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The Missionary Journal Of Amasa Lyman Clark
September 1888

Saturday 1, 1888.

Started in the morning for Union Co. to meet an appointment the next day. Ate dinner with Wm. Whiteside. Crossing 12 mile creek on the log the water & was high and we had to wade keeping ourselves from falling off by a small pole with w(h)ich we could reach the bottom. Arrived at Sister Bigham in the evening where we spent the night. 13 mi

Sunday 2.

Fast day. Held meeting at 3 p.m. about one dozen strangers were present. E Johnson spoke on (p.155) the First Principles. I followed speaking on the Kingdom of God.

Monday 3

I went with John Bigham to Mr. Matisons abt. 2/3 mile after their gentleman ox (a two-old). While there I fixed, or set running the clock. Returning with the ox I took hold (of) the rope which was around(d) his head when he started running as fast as he could. I held on for fear we would have (a) hard time catching him. It had been raining, the ground was slippery and I was afraid of falling if I should let loose. (S)o I held on going at a faster rate than I had ever done before on foot. I left Mr. Bigham far behind who (p.156) enjoyed a hearty laugh at the chase. Ate dinner with Bro. Bigham and called upon Aunt Sally in eve but found only Aunt Becky at home, Aunt S. was still on her visit.

Spent the night and was treated kindly. 4 mi

Tuesday. 4

Wrote to Mother and John in forenoon. After dinner,a te too much green melon which made me quite sick to my stomach & had some lit(t)le trouble.

Called on, and spent the night with Mr. Baker

Wednesday 5.

We pitched horse-shoes in the morning with Mr. B. but he did the best work. Called on Mr. McNulley about 11-oclock. He was away from home. (p.157) but intended to return in the evening. Mrs. Mc said she would have dinner for us. Before dinner we went 1 mi to post O. and posted letters. Returning had good dinner. (p.158)

Missionary Journal of Amasa Lyman Clark

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