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Charles Rich Clark Journals
1906 - 1910

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Feb. 7 - 12, 1906
On Wed. afternoon Wilford and I left Georgetown with horses, forty head. Put them that night in church stockyard and we stopped in Section horse in Monson. Snow little over a foot deep all down to Fielding. Stopped at Johnathan Hale's. Hay paid for two years ago.

Reached Fielding about 10 P.M. at Joda Robinson's.

Loaded Stevenson horse on sled just as it died.

Stopped with the S.S. worker, Bro. Brown.

At Joseph's in Farmington. Mother was feeling well and contented.

Rode Nellie from 4 to 9 P.M. to Morgan. Found the folks all well. Gladys was at a rehearsal, Wallace at B.Y.C.

Jos. Williams and others talked of building an opera house in N. Morgan near depot. I talked in favor of the amusement hall being controlled by the ward authorities. South Morgan people talked of building a hall on the south side.

Feb. 24, 1906
Lawrence is as good as an ordinary workhand in our hauling 60 loads of manure in lower half of potato ground next to D. Heiner's land and No. of tail race. Wallace and Lawrence hauled 50 loads last year on the upper half and we estimated each load last year was worth 80 cents per yield increase.

Road from Morgan to Farmington on Cap and W.W.'s Nellie from 8 to 10.

Feb. 25, 1906
Sunday. Today is a busy day. My brothers were anxious that we meet in a gathering to talk over family matters, But Joseph S. had an appointment to go with Pres. Grant and Counselor Eldridge and visit a ward on the Sand Ridge. E.B. should have gone to Kaysville in the interests of the High Priests and Amasa as Stake Supt. Of S.S. should go north to complete a S.S. organization.

Wilford, Nathan and I went on the G.S.S.R way in company with Joseph, Walch, Bro. Jno. W. Woolley to Syracuse junction and W.W. & Nathan and I walked from that point to Alice Steed's and visited with Alice and Walter and children. Alice very much pleased seemed willing to go to Mexico and both were almost eager to go "If Uncle Sam didn't leave me alone, I go to Mexico." Nathan said Walter said.

Feb. 26-27, 1906
Spent in Farmington with family accounts on business.

Feb. 28, Wed. 1906
At 6 A.M. left Farmington for Bear Lake Muddy. Got to Mantua at 9 P.M.

Mar. 1, Thurs. 1906
Going over the divide to get to Wellsville the snow was drifting and I trusted to "Cap" to lead and keep the snow road. Reached Jno Eveerton's -was with Wallace.

Mar. 2, Fri. 1906
Visited B.Y. College with Wallace and then the A. College and Stock Culture.

Mar. 3, 1906
Muddy roads till I get to Smithfield then snowy roads, but slushy. Reached Jno Palmer's. He doesn't seem to pray.

Mar. 4, 1906
Attended Fast Meeting at Treasureton. Bp. Said (3 words undecipherable) get ready for spring. Spoke the second time (words undecipherable) a little boy and he did better because of the kindness.

Mar. 5, 1906
Visited Jno Thatcher and his wife Sarah Davis and Lucretia Luhn. Stopped at Nathan Davis Thatcher's. His wife is a Fullman. Their children N.D., Jr., Rachael, Hannah, Sedalia, Kenneth, Jno., Reginald Henry, Jno, Thatchers - Jno B., Milton, and Howard, Gillard, Henry.

Mar. 6, 1906
Visited Geo. and Mary Ellen Smith and the Black family and stopped at Landon Rich's.

Mar. 7, 1906
Tues. - Ate breakfast at Bro. Millers on eight mile and reached home at 4 P.M. From Millers to fist house in Nounan I was five hours. Snow about 2-1/2 ft. Roadbed deeper than that.

Mar. Sat. 10, 1906
There was held in Georgetown a District S.S. convention, the first held in the Stake. Supt. Jno. A. Sutton, Jr. and other Stake officers met with Georgetown, Nounan, and Bennington. Subject: Our whole duty to Parents and Pupils.

Mar. Sun. 11, 1906
Such a blizzard the S.S. Supt said there would be no S. S., but when I learned that Bp. W.W. Richards was seen going I remarked that there would be something to employ those that did come. It was so. There were 21 present and we had testimony bearing. Brother & Sister Snell and Sister Stauffer went home from us . Fast Meeting was still smaller.

Mar. Mon. 12, 1906
I sent a team to help break road to help the visitors home who did not go on Sunday because of the blizzard.

Mar. Tues. 13, 1906
W.W.Richards and Sam' Smith were chosen to meet with others to organize fair committee to get up a county fair each year. Meeting held after mutual.

Mar. Wed. 14, 1906
Bishopric held special meeting with young men of the ward who are old enough to be promoted in the Priesthood A few seemed willing to have themselves worthy. Others did not wish to make promises.

Mar. Thurs. 15, 1906
There is indication this morning of snow drifting during the night.

Mar. 21, 1906
The snow road up the lane is as high as it will be and I measured the depth on a telephone pole. In June I noticed that high snow line was about 3-1/2 ft. high.

Apr. 4, 1906
Went to conference on train. Borrowed some money at First National Bank of Morgan at 8%.

Apr. 5, 1906
Helped Wallace and Lawrence or they helped me clean out ditches on the farm which they had begun to prepare.

Apostles M. F. Cowley and Jno. W. Taylor were not sustained because they found themselves out of harmony.

Apr 6, 1906
Heard Pres. Jos. F. Smith announce from the stand that he wanted to meet Pres. Wm. Budge. Later Bp. W.W. Richards told me that Pres. Budge was wanted as Pres. of the Logan Temple. At the last Priesthood meting that Pres. Budge presided I was called to dismiss the meeting by prayer and I volunteered a few remarks in commemoration of the departure of Pres. Budge.

June 10, 1906
Second day of Stake Conference. Apostles Lyman and Penrose in attendance. Pres. Budge released. J.R. Shepard ordained and set apart Pres. of Bear Lake Stake. Wm. S. Rich 1st and W. W. Richards 2nd counselors.

Alma Hayes chosen Bp. Of Georgetown and I was first and H.H. Hoff 2nd counselors. I was set apart by Apostle Lyman.

June 17, 1906
The Stake Presidency visited Georgetown, the first visit and the bishopric was sustained.

June 14, 1906
The bishopric held our first meeting in my house Tues. 5 P.M.. We staked off tithing stack yard.

