seventies outlines. Adam could not have fulfilled the commandment unless he fell, too. The Tree of Life Brother Scott said had celestial fruit.

Cut 2" crop in 20 up the lane.

1912. Tues. Sept 17
I took Emma to pick raspberries and I set out raspberries to complete four rows north of old ones while she picked. We noticed one yellow transparent tree not picked before. There were 17 lbs on it. Bright day. Lucern froze. Marvin raked on 10 with Chief and new horse of Marion's.

1912. Wed. Sept 18
Piled hay, 4 of us in forenoon. Stacked hay on middle space below swamp meadow. Began the stack before -cutting time a week ago last Sat.

1912. Thurs Sept 19
Stacked hay again on middle piece. Chassie broke and let pole fall. Frank Heldon and Elmer Rodeback on the stack but escaped harm. I was staking the net, Marvin and C. Rodeback with push rakes, Orion Hubdon driving Steel and Chief, push-rake horses Jake and Bill and Snap and Snip. Newell mowing 2" crop on the farm with Bess and Chub. Nell is over to Marion's homestead with Charley and Cat, Topsy and LeBelle, riding horses. Marion drove Bud and Prince for freight, Ethel Dunn in the store. Daise and Bloom and Queen , 9 bays two yrs. old in pasture south of swampy meadow. This pasture made this summer. Also main timothy fenced off.

1912. Fri. Sept 20
Finished stacking the middle piece, about 20 tons. Moved the derrick to South piece and stacked all but about 20 nets full. Forenoon C.E Rodeback went with Topsy to rake south half of the 20 up the lane.

At night I went to go teaching with Geo. Hess. He said he was too tired after stacking hay. His father said he thought we had done our part when we the night of Wed. night visited every house, but I said I thought we ought to visit those we did not labor with. Said we ought to go for the love of the work. Geo. said he was willing to go Sat. night. On Sat. night I called but he had been called to Montpelier.

1912. Sat. Sept 21
Piled hay with boys except Newell who was mowing on the farm. Lucern is frozen last two night. Afternoon I baptized H. Smith's four children, Quest and his sister, and Archie Loveland.

Went to river to be retired, Evan Hoff came riding his pony down and Bp. Hayes thought he was a great boy to see what is going on.

I rode Evan behind the stack, the last of the hay on the south meadow below swampy meadow. We moved derrick to N. piece and started a stack.

1912. Sun. Sept 22
Genealogical Sunday. Pres. Tueler of Paris received reports of teachers. I visited at noon Louis H. Tippets home. He was running header on Sunday.

Sister Thornton said Wesley Welder did not want pasture longer and I could turn in. I did so for a night .

1912. Mon. Sept. 23
Stormed during the night but we hauled meadow hay nevertheless. The hay will be apt to heat, but maybe it will be better than to bleach. Finished hay below swamp meadow.

Bp. Hayes said Bro. Price and Bro. Stucki are here to look after tithing. The former is to take the place of the latter. I attended priesthood meeting. Only about eight present.

1912. Tues. Sept 24
Put two shoes on Jake and we hauled hay from south part of the 20 and put into barn. Three loads quite damp and green and it may heat Put on three sacks of salt. On afternoon stacked in north part of the 20 to bale. This morning Ellsworth caught his arm in the pulley as Orrin Hebdon was driving. Hazel witnessed the danger.

Bp. Hayes wanted me to come up to his home. I went. He wanted me to explain to Presiding Bishop office about Bro. Scott's leaving. He wanted 20 cents per hour for time spent even at a dance. He had the back room of the tithing office fitted up for Relief Society. Thos. Hayes bought him a set of tools to work in the tithing granary. I said maybe Bro. Scott thought of going because some boys knocked on door and left some apples. Bp. Hayes said it was only little boys. Bp. Hayes showed a feeling of generosity to humanity. I thought.

