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Feb. 1911
Fast day of Feb. attended meeting, also a week later.

Feb. 15, 1911
Helped Milton unload in R. Barn. Helped Marion sack wheat to ship in car. Mended mittens and gloves. Received letter from Fergus Bron that I could buy last July Holstein $50.

Feb. 16, Thurs. 1911
Attended Old Folks party, all married and all over 30. Picnic furnished by all attending under 60. I gave closing address. Helped to conduct exercise about game to guess what berry irritates. Ans: Raspberry, etc.

Feb. 17. Fri. 1911
Visited F.R. Bacon and almost invalid wife. Talked to Leo Black not to fool me if I trusted him with Bud to work till spring and maybe till middle of May.

Feb. 18. Sat. 1911
Leo Black got Bud from the feed grounds below the Swampy Meadow to work till we want him in the spring. He told us of as horse someone had dragged out of the ditch of water. Walter came to tell us he did. Milton Robison, Newell and Marvin and I lifted Marion's old mare up and brought her up. She lay down soon and never got up.

Feb. 19, Sun. 1911
Bishopric meeting held here. First time all three in Bishopric council since Dec. before I was sick.

Attended S.S. parents class. Discussed guessing games and games of chance. In meeting I said that at old Folk's party the guess in the bottle of beans was in simplicity if there had been no prizes - of beans.

Marvin came to witness basketball game at Montpelier in pavilion between Fielding and Oneida S. Academy, the former winning. He came home first since holidays.

Feb. 20, Mon. 1911
Double Teat found dead in gutter this morning because she lot loose in night from stanchion and lay down behind other cows and must have slid in gutter when trying to get up.

At 12:30 started to Paris. Took Marvin to Fielding and the full blood yearling last July that I tracked and procured from W.W. Richards taking him to Paris and met E.C. Keetch who pd me $50.00 check and promises $5.00 more. Talked with Bro. Richards while in favor of the Holstein breed for dairy cows saying that I intend to keep no stock cows but buy calves to stock the farm.

Later I drove Prince and Fred to Fergus Brown and spent the night there. He was milking fourteen Holsteins. Did not take extra care of them. Was getting about twenty five gallons of milk. Had four bull calves for sale but no females to sell. One cow 18 yrs old is going to beef. Said if they conclude to see later, he would let me know.

Feb. 21, Tues. 1911
I signed note to pay $50.00 six months after date for the largest of the four. All had been raised on the bucket. I took largest one nearly white mother and grandmother, more than usual amount of white. Didn't find out the test. Ferg. Did not know the test of his cows. Mother to this cow has wide hips, heavy set, not so tall as some.

On my way home with the bull, stopped to see Jno. Myer, jr. He has stalls for cows with chains behind and likes that way. Has a Holstein bull that he expressed from the East. Wis. For $57.00. I breeding from common cows and can sell grade cows for $75.00 and upwards. Common cows - $40.00. He would like to send to Wisconsin for a heifer. Met Chris Olsen at same place. He says he would like to send for four heifers. Jno. Myers, Jr. said the following names persons have said they wanted to send. Philemon Lindsey, bull one heifer. Later I met P. Lindsey and he did not seem to be willing, but he talked like maybe he and Arthur Budge would go back to get some .Peter Beck wants one bull one cow.

Albert Lindsay maybe wants one or two.
Isaac Johnson " " " "
Peter Nelson " " " "

Feb. 21, Tues. 1911
Peterson sold me 1700 coal. He said on inquiry that he had a yearling heifer full blood and I asked his price. He replied that he had not thought of selling and his price would be higher than I would want to pay. He said $50.00. I thought that cheap. I gave him the $50.00 check I had received from Keetch, but he was reluctant about keeping it. He wanted to consult his folks. I told him if necessary I would pay him more in order to get the heifer. I wanted to get a start of full bloods.

Feb. 22, Wed. 1911
With Bp. Hayes and Counselor J.G. Hoff visited F.R. bacon and family including son-in-laws. Had supper and then a family meeting. Singing, prayer by myself, singing, remarks by Bishop and F.R. Bacon. Dismissed so some could go to the character ball. Bro. Bacon spoke as though he thought prohibition was interfering with free agency.

Marion took Dutch character of Sockery Slughtenberger.

Feb. 23, Thurs. 1911
Having received letter from James LePrescott Liberty that he had Holsteins, I took Walters Bros. And thought I would go and maybe bring one or more back.

Stopped at Jno. Myers, Ovid and had supper with him. Told him I saw Bp. Lindsey and he was doubtful about wanting to send to Wisconsin for full blood heifers and bull, unless he went back with Aurthur Budge. Later I learned from Arthur Budge that he was going to have a bull calf shipped and would cost about $600.00.

Myers told me that the yearling that Jno. T. Peterson has is not registered and cannot be. Said it is from a full blood. I did not feel like taking such a heifer and I was also told that Prescott has no full bloods, but thought I would go see what I could do in grade stock. Reached Prescott's about 8:30. Never had been through Liberty before except past. Brown's on N. side.

Feb. 24, Fri. 1911
Had slept on couch near kitchen stove. Told Prescott I expected to find full bloods and now maybe I could find something to take back and not go empty. He had seven calves he said he had offered last summer or fall for one hundred dollars. I offered him one hundred twelve. He said he would take that with the understanding that I take a young cow $45.00, pay in 30 days. I took a partial record of the calves and will copy in another record. Loaded six in box and intended to return after Priesthood meeting next day to get other one with calf, cow. Tipped over a little distance from house and feeling disappointed. Concluded to go home and come horseback and drive them. By the time I got to Jno. Myers I changed my mind. Did not feel like I was managing right to go empty. Prayed to be guided right. Rode Fred back and agreed with Prescott that I would just take the calves. I could drive them all right down to Myers. Left Myers at 9 P.M. and 3 calves in sleigh. Mrs. Myers rode with me to the dance hall. Stopped at Central at Montpelier to tell Emma I was on my way home. Reached home between Eleven and 12 p.m.

Feb. 25, 1911
Arose at a little before six. Rode Topay to Albert Bacon's to see if he would not hitch up and take Sister Ann Salina Hayes, Pres. of Relief Society, Walter and Woodruff to Stake Priesthood meeting and Stake Officers meeting in Paris. I helped get ready and rode and told Walter he could go and telephoned to Woodruff to come to my place to join.

