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Jan. 1, 1885
A new year finds us all in good health and prosperity. The weather is cold after a long dry spell. Probably there never was such a late Fall with no snow.
By invitation of a few days previous Emma and I visited her folks at the old residence, Members of the family and Wm. Streeper being present. Lorin Woolley was preparing to move in his new house. Jno. E. a few days later moved in the N. end where Lorin and also he had previously lived.
Aunt Nancy has moved from her house east of Susan's to live with Edw. B. C.

Jan 8, 1885
Took Emma to see Kate Hinman, her schoolmate at the University. After school Anna and I met with them. They attended Y.S. Association and I attended Seventies meeting in the vestry.

Jan. 10, 1885
J. Jane decided in favor of the 4 District school.

Jan. 11, 1885
Attended meeting. Speakers, Father, O.S.Robinson, G. F. Richards, and N. T. Porter, Sr.

Jan. 12, 1885
Spoke about teaching school this morning after considering the same on the night previous.

Jan. 16, 1885
Father received a letter from Joseph. 9 head of cattle in Bear Lake, 325 here, 41 horses there. About 20 here. Alice Randall rode to Centerville with Anna and me. She came up on the 14th.

Jan. 17, 1885
Attended Seventies meeting and my recommend from the 19th Quorum was accepted. Appointed to speak in 1 week.

Jan. 18, 1885
Jos. E. Taylor preached tonight. Amasa sleighing and did not go to University till morning. Susan not well.

Jan. 19, 1885
Snow about 16 or 18 inches. Traveling with buggy and old Roan to Centerville, quite hard with no road broke. This week Prest. Angus M. Cannon is arrested for Bigamy.

Jan. 24, 1885
Went to Salt Lake in a sleigh, the first time. Spent 23.80. Paid for subscription for the Juvenile [magazine] for Joseph. Met Bro. Abram Cannon on the street. Emma heard about Pres. Taylor, Woodruff, Bro. Penrose and others going off early one morning in the cars with blinds down. Bp. Sharp locked them in. The Indians are flocking to see Pres. Taylor. Bro. Jno Morgan kept out of reach.
Came up to Centerville and home next morning. Lizzie Norfolk rode from Salt Lake. Going back to work.

Jan. 25, 1885
Geo. Campbell preached here. He and Uncle Edward into Mother's. Uncle remarking how short it was since I was as small as Marion C. Said he expects to live to see him with a child as large.

Jan. 27, 1885
Wrote to Bro. Maeser about school. Arose at 3:30 o'clock. S. H. Kennard,Co. Supt and Aaron Porter, Chairman; of 3rd Dist. Of Trustees visited our school.
Aunt Nancy is down to Uncle Nathan Porter's and seeing about going through the temple. Malinda told me Aunt will be up with her father to Priesthood meeting next Thursday.
In the case of H. B. Young, step-son to the late Prest. Young, who was arrested this week, the officers seem unjust. It was agreed at their marriage, Feb. 8, 1881, not to live together till the Edmunds Bill was settled. This was testified to in court and because she voted in 81-82 and not in 83-84, the court convicted of perjury, R.B. of Bigamy, and fined a lady $25.00 for not coming to court when the Marshal asked her without a subpoena.

Jan. 29, 1885
Sam'l Woolley and child stopped here overnight. I came from Seventy's meeting having lectured 13 minutes out of 15 on Faith.

Jan. 31, 1885
Started for Salt Lake taking Emma as far as Centerville. I learned there of an intended birthday surprise and went to S.Lake and back as soon as possible, getting the Secretary ($25.00) and taking Emma back. Members of the surprise; Jno & Mary, Alice, Orin, Adde (Julia), Melvin, Frankie, Lorin, Sarah Ann (Ross), and Amy.

Feb. 1, 1885
Bro. Beezer being inquired after, drove to T. St….and brought his team and carriage here out of the way for 2 days.
At meeting Bp. Secrist instructed the people to be cautious. Meet callers at the door, don't say "come in."

Feb. 3, 1885
Aunt Nancy, Wealthy, were here and Z. B., Mother, Elizabeth, Wilford took dinner. Emma not so well as she had been for some time. Father returned from Logan.

Feb. 4, 1885
Arose at 3: Woke Ezra and Bert at 3:30. Continued rising at 3-3:30.

Feb. 5, 1885
Aunt Paulina returned from Logan Temple.

