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Charles Rich Clark Journals
1861 - 1884

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1885. 7 Aug.
Rebaptized by T.S. Smith. Confirmed by D. Miller. Ordained a priest Nov. 21, 1877.

1861. April 1
Born 1869 9-8. Baptized by Job Welling, confirmed by Daniel A. Miller Aug. 8, 1869.

1874, September.
Went to Bear Lake to help bring the cattle, camping for the first time in my life in Huntsville with father, Joseph and David Hess. Aunt Nancy and Jos. E, Stevenson were there summers. Rebaptized Aug. 11 by Thomas S. Smith.

1875. September.
Went to Georgetown overtaking Apostle Rich at Woolen Mills toward the mouth of Ogden Canyon. Jos. drove the general's teams some of the way. Jos. Phelps was along.

1876. Nov. 21.
Ordained a priest, and acted as a teacher in the ward.

Attended J.E. Robinson's school in winter, Kennard's in spring and in the fall and winter attended J. H. Wilcox's in Workmhouse [sic].

Attended school to J. H. Win in E. Adobe.

From Aug. 18, till June, took the normal course in the University of Deseret obtaining two certificates.

Took Mathematical course in University passing except Algebra.

1880, July, 27.
Ordained an elder in priesthood meeting of old stake in Farmington by Anson Fallon (name undistinguishable) on application of father to the presiding authority.

1881. August.
After two visits to Morgan, I went to fix race and help run the mill till Oct. latter part.

1882. November.
Began teaching school in Centerville, having an introduction the night previous to Miss Woolley by Miss Em. Porter. Board with N.T. Porter two months, Samuel Parrish one, and J. W. Woolley one. Wages $4 and board. Dismissed 1882 on March 15.

1882. April 10.
Started for Georgetown with cattle with Hyrum, Bruce and Ezra Palmer. Hyrum and Ezra went back from Bilet and H.D. went to visit Goose Creek. Five weeks on Bear R flat . Father, Ezra Palmer came and H.D. took us on a mule in Clarkston. While at Georgetown, Jo. S was notified to start for Miss. June 13, 1882.

1882, May
Father, Joseph and family (and Hyrum with effects for Goose Creek) left me at Georgetown.

June 25, 1882
Wilford, Mary Elizabeth with children and Ezra Stevenson came.

June 28, 1882
I started home horseback and arrived next day near 10 o'clock

July 28, 1882
J. M Secrist, Jacob Miller and Jonathan Wood were called to the bishopric.

Aug. 8, 1882
In Salt Lake with hay, met one whom I visited a week later (in Centerville). I had previously to the latter instance been riding in the buggy. Afterwards I called at (indiscernable name) and gave two das. consideration. Ordained an Elder in 1880 on 27 of July.

Aug. 28, 1882
Anna, Athalia and I started at school to Provo, BYA. Studied theology 8 terms, General History 3 turns, book keeping 1 1/2 terms, Rhetoric 3, Chemistry 1, Latin 2 weeks, Education 3, Pol. Science two, Penmanship 3. Attended 29 weeks and discontinued as I was needed at home. Joseph was in Miss.

March 23, 1883
Stated with 33 cattle with Bruce, Ezra Palmer, H Rice and (not discernable).

April 14, 1883
Arrived finding Mother there, who left April 9 and W.W. & (not discernable name)

April 28, 1883
Visited Eliza and Maggie Phelps with small pox.

May 13, 1883
Crops nearly in. I started home bringing "Charley", " Magie", & (not readable)

June 28, 1883
Was married to Miss M. E. Woolley by D H Wells receiving our endowments then. She was born Jan 31, 1862, baptized Oct. 5, 1870 by Jus. W. Woolley, confirmed by Ozias Kelbourn and Nathan T. Porter at Centerville where she came Feb. 27, 1864.

July 23, 1883
We started for Georgetown, arriving July 27.

July 29, 1883
Visited Montpelier.

July 31, 1883
Fourteen of us visited Soda [Springs] just before beginning to cut hay in Nounan.

Aug. 6, 1883
Began cutting hay.

Aug. 18-19, 1883
Attended conference at Paris. Pres. Taylor, Canon, Smith, Apostle W. Woodruff and Bp. Sheets.

Aug. 20, 1883
Wilford started home with one ton of cheese. Letter from Jos. S. C.

Aug. 27, 1883
Hired a Mrs. Pumroy at $1. Letter from Jos. E. W.

Oct. 18, 1883
Father came after stock.

Sept. 25, 1883
It stormed when I had hauled four loads of wheat.

Oct, 27, Saturday, 1883
Made my first trip to the canyon.

Oct. 28, 1883
Found two of father's horses in the field and started with them.

Nov. 5, 1883

Nov. 15, 1883
Emily C. Porter married. Received cards.

Nov. 21-22, 1883
Snowed over 12 inches.

Nov. 23-28, 1883
Canyon with sled and bells.

Nov. 29, 1883
To drive and mill and Ben.

Dec 2, 1883

Dec. 4, 1883
Drive at Georgetown, 5th at Montpelier, 3rd to Corkin's ranch.

Dec. 6, 1883
Sold beef and pork.