At the last Bishopric meeting presided over by W.W. Richards new appointments of visiting Priests and Teachers. Vernon C. was chosen to visit as a teacher with Jno. Bee as a Priest in District No. 3.

A deacon's quorum in which Vernon was president was reorganized with Roy Robison pres. and Vernon and Marvin were among those ordained teachers and Vernon became 2nd counselor.

Vernon was chosen to assist the deacons in their work. Bp Hayes tells me to tell Vernon to see to it that the deacons gather the fast offerings.

June 12, 1906
Planted last of the potatoes. Planted small seed at the last. Planted in the old channel hollow up the lane on the 20 acres. Used the potatoes planted of Mr. Severisch.

June 20, 1906
Shipped 4 hogs to Henr. Bros, Rock Springs @ 9 cents delivered. Express is 1-1/2 cents per lb. Pd. To Brennan & Davis $17.50 for a hundred rods of fencing for wires and about 100 cedars and a few fine posts.

Met with the Deacons Quorum with Vernon, Marvin, and U.U. Richards, Jr. Bp. Hayes name taken at C.W. & M. Co. for some fencing. I brought down 40 rods @ 67-1/2 cents per rod, but cash price is 72 cents per rod =17/00

June 11, 1906
Bishop Hayes asked me if I would keep tithing records. I told him I would.

June 21, 1906
Bp. Hayes and I measured off tithing stack yard - 142 ft front, 182 ft back or 8.6 rods by 11 rods = 95 sq. rods = 6 tenth of an acre.

June 22, 1906
Went over in carriage to the homestead and turned the water again on the trees in front of the house. Also saved some rye and plowed it under and planted the ground. Some moisture and maybe it will sprout. Planted wheat and squash. Saw a few squirrels. A few more sheep to shear at Hess corral. Cold weather, it hailed on the divide.

Company at night. Laura at piano, Bro. White, the violin, and Martin L. Richards the mandolin.

June 23, Sat. 1906
Hoed early potatoes up the garden spot. Second time hoeing.

June 24, Sun. 1906
Fast Sunday. New bishopric presided. All spoke.

June 27, 1906
Tuesday afternoon New Bishopric regular meeting.

June 29, Fri., 1906
Drove Dock and Duke on carriage to Paris. Bp. Hayes and Pres. W.W. Richards each with his wife, except my wife in company. The object was to attend a banquet a farewell party to Pres. Budge going to Logan temple. I recited Creed of the Bells.

June 30, Sat. 1906
Attended first Stake Priesthood meeting at which Priesthood meeting at which Pres. Shepherd presided. Vocal music recommended.

July 1, 1906
Attended High Priests Quorum Meeting in Paris, 10 A.M. Main topic in meeting is that children to be blessed should be taken to Fast Meeting. It is well to bless that at home also.

July 2, 1906
Monday. Vernon and Marvin worked on south upper ditch of Hoff Springs.

July 3, 1906
Bp. Hayes and I in bishop's meeting.

July 4, 1906
Celebrated the Fourth of July at our home with about a hundred and fifty Georgetown neighbors at 2 P.M. Program carried out so successfully that people reported it to others that went to Soda and Montpelier as a good time. used eight borrowed wagon covers overhead. Used nearly a hundred meetinghouse chairs.

July 8, Sun. 1906
Assisted as one of the teachers in theological class. Before school time I met Chas. Black encouraging him to come to Sunday School. He said he had to water but he said Maud was going. I did not question as to the need of his being thus occupied but it was with water in their reservoir that could have been used on Monday. Maud was uneasy and Jno. Barkdull went down to the ranch of the homestead after dark and found Charles dead of lightning strike. We had lightning during meeting hour.

I, under Bp. Hayes had charge of the meeting. Attended joint session at night. Encouraged Pres. Sorensen to commence on time. He did. Sat up with the dead body.

July 10, 1906
Largest procession, 46 vehicles.

July 10-17
Busy cultivating potatoes.

I received the first load of tithing hay brought in, Jas Rasmussen for his mother, Katherine Elizabeth. Cut four days. I salt it. Gross 4140 estimated

	Tare  1670      Shrinkage 70 # net. 2400
Put 14-1/2 # of the hay in a sack to see how much it will shrink.
Julia will be 4 yrs old on the 22 inst. She weighs 28 lbs.

July, 1906
Rec'd from Hein Bros. $69.15 for pork.

Aug. 6, 1906
Got up this morning.

Sept 2, Sunday 1906
Fast Day and Fielding Academy day. I accompanied Pres. W.W. Richards to visit Ovid in the interests of the Academy. Did not have any invitation after meeting so we drove home directly after meeting.

Sept. 1, Sat. 1906
Received letter from Marion that he had Just received the $100.00 I sent him on the occasion of his release. He wrote as though he may not take a trip East but visit Nauvoo and Independence.

Drove to Soda with Bud and Bloom in Leo Black's wagon and took Geo. White, wife and sister to go from Georgetown to Ogden or Hooper. He pd me $2.00. I left the work of putting up the damaged hay to loss. Pd. Harry Sparks for helping us two months $7.30 plus 6 dollars received a week ago. Also ten dollars and the Wilford Hess watch for Harry's horse and saddle.

Sept 1906
Charles Maughan of Chicago, 427 E. 55th St., Chicago, Ill. Cleaned Alice Clark's sewing machine for $39.00.

Did some soldering. Used 2 oz. Muristic Acid with metal zinc in full solution. When cools put 1 dram of salts, muriate of tin first, then muriate of ammonia when the former heating cools. Use a rubber cork. Use Brazer's solder for brazing of soft B. of copper. Stir. Soldering iron to be returned, should he filed when hot the reheat in salamoniac.

In using the above fixative only 1/20 of Brazers soldering to 19/20 of ordinary soldering.


Mar. 4, 1907
Baptized Walter Cyril Sizemore
Maurine Clark
Marie Clark

In the North creek in Bobby White lot near the shed above the new dam.

Bp. Hayes confirmed Walter. I confirmed Maurine, Mp. Hayes confirmed Marie.

Mar. 9, 1907
Vernon and Marvin started to haul hay from lower stack yard into the barn.

Measurement of the stack's overcast 31 ft., width 13 ft, length 58 ft.

Measurement of hay in first stack yard below town - overcast 66 ft, width 30 ft, length 70 ft.

Hay raised up in the field on the south half of 20 acres - filled barn full.