Feb. 7, 1885
Towards evening Emma and I went to Centerville and stayed overnight with Lorin and wife. C.R. Savage had been there, a lecturer to the Y. Men manifested quite excitement in fear of arresting.
Uncle Nathan left home to go to------------.
Uncle Nathan and Aunt Nancy left Farmington.
Uncle Nathan and Aunt Nancy wrote to get a list of names.
Thurs. 12th I received letter to Centerville and took it on 13th and brought list and sent 14th.

Feb. 8, 1885
R. Barber and Emily Whitaker were married. Prest. Smith was there but his family was away on account of fear of arrests.

Feb. 15, 1885
Ada, her mother and husband were here.

Feb. 16, 1885
Father, Emma, Aunt Paulina go to Salt Lake.

Feb. 20, 1885
Emma comes back having learned to curl feathers. C. R. Savage lectures on Sunlight. Father from Logan.

Feb. 21, 1885
Second meeting of teachers Institute, permanent organization. I was elected Secretary. I spoke on "How to Organize school."

Feb. 22, 1885
Sunday. Stake Presidency at Farmington. We have not been self sustaining enough. We shall have to patch up old clothes to make 'them do".

Feb. 23, 1885
Took Ada Randolph around the block in Centerville.. She heard that officials wrote to Cleveland for money two times to prosecute polygamists. The were told she had gone a little too far. Better to wait awhile. Her (word not discernable) was intending to return home. But he came again later. (Mar. 27 came up again.)

Feb 24, 1885
Three months of school gone.

Mar. 13, 1885
School was dismissed, having taught four months and Anna five.

Mar. 9, 1885
Spoke in Y. M. Association.

Mar. 16, 1885
Was no association account of choir practice preparing for the following day in honor of Bishop Jno. W. Hess, 27 yrs as bishop.

Mar. 23, 1885
Meetings adjourned till the second Monday in Oct.

Mar 28, 1885
I and Emma went to Y. Peoples Conference at Cent.

Mar. 30, 1885
Meeting under the auspices of the Y.M.M.I.A. M. F. Cowley, B.H. Roberts, F. J. Miller with partner, Wilson just off mission on 28th inst. Were present. E.B. started for Log.

Mar. 29, 1885
J. H. Wilcox appointed Supt. Of Y.M. Association of Davis Stake to take place of A.V. Call.

Mar. 31, 1885
Accompanied M. F. Cowley in canvassing for the Contributor. I subscribed, price $2.00.

Apr. 1, 1885
Weather in fore part of day stormy, the first of any showers since February. Wrote a letter to Joseph. Amasa came from helping Wilford and Jno. To Cache with the cattle. I received two stands of bees and I brought one for Anna from Centerville @ $7.00 each.

Apr. 3, 1885
Conference began at Logan. Jos. Came down there from Bear Lake and Eliza Simpson who let Anna have it to go back on as Sarah Robison, Maria's sister was not ready to go. E. B. got ready Monday, the 31st of Mar., the first. W.W. & Jno both at Logan.

Apr. 5, 1885
Father and Anna went to Logan. Aunt Nancy was already there working in the temple.

Apr. 7, 1885
Hyrum came on Tuesday. He had left Minerva (Mary) sick but was better.

Apr. 17, 1885
He returned after staying a week. Grain was very flat, 40 to 50 cts per bus. And he thought so many were farmers, he could do something else.

Apr. 22, 1885
Father said if would come on up to Morgan that day he would drive up. Laban Smith came too. G. A. Goodrich was running the mill. Father and I looked over his books. Father could not be satisfied.
He was intending to keep out of the way if there be any marshals around. Had ground and chopped in the past year an average of over 1,000 bus. Per month.

Apr. 28, 1885
Father, Will Millard, S. Robinson started to move the cattle from the range between Clarkston and Weston. They arrived in Georgetown Tues. May 5, Father going on ahead the day before.

Apr. 30, 1885
I moved to Morgan to live permanently bringing my things, two cows. Ezra C. Robinson and Tom Smith assisting me (two words not discernable) returned next day. Emma thought of weaning Marion after Apr. 2 but did not begin until May 3, 1885. Joined ward. Did not at first because we tried to get content to join s. Morgan.

May, 1885
The first few days I fixed up around the house, made a pasture in lucern for the pigs, etc.