1912. Wed. Sept 25
Signed note with Willard Stoddard $252.90/100.

1912. Thurs. Sept 26
Hauled hay in the barn, forenoon and afternoon, stacked.

1912. Fri. Sept 27
Stacked hay in north part of 20 up the lane.

Am considering whether to go to irrigation Congress in S.L. Sept 30, Oct. 1,2,3, fair, and conference Oct. 4.5.6 Emma would like to go and Newell with her. Salter has not been down since a little boy. Maybe we will pick apples, winter apples. There has been a frost to hasten ripening.

1912. Sat. Sept 28
Attended Stake Priesthood meeting.

1912. Sun. Sept 29
Went up to Bishop Hayes to hold Bp. Meeting. Went on train to attend irrigation Congress.

1912. Wed. Oct 16
Hauled barley from field next to Georgetown Spur and stacked in old stackyard in company with Marvin, Newell, Julia (driving), Charles and Elmer Rodeback. Hauled a load of ties from railroad at Stoddard coming up n. lane.

1912. Thurs. Oct 17
Marvin stacked the second stack of barley, being the first entire stack he ever built, he said. I trailed the truck wagon box wagon and loaded twelve ties and sixteen on the hay rack. Marvin went to choir practice at night.

1912. Fri. Oct. 18
This morning hauled 13 ties from railroad by the spur. Helped Walter and Melvin but our hind wheels .., their haystack then pitched out bundles in the stack yard by the barn.

1912. Sat. Oct 19
Paid $9.00 check for Sister Hebdon's boys wages to help her going to Smithfield to her sister's funeral.

Oats 250 bu. Joseph Bee and W.W. Hess brought the thresher and we put in three teams and threshed oats today. Do not get out to thresh as early now-a-days.

1912. Sun. Oct 20
Visited some of the teachers, gave Alice Clark 15 cents to send for some pamphlets for parents dept. Bp. Hayes up canyon with some of his folks.

1912. Mon. Oct 21
Threshed. Hard to get help.

Bro. Smart said this morning when he called to see about getting the thresher that he used to start to thresh when the sun shone on the Western hills and stop when last rays on the Eastern mountains. I told George Smart he ought to thresh his oats, they were steaming, so said Elmer Rodeback as he drove up the horses this morning. Barley 590 bu.

Attended Priesthood meeting, June Freeman, Mynard, and I were all present. Am glad I went over although wed had just come in the house for supper from threshing, and ate a small amount of supper and would otherwise felt tired; but, I did not feel tired. Seems like I can stand hard work as good as at any time in my life3. Chas Rodeback's last day work.

1912. Tues Oct 22
Marvin and Elmer Rodeback hauled sacked barley to granary. E.M. Sherman, nursery salesman, G.E. Maher came to see me. I ordered following apple trees - trees $17.50 @ 35 cents ea., 25 greenings, 25 Peter, and a replace order of 12 Wealthy and 10 Golden Willow, 6 Linden, 2 tree gooseberry, 20 raspberry, 1 tree( several more names not readable). While talking with G.E. Maher I became almost decided to plant some trees on the fertile side of the hill in the Nounan pasture especially if I succeed in getting Joseph's land unless I have some in my 120 there. Maher said some are raising fruit on dry farm land at Ingus this side of Pocatello and Fred Bartche is trying. At the "round up" at Logan last winter I heard one Prof. say trees but not fruit could be raised. Lina Ferrill said he had planted some and was going to raise fruit and this fall at Oct. Conference I met ex Bp. Ferrill and he said he has raised fruit. He told Hyrum and me of Father's being his first boss while the farmer worked for Apostle Amasa Lyman. Told of winning the gallon of Whiskey and of getting $50.00 instead of $10 or $25 per month.

Maher said trees should be trimmed in Feb. or June. Hauled 15 ties tonight. Fumigated clothing I bought from Wells Fargo Express Co.'s sale in Salt Lake. Bought in the sale 16 books addressed to Pearl Daley.