Following is measurement of hay that Bro. E.B.C. stacked in my stackyard in….of 1907 (following are several lines of figures that are not properly decipherable.)

Mar. 10, Sun. 1907
At night committee appointed by mass meeting when …… Gates was here reported about $1700.00 subscribed with the feeling that the road from Georgetown to railroad straight down along the line between me and W.W.'s land. Wilford telephoned that if the road needed to be laid out to one side a little to miss (perchance) some bad places. He spoke of the road going straight as though he was in favor of it if it was wanted. A letter from E.R. Clark spoke favorably of the road going straight if it would not work too great a hardship on me because it would go through my land.

Read a card from Annie on which she said she had sold 75 ft front 100 feet back fifty feet from hotel. This property for the time being is depreciated because the railroad claims as right of way. But I think the company has no right to interfere with our using it unless necessity demands room for right of way.

Mar. 20, Wed. 1907
Nels Larsen was appointed chairman of committee on road. He came this morning to see if I would allow them to make a gravel pit on my land near the RR. I said yes. Rec'd letter from State Engineer stating I should pay fee of $1.30 before my permit to take water in Clark Springs over divide would be approved.

Wrote check for $2.30. Received receipt later.

Vernon set apart as pres. of teacher's quorum .

Oliver Dunn & Milton Robison counselors.

Apr. 1, Mon. 1907
Marie reminded this morning that it is "April Fool". Said to Marion that he could not fool her. A few moments later Marion said "Well, Marie, what are you doing with Newel's shoes on?" She went to examining her shoes.

Last week Bro. Francis Bacon as boss with four men grubbing willows down in Bro. Bee's (R.J.M.) land was working on the new road below town.

Mar. 30, 1907
Sat. Mar. 30, Jos. Hayes and Brothers were hauling hay on sleds to Woolleys Spur to load a car. Probably the last sled work of the season for such heavy loads.

Marion and Vernon brought four saw logs from Jones Canyon driving Bud and Glen and Duke and Dock.

Mar. 31, 1907
Horses down south field (rye patch) were out on the bare side of the land on the slope next river. Spots of stubble land bare.

Apr. 4, 1907
Took telescope to Novene. Marion hitched on sleigh to do so.

Apr. 5, 1907
Rode to Novene horseback and took train at 6 A.M. (late) to go to Conference. Pd. Full fare to Soda intending to get conference ticket. Agent said he did not have time to write it out. Bought one at McCannon and in Salt Lake. I saw officials and got a free ticket to come from McCannon to Novene. Hyrum was on the train to go to conference and on the trip he arranged for some land from a lady who entered next to him. He also set out about 250 trees where the old Robison apple orchard used to stand. We laid over in McCammon. Stopped together at E.B.'s that night in old home in W. West room where he and so many of us lived after married.

Apr. 6, 1907
Attended conference in Salt Lake. I stopped to Priesthood meetings and Annie and I stopped with Mother that night.

Apr. 7, 1907
Attended conference and Sunday School Conference at night slept in the Valley House. Met Wilbur Bacon and Grace Smart and Leo Black with Olive Bacon down to get married. They and Jno. G. and Geo. J. Hoff stopped in the Valley House. About a dozen of the Tippets family were down to conference and some of them to go through the temple.

Apr. 8, 1907
Attended Special Priesthood meeting. Received there a copy of "An Address."

At night attended Chicago Symphony Orchestra Concert which was accompanied with Tabernacle Choir.

Thought I could not get on train at Farmington that goes to Morgan so I stopped all night in Salt Lake, but did not get further than Odgen till night because of land slide at Aspentunne., so Annie overtook me there.

Bought tubular separator from A.S. brewer, signed note due Aug. 1, 1908, No. 4 size. Intend to milk cows and sell cream to Larsen Bros. To be shipped to Ogden. Price 1 cent below wholesale price of butter in Salt Lake for butterfat.

Apr. 9, 1907
On my way up the riverbed to bury a horse I crossed the new bridge on New Street where teams were working to turnpike on south side of bridge in afternoon. Lawrence and I hauled manure between old and new millrace.

Apr. 10 & 11, 1907
Hauled manure on land north of tail race midway down. We would load a load in 10 min, unload in 10 min and down and back in 13 min.

Apr. 12, Fri. 1907
Trimmed trees on S. side of Millrace.

Apr. 13, Sat. 1907
Jos. S. and Horace Clark came up to see about selling some land.

Apr. 14, Sun. 1907
Attended Morgan S.S. Reported that since N. & S. Morgan united people do not turn out so well. Not as good S.S. as either ward did have. Also attended Religion class convention. Pres. McMurrin and Evans of the Gen'l board where there. Religion class in a ward does not do so well if Bishop not converted. Met old friends, are dinner at Annie's father's in their new home south of Stake Tabernacle.

Apr. 15, Mon. 1907
My ticket runs out today and I should go to Bear Lake. Joseph suggests that I go to Farmington with him and get on the train. So we get Q.B. Anderson to survey a road from Pingree and Anderson Canning factory, four rods north of it just missing Consolidated rock building on new Street. I called it parallel Street.

At five minutes to eight P.M. we left Morgan and got to Farmington station at 10 minutes to twelve P.M. with Coley and Biddys four year old (roan)

Apr. 16, Tues. 1907
At noon got to Novene. Marvin met me and he said he ran the disc yesterday, 15 inst. And could have plowed if it had not rained.

Apr. 17, Wed. 1907
Marvin and Vernon break land north of rye patch in south field. I set out cherry currant cuttings from W. Stoddard and plant.

June 15, Sat. 1907
Bred to Glen, Nel and W.W.'s brown pacer.

" " " Dolly

May 15, 1907
Marvin finished drilling the ninety day wheat on the north side of the south farm north of the rye. Some of the land was plowed in summer of 1906 and the out edge of the wheat was planted on land that was broken this spring. Marvin planted a few quarts of wheat from Palmer's in Preston.

May, 1907
Sowed our oats early on land plowed last fall. Macaroni wheat from Samuel Smith just after planting oats, before letting the drill go for Walter and W.W. to use.

June 5, 1907
Walter used Leverich's planter. I borrowed it and my boys planted some between the trees on the sixth and finished south of trees on the tenth.

June 6, 1907
I rode LaBella, Joseph's brown mare to Soda in three hours and got on the train to go to June M.I.A. conference. Returned June 12

June 20, 1907
Planted potatoes on south side of garden spot. Jos. Bee moved scales from 1906 stackyard to 1905 stackyard.