May 5, 1885
Wrote to Asst. Supt. G. W. Dickinson to get culvert put through the R. Road. (Put in on June 5, 1885)

May 9, 1885
Mr. Yoeman met me and estimated cost of passage. 11th, I received letter to effect that they would put it in if I put it on ground. I wrote for a reconsideration. Size 14 X 14 inches and 36 & 35 ft. Put in garden seeds.

May 11-12, 1885
Planted potatoes. June 4 first vine out of ground.

May 14, 1885
Grubbing sagebrush north of the tank.

May 15, 1885
Grubbed sagebrush and Will Worlton 1/.2 day for 75 cents.

May 16, 1885
Frost during night previous killed cucumbers. Stake Conference. No visitors. Very few of the Twelve visit around publicly now on account of persecution.
Bro. Tory was speaking to me that it would be well to station persons at points to be able to give warning in case marshals should be around. They came to Paris and arrested two for polygamy , Humphreys and Simpson and two for not relinquishing offices when oath for offices were taken there. Test oath.

May 16, 1885
Bp. Jos. Porter, Liza, his daughter and Alice Porter ate dinner with us.

May 17, 1885
Attended Conference at South Morgan, W. Steward, Uintah, & Ogden & C. Welch spoke in the afternoon. E. Steed spoke during Conference also two or three young men. There were no visitors except Bro. Steward on account of only a few of the Twelve and none of the First Presidency, (Jno Taylor, Geo. Q. Cannon, Jos. F. Smith) were able to be traveling.

May 18-19-20, 1885
Sowed lucern seed above Rail Road on sagebrush land. June 4, some just up.

May 20, 1885
Shipped a grist of 50 bus of wheat to Jno Cox. Woodruff, via Evanston, Wyo, 700 bran, 1800 flour at 55 cents per bus., $27.50.

May 21, 1885
Rec'd letter from E. B. of 19 inst. Wealthy had been quite sick. Father brought news from Salt Lake that day that Jos. Phelps was arrested there on a charge of polygamy. Enclosed was a letter from Berlin, J. M. Tan. Underdated Apr. 28.

May 23, 1885
Drove to Farmington in five hours leaving here at 4 o'clock, P.M. Father had been home a week Wealthy was sick and had been worse. Jos. Phelps arrived with Sarah and family. Sarah Clark was working for Mother. Alice had been in winter previous.
Geo. Heiner went down with us.

May 24, 1885
After breakfast drove team from rambling in the fields and saw that the frost had the night previous frosted potato vines and killed beans.
Attended Sunday School taking up Bro. Robt Campbell while Father and S.B. Young went with E.B. to administer to Wealthy. Supt. N.T. Porter and Bro. Kenniston also preached at S. School. I helped Jno. D. Williams and J. Steed administer the Sacrament. At 4 o'clock after meeting remained at Seventy's meeting. Re-organization was completed. It was said that Seventies had to keep the "Word of Wisdom" if ordained or set apart according to spirit and letter thereof. Tea and coffee, hot drinks.
Driving to Centerville we found that Sam'l Ensign 80th birthday was being celebrated.

May 25, 1885
Drove to Salt Lake . I met (Mary)Rachel, Emma, and others. Attended Stevens Musical concert, 30 voices sang his own compositions. Free - hat passed. I & Emma said 75cnts. Drove to Centerville, 6.

May 26, 1885
Drove to Farmington, then home. Mamie Clark came with us hoping the outing to help the pain in her head.
Mary Elizabeth and Lucy started to Provo to canvass the Buddington Dress Cutting Machine.

May 31, 1885
S. B. Young and Robt Campbell visited Morgan reorganizing Seventies.

June 4, 1885
Watered Lucern.

June 5, 1885
Heavy shower.
Worked Water tax at the head of the canal.

June 7, 1885
Attended Sunday School review No. Morgan

June 8, 1885
Went after 309 ft. sheeting and 176 ft. scantling.

June 9, 1885
Met Father in Porterville, he having come up with T. Spikeman. Went home June 11.

June 10, 1885
Father, S. Porter, B. J. Porter and wife took dinner with us and I talked with J. Steward, Jr. about line of land south of race. He said the line should run to about to a cottonwood tree.

June 11, 1885
D.A. Robison signed a note promising to pay $200 for the land above water canal, w. of Jos. Hales.

June 12-13, 1885
Emma, Mamie, and I visited Coleville Mine.

June 14, 1885
We went to meeting in S. Morgan. I spoke 10 or 15 minutes. Sarah Clark visited us two days. When Alva came from taking her home he said Uncle W.O. Clark was there visiting for a few days going East.