Emma has been reading from Jerd Class. Seems to be a Mormon story by Myra Daley, Cochrane Pub. Co., Tribune Bldg, N.York.

1912. Wed. Oct 23
Wrote three letters to inquire where I can buy one or more Holstein heifer calves with pedigrees. Larsen & Sons , Hyrum -Cache County, S.H. Lewis, Richmond , Bp. Hire Lewiston received certificate of registry of Prince Hendricksen Mema born July 7, 1910.

Handsome second crop on farm but moved a little and we left the rest and fenced stack yard and decided to dig potatoes next day before frost.

Sat up till 11 P.M. talking with Marion about Larsen & Hoff getting all custom from Dist. No. 12, and ward and tithing produce.

1912. Thurs. Oct 24
Cleaned out the cellar to hold potatoes. Afternoon Marvin, Newell, and Elmer and I went to garden spot and plowed with the winged shovel plow. Plowed 13 rows three times each and picked up about 30 bushel. Hardly a week had gone to seed but a large amount had sprouted during the summer. No water except unusual amount of rain and potatoes cultivated afterward have done well. Few small ones. Smooth. Dug 13 rows are selecting some of best hills for seed.

Coming home at 5:45 P.M. when we got here. I shoveled while Marvin ate then he unloaded potatoes while I ate. At chore time I was called to meet with F.R. Bacon and administer to Adelia Hess. James Dunn wanted me to go on the P. Pong with him to hear a state candidate in Paris. Maria went.

1912. Fri. Oct 25
Dry. Some early sunlight and some Russel Red New Yorker south of the trees. Soil is manured and will likely yield well next yr. Walter Clark today remarked that the soil on my land looked richer and wondered if was because of manure and my working in the potatoes. Late in night when I got a bin made in Marion's cellar and unloaded a load of potatoes . Wanted to go to Stake Priesthood Meeting.

1912. Sat. Oct 26
Went to Stake Priesthood Meeting alone in black top buggy. Ate dinner at Sister Richard's. It was a sacrifice [to go] seemingly, because it might be the last chance without frost or rain. Returning stopped to see if Jim Johnson had decided how much he wants for his calves.

Ordered trees from Sherman Nursery, Charles city to be delivered spring of 1913 - $17.50.

1912. Sun. Oct 27
Bp. Hayes telephones from phosphate camp that he would finish in two days and stay up to Louis Hayes'.

1912. Mon. Oct 28
Repaired our cellar and unloaded potatoes. Weighed hay for M.C. Clark's car of wheat.

1912. Tues. Oct 29
We fenced stacks on lower meadow. Stormed Sat., Sun., Mon.,Tues.,Wed. a little snow, some rain, not hard frost.

Met W.W.C. at Spur. He was going to hear Senator Borah. Borah is not for Taft but respects Republican organization.

1912. Wed. Oct 30
W.W.C. telephoned from Montpelier wanting me to meet him at the Spur as the commissioners are coming to Georgetown to consider taking the road to the Spur as a county road. They came. Bp. Hayes with Nels Larsen met them. Marvin and I set up the stoves in the dining room and in the parlor and fenced the north stack below swampy meadow. I hauled a load of manure on the South as I went to help fence and cleaned out the two horse stables and the two corn stables. This load is the second load on that South third of the lower meadow. We have been cutting hay fro this piece each year for several years, a little more of the area each year. This year cut all but a quarter of an acre at the bottom next to the grain 2" yr. For the grain. I want to manure all this meadow this winter.

We have no hired help now except Elmer gets up cows for us. Mazie and Julia go to school. No storm. Marion drove Cap and Cub for freight on Thursday, Oct 31.

1912. Thurs. Oct 31
Shod Snap (and partly) Snip, Cap, Cub, Jake & Bill. Took Emma to the Ping.Pong. to be with Sister E. Richards about four days, little girl from last night. Some of us did not know where coke came from, I bought some from the Spur.