Town scraping on my land south of Bee's 40 for depot street.

June 24, 1907
Planted last of potatoes. They were planted on Saturday and today here in the lot. Some were early rose, some blue mechanic, and maybe a few early Ohio.

I planted on extreme south side of garden two short rows of early Ohio potatoes which I brought in a little sack from Morgan. Anderson for Morgan, sent for a car load of peerless.

June 29, Sat. 1907
Drove Bud and Bloom to Priesthood meeting. Bishop Alma Hayes with me in my light buggy. Professor Bramwell spoke. Said it seemed like a dream to be here as Principal of the church school away from law study and practice. Thinks we can have 200 pupils this coming year if not 250.

Georgetown was for $160.00 while St. Charles $150. to install heating apparatus in tabernacle. Georgetown was asked for more than some according to population because willing.

Attended S.S. Union in Academy. Talked about whether to have minutes in Academy. Talked about whether to have min Theological Dept. I said I thought so. We are a record making people and there are important questions.

Drove with Iris Rich and Laura Richards to Bloomington. I wanted to see a stump puller. Did not.

Attended High Priest's quorum meeting for 3rd time consecutively. Question: If widow marries second husband whose children will the offspring be? Go with the woman. She will have a choice to some degree as to whose wife. If our kingdom doesn't begin till after the resurrection then what benefit is it to a man to raise family? --I the question of the next question.

Started home to get some for 2 o'clock meeting but Bro. F. M. Winters wanted to ride so we stopped for services in Ovid. H.D. C. wife and Mary and child came from Logan via Soda.

July 3, 1907
Hyrum T. Clark reached Montpelier and his parents were there to take him and Avery and child home today.

July 2, 1907
Marvin harrowed potatoes just coming up planted June 5. Harrowed first time, June 28. Set out cabbage plants in lot here.

June 14, 1907
Marion and Ella married in Salt Lake.

June 30, 1907
Ate first meal in their new home.

Sept. 1907
Started to Morgan with Ned, Bloom, and Tanglefoot. The latter was one of E.B.'s that he had started to break, but she kicked and would lie on the tongue. She was fresh from the pasture when I hitched her up with doubletree stick two feet longer than the carriage doubletree. I took off the dashboard to the carriage so she would not kick it. She kicked once this side of Bennington and once this side of Hardware Ranch. Sept. 12 at about 10 A.M. near head of Beaver Canyon I put in the other doubletree stick, the one belonging to the carriage. Blacksmith at Huntsville shod her behind. I led her from Montpelier to St. Charles and from Huntsville to Mt. Green.

Sept 13, 1907
Golden Wedding Day. Gladys wanted to go to her Grandfather's to help and I hitched up Tanglefoot on the old one horse buggy with new harness and took her then rode the mare with a saddle.

Attended the Golden Wedding in the new house of the worthy couple. In program at night I recited Young (word undecipherable) and Asleep at the Switch. It is a surprise to me to be called for them.

In morning before breakfast I with Wallace and Lawrence piled second crop of lucern north of depot.

Sept 14, 1907
Attended Stake Quarterly Conference in Morgan. Ate dinner with Orrin Randall and family. There were with us some members of Porterville choir. This choir did the singing today.

At noon Pres. Smith coming down the aisle, I reached out my hand to greet him and he said, "How do you do, Bro. Clark. I know you by the cut of your job!"

Sunday Conference at Morgan. M.I.A. at night. Preaching was of spiritual nature till Sun. night when Pres. Smith talked against spreading and interests out over all creation. Till less land, he said, and make more. Raise something more profitable on the rich land than grain with such heavy straw that is not used for bailing or thatching.

Sept 15 & 16
Hauled hay with Wallace, Lawrence, Carlos, Lela & Ella. Got all the hay in the hay shed except less than two loads not yet hauled down on the new wade meadow between old and new Millrace.

Sept 17, 1907
Late Wed. night helped haul a load of seed peas just before as rain storm. When we were so late hauling last of lucern Wallace who was so anxious that he was working late said to me, "You can tell I am a Clark."

Sept. Thurs. 18, 1907
Drove to Addie Randall's home for her to accompany me to Bear Lake to visit Emma and return with Emma on the train. Drove to the old homestead of the Randall's.

Sept. Fri. 19, 1907
Watered my team twice at the flowing well this morning. The water was warm, coming from a depth of 500 ft at a cost of a dollar per ft. Smelt some like hot spring water.

Heard in Willard that there were no peaches in Brigham. At Cordon's in Willard at $1.50 per bushel, peaches, pears. $1.00, Prunes 65 cents.

Camped in Mantua, Pd. 25 cents for feed and 25 cents for Addie a bed at Mrs. Nelson's.

Sept. 20, 1907
Leaving we overtook (name not readable).who got his peaches in N.W. quarter of Brigham at $1.00 per bu. & 1.40. Drove up Cub River seven miles.

Sept 21, Sun. 1907
Started about 3 A.M. Road rough, got to Carter's last house 8 miles by 8 A.M. Breakfast, 2 hrs. About the first load of fruit to go this way over new road to Paris. Got to Paris about 6:30 P.M.

Sept. 22, 1907
Reached home. Hauled grain on South farm.

Sept. 29 & 30, 1907
Threshed. Attended M.I.A. convention at night, Sunday.

Pres. Tingey said children from 8 to 12-13-14 should not be running out late hours. They hear evil. …..Grant spoke on repentance and reforming.

W.W. Clark's stack of hay in stackyard west of Bee's, length 67-19-1/2 X 53

Thomas Bros., Brigham. Address: Delivery box 25, R.I.D No. 2

N.E. Miller Producer and shipper of extracted and comb honey, 439 South Main.


Mar. 9, 1908
Montpelier mill will give for frozen wheat (after discounting for frosted, 10%) 31" flour, straight grade or 34 cents cheaper grade, and 13# bran and shorts or 38# fl. All fl. Flour at Larsen Bros store is 225 straight grade and 215 a cheaper grade.

May 8, 1908
Drove Fred and Ned to Montpelier for Lucern and Pea seed. Lucern freight was 66 cents per cwt = 445# @ 66=$1.94; 50# peas /2 66 .33; total freight $3.27 Bill from T. Farr & Co. = 445# =$80.00 @ 18 cents.

Aug. 12, 1908
Picked peas from the above. American Wonder well filled. Dug potatoes for house, first of volunteers, except a few a week ago.