June 26, 1885
Took 1100 lbs flour to Coalville.

June 27, 1885
Horse lame, brought back 500 lbs. coal.

June 28, 1885
Went to meeting in North Morgan.

July 4, 1885
City celebration at Stake House. I recited The Declaration of Independence. S. Francis, orator. We took dinner with him. Dance at night.

July 5, 1885
Date of my recommend to come to Morgan.

July 9, 1885
Primary meeting of Peoples Party.

July 13, 1885
Attended Seventies Meeting.

July 11, 1885
I with Jos. R. Porter and Richard Fry was chosen delegate to attend a district convention of Salt Lake, Davis & Morgan counties.

July 18, 1885
Rode over mt. To Salt Lake in 6-1/2 hrs. to convention and voted for Jas. R. Stuart as a nominee to be elected Representative to legislature.

July 20-21-22, 1885
Wilford and Millie left Georgetown to get married. Went to Coalville. Mr. & Mrs. W.W. Clark having been married, drove to Copenhagen.

July 23, 1885
I and Emma went to Farmington.

July 24, 1885
Wedding. Quite a large gathering of friends and relatives. A nice variety of presents given.

July 25, 1885
Went to Jno. Southworth's rented mill with wheat. Fixed fence. Went to the lake with Emma, Eddie, Wealthy, Wilford, Millie, Amasa, Mary Elilzabeth, Sarah, Jos. & Mame Stevenson, Alva, Porter, & etc.

July 26, 1885
Attended meeting at Centerville.

July 27. 1885
Returned home.

July 30, 1885
Went to Grass Creek mines with a load of flour.

Aug. 1, Mon. 1885
Watered potatoes.

Aug. 2, Tues. 1885
Worked on water canal.

Aug. 3, Wed. 1885
Worked on water canal ½ day.
I voted at S. Morgan 2nd time and Emma for the first time.

Aug. 5-6-7-8, 1885
Turned off water and cleaned out mill race.
Orin, Melvin, Adda & children came.

Aug. 9, 1885
Went to Centerville dairy to stay the night.

Aug. 10, Mon. 1885
Drove to Centerville leaving Emma & Marion and I went to Farmington and worked with J.E. Stevenson and Eddie 3 days and 1 day E.B. alone stacking hay.

Aug. 15, Sat. 1885
Drove to Morgan.

Aug. 16, 1885
Stake Conference. S.B. Young and Robt Campbell were in attendance. J.R. Porter spoke to me about my teaching a county select school.

Aug. 17, 1885
Emma began her studies for five months at the University of Deseret. Viz. Physics, drawing, history, English Composition, rhetoric, and Physiology.
Went to Coalville with flour and brought ton coal for school house.

Aug. 18-19, 1885
Hauled slabs.

Aug. 22, 1885
Wrote Anna at Woodruff teaching school. Grain is nearly all cut in the valley. No frost yet. Wheat 60 cents.

Aug. 23, Sun. 1885
Joined the North Morgan Ward.

Aug. 24, Mon. 1885
Bro. Goodrich balanced accounts.
Amount of grist ground from April 9th, 1884 when he took the mill after being through with J.E.. Stevenson up to Aug. 22, 1885 was ground to be------1278.1 bu
Amount of chopping same---------------------510.8 bu
Mill has used all the tall chop and 704. bu, 53 lbs.
Hence we have used 23 bu., 4 lbs more than we should.
In Oct 1884 grists 1893 bu.
In Nov. 1884 grists 695 bu.
In Nov. 1884 chop 1007
In Mar 1885 chop 920
In Mar. 1885 grist 436

Aug. 25. Tue. 1885
Rained. Went to Grass Creek. Walked from mouth of same to see Mr. Boyden, Judge Eldridge as promised deputy Sherriff and T. Thackery before coming there to sell fl. to see if or not the law permitted me to sell. Intent of law , Boyden was against sowing and threshing machines. Court had discretion in matter. I saw Judge and he was more of opinion that I was alright than otherwise. I intended to discontinue retailing or get a license of him but thought not needed. Sold first sack after dark.

Aug. 26, 2885
Saw Justice Allen $8.50
Saw Co. Clerk Alston 2.50

Aug. 25, Mon. 1885
Pd. Bro. Tucker $6.50 for a pair of boots.

Aug. 27, Thurs. 1885
Turned off the water to fix the mill race.