Jan. 26, 1884
B.Y. Academy burnt. W. W. wrote.

Feb. 2, 1884
Moved horses from south hills to Nounan hills.

Feb. 16, 1884
Robison Bros. drove stock to Bennington. $1.00 pr man.

Feb. 20, 1884
Seven inches snow making three feet on level. In Association I answered a question and spoke on Bk. Of Mormon

Feb. 22, 1884
Thawed by sunshine, 29th Fine--- 3 feet of snow, settled six inches.

March 12, 1884
Two days meeting at ' Pelier. Alice went with me.

March 6, 1884
Thawed. 10" 8 inches snow fell. 8 horses moved on ft. hills.

March 15, 1884
Moved horses farther down. 18" carried hay, 8 oats to colt.

Mar. 16, 1884
Joseph E. came for me.

Mar. 17, 1884
Eman and Joe moved six horses from east ridge. J. B. having walked about 20 miles that day and night to get medicine for Mange. 1 lb lard, l oz carbolic acid, 1/2 lb sulphur

March 18, 1884
Meeting about running water south across point.

March 20, 1884
Four foot snow in field.

March 23, 1884
Went to Nounan Hill and drove horses home. No. Bare Ridge.

March 24, 1884
Albert Robison and I went north and found horses alive in snow 8 inches deep on feed. No school.

March 25, 1884
Carried 42 lbs oats to 2 % of ours and 6 of others. 2 inches of snow fell.

March 27, 1884
Carried 40 lbs of oats to 28. Eman and Joe 50 lbs. I helped break road up canyon for horses.

March 29, 1884
Letter from H.D. Clark. 9 acres sowed. Too many sheep stayed at (word not discernable)

March 31, 1884
Robisons to conference. I get men to move horses from N.

April 2, 1884
I went on (word not discernable) to meeting. 4 at 4:30 a.m. E. woke me up.

April 4, 1884
Marion born (calculated guess). Blessing by myself at home on 12 th. & Bp. A. Hayes. Fast Day June 5.

April 8, 1884
Went to Montpelier for Emma's mother. Snow average 2 ft.

April 15, 1884
Bare spots, hard and feed good. Went on snow shoes.

April 22, 1884
Drove 22 head cattle up canyon. 14' foot of snow.

April 29, 1884
Emma in kitchen.

May 1-2, 1884
Sunshine and played ball where dirt sowed. Rained, 3-4 snow.

May 6, 1884
Six inches of snow. Solon went to Portneif.

May 9, 1884
I and (name not discernable) went to Paris took Emma's mother to Montpelier.

May 10, 1884
Conference with Jos. F. Smith and A. Cannon up with wives.

May 11, 1884
Ordained a seventy by Chas. H. Bridges. (word not discernable) who didn't keep Word of Wisdom. Went with party to Montpelier where I was set apart as one of the seven presidents of Seventies of 79 Quorum. Plowing some (word not discernable) of sowing. Snow on ground when left.

May 15, 1884
Father (word not discernable). John, J. Ferrell, Alma Jensen, arrived with cattle.

May 18, 1884
High (word not discernable), parts of Utah.

May 23, 1884
Jos. & Sarah Phelps here.

May 28, 1884
Finished (word not discernable) small grain.

May 29, 1884
Father started back. (8 deer died.)

May 30, 1884
Went to Montpelier. Bridges wished me to get recommended to 1" 7 pres. of Seventies, Salt Lake City.

May 31, 1884
Meeting (two words not discernable) to call speakers to the stand.

June 2, 1884
Went to Liberty for 600 feet of lumber due Joseph $ 5 pr 1,000.
I and W W went to ' Pelier and he made an entry of 1 sec. Entry Father having suggested that he or each take 160 acre. Monday, Ist, we examined and set stakes 25 cents per. Paid down.

June 4, 1884
Received letter from Joseph C. stating his release.

June 5, 1884
Marion blessed by Alma Hayes.

June 6, 1884
Seventies meeting to enroll. I was appointed to take charge of Seventies Theological classes at Georgetown, 11 seventies.

June 15, 1884
C H Bridges and Ole Peterson, home missionaries at dinner.

June 15, 1884
Theological class in schoolhouse.

June 18, 1884
Took 291 cattle to Star Valley, 13 here, 58 at dairy, 6 at Bennington.

June 23, 1884
W & Jno went to Valley.

June 20, 1884
Went to Montpelier. Jos. Phelps rec'd letter about death of W. Cooper.

June 21, 1884
W & Jno. Went to' Pelier. W. paid $65 on land deal.

June 27-28
I and Emma at Soda Springs.

June 29, 1884
Bp called on me to act as teacher while Jno. Hess to Salt Lake City.

July 4, 1884
Spoke in celebration. Opening address.

July 12, 1884
Seventies meeting at 'Pelier. I & Emma came home 13th.

July 24, 1884
I Recited "Count Card. Standard."

July 30, 1884
Salt Lake excursion to Soda. Squires & Robisons up.

Aug. 2, 1884
Helped survey. 3 Maris shortened.[sic] 14 weighs 2 1 lbs, age 4 1/4.