I drove Snap and Snip as far as Bp. Philemon Lindsay's and rode with Bro. Linford of Liberty to Paris. In Priesthood meeting I noted that two months ago the attendance was 139, one month 164, this time 196. Largest meeting yet of the kind. Teachers not to go with priests. Wed. nights to be home night and decided to recommend that the family meet and have a program, filled out records in wards to be sent to Stake clerk to be placed in vault. Bishops are asked to encourage subscription to Era. Quorums should be more of fraternal organizations, none greater.

Quorums should meet once each month in quorum capacity. Lesser priesthood quorums have not been doing this.

Feb. 25, Sat. 1911
Rode from Paris in fine company.

Drove to Myer's and loaded in the four calves and reached home about 8 P.M.

Feb. 26, Sun. 1911
Went to Bp. Hayes for council meeting. Reported in meeting about stake Priesthood meeting. In evening visited home of Lorenzo Bacon, Sister Rolph, F. Pervis, Jas. Dunn., Jno. G. Hoff, Jr.

Feb. 27, Mon. 1911
Roy Robish reports a calf born last night and froze. He, Newell, and Milford Nelson put in the (word not decipherable) heifer in stable and the one left out had a calf.

Feb. 28, Tues. 1911
Emma and children to Montpelier, Dr. Paynter thinks Marie's tonsil need not be cut out, but treated. I spent some time studying bulletins from (word not decipherable)

Cow on Alfalfa. Dairying, Inc. tried and succeeded to get Ellsworth to be milling for Ellsworth to be willing for Hazel to drink some milk from his cup. Wrote to Nelson Bros. Richmond for price of a full blood Holstein heifer calf.

Mar. 1, Wed. 1911
Went out to James T. Dunn's and bought a large heifer calf for $10.00. Its mother was black.

Worked Snap and Grey. From main road the latter kept stepping off both sides of the snow road.

Mar. 2, Thurs. 1911
Visited Bro. Richard Bee who was sick, also Mary Jane.

Bp. Set apart Hattie, 1st counselor in Y.L. M.I.A. to Esther Pyot. Met Ella's sister, Lillie, at Georgetown Spur.

Mar. 3, Fri. 1911
Ate dinner at Woodruff's in company with Wilford and Millie.

Wilford having brought the remaining calves (2) from Montpelier. I brought them from his ranch. Visited Hyrum Larsen and Millie. Talked about whether to buy a full blood Holstein from Jno. T. Peterson that I have paid for but have option on it. It has no pedigree but I could keep a record of the stock so if I want to sell that or its calves the record would establish confidence. At night read bulletins from Washington, D.C.

Mar. 4, Sat. 1911
Marie's birthday. She has sent written invitations to half dozen to come to a party. First written invitations she knows of.

Marion calls in on his way to the store. His neuralgia inflammation in head broke yesterday. Marion thinks I should not trust Leo Black with Bud.

Mar. 5, Sun. 1911
Helped Bro. Bee get his monthly cash report. Held Bps council. Bore testimony in S.S. in meeting. Went to M.I.A.

Mar. 6, Mon. 1911
Mailed Bro. Bee's cash report. Did chores. Newell did Woodruffs. Sacked dryfarm wheat in Marion's granary to go to mill tomorrow. Wrote to Annie. Rec'd letter from Vernon.

Mar. 7, 1911
Off to Montpelier. 14 sks dry farm wheat. Rec'd 31 bu. And 13 bran and shorts.

Mar. 8, 1911
Did chores. Snowed last night 6 in. and a little all day. Could buy oats @ $1.00 and wheat @ 60- cents. Visited H. Larsen, Millie.

Mar. 9, Thurs. 1911
Jno. Barkdull intends to move to Montpelier on the first of April. He wants to sell his $100.00 interest in Old Farm, the Stallion for $50.00 and half interest in a baler. I did chores and mended harness

Ques. (?)Smith and Louis Tippets had trial before trustees and maybe sent to the reform school. I think …Smith should not attend Monday night Priesthood meetings, not being a church member. Later, first offense, the boys are suspended on good behavior, not to associate with other pupils but are to have an hour's attention of teacher at close of school.

Mar. 10, Fri. 1911
Did chores.

Mar, 11, Sat. 1911
Attended conference at Paris. Apostle Jos. F. Smith and his younger bro, Dan. A. of Pres. Bishop's office attended. Helped Jno. G. Hoff hitch his team to his light (word not decipherable) and Jas. Dunn drove.

Mar. 12, Sun. 1911
Drove Prince and Fred. To Paris. Attendants, Marie, Bp. H. , James Dunn, Brady & Eva Dunn, Chris Sorensen, and Hyrum Larsen. Christ did not have his life taken, he laid it down. He did not come under the curse of Adam, not being his son. Parents should not allow their children to keep company with those not worthy to go to temple if they themselves are worthy.

Mar. 22, Mon. 1911
Took wheat to Montpelier mill. Frank Mills operator and got credit slip of 640 # flour.

Mar. 31, Fri. 1911
Brought load of hay from the farm. Was loading up when the sun arose---with sled.

Dehorned Walter and Milton and I. We throw them down. Ordered lucern seed from Waldron & Harris from 14 to 6 cents.

Apr. 1, Sat. 1911
Hauled manure from the pile up to Walter's with bob sled. No bare ground by picking my way but sun shining warm and at noon at 1 P.M. too soft.

At 1 P.M. Newell came up riding Bess, saying, "Someone wants to talk with you." I thought he meant at the telephone. I rode Bess down leaving Newell to do as he suggested - he unload. I found it a surprise. Wilford, Millie, and smaller children, Alice and all her children were here. Also Ella and her children. Marion coming from the store.

Apr. 5, 1911
Went to Conference in Salt Lake. Rode down with Milton on hay wagon to Georgetown Spur. Bro. Jas. Hansen was there to meet his daughter coming on the Ping Pong from Montpelier. I reminded him of the good counsel of the authorities always successful.

May 2, 1911
Carl (name undecipherable)ten dollars for "Browny" and gave a bill of sale. Aug. 20 sold him to Jas. Dunn for 7 loads straw to be delivered. Met on Wed. night with officers of M.I.A. Did not seem willing to hold meetings during the summer if counselors to Y.M. did not die out also. I tried to encourage them to do so.

