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The Missionary Journal Of Amasa Lyman Clark
August 1888

Wednesday Aug. 2 (1)

Until the afternoon we stayed with Bro. B. when we visited Aunt Bekcy. Aunt Sally had not arrived (p.,138) from her visit. Here we had some very nice apples which she had been saving for us. Our conversation was about the Gospel as she was still investigating its principles. 3 mi.

Thursday 3. (2)

Stayed with her until evening, then we called upon Mr. Baker living a short distance away. He(re) we again had some nice apples; were treated fine.

Friday 4 (3)

In the morning Elder J & I, also Mr. B. & son Robt. Pitched horse-shoes. Mr. B & I vs. Elder J & R. We left for Bro. B's going around via P.O. posting letter to C.R.C. and Wife. It was a cool reception, when we called on our Bro. Wm. T Ivey, who was working at J. J. McCaines. We heard he (p.139) was taking up another Church which he had done before and for which he was excommunicated from our church; but repenting of his sins, he was again baptized. We called at the house, he to the door, and a heavy look came over his countenance as we took him by the hand calling him Bro. He went back into the hosue and we had to leave without having the privilege of seeing him more. 5 mi.

Saturday Aug. 5 (4)

Elder J. and I went to mill for Sister Bigham, after which I plowed corn and peas until noon. After dinner we took bath and called upon Mr. McMinis (of a mile) where we spent the night having some talk about the Gospel. (p.140)

Sunday 5

Morning we went back to Bro. B's where we had meeting at 2 p.m. Four were present besides members & children. Elder C. presided. Spent the night with Bro. B.

-Monday 6.-

We went with John Bigham and sharpened our axes at Mr. McM and in the afternoon commences (sic) making a brush fence on three sides of about 5 acres for pasturage (sic). The timber was so thick, that most of the fence could be made by felling the timber (in the same way) in a line. Ate dinner and spent the night with Bro. B's.

Tuesday 7

Continued our work on the pasture. Took dinner and spent the night with Bro. B Spent the eve with John Bigham. (p.141)

Wednesday 8

Wrote part of Johns B.s geneology (sic) in his Bible in morning. Bidding all good bye we left for the nation arrived at Bro. Whitesides and took dinner. During our journey I suffered some with the heat walking so fast. When we arrived at the river several of the Saints (male) we bathing (sic) in the river. Bro. Sanders came across after us in the batto.

Got a letter at Robert H's from Alice, also the News and Juveniles. Spent night with Alonzo Canty. 14 mi

Thursday 9.

Read the News and visited nearby all the people of the Nation with a petition to give Uncle Billy George extra help from the Government appropriation (p.142) which was held back for Medical Purposes. The petition, not being made out correctly proved a failure. Dinner with A. Canty. Spent the night with R. L. Harris. 2 mi.

Friday 10.

Posted Journal at R. L. Harris' where we had lunch, the folks being away.

Had a talk with John Brown. He had been drunk and swearing; we saw him about making the matter right before the Church. (A)also saw Taylor George who had run away from the officers at Spartanburg while under arrest for stealing. By Pres. Humphery's request we saw him about going back and making the matter right.

Spent the night with Bro. Jno. Sanders. (p.143)

-Saturday 11-

Ate dinner with M. A. Tims. Spent part of the afternoon with Sister Wylie. (T)ook supper, after which we went to Singing School. Spent night with M. A. Tims, Hill Harris being there.

Sunday 12.

S.S. at 10 a.m. Usual attendance. E. Johnson spoke. I read from the Juvenile Instructor. After SS. Called to see Sister Wylile (Wylie?) to have her come before the saints for profanity. (H)ad a talk with Bro. Thos. Harris.

2 p.m.

Meeting called to order by Elder C. Bro. Geo Canty & R.L. Harris, by request, made a few remarks. Elder C. spoke, faith repentence (sic) forgive one another etc. after (p.144) which Elder J. occupied some time. Attendance was good.

Called on Mr. Ballard our old friend;--had nice peaches; also had the first mess of green corn. 1 mi.

Monday 13.

Visited our melon-patch, retired to the woods and ate two nice melons; carried two large ones to the house which we helped eat during the day. (H)ad plenty of apples and peaches.

In the afternoon we called and saw Miss. Smith (age abt 35) living nearby.

Before leaving (,) Mrs. B gave us some apples in a sack to take with us. Spent the night with Geo. Canty. 2 mi.

Tuesday 14

Posted Journal at Bro. Geo. Canty's (p.145) Dinner with Uncle Billy George. Spent night with Aunt Sarah Harris. 1 mi.

Wednesday 15. 1888

Had a morning walk and near by some black berry bushes I found my knife which I had lost about 6 weeks before through a hole in my pocket while picking black berries.

Wrote to Wm A Redd also to Wife. Chopped wood etc. After dinner did some writing & on my way to A Canty's called at Mr. Wylies and got two letters; on from Miss S and from Alice. All night---A. Canty's. 2m mi

Thursday 16.