Marvin helped Walter load some potatoes in a car, price $40 cents pr cwt. Newell and Seymour went out to look for horses, colts are gone. They did not get back. Frost last night so hard we could not plow in forenoon and ground too wet. Have done little or no plowing yet.

1912. Fri. Nov. 1
Bright day but muddy roads frozen in for part of day. I cut wood, fixed fence, cleaned out stable, hauled third load of manure on South of lower meadow, got a load of ties to stand up around one stack till we bale it. Marvin , faithful boy, went to Stoddard for a load of ties bringing a large load that finished the stack, then the cows, not having gone all the way up, I driving them, he started to milk them with Newell coming to help and Marvin with a lunch for dinner that I took down to lower meadow and only a little supper and after cows milked he took horses down and found two missing cows and brought them up and milked them and is now gone to bed at 11 P.M. He wants to get the work done so he can go to school next month and beginning mission next year.

1912. Sat. Nov. 2
Wrote to Vernon in Chicago started to preside over one (word not decipherable.).

Marvin, Newell and I drove horses and cattle over to the farm on fall wheat and lucern. Marion tells me just as I had some shoes ready to put on Topsy, that he needs me to go with him as a witness on the homestead of his. I go. Wm. Holmes sends Vernon the Post. He thinks Taft will be elected next Tues. Says Taft is most religious since Lincoln. Roosevelt good when President, but losing now. Meet Emma taking care of Emily Richards. Sleep with Clyde. Marvin and Newell go out to "20" to bale hay first.

1912. Sun. Nov 3
Sunday and Fast Day and I am in Paris ready to go home. Do not think of its being quorum day till night. Go to S.S. and Sacrament and M.I.A. Tell Bp. Hayes and Sister Hayes, Pres. of Relief Society, I think it's money held by Society for grain ought to buy grain.

Attended Mutual. Walter Clark only officer of Y.M. I help discuss lesson.

1912. Mon. Nov 4
Loaded some hay in car at Spur. Julia drove one team. Hay from 20 field. Alma H. Hayes bought 3 bales @$1.90 that were too wet.

At Priesthood meeting Bp. Hayes said he hoped he could be excused in the feelings of the brethren, if not to all meetings. Wanted me to look after the general run of the meetings and Junius Freeman to look after the Priest's Quorum. I met Emma from Paris with sleds but too muddy for sleigh. No frost.

Newell was called to acting clerk as Bro. Smart, the Ward Clerk, felt like he could not go.

1912. Tues. Nov 5
Election day. I am one of the counting judges. I reported, I phoned from Georgetown, gave Pres. Shepherd 1089, C. Rich. 30. It is of interest to learn whether Taft or Wilson (or Roosevelt). Georgetown stronger than ever Republican, Twelve for Progressive out of the 138 cast, out of 184 registered. James Dunn 109, Haddock 30 for assessor.

(Three lines not decipherable.)

1912. Wed. Nov. 6
Shoveled some dirt from the (word not decipherable), my cellar and from Marion's, and Newell and Marvin hauled on some sawdust for Marion's ice bin back of his store. I mailed election returns to Co. Clerk, H.H. Broomheat - 148/100 my money.

Repaired Marion's cellar door.

1912. Thurs. Nov 7
Marvin and Newell hauled baled hay into automobile car. Snow gone from the tops of the Mangles. I pulled them and hauled six rows in single bed. About 1200# 1/22 acre at the rate of about 24 tons per acre. Largest reached about 3-1/2 in dia. Put them in cellar for cows. Once before raised some and pitted them but were small and did not feed them. Now we are told that cows need the succulent food. Saw them fed with grain when I was in Richmond on the way to the "round up".