May 3, Wed. 1911
Passed a petition and affidavit around to some who signed a petition asking Co. Commissioners to ball a special election to determine whether intoxicating liquor shall be sole or disposed of. Those who signed and then signed the second one saying there was a misrepresentation, etc. Jas. Dunn, Jos. Bryan, Melvin Loveland, Alla Loveland, David Barkdull, Mrs. David Barkdull, Sarah Bryan, Jas. Rasmussen, John Watson, Chas. Rasmussen, Jake Wandell, Minerva Wandell, Ed C. Hoff, Will Hess, Sarah E. Thornton, Jasper Thornton, Wesley Welker, Lawrence Welker, Mar B. Rasmussen, Geo. Smart, Ambrose Black.

May 4, Thurs. 1911
Met some of the above today and measured the North timothy patch between Bee's and Thorntons with Wesley Welker finding. [there is a drawing of a piece of land]. 6-2/3 acres. Lease @ $9 per acre. W. Welker says he will pay $55 for the use of the land to cut some or pasture all. Mr. Furgeson looked over upper swampy.

Julia asked me to help her put up notice of a YELLOWSTONE PARK sign. Marie printed it and they went to Ella's sand pile. Finished drilling oats today in first piece we started to seed . It is next to Georgetown Spur.

Sent Newell's six collar check. Marion at Pocatello to order a Winchester Automatic 22 rifle from Browning Bros. , Ogden. Marion returned before receiving the letter.

May 5, Fri. 1911
Visited some in interests of getting petition signed.

May 6, Sat. 1911
Spent five hours going over the divide to see Ed. Johnson to get him to sign the petition. He did not do it. He said he did not change when he did a thing. Said like his Bro. yesterday he did not care whether the county went wet or dry.

May 7, Sun. 1911
Attended Bp's meeting as usual at 8:30. Visited three departments in S.School.

May 8, Mon. 1911
Elmer Rodaback and I sawed wood. Hitched up for first time in shafts, the coming two years old colt of Daisey and from Bloomington horse, a Percheon, Chief.

Dug holes to set out fruit trees.

Dug around pie plant. We have had one mess.

May 9, Tues. 1911
Drove Chief and Topsy out to Walter Tippets and got Harvey Tippets to sign petition. He did sign. Ate breakfast where spoke to the girls to encourage them not to drink tea and coffee. Stopped in to visit a few moments with Jas. T. Dunn and Emma Robison Dunn. They intend building a new house. I encouraged them to build more than a plain house. He said he would rather live out there in raising a family. At night attended meeting where young ladies of the ward were invited and the presidency of the Y.M.I.A. The Y. L. presidency does not seem to be willing to keep up meetings during the summer. Some feeding that was manifest a week ago at officers meeting.

May 13, 1911
Jno. W. Kunz writes that he will be after cattle Wed. or Thurs. He herds @ 1.00. Later he returned 50 head. Five Holsteins a little later.

Marvin used Walters new Superior drill to seed @15 cents per acre the south half of the twenty at half mile gate. He drilled about half before night. Roy ran the leveler ahead of him. Newell used drag harrow on dry farm wheat on "farm". I used small leveler on garden spot among the trees altogether we used twelve horses, Bud, Nell, Chief, Topsy, Bess, Good Eye, Snap, Snip, Jake, Bill.

May 13, Sun. 1911
Attended Bp's Council @ 8:30, Sunday School 10:. Missed prayer meeting because I went to telephone Esther Pyott at noon. I called on her to see if she is willing to hold conjoint M.I.A. She was.

May 15, Mon. 1911
Hauled manure dams on N. half of 20 from stables. Lucern getting too tall to go on the land.

Attended Priesthood meeting. Adjourned for summer.

May. 16. Tues. 1911
Marvin finished seeding south half of twenty, drilling both ways, lucern and oats and reseeded on farm. I had Vernal Smart and Elmer Rodeback plow Marion's lot and harrow my garden spot. Set out fruit trees and shrubbery. Brought up cattle for Jno W. Kunz to take to summer range.

May 17, Wed. 1911
Took 50 head up to Sizemore place, E.B. 19, W.W.C. 18.

May 18, Thurs. 1911
Set out trees and harrowed garden spot to kill weeds preparatory to drilling peas.

May 20, Sat. 1911
Same as yesterday.

May 21, Sun. 1911
Attended Bishop's meeting 8:30, S.S. at 10: Gave my leather bound S.S. songbook to Brady Dunn, the S.S. chorister, the only one in the school. Edw. B. Clark occupied most of the time in meeting, spoken prophecy concerning the last days. Attended Ward Priesthood meeting. I spoke. Said teachers should try to keep sentiment with young that they will not use tobacco, that I did not think we ought to have such a large roll. In the bishop's meeting I said I thought some teachers who used tobacco ought to be released from active duty. Attended mutual. Elder B. spoke there, also on same subject and kindred ones.

May, Last week - 1911
Watered lucern up in the field on N. twenty. Drilled in peas in the three and 1/3 acre garden spot. Cleared and planted a piece of willow land in S.East quarter of garden spot. Planted potatoes. Also planted a row on east ditch bank of garden spot. Planted peas, Admiral on north, Alaska in middle, American Wonder on south. Extreme south 24 rows gradus. In garden south of house, here in lot planted in late May.

Worked till dark because I wanted to finish so as to take water and water lucern on north half of twenty up the lane, the second time.

June 12, 1911
Jake and Bill ran away. Were hitched to the plow. I let them stand to cut some willows. Evan Hoff had been helping me. He harrowed the peas with one horse, peas just coming up. He stood on a board across the stream and jumped on the board and the splashing noise startled Jake and Bill. They ran down the lane. Marvin and Clyde fencing across the lower part of Swampy Meadow. Marvin riding Prince mired, hind horse shoe caught front leg and tore skin on and above fetlock.

June 14, Wed. 1911
Weeds in garden thick. I use weeders. Peas about four inches high. Use garden plow this afternoon after the weeders and Newell watered garden first time.

Watered from about 9 A.M. t ill 9 P.M. and on till noon then let Walter have the water till 8 A.M., June 15.