Aug. 4, 1908
Watered potatoes first time.

Aug. 11, 1908
Bought Daisy, 7 yr old mare from W.W. Richards for $95.00.

Emma came home from waiting on Emily Richards, a son being born.

Finished unloading ninth load of timothy hay, put in for tithing. Marion asked me how many loads of hay I expected. I told him 90 loads. Joseph shipped the 4th calf to me. Helped express and (words not decipherable.)

Aug 13, 1908
Julia just came to me and told me how much she had practiced of the music lesson I gave her. Marie is going in to practice. Newell has never taken any lessons. Marvin practices about every day, he is going beyond the lessons I gave him.

Vernon reads some since he came from school. He does not see how he can go to school, but intimates that he would like to attend the A.C. at Logan, although I think he does not prefer that to Fielding next yr.

Aug. 8, 1908
Marion went to Montpelier and brought a McCormick self binder - $75.00 in 3 payments. I buy half and he half.

I had some dry farm wheat on the land in south part, this side of South land we call "the Farm". Let Marion rent south of Spring Creek he has 4/7. I have 3/7 of crop.

Aug. 10, 1908
Marion started cutting fall wheat. Marvin plowed in ditches in oats on farm.

Aug. 16, 1908
Last of a stormy spell. Much hay down Sun. Lectured on life of Dr. Maeser in Mutual.

Aug. 19, 1908
Rain and hail storm. Most severe I remember. Lodged grain. I was to go with Bp. Hayes and Counselor H.H. Hoff to visit in the interests of the Academy allotment but the rain hindered.

Aug. 20-21-22, 1908
Spent part of each day pulling weeds out of potatoes on Garden spot in field.

Raspberries in greatest yield today. Gooseberries all gone.

Spent part of day last half, from 2 P.M. going after service berries. Besides me, Emma, Marie, Julia, Ella, Ellworth, Alice,Rhoda, Maurine, Bryant, and Nina Sorensen. Just in time for first picking my beans, earliest of them yesterday.

Aug. 23, Sun. 1908
Attended bishop's meeting as usual at 9 A.M. Attended S.S. 9:45 meeting, prayer meeting for officers and teachers. Took part in discussing lesson in parents class, occupying the north end of meeting house. Subject, religious training in the home. Afternoon meeting I took charge of exercises. Bp. Hayes presiding. Geo. Hoff one of the speakers. He spoke of having made a mistake in selling out here and moving to Oregon. Here have a variety of crops he said, so if one fails something else left.

At night attended mutual. Eva Dunn and I are program committee for a month.

Aug. 24, 1908
Trimmed trees in orchard up the lane and set out strawberries.

Aug. 25, 1908
Went with Emma, Alice, Varona Smith, Elmer Rhodabacker and children up three mile for service berries. Marie gathered a few wild grapes.

Aug. 26, 1908
Wattered strawberries, dug potatoes for house, saw that last night's frost cut beans a little up in the field, but cut potatoes downtown. Ella and her sister and Marie and Julia rode up with me. They picked beans and first of ours to be picked and peas last, I guess, to be picked.

Early this morning I woke Marie and we took another observation of Venus as morning star telling that it would later be the Evening star.

Talked with Vernon that if we found out who left gate open down by Steel Bridge we should speak to them about it in such a way that they would think all the more of us instead of the opposite.

Aug. 27, 1908
Helped stack timothy hay down in the meadow Marvin running the gatherer, Vernon the Mower, Newell, Elmer Rhodaback and Oliver Shepherd, the derrick. A little frost last night.

Dec. 5, 1908
Received a letter from J.J. Evans C. Recorder of Oneida Co., Malad City, stating that Constable A.O. Richstead had a red roan heifer C on left hip in Whitney.

Dec. 14, 1908
Perce Howard and Marvin took baled hay to put in S.A. Armatage's car, 44 bales, wt. 483.


Feb. 22, Mon. 1909
Vernon took Sister Amy Cook to W.Woolley's spur to go on Ping Pong to her son in Soda.

He then went with other students of fielding to Paris in company, ….Cook, Sis. Crowther, Laura Richards, et al.

Baled Hay, 3rd car sold to Larsen and Hoff @ $9.25.

Feb. 24, 1909
Gave weight to Larsen & Hoff --- 325325, 308 bales overage weight 1k05 #

Feb. 27, 1909
Brought blocks of firewood from S. Armatage, 1-1/2 cords, sawed @ $1.35 for the 1-1/2 cords.

Feb. 22, 1909
Grain died in Walters field, got in water.

Apr. 1909
Left Georgetown to go to Conference at 10 A.M.. Wilford and Hyrum were on train.

Sept. 23, 1908 [this date is not a mistake-it is the way it is in the manuscript.]
Signed note for White Top 1-1/4 No. 2l0 Ludlow Spring Wagon. Sidney Stevens in Ogden.

I was on my return from Morgan having gone from Bear Lake to get a load of fruit and to bring Gladys to Bear Lake and return. Left Paris before daylight on first trip down and camped in Fish Haven on second trip next day. Logan canyon above Elbow of canyon next day drove into Logan for breakfast at 7. A.M. Stopped over in Logan that day so Lela could get ready to go to Morgan instead of Gladys, this was second trip. Grandmother Waldron was at Lucy's.

Next day drove to Willard. East wind. Showed Lela Electric plant in Brigham Canyon. Next day drove to Morgan. First trip down I drove to last house in Wellsville and on morning of Peach Day in Brigham drove to the scene and met Timothy B., Amasa, Crompton, and some others. In afternoon drove to Jos Hubbard's and got some peaches. Drove to Cardon's in South Willard, then to next day to Uintah and finished load of peaches and went to Morgan next day. Stopped in Morgan a few days.

	Streak			Gerane
	Daisy (sold to Bacon May 16)  Kicker
	Bell (sold to Stohl)	Stripe
	Hip			Dunny
	Rose			Doublet (died in Jan. 1911)
	Runabout			Sill
	Cherry			Stocking leg
	Roan			Single tit
	Red			Spot

Apr. 23, Fri-Sat. 1909
Sold old Roan to Jesse Dunn for $35.00.

Planted garden radish, lettuce, kohlrabi, an unknown variety

Carrotts, parsley, onion, & peas.