1912. Fri. Nov 8
Roads drying up. Good weather.

Pulled carrots turnips, and rutabagas out of garden to put in the cellar. Most carrots I ever raised, about 300#. Scraped corrals. Helped Marvin load up two loads of baled hay from twenty. 22 bales, a load for three horses, Jake and Bill and Chub. Marvin 28 with Snap & Snip and Bud & Prince in lead. Jno G. Huff threshing with steamer, Chris Sorensen threshing. New horsepower bought a few days ago for four for private work. Jno Bee, Hans Sorensen, Frank Pecora and F.R. Bacon.

About 9 tonight Marion got word Frank Hebdon's coming with a load of freight (and apples) for his folks for his folks was "stuck" at the Cranes. Charley balked. Marion rode Bud out. Sis. Hebdon came to inquire where Frank is.

1912. Sat. Nov 9
This morning Marvin was out to milk before I go up. Emma urged Newell to go help. Mr. Sinclair wanted breakfast to go help Geo. Hess, Walter Sigenore, and Lorenzo Bacon baling Geo. Hoff's hay. Then they will bale some for us. I offered to help Emma to hasten breakfast. She replied that I could help myself.

Yesterday W.W.C. said he would send for bull blood shorthorn. He thinks for lack of extra good care of stock that kind is good for us. When down to conference. Sorin Woolley said he was going to breed Guernsey. Has a full blood bull. I told him I thought he ought to get a full blood heifer so as to make it profitable to sell male calves while keeping the heifers. I learned Bro. Abel Smart that Holsteins are now not so favored in Cache because the milk is not rich. Wanting Jerseys. I think Holsteins are good if good (word undecipherable).

Evening - worked late plowing dryway leading to the farm because I fear a frost will hinder making the new dryway. Will Hess went by from threshing.

1912. Sun. Nov 10
Marvin's last day before going to Paris on Ping.Pong. Milked early. June Freeman and I held Bps council(two words not discernable) over at Dave Barkdulls. Bp. Wright came down and got signers for Buttment for bridge at Piscaders. Not a good(word not descipherable) for such. People comment on how much stormy weather we have. It's rainy, then snowing this evening.

1912. Mon. Nov 11
Marvin and Newell start to school. I help Walter thresh down on dry farm Lucern stack yard till eat dinner at Alice's chop wood, put up eaves trough.

1912. Nov. Tues. 12 & Wed. 13
Chopped wood. Helped Walter thresh. Has been a week. Helped W.W. thresh. Roy Wicksem came to see me. Wilford didn't hardly look for me to leave my work and help him thresh. His boys helped me haul hay in the summer. Ate supper at Roy's. Millie was down. Just as I left and after the hands had left Milford spoke as though maybe they could finish up in the morning without my coming. Morris Tippets who is operating his machine spoke up and intimated that Wilford could as well spare two of those pitching on the stack as me.

On my way home I called to see if Loren, Zo Bacon felt like going out on Wed. night to teach. He spoke as though he is willing, but he did not seem to feel like going to see. I told him I would go see his companion, Frank Pecora. Frank just coming from milking. He thought it too late that night. He forgot. He did not sense the need of being out on Wed. nights. Frank had been down gathering coal long the track. Roads bad. Said he saw my cattle at one of the stacks.

1912. Thurs. Nov. 14
A day of variety. Went down and fixed fence before breakfast then helped Wilford thresh about two hours. Sold Star Valley team two bales of hay @ 74 cents [?] per ton. Put nine bales for sale in Marion's granary. Salted some hay heating. Unloaded some hay so as to haul baled hay and loose hay from top of timothy stack. Made tighter the granary roof. Patched overalls for once.

1912. Fri. Nov. 15
Porter Clark stopped last night with Walter on his way to Logan and to Farmington taking horses. Emma asked him if he is going to get married before going on his mission. He thought so if all goes well.

I went to fence stack fence on horse meadow where cattle got to stack then to help W.W. finish threshing barley before I came back to the house. Did not get to see Porter. W.W. threshed some timothy later. Untopped stack down below town for baling.