In forenoon helped Dave Barkdull and Ernest make headgate and clean head ditch on garden spot. Planted peas showing.

June 15, 1911
In afternoon attend Relief Society social in meeting house in honor of visit of former president, Sister Thompson and daughter, Lettie Bacon.

Lucern on twenty up the lane high as top of gum boots. Saw bud forming ready to bloom. There is a start of a new kind of mustard. While watering I pulled up all I saw, maybe two or three hundred plants. Dave Barkdull said he did not notice any on Alma Hess' farm down the north lane last year, but this year it is thick. We have much of our farm among the lucern on Spring Hollow, both sides of the hollow. Marvin reseeded a large part of the farm lucern between upper and lower ditches and in the corner next to widow Sorenson's. Has been good year to start lucern. Marvin sowed south half of twenty up the lane and there is enough of last seeding (going length ways) to make a good stand.

June 20, 1911
Bargained for following trees from E.M. Sherman, Charles City, Iowa t be delivered Spring of 1912. Amount to $ 18.00. 12 Anisim Apple 4-1/2 ft.

13 N.W. Grenning apple - 4-1/2 ft.
13 Peter apple
12 Wealthy apple
2 Tree gooseberries
12 Columban Raspberries
100 Carolina Poplar 18/24 in.

This is second order from the Sherman Nursery. First was last year which I set out on west side of garden spot. A few in orchard to replace.

Harrowed some of peas for last time and planted a few potatoes and will see if too late. (Oct. 22, I noticed potatoes did develop. Was not too late.)

June 23, Fri. 1911
Rained again. This spring has been raining at intervals favorable for my dry farm volunteer wheat and seed lucern. School house lot mowed for hay.

June 24, Sat. 1911
Attended Stake Conference Newell went with me and stopped with Ross till his mother came next day with Elmer and Julia and Marie to attend. Primary convention. Newell spent 30 cents for a full blood pair of pink eyed rabbits.

In priesthood meeting South Wards reported. Sunday baseball games spoken against. Non in Stake except in Montpelier. Had been some in Wardborro and Dingle. Reports indicated less drinking since last law passed.

Announcement that Ida. College professor on Agriculture hold Farmers Union meetings in St. Charles Thursday, 29th and Liberty Fri. June 30. Bp. Away to Star Valley. Was not excused in Stake Priesthood meeting. I presided in meeting. Frank Pjott showed me a letter calling him to the Netherlands. I did not sign his reply because the Bishop will be home so soon. Asked S.S. Supt. In Sunday School if he did not feel like speaking against fishing etc, on Sundays since he heard what was said in Stake Priesthood meeting.

June 26, Mon. 1911
Made a culvert in new cow pasture below Swampy Meadow and cut willows nearby to fill in .Attended quorum in Paris. No good no evil. Positive and negative commandments.

July 2 - July 4 ,1911
Bp. Hayes and I went to Carl A. Schmid's. His wife died that morning.

July 5, Wed. 1911
Returned at 11 A.M. attended the funeral at 2 P.M.

Pres. Richards and Emily called on us.

Newell returned from taking Heber David, his mother to Auburn.

Marvin and Clyde came from Fish Haven today.

Commenced cutting lucern on N. Hoff of "20".

Piled hay while Marvin rakes second time.

Fixed Ella's baby carriage.

Marion bought 22 Steam from Studebaker per Leslie Barkdull.

July 12, 1911
Traded "Hip" to Jas T. Dunn for a beef cow and $5.00, the money to be paid about middle of Oct. when his wheat "comes off". Clyde and Marvin and Newel (and Marion) killed the beef cow. Marion shot her with Newell's new gun (22) that Marion expressed from Browning Bros.

July 14, Fri. 1911
"Mate" was bred to the Holstein that I bought of C. Brown, Liberty (for $50.00 a year ago this month)

Sold beef to Larsen and Hoff 478 lbs.

Hauled hay from 20 up lane to home stack yard behind barn.

July 15, 1911
Marvin and I furrowed out oats with young lucern on s. half of 20 up lane and then turned water. I took the team home and went to bed leaving Marvin with the water till I should come up early in the morning. Watered lucern under the piles of lucern. Watered oats.

I had a sleep of 2-1/2 hrs then went to water and relieve Marvin.

July 21, 1911
Newell had a runaway with Mag leading Tops by her side. Broke the rake. Hauled hay from S. Timothy patch upper end of the old cow pasture.

July 22, 1911
Hauled load for tithing, gross 32.2lk0 light wagon 1580
Hauled load for tithing gross 42.70 heavy wagon 1980

July 23, Sun. 1911
Bp. Hayes spending Sunday up the canyon where Louise, his wife is helping cook at the phosphate. I presided in afternoon meeting. We had singing from the choir twice extra. First after Marion second after F.R. Bacon Spoke.

In S.S. notice was given that the Sunday priesthood meeting could open at 11 A.M., conference of Ward. Prest. Shepherd expected.

Arranged to have the new rope in liberty pole.

July 24, Mon. 1911
Rode horseback to see that help came to Liberty Pole. Drove Marion's team to Paris and back.

Georgetown invited to Paris but did celebrate at home. Paris and west side in particular but whole valley in general celebrated the coming of the R.R. to Paris.

At Montpelier depot I learned the second train (free) would leave for Paris in the afternoon. I drove on and finding the train at Ovid rode with about seven hundred people and some R.R. officials into Paris. Stake house full. Ben. E. Rich told of Pres. Young examining the soil at the roots of the green grass and comparing it.

Aug. 3-4, 1911
Quarantined for Small Pox. Oliver Shepherd about a week.

Hauled 21 slide loads forenoon, 20 afternoon north of Spring Creek into stack yard. Marvin at nets, Clyde and I at piles, Milton Mathison on stack, Elmer driving, Newell sometimes.

Hauled hay on slides on farm on north and south sides. Finished large stack at East end. No. of loads (not readable.)

Moved derrick and hauled loads in it - 16, mixed dry bleached with green cut day before. Clyde mowed last of lucern - it was on the north side below the upper ditch. Dry farm

Wheat is now ready to cut. Some dry barley tall enough to cut., it is all volunteer - all on north and south side of Spring Creek above irrigating ditches.