Morning of Peach day in Brigham drove to the same and met timothy B., Amasa, Crompton, and some others. In afternoon drove to Jos. Hubbard's and got some peaches. Drove to Cardons in South Willard then to next day to Uintah and finished load of peaches and went to Morgan next day. Stopped in Morgan a few days.

Apr. l, Fri. 1910
Vernon and I with hand plows with three horses each started to plow the sage brush flat by the rail road below the swampy meadow. Brought back a small load of hay from the lower stackyard through the willows a new way. Saw a spring I never knew of but Newel told he had been that way along a trail south of the road. Wilford went to Conference, but I may not go.

Feb cattle. Hauled a load of manure as usual. All winter we have not piled manure outside the door.

My birthday. Marie got April Fool on me.

Apr. 2, Sat. 1910
Drove Fred and Prince to Montpelier to get my teeth treated and to take Emma, Julia, Marie and Emma trading. Frost gone from roads and getting hard. Had little snow last winter. People other places complain of long cold winter. Bear Lake had a good winter. First of March good weather , little snow.

Marvin and Vernon plowed on sage flat 2nd day plowing below swampy meadow. Newell harrowed timothy.

Apr. 3, Sun. 1910
Conference opens in Salt Lake and I miss the treat of being there.

Snowed two inches last night and I fed stock below swampy meadow and above with sleds. Mrs. Alice Tippets Black asked to be released as organist and was done.

Emma is reading by lamplight while I write and am across the room. She remarks that my eyes must be good.

My eyes do hold out well. My health quite good. I take a cold water bath nearly every morning.

Apr. 4, Mon. 1910
A card from Mother written on my birthday.

Ground frozen this morning, but Vernon and Marvin went to plow. I finished chores so Newel could go to school, helped Bp. Hayes hitch up his new horse, signed quarterly report, chopped wood, went with Emma over to Marion's and ate Marion's birthday dinner, went to saw mill and dragged in logs from that Marion and Vernon had hauled during winter, brought down sawdust and put on Marion's ice, talked with Jno. Hayes about coming to priesthood meeting, Milford Birch about living more worthy of having gone to the temple and of being ordained an Elder, with Mynard Hess about being worthy to be advanced in the Priesthood and with Marion to get over from his store to Priesthood meeting, a duty he would have, likely done anyway. Attended myself and ordained Chas. Rodeback a deacon, also during the day I took Emma's letter to P.O. and admired her handwriting on the envelope with others at P.O. advised or suggested that Weldeers wife's child begotten out of Wedlock but born six months after marriage to be reported as legitimate.

Apr. 5, Tues. 1910
Had a shower bath. Plowed sagebrush flat with Bill, Jake, & Bud. Newel then Marvin practiced music first time for a long time.

Apr. 6, Wed. 1910
Arose before 5 A.M., had a bath, made fires, called Vernon who came, practiced penmanship, then practiced music on the piano for the first time for a long time.

Plowed again. Marvin fetched harrows from Marion's homestead then harrowed. Jno. Bee, new road supervisor asked me to haul gravel.

Apr. 7, Thurs. 1910
With Melvin's team I hauled in forenoon four loads of gravel from hill by Geo. J. Hogg's while the hill was being scraped down. Hauled on sidewalk. Plowed in afternoon. Heard that Bp. Price died on 6th and will be buried on 8th.

Emma and I visited Millie Robison (Larsen) Hyrum had gone to conference. She said he advised Millie to take up homestead but she would rather see him spend a year earning money than go on his mission. Has just ended Fielding missionary course.

Apr. 8, Fri. 1910
Today Marie and Newell's school ends but Marie asked at school if some would continue in the Primary school and is pleased to learn that maybe someone would continue.

Marvin is studying to tell about Arbor Day and Bird Day on 15th, inst. Emma is trying to find some points on the subject in school journals.

I plowed sagebrush flat and looked where I can get water on the flat. Vernon thinks as should sow dry farm oats.

Apr. 9, Sat. 1910
Finished sagebrush flat plowing

Apr. 10, Sun. 1910
Attended Bishop's council, S.School, concert recitation. Psalm. The Lord is my Shepherd. Heard this Psalm repeated in Salt Lake in "The Shepherd King."

Apr. 11, Mon. 1910
Emma and I went to Montpelier. I got good at depot for Marion and I got my teetb treated. Emma had con(words not decipherable)

Apr. 14, Thurs. 1910
Transplanted roses front of house. Helped Melvin saw 13 block of firewood. His mother went out to help Melvin while I was in her house and was visiting for a few moments with her mother who came up on a visit in company with Alice who attended Annual Conference.

Pruned orchard in orchard up the lane by Jno. Hayes.

Apr. 15, Fri. 1910
Arbor Day. School children made flower garden. I don't know of anything else of a commemorative nature. I over looked the day till night. I heard it was arbor day. I scraped for irrigating on sage flat.

Apr. 16, Sat. 1910
Vernon puts three seats in carriage and with Fred and Prince will take home dramatics to Dingle to play Hickory Farm. Vernon takes Jack. I go to scrape. Chas. Rodeback began working on the 12th @ $10.00 per mo. He will run the disc harrow on the sod below Bryan's pasture. Newell drag harrowed yesterday while Charley was discing on sage flat. Newell drags on farm today.

Julia went in the parlor of her own accord to practice music @ 8:50 o'clock A.M.

Marvin was ready to go out to chores this morning and I asked him to spend at least five minutes at the piano. He went and practiced. Newell told me yesterday morning he would practice at noon. At night he told me he did. Newel practiced ahead of the lesson I gave him. Marvin did likewise last year when he was practicing. I hope that he will this summer now he is out of school.

Apr. 17, Sun. 1910
This is the Sunday next preceding our ward conference.

Walter Hoge expected, Harris, a son of a cousin to Martin Harris to come and apprize value of land.

Apr. 18, Mon. 1910
Mr. Harris came to Georgetown. I drove Prince, Fred, over the farm and to Wm. Williams and back this afternoon. He wrote out note and prepared coupons for Emma as me to sign also a mortgage of $35.00 to meet my obligations in part that I have obligated myself to pay. I have run in debt keeping up expenses of living and improving the farm.

Apr. 19, Tues. 1910
Emma and I drove to Montpelier with Bro. Harris and met Walter Hoge at Dr. Smith's dentist office in Rite Bros. Bldg. And I signed the papers. Am to pay 9 % and make five annual payments and the time is more if we want it in ten years. Harris made the remark that the time could be extended to 20 yrs then if the boys could not pay for the farm in that time. They had not ought to have it inferring that we, the parents, would be so old then.