Aug. 29, Sat. 1885
Bishop's recommend from Farmington was received by the ward in Morgan for me to come to Morgan. Slept in kitchen at Sister Goodrich (Harriet) and a girl was born - Vilate.

Aug. 30, 1885
Went to meeting at N. Morgan. Preachers were Jessie Haven, Thos. Palmer, and Bro. E Price.

Sept 1-7. 1885
Worked on the mill race strengthening the banks of the channel to confine the water from running into J. Stewards field.

On Sun. 6 - attended Sunday school and taught H. Rock's class. Meeting, Dr. Corbitt, Dan Hunter, E. Heiner, and Geo. Heiner spoke at eve. Attended Seventies Theol. Class first.

On 7th tore dam out of tail race and turned water in.

Sept 9, 1885
Went to Canyon for lumber.

Sept 10, 1885
Went to canyon for shingles, 8000 ft @ $2.45 per 1000 and started over to Farmington about 4 o'clock arriving about 8 o'clock..

Sept. 11, 1885
Visited University of Deseret, caught sight of Emma in Rhetoric class after having visited Geometry class. Dr. Park was conducted around to see the building then occupied the third year. Ate dinner with Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Jos. Stevenson. After Emma called for her things at Mrs. Nephi Pratts then we drove home. Marion did not recognize me till morning and would not sleep with us.

Sept. 12, 1885
Stayed at Centerville most of the day. Visited Sarah Ann, Jane and Bro. Porter and family. N.T. Jn. Was studying and intended teaching in Centerville. He had been at the University 2 yrs previous. Passed in 24 studies.
Drove to Farmington, or rather, rode as T.B.C. took the buggy to Salt Lake City and left me his horse. Mother was at Logan with Uncle Edward.

Sept 13, Sun. 1885
Spoke in Farmington Sunday School per wish of Jas. Soynd presiding in absence of Jos. T. Smith. Jos. E. Stevenson proposed to come and run the mill as I was intending to teach school.

Sept 14, 1885
Rode back to Morgan in 4 hours.

18Sept 15-16, 1885
Went to Chalk Creek with 1100 lbs of flour, & 700 of bran.
Took 1200 lbs [flour] , & abt 16 lbs of bran.

18Sept 20, Sun. 1885
Went to S. School. Preached 1st time in N. Morgan.

18Sept. 21, 1885
Took load of coal to Chas. Tucker's family. Saw Anna Hardman-----from Manchester.

18Sept. 22, 1885
Took 2000 flour to Chalk Creek Mines and drove back to Grass Cr. Loaded Slack and drove home 3 o'clock

18Sept 24, 1885
Ran the mill as Geo. A. Goodrich, Miller wanted to leave.

18Sept. 25, Fri. 1885
J.E. Stevenson came to run the mill bringing Levi Stevenson. J.E. Stevenson begins to run the mill fixes gudgen(?) in the conveyor of the bolting and run it with a separate pulley and belt.

18Sept. 29, Tues. 1885
Took 1900 flour to Grass Creek. Albert with Jode's team.

18Oct. 1, 1885
Hauled lucern from the field above the R. road.

18Oct. 2, 1885
Finished hauling the second crop and took 6-1/4 thousand shinges to Farmington with Jode's team in 9 hours.

18Oct. 3, 1885
Assisted the mason, D. Terman, in laying the foundation to Susan's house. Then went to Centerville several weeks after starting to school. Marion knew me this time.
Emma's mother and father had gone to Grantsville.

18Oct. 4, Sun. 1885
Remained at Centerville. Wm Rich drove from Farmington with Anna and Sarah Clark, then to Bountiful to see his aunt. In the meantime we all visited at Bro. Porter's. Remained overnight.

18Oct. 5, Mon. 1885
Went to Farmington, leaving all well. I rode horseback over the mountain, 4 hrs, the day Joda came and he brought Mame with some of the things to keep house.

Oct. 6, 1885
Hunted for my horse. Ate dinner with W. Butters. In the Semi-Weekly News there were accounts of ten trials and conviction of polygamy and co-habitation.

Oct. 7, 1885
Scraped to build a pig pen.

Oct. 8, 1885
Hauled third crop of lucern as pig feed.

Oct. 10, 1885
Rained and snowed little. Wrote for price of a Middlings Purifier.