The lucern on the farm has pepper grass and other weeds.

Hattie Cook talked a little better today.

Emma had a convulsion at about 4 A.M. Sister Cook put her feet in hot water, bathed her in alcohol and gave some salts.

Milton Mathison did not work yesterday and will not be apt to do so today - a touch of the appendicitis.

Day before yesterday Marine and Rhonda gathered raspberries 0 first of season except for few I ate. Bushes have not been watered yet.

Aug. 6, Sun. 1911
Watered the raspberries for first time. Walter let me take some of his. He and Melvin were watering their potatoes second time. He said he watered last year only once and did not seem to be enough. He ate raspberries and said it was the first fill of the season. We are quarantined but have freedom to go to the farm.

No public gatherings.

Aug. 7, Mon. 1911
Will haul last of the hay on the "farm" today. Newell cut part of the oats Saturday, finish today. Still in doubt Oliver has the small pox.

Bp. Hayes with a few teams hauling gravel on new road below town.

I hauled manure for to turn water on oats west of Geo. Smart's pasture and drove posts to make fence along ditch west of the swamp west of Geo. Smart's pasture to make another pasture and to keep Bryant's cows out of oats.

Aug. 10, 1911
Finished fence from Walter's gate making new pasture.

Aug. 11, Fri. 1911
Hauled yesterday (after finishing fence) today and left one days hauling for tomorrow. Watered oats stubble from six till about nine o'clock then Marvin came and watered till 1:20 A.M., Aug. 12.

Aug. 12, 1911
Watered the garden spot and raspberries and apple trees.

Sister Cook's son-in-law and daughter, Vie, and Alonzo, Jr. came to see Hattie who is worse. Dr. painter said of her as long as life there's hope. Finished oats hauling.

Alice Clark with Rhoda and Maurine picked raspberries on share and picked peas on garden spot.

Aug. 15-16-17, 1911
Put up big pile of hay, first stackyard.

As Cook stacked his father went down in forenoon and next riding with Bro. Lord. Bp. Hayes drove Hattie Cook, her mother, father, and Alonzo to Paris. My carriage, his mare and Fred. Marvin bargained Fred to Jno Barkdull for half interest in bales, two sets second hand harness, and $25.00 next November - $200. John saw Bess's year old saying. " I did not know you had one like that I would pay all but the $2.00 for her".

Ellsworth at noon lying on the floor asked if he could eat dinner over to Grandma's. His mother spoke about his being filled, but he said he was empty now on the inside.

I stacked hay on the stack below town, third day of the stacking.

Aug. 18, 1911
Stacked hay fourth day on one stack in first stack yard, about 45 tons. Marvin is mowing Swampy Meadow. Marie went with Alice's folks over the divide after serviceberries, first trip.

Jos. W. Tippets died about 4 P.M. Dave Barkdull told me.

Drove Browny on buggy up the lane to pick peas with Marie and her mother. Spoke to Riley Hayes and Frank Hayes to encourage them to go to Fielding.

Spoke to Jno. Bee about his three heifers running at large on the lower street and going down the new road bothering me. He said he had driven them off about 20 times. Said he guessed he would see his father to put them in his field.

Aug. 19, 1911
Helped Joseph and Stearns Bee dig as grave for Jos. W. Tippets who died yesterday. Funeral today 3 P.M., I in charge.

Marvin and the boys started another stack of timothy and native hay.

Sold Browny to Jas Dunn for seven loads oats straw (Large loads) delivered in Jan. 1912 on feed ground when I go to attend Farmer's Round-up.

Aug. 20, 1911
Attended Bishop's meeting at Jno. J. Hogg because he is drophysical(?) in kidney. Attended S.S. Brady there and we drilled in singing alto alone.

Appointed in S..S. to visit half ward in interest of parent's dept. 2 P.M., Edw. Sutton and Abel S. Rich of the Mutual Board there to accept of Christen Sorenson's release of Pres. or Supt. Of M.I.A. and James Dunn in his place with C. Bacon and James Furman, ass'ts.

Aug. 21, Mon. 1911
Stacked hay and burned willows south of stack yard and being in Aug. will try to remember if the roots die.

Monday night first priesthood meeting after quarantine. Only a few present. Jno. G. Hoff not well. Bp. Hayes telephoned to me to take charge he would not be there being tired through having been up the canyon with Winschell blasting rocks this side of phosphate camp. Commenced meeting with Leo Black, the clerk, Nels Larsen, and myself. Newell was the only Deacon, Marion and Marvin were there - very few.

Aug. 22, Tues. 1911
Stacked hay from Swampy Meadow in a third stack for to feed and not sell- so wet and course and so much last year's growth in the hay did not mow much of the Swampy Meadow last year. Burned some of the stack yard willows again and will try to remember if firing them in August kills them at the roots.

Gladys write saying pea factory closed. Wallace going to get married Sept 6. 1911

Aug. 23, Wed. 1911
Finished hauling hay from Swampy Meadow . Elmer, Rhodeback and Orion Hebdon driving and helping me unload. I stack and went over south east and burnt a few bunches of willows, finished at noon. Marvin and Milton and Elmer gathering around stack. I go with Emma. She to pick peas. I to trim trees. Telephoned to Bp. Hayes if it would be alright for us to have a sacred solo next Sunday afternoon. Marion to sing, I intimated to Marion on Sunday afternoon when was in the parlor singing a little. I also asked Bp. If it suited to have Louisa Tippets with a chorus of boys sand girls a week later sing "Mountain Home" prepared for the 24th of July, but not sing.

Aug. 24, 1911
I go to water on the twenty up the lane. Others start to stack hay on meadow below Swampy Meadow. A half day's mowing yet. Newell broke mower yesterday. We borrow Wilfords Champion. I send check of $36.00 to Bank of Montpelier, Five dollar check to Davis Co. Bank.

Aug. 25, 1911
Watered lucern all day and Watered till 6:10 and turned off water and went to Paris to Priesthood meeting and to S.S. Union meeting and returned, taking Ella with children and Lillie.

Aug. 27, Sun. 1911
Attended S.S. and went to see Nels Larsen if he will hot have dances Saturday nights. He said he would change the date to Friday night of the one to come off in two weeks. Talked with Hans Sorensen.