Had bath in forenoon. Spent some time and took (dinner) with Elizabeth Harris. Spent night M.A. Tims. (p.146)


-Friday 17 Aug. -

Dinner with Sister Fanny Harris, James being at Greensville as a witness. Had a talk (with) the Young men (3) of the Nation. Spent some time at Alonzo Cantys & spent the night with R. L. Harris. 1 mi.

Saturday 18.

Spent most of the day at Alonzo Cantys. Before dinner went with David Harris to his melon patch helped eat two and brought one melon to the house.

Had game of marbles in the afternoon. After Singing School went home with A Canty. 2 mi.

Sunday 19.

S.S. at usual time and place. A.L.C. made some remarks and read from the Juvenile Instructor. (p.147) Elder J. presided over a well attended meeting. He & I spoke upon the duties of the Saints. Called on Mr. Ballard after meeting; had some talk with Mr. and Mrs. B. 2 mi.

Monday 21 (20)

Some time after breakfast James B. (,) Elder J. & I went to melon patch & had all the melons we wished. By request we remained another night.

Tuesday 22, 1888 (21)

Did some reading in Testament. We again went to the melon patch and had some more bringing one to the house. Had for dinner the first mess of new sweet potatoes. As there is not much fruit in the Nation Mrs. B had us bring some away in a sack which we divided among the Saint(s) (p.148). (H)ad a bath at A. Cantys. Crossed the river in the evening and spent the night with Wm. Whiteside. Found Sister W. very sick with the measles (sic). We stayed here until after dinner the next day. 3 mi.

Wednesday 23. (22)

Wrote to Alice. Had the good luck to meet Wm. Ivey and had talk with him.

After dinner we went up to Mr. Solomon Harris' as we had understood he wanted to see us. When we arrived he and his son James(,) were (near) the latter's house making baskets to pick cotton in. It was getting dusk and we were expecting an invitation from Mr. S. Harris to go and stay all night. Instead of (p.149) this he walked off in a different direction from his house; we stood for a few moments laughing at our situation & gassing (sic) about where we would stay all night. We concluded to walk up the road with the intention of meeting the old gentleman & give him a fair chance to ask us. (W)e had not gone far when we thought we heard his voice in the woods; we stopped to listen, and as we stood there, Mr. James Harris called us back, told us he would keep one of us while the (other) could stay all night with his hired man. We were glad enough to accept the invitation as the family living near by, with whom we intended to stay with, were away from home. (p.150)

Elder J. desided (sic) I should stay with James H. young man (age abt 26) having a wife and babe. He did not have much to say about Utah affairs. Bed time soon come, when, by request, I read a chapter (15th St. John) and took lead in prayer. Had a good bed in a room by myself-slept well as the night was unusually cool. 8 mi.

Thursday 24 (23)

After Spending some time the next morning with them we went to the Nation in the afternoon; arriving in the afternoon. Took dinner and spent the night with Sarah Harris. Rec'd an interesting letter from Alice. 8 mi.

Friday 25. (24)

Posted Journal at Sarah Harris' and spent most of the day. Remained al night Jno. Sanders. (p.151)

Saturday 25.

Studied the subject of "Continuous reavelation" (sic) and spoke upon the same the following Sunday. Elder Johnson & I had bath in the river. I dressed first and took a short ride in the Battoe. After my short ride was over I tied up the Battoe but while stepping on the bank by (sic) foot slipped and in the water (and) I went up to my wallet. Just deep enough to save my watch from getting wet.

Supper at James Harris. Changed clothes at A. Cantys and attended Singing at nigh(t). Spent night Hullery Harris & Ann Tims. 2 mi.

Sunday 26

Usual attendance at S. S.; after exercises Elder J & I spoke. (p.152)

Meeting at 2 p.m. at which Sacrament was administered but for some unknown r(e)ason few partook. Spoke also Elder Johnson. Spent night with Uncle Billy George.

Monday. 27.

Spent most of the day with Uncle Billy, did some writing. Went to their melon patch & had a good time eating melons brought and ate some at the house. Spent night Jas. Harris 2 mi.

Tuesday 28. 1888.

Remained until after dinner. Met with the children in the afternoon. All night A Canty.

Wednesday 29.

Wrote to Companion; remained until (sic) after dinner. On our way (p.153) to Mr. Ballards we called to see, and administered to Sarah Harris. Spent night with Mr. B. 2 mi

Thursday. 30

Enjoyed melons and apples. Had chicken & dumplings for dinner. Spent the night Geo Canty. 1 mi.

Friday 31.

A few days before I had given Mr. Braidy some letter to post at R. H., he did not go so I went to see him in the morning early but as he was intending to go that day I left them. During the day we called upon Mr. B. had a talk. He (is) a wicked man living (in) adultery. Gave us a melon. We intended to cross river but waited for (p.154) mail until it was too late. Rec'd letter from Wife also Mother & John from Georgetown. Spent night with John Sanders. 4 mi.

Missionary Journal of Amasa Lyman Clark

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