Aug. 8, 1884
Y M. Conference & I reported 9th-10th Conference of Stake.

Aug. 11, 1884
Meeting at Georgetown. Part of Pres. Party. G. Q. Cannon with us.

Aug. 12, 1884
Began cutting hay in River Bend.

Aug. 16, 1884
J. B. Green & I were fishing--25 fish.

Aug. 20, 1884
Sent 6 cows to dairy. 18 & 19. W & Jno found cattle right. W. cut hay in Nounan 21". Geo & Solon hauled on R. Bend, Nounan.

Aug. 23, 1884
Joseph and Susan arrived, Jos. Having returned from Paris July 6, 1884. Joe Rich here. Went and drove horses from over divide. There are 65 horses.

(Two days dot discernable)

Aug. 8, 1884
I was asked to make programs for Sunday School.
Seventies meeting at Montpelier. I spoke.

Sept. 9, 1884
Rain from 5 till 9. Frost in. thick.
Raised the stable loft .

(Half page not discernable)

Oct. 17, 1884
Drove to near Reader's Ranch.

Oct. 18, 1884
Camped at 2nd fording.

Oct. 19, 1884
Arrived at Georgetown. Jos., W.W., Jno, and Susan there and 332 cattle there. 33 left at Georgetown. Brought 324.

Oct. 28, 1884
Left Georgetown. Met Jos. Stevenson going to Sandy.

Nov. 5, 1884
On 5th near mouth of Weber Canyon. Arrived home on 5th of Nov.

Nov. 17, 1884
Began keeping house in West two rooms.
Began Centerville School Mon. after. Anna @ $70.00

Nov. 23, 1884
Uncle Edward here. Attended Seventies Meeting.

Nov. 25, 1884
School. Emma went to Centerville with us.

Nov. 27, 1884
Thankgsgiving Day. First dinner at home alone at Farmington.

Nov. 29, 1884
Fixed one-horse buggy, 30th. Aunt Nancy and Wealthy in it went to Centerville to see S. Rollins.

Dec. 2, 1884
Father and I administered to Ezra Robinson. He started to intermediate grade of school and had repulsive feelings saying, "I wish I hadn't gone to that school".
Emma received word that Mrs. Hoyt died recently and Jno & Mary had gone to Nephi, also that Bert will be married 5th, inst.

Dec. 3, 1884
Jno., Mary, and her sister, Alice started for Nephi.

Dec. 4, 1884
Quorum of Elders organized. Presidency J.E. Woolley, P.C. & H. C. Lectured 17 minutes in Seventies on Colonization of America.

Dec. 5, 1884
Received recommend from Georgetown with a letter from Joseph. No snow there. Plowed Nov. 5/84. Received letter from Jno Bunney, Clerk of 79th Qu. Of Seventies. I shall have to send there a recommend from Bp to get a transfer to the 56th Quorum. I had heard from C.H.B. Received a letter from C.H. Bridges and the brethren - send their regards.

Dec. 6, 1884
Attended Conference at Kaysville taking Mother, Susan, Alice, Eva, and Prest. Hess, also A.S. Rose part way. Rode Bess home.

Dec. 7, 1884
Conference at Kaysville. C.W. Penrose, F.D. Richards. The latter said dancing is proper under the right influence. Dancing was instituted when the saints were at Winter Quarters by the Presidency of the Church. The Saints could not get a resting place to settle till they crossed the river and obtained permission of the Indians on their territory. Many were dying and dancing cheered them.
Listening to Bro. Penrose speak of duties of members in early days of the rise of persons in the church is like taking bread and milk for supper instead of pudding and meat. Bro. Penrose said some say sin is a result of ignorance. He thought it is the result of knowledge. Without the light Jesus brought there was not much sin. Quoted scripture. The greater (word not discernable) one has for doing good, the greater sin he (word not discernable) perform if misused.
J. Terrell died.

( rest of page not readable.)

Dec. 16, 1884
Took Emma to Centerville.

Dec. 18, 1884
Took supper at Melvin Randall's and attended a lecture by B.H. Roberts. Stayed overnight. Anna home.

Dec. 20. 1884
Took 2570 lbs hay to Tame in 18 ward.

Dec. 21, 1884
Sunday School (word not discernable) answered questions on the Mission of J. Christ and of Jos. Smith.

Dec. 25, 1884
Ate dinner with Father, Mother, M., O., W.W., T.B., Lucy, Lizzie, Norfolk. I then drove to Centerville with Emma and attended a select party with Salt Lake Music.

Dec. 16, 1884
Went to Lizzie Stevenson Wilcox's wedding at Uncle Edward's.
Seventh ward Salt Lake City, the trustees wanted to raise a tax to build a school house. Gentile opposed to Polygamists voting, but trustees overruled. Gentiles obtained an injunction against the assessor. They are not so interested in education as they would have the world think they are. They claim that the schools are sectarian. Teachers have some general prayer but the Judge Zane says they go to the origin of the bible. That is they want inspiration contrary to the general accepted Christianity. After Holidays there were testimonies from all parts of the Territory. There are 150 indictments for Polygamy. It was acknowledged that the charge was against the school system as a whole.

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