Aug. 28, 1911
Stacked last of wild hay below Swampy Meadow. We commence baling on Spring Creek. Newell with Snap and Snip @ 20 c acre, Marvin with Bud and Nell @ 20 c acre, Harvey Tippets with his team @ 20 c run the header boxes. Wells Smith with his and Milton's binder @ 80 c and Frank Sorensen loading @ 10 c.

Aug. 29-30, 1911
I baptized Elva Bacon. Worked 36 acres South sides Spring Hollow. Did not quite finish. Jos. T. Bryan, Milton,Mathes and Elmer do bale lucern. Emma to Paris attending Hattie Cook.

Aug. 31, 1911
Rec'd card inviting me to Granite to Wallace's wedding.

Helped Marvin load some hay at Woolley's Spur and tied bales in afternoon.

Hattie in a peaceful state and her death looked for at any time.

Sept. 1, Fri. 1911
Hattie this morning in unconscious state with light fever, rapid heart beat, the change from such a peaceful state is a disappointment to Emma. Emma thinks the folks think Vernon (on a mission) must be fasting and praying for her. They look for her to pass away. I go to help bale hay on the "farm"

Sept. 2, Sat. 1911
Marvin repaired fence around south, north and west side of lot. Julia came across lot on crutches for company. We called in Sister Thornton. Sister Thornton likes Julia.

Sept. 3, Sun. 1911
Went to Paris with F.R. Bacon, Abel Smart having encouraged them to attend quorum meeting at 10 A.M. It was a heavenly feeling to view the corpse. Bro. Smart expressed the pleasure it was to him though he seldom looks into a coffin because it not pleasant to him to do so.

After quorum we attended the funeral. Pres. Shepperd said he could call to mind none ahead of Hattie. She had (word not decipherable) to talk with him about family matters and he had learned of her nobility of character he told me) Pres. W.W. Richards told of Vernon's gaining her heart.

Attended fast meeting at 2 P.M. in 1st Ward then came home. Emma and children went to cemetery, St. Charles.

Sept. 4, Mon. 1911
Helped bale hay on the farm. Loaded two cars of the stack that I thought would have 3 cars.

Sept 5, Tues. 1911
Rode to G. Spur with Horace Hayes to go to Wallace's wedding.

Rained a little first rain for a long time.

Went to Farmington. Mother feeling well in body. Cataract grown in eyes, she dreaded blindness. Hoped to get surgical relief. Thought blindness worst affliction. Had a notion to go through the temple tomorrow but depended on one of T. B.C.'s twins for company.

Ate supper at Joseph's. Prof. Wm. Robinson's wife and children there. T.B. consulted Prof. W. Robinson as to wording of report to reflex of Hattie's funeral.

Slept with Joseph on porch where I slept with him over a year ago. He slept there all winter, putting feet in chair cushion to keep them warm in the cold winter weather.

Told Joseph that I wished I could buy his land by the steel bridge but it was at lower end of E.B.'s strip and would not want to interfere with the latter getting it. He is pasturing it this summer I told Joseph.. Said I could make a meadow out of it. Maybe E.B. is trading some at Twin Knolls and Sarah Knowlton is trading and the latter's husband will do some dry farming.

Sept 6, Wed. 1911
Cashed check of $15.00 with Amasa received from Wesley Welker for rent or lease of sixty dollars for six acre pasture or timothy patch between Bee's and Thornton's. Ate breakfast at Amasa's.

First ride on Bamberger's electric car. Rode with Bro.. Woolley from Centerville. Bro. Woolley would walk resting perhaps from depot to temple. Has not attended meeting for months but that is understood as he goes home every night now.

Met Wallace, his mother and his fiancé, Jean Boyce, in temple and took name R. S. from Stevenson record. Annie took name of Sarah Hall, I believe. She and I witnessed. Pres. A.H. Lund performed the marriage and many or our sons and daughter's in law.

We went on the car to Sandy - 12-2/10 miles by O.S.R.R. and behind Cub and Nell 4 miles to Granite to Bro. Boyce. Lela, Gladys, and Ella were there. Lady friend seemed especially happy at the reception.

Sept. 7, Thurs. 1911
Drove to Farmington. Stopped at Mary's. Bro. and Sis. Boyce at E.B.C.'s, Lela, Ella and Gladys at Eliza's. Team at Joseph's. T.B. helped me with horses.

Sept 8, Fri. 1911
Anxious to get to Morgan to the Fair. Ate breakfast at Edw., son of E.B., is soon to go on mission. Rulon an athlete. E.B. gave us some peaches to take to Morgan. Ate dinner at Hill's. Land Hill, Latter gone to fair. Fair in school house. Wallace and Lawrence had nicest looking cauliflower and they did not get the largest they had. C.G. Porter got first prize . Bp. Toone (Harry) and Bro. Boyce met. They crossed plains together. Former doctored later then took tooth out with a hot iron. "Have a tooth ache any more?"

Sept 9, Sat. 1911
Morgan Stake Conference in forenoon and in afternoon. Pres. Moses Taylor stopped off to conference. Told of Summit church school. Student boarders in dormitory, two apartments males, and females. Good influence there. Told story of Lot Smith's nearly having a man killed for selling liquor.

If some excommunicating done it is like a whip for others. He was sent to Summit Stake, the only officer in the Stake. At Upton saw a man hunting and said there is the one to be bishop.

Attended lecture of Miss Frarer, an Eskimo from N.E. of Greenland, a descendant of Norwegians. Accompanied her father to Iceland. Went to school and came to Chicago. Could not tell her people of her experience for lack of words. Eskimo means "Raw flesh eater". Saw Julia Carrington at conference and Roy Randall at fair.

Sept. 10, Sun. 1911
Morgan Stake Conference. O.F. Whitney

The Spirit of God makes manifest the things of God. He did not hear opening of conference and felt a loss unless he had blessed him. "Yield to it". H.C. Kimball had been asleep but bore testimony to all. I. H. Wells had said. Spoke on Sacrament. It is instead of Passover. (Several words not decipherable) Who has a right to say what to do to be saved when He gave His life. Too much knowledge removes the necessity of faith. Righteous forget sins.

Afternoon 71 unmarried young people in stake. Quartette. Our first parents not to be looked upon as malefactors. Adam made his sacrifice. Told of Englishman choosing a yak, a Scot, a (word undecipherable) , an Irishman, Gooseberry bush.