Annie sent 100 NEZ Ovarson improved Cuthbert Raspberries express to Montpelier. Plant 4 to 6 ft apart between rows and two to three feet in rows. Cut out old and weak canes in spring leaving six to ten in hill or bunch, If dry weather in fall water late in fall. Wallace not yet from A.C. at Logan. Weber not high, been cold.

Apr. 20, Wed. 1910
Hauled dirt from dump on Wilford's knoll on road. Made close to 35 rods of dirt covering for the willow corduroy. We put two loads side by side. Yesterday was hauling. Vernon hauled most loads. He hauled 94 loads.

Apr. 21. Thurs. 1910
Hauled dirt on road below town.

Apr. 23, Sat. 1910
I trimmed apple trees in garden spot and Newell ran disc harrow up on same piece.

Apr. 24, Sun. 1910
Ward Conference. Held Priesthood meeting in school house at 10 A.M. Wm. L. & Amasa Rich in attendance.

Apr. 29, 1910
Set out large Balm of Gilead back of house from the garden spot and planted first peas in the garden by the house on the next Monday.

Apr. 30, 1910
Woke early and planned to take committee of the meeting house addition to Priesthood meeting and at noon took W.W. Richard's team from Paris to Bloomington to see ward house, S.S. Union. In afternoon, then home.

May 1, Sun. 1910
Attended Bishop's consultation. We made a new list of visiting brethren. Attended S.S., Fast meeting, cottage meeting at Hiram Smith's on 3 mile, M.I.A. conjoint, and lectured on elocution, taking up all the time.

May 2, Mon. 1910
Bought 8 pigs from Perce Howard for $50.00.

Planted first peas in garden in forenoon and run leveler plank on garden spot.

May 3, Tues. 1910
Went to Montpelier with Emma to correct dates on mortgage. Took wheat to mill.

May 4, Wed. 1910
Bought dam from garden spot two more trees to set out north of lawn. Scraped with Jno. G. Hoff's scraper on garden spot to level and make drain at lower end and took barley to chopper. Snowed near evening. I got wet. Bought 135# of bran @ 1.10 at mill.

May 12, 1910
Amasa S. Clark wrote card as follows: "Am not sure but chances good to get loan from Ins. People. If abstract passes, please send application and I will see Miller & Niels. Perhaps I can trade their expense for some work I am doing for them." I had my deed to the Georgetown property abstracted and found errors which were corrected so it was good thing I got an abstract this early. Walter Hoge & son Smith acted as agents for me to get loan of Miller & Vials. Of a$3500 @ 9 % for 10 years, the limit. Jan. 1, 1913 pd $315. interest selling 12 calves @ 19.2, 2y6 yearlings.

May 13, 1910
Water turned on lucern on N. half of the twenty up the lane by Vernon, Newell and me. We made a ditch through the South corner of Wilford's twenty and had a larger stream. \Vernon went to Hattie Cook in Paris and returned next day.

Mar 14, 1910
Newell watered lucern. I helped him. I did intend to go up to the garden spot and prepare the ground (more) to plant peas, but doing odd jobs kept me from getting off to work. Newell expected me to come up with a new canvass dam for him to use. It is a patented dam of canvass, a round stick 9 ft long and 5 ft wide with 3 sliding stakes. They have been in use about 3 years by farmers here. I was impressed by the tender heartedness of Newell. I had to encourage him to come to dinner and never mind if he didn't get much done with the manure and the dirt dam. What a mistake to have been otherwise.

May 31, 1910
Let Marion have use of Jake & Bill to send Roy Robison to extend the spice. I doctored horses cut in wire fence. Snap, Richard and I worked with scraper ½ day and nine teams of us finished the 400 ft. grade for a spur.

June, 7-8 1910
Marvin with Royal went to June Conference.

Took water on the 20 up the land (on turns) second watering. Finished watering. Looks fine up the lane ten inches high. Just see the first buds on lucern.

I got up this morning at 2:50 to water. Slept on the couch with Julia, she wanted me to wake her up.

June 25, 1910
Attended Priesthood meeting, reported or ward Bp. Being in Star Valley.

June 26, 1910
Attended Dist. S.S. Convention at Montpelier, first session then came home as boys seem intent on playing ball on Sunday. Pres. Shepperd said a Latter Day Saint would not, nor witness a game.

June 27, 1910
Vernon commenced cutting lucern up lane.

June 29, 1910
Cut lucern down on farm.

July 2, 1910
Commenced hauling lucern.

July 4, 1910
Had a crowded house on celebration. I feel good because some thought it too late to get up a celebration with 10 days preparation.

July 7, 1 910
Hauled nearly all oats and half of the twenty up the lane. About a Ύ ton to acre.

July 8, 1910
Finished hauling in lower part of spring hollow. Less than a ton to the acre, so cold and frost.

We are having no rain and a very dry season.

July 7, 1910
Enoch Nelson's brother and sister spend the night here. The sister sings.

July 9, Sat. 1910
Joseph sent another steer calf. Was to route to W.W., Montpelier who would telephone, but Mr. Furguson of Forest Reserve tied calf to Marion's house to the door knob before W.W. did telephone.

July 10, Sun. 1910
Bp. Hayes chairman of committee on Streets of Village asked me why I put clay on the sidewalks because when a rain would come it would be bad walking. I told him it was to grade the sidewalk then I would haul shale on top. He was satisfied with this explanation. M.I.A. began, holding Sunday night conjoint meeting at 6:30 instead of 8 P.M.

In S.S. this morning we had part singing. I asked S.S. officer to have it in the minutes of the S.S. as a beginning. They said the beginning was a week previous.

July 11, Mon. 1910
Finished hauling oats and mustard from South half of the 20 up the lane.

July 13, 1910
Finished watering south half of 20 last night at 12: and this morning I turned water on trees up the garden spot and on the trees till 6 A.M. First watering for the trees and now only partly watered.

Am going to see amusement committee or we may not have a program on the forenoon of 24th.

(word undecipherable) bell rang at 9 P.M. , first time. Vernon has been helping Jos. Bee hang the bell east of the meeting house.

July 14, 1910
Amusement committee said if the people want to celebrate they were willing to get up a program. Some of the committee said for my part I am not in favor of a celebration seeing we have had one on the Fourth. When one member came in late and started to say something against getting up a program I spoke up and asked the secretary to read what was already on paper and I was satisfied if we got a program on paper we would be apt to celebrate. People seem pleased that we are going to have something.

