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The Family File

Tribute presented at the Clark Family Reunion in 1964.

A loving mother is the core and foundation of a home, and they surely needed the love and care of a mother. Brother A. L. Clark married March 31, 1895 in the Salt Lake Temple Susan Duncan. She went into that home as a loving mother and gave the little boys the same love and care she did her own five lovely children. And I'm sure they loved and honored her and do so today as their mother. She has been affectionately called "Aunt Susie." She has been such a wonderful help mate to her husband, supporting him in all he did. They have succeeded in maintaining a happy home and a wonderful companionship---just like sweethearts. One of the greatest lessons of life learned in a home is doing for others and cultivating love and devotion and good will. They have raised a wonderful family. No wonder he loves the son, "Let Me Call You Sweetheart."

We all love these good people. May this great bond of love we have for each other tie into a greater love in our Heavenly Home.

A. L. has been a mayor of our city. I remember how thrilled and excited we were when we first got electric lights through his administration. Our only source of light had been candles and kerosene lamps. How it saved us from chasing to the store for two-bits worth of coaloil every Saturday night.

He has been our bishop sixteen years, a counselor, Superintendent of the Stake Sunday School, Ward Teacher, Sunday School Teacher, and fulfilled two missions.

He was treasurer of Davis County School Board for sixteen years and President of the bank for many years.

He is a great scouter, has the honor of being an Eagle Scout and Silver Beaver. He has gone on many hikes and rough ones too, and also to many scout conventions. He has taken his older brothers up our canyon to Scout outings, returning home late and safely.

He never missed a good turn, kind to widows or the unfortunate, to the shut-ins or sick folks, taking David Hughes to sing for them; or to fix a clock or comfort the sorrowing ones; or to sit at ones piano and play "Shine On", or hand you a bunch of Articles of Faith cards to pass out to peole when going on a trip or a little Book of Mormon to hand out.

When we were children he used to pull teeth for us. I think he carried the old faucets in his pocket to the bank.

He has given much unselfish service to mankind. I think he found his deepest joy in living the gospel and sharing his love and devotion. He also loved to play. He loved his car, but his bike he loved much more. He had ridden it many years. I remember one dark night we used to have fences and a gate that stretched across the sidewalk. Amasa riding along hit the gate and was knocked to the ground. It stunned him for awhile but it didn't stop him long. He was soon up and on his way. I have often told him I would like to see him race with Frank Stevenson on their bikes. Amasa is a wonderful monument to Farmington.

He is a greater lover of his whole wheat cereal. I would like to say boil up a little more wheat and add another handful of raisins Brother Clark for we want to keep you with us for a long time yet.

He has a strong testimony of the Gospel and his life has been successful because he believed in the teachings of his Master.

We all came from a Celestial home to this earth and we shall return to a Celestial home when we leave this world. I should like to be there when Brother Amasa L. Clark receives that crown of glory for all his faithfulness, his charitable acts, his kindness and all his good thoughtful deeds while here on earth.

May God continue to bless him and his lovely companion and family.