Pres. Hein thought we could do better farming of helping 3 acres land.

Met Jos. And Mary Harris after conference at Wallron's. Had come to Wallace wedding and fruit hauling. Farmers get all work, some of threshing done except taking away sks of grain @ 6-1/2 cents.

M.I.A. at Morgan. Apostle Whitney said……….

Sept 11, Mon. 1911
Took Bro. Boyce in buggy on old meeting house hill past peter Bock';s then past stores to creamery and after we rode let his son, Ira ands wife ride. Bought cheese @ 15 cents and butter @ 25 cents at new creamery built in 1911. Creamery gives 23 cents for butter fat. The creamery making cheese does not give more for people's milk in making cheese than if they made butter. In bear Lake Arthur Smith gives us so much cheese per hundred for milk and he reserves……………..

Oct. 16, Mon. 1911
Came from conference last night. Today I take Bud and Nell on Heber's loaded wagon with piano from Grace and go ahead. He comes later with his team on my carriage with cousins Mary and children and his wife. Heber struck a stump, broke reach 10 rods beyond summit. Met his wife driving back. Bud and Nell to camp on the summit. They broke king bolt. Camped at Wells ranch. I drove to H.D.'s arriving at 10:45.

Oct. 17, Tues. 1911
Left H.D. about 7 A.M. at H.T.'s. Hitched in one of his horses to go meet Heber and then go home. Hyrum T's wife read some looks that I retuned to Books.

Altitude at H.D. Clark - 6036; at Wells 6669, Summit Georgetown main canyon - 8048, Georgetown 6004, Victor 6006. points on Crow Creek 6588 and 6423. Alsike clover for wet land - Common red clover for hogs.

Oct. 18, Wed. 1911
Melvin Stevens, Roy Hoff, and Riley Hayes were helping us thresh. Roy took the name of the Lord in vain. I told him we could get along without such help. Merlin Stevens took the name of the Savior in vain. I repeated what I had said. They made no reply but the three walked away. When the machine started we got along without them.

Oct. 19, Thurs. 1911
Finished threshing. Had threshers nine meals. Threshed 462 bu. Oats here on the lot from flat near spur and from Joseph's hand in Spring Hollow. 147 bu. Dry farm wheat north part of farm, 324 in all. 786 bu. Grain. Wheat was volunteer thirty five and a half acres. 9.8735 bu. Per acre of volunteer wheat. There were four loads of straw on north side which was loaded directly on wagon and hauled to home stack yard with oats straw. (some figures were too mixed up and faint to transcribe here).

Oct. 20, Fri. 1911
Fenced stack of straw on farm on south side. Newell plowed and I gathered wheat for hogs and chickens. Killed heifer ¼ for Jos. Simmons @ 7 cents per. Marion's ¾ @ 7-1/2 for Larsen & Hoff. Arose at 4 A.M.

Oct. 21, Sat. 1911
Arose at 5 A.M. Nearly missed family prayers because we had only two meals and we separated at night one by one. Twenty years ago today I left for V.A. Newell going to plow on farm. We sang For the Strength of the Hills before breakfast. Heretofore some of us have been noticed to be humming over the song during the day that was sung in the morning. So, likewise, the song was remembered by Elmer as we were working together today gathering wheat from the threshing floor. We hauled some manure on the dry farm just north of the point on the north side where the upper ditch reaches the summit. Notice results, five loads to date.

Oct. 22, Sun. 1911
Copy of order of trees set out in spring of 1911, 40 apples, 3 pears, 3 plums, 3 cherry, 3 currants, 3 gooseberry, 12 raspberry, latter three bushes set out in home lot, 50 fresh trees (poplar) inside of fence on the twenty up lane where others died, 1 rose, 1 vine, 3 peony, (copied this Oct. 23)

Helped milk 18 cows. Marvin did not help because he is getting ready to go to Paris on Ping Pong tonight to commence school Monday. To board with W.W. Richards.

Bp's meeting at Jno. G. Hogg's. The second counselor not well enough to be out. I speak of how strongly it was urged at Semi-annual Conference that teachers visit the saints. I am appointed to visit the teachers. Wilford Smart and Wilbur reported having visited during rain storm. No other reports of visits. Some of the teachers are indifferent

Brady under contract and wants to be excused as visiting teacher.

John E. Woolley said when I was down that half the church is apostatizing and 9/10 don't believe polygamy. Eat supper at Jno. G. Hoff, Jr. Mrs. Furguson also. Dinner at Jno. Hayes having gone at noon to drive cows out of garden spot and out of Walter's potatoes which are partly dry. Fix up bars to both lots. Send Newell and Elmer to Mutual and I finish milking.

Notice what a small S.S. and such fine weather, only 80 souls at meeting.

Oct. 23, Mon. 1911
Awoke at two twenty and arose and did some writing, reading, preparing the lanterns and later helped to milk the eighteen cows. Ten of them are sold to Wm. McCammon @ 35 $35. each - too cheap, but we need the means, but we kept some of the best.

Oct. 24, Tues. 1911
Met some of the ward teachers but they are so busy. Called to see Bro Jno. G. Hoff. Has some hope of being able to go with Bp. Hayes to visit the ward. Ida could hitch up his horse for him. I do not think he will be able to be out anymore. He is dropsical.(?) The doctor thinks he might last till Spring. Nels Laren and I were the only ones to have priesthood meeting. None.

Newel and Elmer with six horses and double disc belonging to Marion and me, finished plowing the dry farm land on south side.

Marion had an accident. Four hundred pound vinegar barrel dropped on his foot. Mynard Hess drove Bud and Nell on carriage and took him to Montpelier and Dr. Paynter said probably no bones broken.

Marion took cream to Jensen receiving station and brought back ten rods of woven wire fencing from the "cone" for me.

I unloaded last load of straw on stack, cleaned out cow stable manger and the manure and plowed on a corner East part of the willow farm.

Read of Chinese revolutionists gaining in China.

Oct. 25, Wed. 1911
Hauled manure on dry farm on summit of ridge each side of road. Noticed effect on crops.

Hauled hay from stock yard that was scattered after baling.