Committee made out a program. When my name was mentioned for Marshal I discouraged the action.

July 15, 1910
Picked over two quarts of raspberries while Emma is visiting at Florence Stock's with Georgina Bee. This is first fruit this year and only a little has been raised before.

July 16, 1910
Hauled straw, uncovering an old shed for R.J.M. Bee.

July 19, 1910
Marie and Julia sprung out of bed this morning at 5 A.M. to go pick raspberries. Today seems the day for the most to be ripe up the lane. Those out near the house are not nearly ripe. Newell cutting lucern on the farm that was sowed last year - yesterday and today. Marion watering lucern on farm on same piece midway down slope on north side of spring hollow. Very light crop.

Vernon asked me at noon if the family relation would be kept up forever. I told him till (words undecipherable) and we enter into our rest, at least. He thought we would be as brothers and sisters.

July 21, Thurs. 1910
Drove Prince and Fred on Stoddard's wagon up above power dam and walked back to dam and helped fix road with Bp. Hayes, Jno Hayes, Francis Bacon, Milton Smith, and Leo Black preparatory to county accepting road as a county road.

Brought back by permission of Forest officer, a load of shale. I put shale on sidewalk.

July 22, Fri. 1910
Julia's 8th birthday. I baptized her and Bryan and Jno. G. Hoff and Marion confirmed them. Marion the former.

July 23, 1910
Watered lucern on the 20 up the lane. It is in bud. Will do to cut in at least 10 days. We may get third crop for first time in Georgetown. Early season.

July 24, Sun. 1910
Pres. Shepherd talked here today on Sabbath observance and loyalty.

July 25, Mon. 1910
We celebrate. I get up at 3 A.M. to get some goods from Montpelier for M.C.C.& Co.

Got Marion's goods from back room of Wilford's store. Left the key at the house. While there ate a dish of ice cream that had just been frozen, the electric motor turning the freezer, the washer, the pump, separator, of 28 gal milk from 26 cows.

Aug. 5, Fri. 1910
Drove Prince (Joseph's horse) and Fred on carriage, accompanied with Emma and Marie and Julia to Well's ranch.

Aug. 6, Sat. 1910
Took dinner with Hyrum on the ranch on Salt River. Night in lower valley.

Aug. 7, Sun. 1910
Ferried Snake River below Grand Canyon. Night at Swan Valley.

Aug. 8, 1910
Drove to Pine Creek for breakfast then up the canyon and reached Victor at noon hour. Found all at home save Julia. Some were up on the hillside after wild fruit. We reached Victor on Monday and leave the next Tues. week afternoon. Attended Stake conference. Apostle Whitney said persons do (word not decipherable) for a reward, because of duty, and above all, for love.

Aug. 11, 1910
Wrote check to B.F. Blodgett, $20.00.

Aug. 16, Tues. 1910
In afternoon drove up Trail Canyon and camped in a beautiful spot. No fish. Climbed the mt.

Aug. 17, 1910
Reached the summit and viewed Jackson Valley. Ate dinner at first house. Drove to Wilson P.O. and up the west side of valley.

Aug. 18, 1910
Visited lakes on West side under Teton Pks. And reached the dam at mouth of Jackson's Lake. Ate dinner at second lake. Tom sat on opposite side and then met the folks after their boat tied, then directed me at ford.

Aug. 19, 1910
Drove to Lewis [?] river camping with Bro.(name not decipherable) within park.

Aug. 20, 1910
Visited the Thumb Bay, camped after a bath in the pleasant vale where we saw the elk.

Aug. 21, Sun. 1910
Saw the bears at Lake Hotel and camped on the peaceful Yellowstone.

Aug. 22, 1910
Saw mud geysers and Grand Canyon and camped near Canyon Hotel.

Aug. 23, Tues. 1910
Another visit to Grand Canyon and camped beneath Mt. Washburn.

Aug. 24, Wed. 1910
Visited Tower Falls and reached Mammoth Hot Springs.

Aug. 25, 1910
Visited Gardner and camped 2 mi. No. of Ft. Yellowstone.

Aug. 26, 1910
Passed Golden Gate and Lower Geyser Basin and camped beside (missing name).River near Wyley's camp.

Aug. 27, 1910
Camped near Old Faithful.

Aug. 28, Sun. 1910
Started home, visited Great Fountain Geyser, camped at West entrance in Montana.

Aug. 29, Mon. 1910
Drove 10 mi. in Mont. Passed Lake Henry and camped near bridge on Snake River.

Aug. 30, 1910
Camped for breakfast of bread and milk, noon near Marysville, Met Johnson at Ashton. Drover 50 miles to T. Grovi[?], jr.

Aug. 31, Wed. 1910
At Satern met Isiah Steward Horses drank eight times that day. Invitation here to Morgan's homecoming. Good dry farm garden land, 30 - 35 per acre.

Stopped with Mina and Wm. Oviatt on Rexburg bench.

Sept. 1, Thurs. 1910
Camped beyond Idaho Falls.

Sept. 2, Fri. 1910
Camped on Willow Creek.

Sept. 3, Sat. 1910
Camped near Blackfoot River not far from Gois [?] dam.

Sept. 4, Sun. 1910
Ate dinner at Soda and drove to Georgetown.

Sept. 5, Mon. 1910
Started for Morgan's home coming.

The boys had certainly done well. The oats on piece I had plowed in the spring not cut and frosted. Would be better to cut earlier for hay.

We did cut two crops of tame oats up on piece on South side 20 up the lane. Cut only one crop on to next year, 1911, with young lucern. Cut 3 crops of lucern on N. side.

Had a good visit in Morgan and returned to Bear Lake before Conference.

Sept 23-26, 1910
First Annual meeting of Inter.Mountain Good Roads Ass'n, Ogden, Utah. I attended and took Miral with me. Had Automobile ride and a free R.R. ride across lake on Lucin cut off.

Oct or Nov. 30, 1910 (Month undecipherable)
Vernon left Salt Lake for North States Mission.

Marvin started at Fielding.

Dec. 9, 1910
Took sick with grippe and ensephilitis [?] till seven weeks.

Dr. Paynter recommended wine 3 times a day. Emma did not like to administer it and I have felt not good. Do not ever expect to be persuaded again to take wine for medicine. medicine.

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