Oct. 11, Sun. 1885
Attended School and Meeting. Heard read second Epistle from the First Presidency to the semi-annual Conference at Logan. The courts were busy persecuting under the Edmunds Act of Mar. 22, 1882.

Oct. 12, 1885
Dug potatoes on E. cor. of field above R. Road.

Oct. 13, 1885
Finished digging.

Oct. 14, Wed. 1885
Went down the Mill Race to the dam that had been torn out to prevent mush ice from lodging. Tore out some more and the channel began to deepen. Saw part of the old sawmill water wheel as the sediment washed away.

Oct. 15, 1885
I went to Deardon & Co's mill for lumber up Sheet Canyon. Rec'd 1294 ft, 2 teams @ 16.00 per 1,000 Took 2 teams with flour and brought back coal.

Oct. 23, Fri. 1885
Divided hogs with Bro. Goodrich. There were 44 and after delivering 14 of old stock he took 9 large ones, leaving me 21, thirty five in all.

Oct. 25, Sun. 1885
In the morning g I turned water out of mill pond. Attended Sunday school and afternoon and the first of the evening meetings J.S.S., Mamie, and Levi went to Porterville to a birthday party at Maria's. We spent three days repairing mill and race.

Oct. 27, Tues. 1885
Bro. Goodrich left for Uintah taking first wife. He left 154 bu. Of wheat in bin in mill. Gave 36 bus. Wheat that was to his credit to allow for discrepancies in accounts, also the lumber he had used here of his own, and the poles in wire fence. He fed all toll chop to pigs, he said, and he charged mill with expenses and some of the expenses were paid with chop so the chop was charged twice.

Nov. 6, 1885
Took 500 ft. of lumber to Farmington. Went to Centerville and found all well. Had been absent six weeks.

Nov. 7, 1885
Returned with Emma and Marion to Farmington. Jos. S. Clark was here coming from Georgetown with Father driving cattle. Back to Centerville & to Salt Lake City.

Nov. 8, 1885
Having come from taking Emma & Marion to Centerville, I drove to town with hay and remained overnight at Emma's boarding place, Uncle Edwards.

Nov. 9, 1885
Drove to Farmington.

Nov. 10, 1885
Drove to Morgan.

Nov. 15, Sun. 1885
Attended Morgan Stake Conference and was called as a home missionary.

Nov. 29, 1885
Was set apart as a home missionary for six months.
Rain and bad roads so I attended School and did not go to Croydon to preach but went the following Sunday.. Alone, because D. Heiner, Supt of Sunday School was excused.

Nov. 30, Mon. 1885
The Morgan Co. Central School. Was commenced with eleven students.

Dec. 2, Wed. 1885
The School was postponed till more were ready.

Dec. 5, Sat. 1885
Joda and Mame went to Farmington and returned, Phebe and two children with them.

Dec. 7, Mon. 1885
Having been appointed water master I was sustained by vote by tax payers.
Rec'd wedding cards from Amasa and Alice.
Borrowed a Berkshire.

Dec. 13, 1885
I and Bro. D. Heiner visited C. Morgan Ward. We occupied ½ hr., he the first 10 minutes. I spoke about the same length of time (20 min.) at Croydon wk. Previous, and the same evening at N. Morgan.Dec. 14, 1885
Began School again. Fifteen student. I reported to the committee in charge and they decided to let it stop as a failure but the pupils were not willing and said they would pay $3.00 per month. I concluded to try the school on my own responsibility.

Dec. 16, Wed. 1885
Dismissed school till following Tuesday.

Dec. 17, 1885
Drove to Farmington with nearly 1000 lbs chopp. Attend. Amasa's and Alice's wedding reception at the home of the bride. Emma was in Centerville. Emma discontinued school lacking six days of having attended school one semester.

Dec. 18, 1885
Took Emma to Centerville.

Dec. 19, 1885
Drove from Centerville to Farmington then home.

Dec. 20, 1885
Attended annual meeting of the ward. Sunday School and Y.M.Y.L. Association.

Dec. 22, Tues. 1885
Emma came up on the train. We stopped with Joda and Mame till Dec. 30.
Taught school three days Christmas week.

Dec. 25, 1885
Christmas. Ate dinner with Joda and Mame. At night I went to schoolhouse to an entertainment.

Dec. 26, 1885
Mill froze and little or no grinding for 3 wks.

Dec. 28, Mon. 1885
Central School continued today, but there not being any more students to make out sufficient number I dismissed the school having taught ten days, average attendance - 14.

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