Oct. 26, Thurs. 1911
Signed an agreement to buy history of Utah Pioneers. Am to send my photograph and I paid $5.00 down and balance $20. in two years.

Gathered beets and turnips out of garden.

Oct. 27, Fri. 1911
Plowed a little. Newell and Elmer plowed more on N. side of farm. Fixed table extra for Jos. Heldon.

Oct. 28, Sat. 1911
Marvin came from Paris and with Newell loaded car of baled hey, timothy from stack yard above Swampy. Elmer plowed 4 horses. I drove Bud and Nell to Paris leaving 7:30, reaching there 10:45 with Bp. Hayes and Esther Pyott. Farmers class to open at 1:50 in Fielding.

In Stake Priesthood talked of more far reaching to be married by Bp. Or Stake Pres. instead of Civil officer. Both are civil. Marvin & N[ewell] loaded car after 2 P.M.. U.P. No. 55269, No. B. 156, Wt. 14515.

Oct. 29, Sun. 1911
Bps meeting at Bro. Jno. G. Hoff. I promised to see rest of the preachers to see if they would visit. If any refused I am to report to Bp. Had sent list of families of 2nd dist to Milton Smith and he let two months go by without notifying Brady. Brady said to me this morning, " You must not think much of me to not notify me."

Oct. 30, Mon. 1911
Helped Walter Clark select seed potatoes and bought 1030 potatoes @ $1.25 = $12.90.

Attended priesthood meeting at 7:30. I put the hymn books on the table preparatory to beginning on time if nobody came on time counting that at least one would come and we would hold one. Several came.

Oct. 31, Tues. 1911
Newell plows with Bloom, Pike, Marion's horse and Mag. Frost hindered a little yesterday, plowing the morning. None today. Walter used Bess and Good Eyes with two of his drilled river acres of Turkey Red, a new kind. Ate supper with us. Jas. Dunn, 860 bu. Oats, 27 loads., 32 bu. To load.

Today I took salt to the cattle and brought up roan bobtailed heifer or cow with calf, about four days old. Halloween night some boys came to run off the carriage. I ran out and caught one, Frank Sorensen, and the others gathered around and in sport I tried to catch another but fell down running over uneven ground. Later some small girls came and ran the carriage over to Stoddard's. Hauled load of manure and fed cattle salt.

Nov. 1, Wed. 1911
Helped Leo Black thresh. Poor turnout. He talks as though that is last grain raising for him. While at thresher I bargained for about 25 loads of dry farm wheat straw raised on Alma Hess' farm up the lane by Dave Barkdull @ 75 cents load to pay $18.00. Hall to go to Alma Hess. Dave Barkdull will take beef if I have any F.R. Bacon says he will take $1.00 per load for his thirty loads. He owes me thirty loads for cow trade. He had ninety loads of grain.

Joseph Bee stacking straw with me said he would sell his straw @ $1.00.

Sold F.R. Bacon , Hardy (a bob tail from small cow calved two weeks ago) @ $4.00 in strain, and $5.00.

Finished gathering up around the stacks and a snowstorm came about Fri. noon.

Nov. 4, Sat, 1911
Newell gave up plowing today with four horses to finish dry farm in order to go gather Fast Offerings. It snowed and Seymour Hoff did not want to go in the storm.

Nov. 6, 1911
Newell stopped out of school one day more to finish plowing and I took fresh team of farm horses and worked late and nearly finished oat stubble in Spring Hollow.

Nov. 7, 1911
Too much snow and frost to plow more.

Nov. 8, Wed. 1911
Commenced feeding straw to stock.

Nov. 12, 1911
Bp. Presided, meeting. I in charge. Some girls whispering during Sacrament service. Some that whispered last Sunday. I asked congregation not to whisper during such a solemn occasion.

Nov. 13, Mon. 1911
James Dunn volunteered yesterday or was asked by the Bishop to oversee wood cutting at meeting house. Announcement was made for public to come and assist James sawed wood alone nearly an hour and four came besides myself.

Emma had convulsion and was unconscious when I returned. She was in great pain when regaining consciousness. She thinks worst convulsion yet. First for a long time. I laid my hands on her and she was instantly improved.

At night Priesthood meeting I took charge at opening and then was excused to come home.

Nov. 14, 1911
Took Marion to train to go to Rock Springs to see after shipments of hay and oats. Also took probation officer, Dan Price who came yesterday to see after about a dozen delinquent students.

Appointment on Sunday was for baptizing today. I baptized Wm. Nathan Barkdull, age 11. Leo Milford Barkdull, age 1 mo. Less than 8, Jno. Wesley Wandell, Frank Ross Pecora, and Millard Rodeback. Did the baptizing in the Bobby white lot about three rods up stream from the old ford of the emigrant road. The ford is still to be seen.

Fed cattle till Friday night then did not feed till the next Tuesday.

Nov. 21, 1911
Met Marion this morning. Could walk on his injured foot with limping. He engaged 18 loads of hay and oats. We are to sell him 3 cars of timothy.

1911. Tues. Dec. 5
Returned today from attending Mother's funeral, Left (word not discernable) 8:20. This morning left Morgan 9:15 train a little late starting. Arrived on Ping Pong due 3:40, half hour late.

First thing meeting Emma she said if I did not get here tonight she was going to telephone to me that Hyrum T. died this morning at 6 O'clock. Wilford W.C. had gone over to Star Valley taking Dr. Rich's partner and Dr. Paynter, but blood poisoning caused the leg to swell to the thigh. Nothing could be done that would save the life of Hyrum T.

At Farmington Hyrum and Eliza had heard of the accidental shooting and Hyrum went on the next train.

Newell is out feeding straw on farm.

1911. Wed. Dec 12
Today Wilford W.C. was here horseback, having been taking stock from the lower part of his field that is in with E.B's so Walter can feed down there on the Stoddard.

Wilford told of the particulars of Hyrum T. Hyrum T. and Heber were going to have Thanksgiving dinner and the former , hunting, reached for a duck hung in the willows and dropped the gun from left hand and discharging made a hole in the heel size of a nickel. He was reconciled to go. He was wanted on the other side. His father passed here on the Ping Pong this morning. Funeral will be Friday. I told Wilford I hoped he got(word undecipherable.)

Last night was farewell to Sister Louisa C. Tippetts.

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