1912. Sat. Nov 16
Hauled coal for Marion 18.10 & 22.75#. Former wt. For Sister Rolph. Roads very muddy. . Tonight I drove up old cow that I got of Leo Black last spring for a load of hay.

1912. Sun. Nov 17
Went to tithing office to hold bishopric meeting but June Freeman was not there and later I learned that he came and made a fire but he did not come and as he said he had a good notion to do. Bp. Hayes still up to the phosphate camp, stops over Sunday at the camp where Louise is cooking for men. I was asked to take charge of Parent class. I presided at Sacrament meeting. Called on quite a large number to speak. Sang twice between. Attended Mutual at night. Discusses "All are architects of fate."

1912. Mon Nov 18
Drilled Marie and Newell in memorizing the books of the first half of Old Testament. Newell and I did chores and Newell goes to school. I hauled some damaged hay in the barn from baler Geo Hess. Will Johns, and Maynard baling timothy. I took down loads of manure and back.

1912. Tues. Nov 19
Hauled two loads of manure on S. side on West meadow. Hauled two loads of coal - last of 50 ton car for Marion. Am going to bathe tonight in warm water instead of bathing in the morning in cold water as practiced times past.

1912. Wed. Nov 20
Helped Emma wash the inside of a mattress.

1912. Thurs. Nov 21
Fixed a drying arrangement for the (words missing.)

Untopped part of stack behind the barn and fed first of the stack to cows. Heretofore fed from the barn. Milking eleven cows. Fred Smart returned one. She needed salt and failed in her milk so he brought her back rather than feed her for her feed. Wesley Welker is milking the two Holsteins. Grains them. Gained two pans.

1912. Fri. Nov 22
Saw Ernest Hoff to encourage him to visit with H. Tippits. Visited also F. Pecora, Albert Bacon, F.R. Bacon. All three on the thresher and they express themselves that they don't have time to visit. Talked also with Hyrum Larsen and Harrison Tippetts on the phone about visiting. Visited also Frank Hayes and Wilford Hayes as they hauled wood piping material from Power Plant to spur to go to Paris plant. Roads frozen now.

Marion drove Snap and Snip to Montpelier for goods. Ethel Dunn in the store. She would like to go to Fielding and talked with Grace Barkdull over plan to go to Fielding. President Shepherd has sent word that 75 or 100 more needed and board would furnish tuition for two from each ward.

Back tonight.

1912. Sat. Nov. 23
Newell went riding to find colts. Unsuccessful.

I spent some time trying to get some teachers visiting done and later made repairs on chair, cupboard, and stored away nets. Cleaned out stable. All eleven cows give separator of milk

Seven gave 23-3/4.

1912. Sun. Nov. 24
Report day for teachers.

1912. Mon. Nov 25
Went early and locked box car for Marion and tried to ensure car that had new timber for power plant.

1912. Thurs Nov. 28
Hauled hay in barn and ate Thanksgiving. 1912. Fri. Nov.29
Moved out stove, Put down linoleum in kitchen.

1912. Sat. Nov.30
Drover Bud and Prince on carriage to Priesthood meeting taking Bp. Hayes and Hyrum Larsen and Rhoda. The latter to school.

1912. Sun. Dec 1
Attended Quorum meeting Stake house vestry.

1912. Mon. Dec 2
Drove Snip and Snap up canyon with Newell, W.W. C. and Roy Wilson to make road. Wilford and Newell stopped in Shield's kitchen shanty for one night. Bishop Hayes also stopped one night to make a snow road.

Roy and I returned from above.

1912. Tues. Dec 3
Drove Bud and Prince and worked and retired.

1912. Wed. Dec 4
Drove Snip and Snap and stopped all night cutting timber up hollow fifth above phosphate camp.

1912. Thurs. Dec 5, 6
At timber

1912. Sat Dec 7
At timber and returned home

1912. Sun. Dec 8
Listened to Orson Sorensen, returned.

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