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The Missionary Journal Of Amasa Lyman Clark
July 1888

Sunday July 1.

The next morning Elder J. was some unwell. He complained with his not knowing what was the matter, only that while young, he and other boys were playing; some one got behind him, stooped down, while another boy pushed E. Johnson over him, and liting (sic) on his back; for some time (after) his back troubled him very much, but since that time it has bothered him slightly not however as much as this morning. We were going about (p.119) two miles and one-half to Bro. Bigham's. Along the road his back seemed to give completely away & he would have to stop. After going about ½ the journey his back was so bad he could not get along. I left him in the shade of a tree, went to Bro. B's procured team & wagon and took him to where we first started for. Sam & Bob Bigham were visiting their parents and Robt. Accompanied me after E. Johnson.

We were to have meeting at 2 p.m. none were present excepting the above named men. Elder J. not being able I took charge of the meeting alone, getting the folks to sing some hymns. 5 miles

Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday we stayed with (p.120) Bro. Bigham's. Helping plow, hoe, went to mill 1 ½ mi., one afternoon sheared seven sheep, the first I had ever attempted. 5 miles

Friday 6

Elder Johnson had quite a hard time of it for a few days but by this time was able to get around, so we started for Nation. Stopped at Mr. McMinis' and had a very nice dinner of applie pie, new milk and friend chicken. His themomiter (sic) registered 97 (degrees) in shade. Had some nice ripe apples.

Arrived at the Nation in eve & ate dinner with James Harris. Went two Geo. Canty' were I found one letter and one at A. Canty's where we spent night. 14 mi.

Saturday July 7. 1888-

Enjoyed bath in forenoon and (p.121) dinner with Bro. Canty. Spent night with Bro. Robt. L. Harris.

Sunday 8.

S.S. at 10 in Arbor medium attendance John Sanders & A Clark speakers. Dinner, Jno Sanders.

At 2 p.m. Testamony (sic) meeting commenced Elder J. presiding. Several bore testamony (sic) after which the Elders spoke to a fair attendance. Our friend Mr. Ballard being present took us home with him where we spent the night and were treated finely. 1 mi.

Monday 9.

Sunday evening we sat up quite late explaining salvation for the dead to Mr. & Mrs. Ballard. Took dinner with Mrs. Smith who was living near by. When we got through eating, she said (p.122) "return thanks." This was something new for us as E. Johnson asked a blessing at the commencement an(d) nudged me to return thanks which I attempted and got through in some shape. Spent night Uncle Billy Geo. 2 mi.

Tuesday 10

Wrote a letter to my wife and read a piece on the Priesthood by Jos. E. Taylor. Had dinner. Spent night with Bro. Geo. Canty.

Wednesday 11.

Left for R.H. in morning stayed at Thos. Harris wrote to E.B.C. (T)ook dinner and pursued my journey rec'd one letter, from Alice. Had my 1st glass of soda water. Bot (sic) pair scissors 38 cents at Racket Store for Fanny Harris. Returning we spent night with Thos. Harris. 12 mi

Thursday 12

Came to Nation, ate dinner Bro. (p.123) James Harris also spent the night. Wrote to Ezra T Clark & Companion. 6mi

Friday 13.

Visited the iron bridge of the C. C. & A three miles below Nation. It will be a good bridge when completed, standing on three pillars and two butments (sic). Was not finished quite. Returning Mrs. Ballard had a nice dinner prepared for us. Spent night with Alonzo Canty. 7 miles.

Saturday 14

Cleaned a small clock. After dinner, enjoyed a nice bath in Catawba River. Singing at 8 p.m. Spent night with Sarah Harris and Son.

Sunday 15.

S.S. was held in the School House also meeting as it was (p.124) rainy & cool. Elder Johnson spoke to a fairly attended school. Testamony (sic) meeting at 2 p.m. at which the Sacrament was administered. Several bore testimony (sick) after which the Elders spoke medium attendance. Took dinner with Sister Sarah Harris and spent the night with John Sanders.

Monday July 16.

We decided that I should go to Union County and assist Bro. Bigham in his work as, he is old and infirm, and Elder Johnson stay at the Nation. When we came to the river in the forenoon, the battoe was on the other side, so I stripped off swam the river came back with batto for Elder Johnson. We took dinner with Wm Whiteside after which (p.125) I pursued my journey. Elder J. accompanying me as far as Twelve Mile Creek, a few miles distance. Arrived at Bro. Bigham in the evening---spent night. 13 mi

Tuesday 17

Went to hoeing corn & peas in the forenoon. The pasture that Bro. B. kept his cows in was very poor and Sister B. was in the habit of going some distance and cutting hay along the creek with a case knife for her cows, which job I looked after while there. While at the job I couldn't help contrasting such a manner of cutting to the way I was cutting it one year previous. Took dinner with Mr. John Bigham living near by.

Wednesday 18

Went 1 ½ miles to mill, bot (sic) one bushel of corn, had it ground (p.126) and "toated" (sic) the grist on by (sic) back the usual way. Plowed the remaining part of the forenoon and hoed cotton after.

Thursday 19. 1888.

Engaged in hoeing cotton in the forenoon and corn in the afternoon. During my stay with the old folks I had an interesting time as they are anxious to hear the Gospel principles explained.

-Friday 20-

During the night we had a nice rain and I went and called on "Aunt" Becky Baker. Aunt Sally had not returned from her visit. Aunt Rebecca was very interested in and was investigating the Gospel and I enjoyed myself with her, it being a treat to get to talk. (p.127) with a person thus interested. Had nice food and a good bed which I appreciated after being troubled with bed-bugs (chinches) (sic) at Bro. B. The fir(s)t night at Bro. B's. was one not to be forgotton (sic) if desperately fighting bugs all night has anything to do with charging my memory withy such an affair. 3 mi.

Saturday 21

Wrote to Alice during the forenoon. Went via. Of P.O. to Bro. B's. After dinner wrote a letter for Sister Bigham and then started for the Nation where I arrived in the evening. Bro. Wm Whiteside helped me across the river in the batto and took it back again. Met Elder J at the river where I took a bath, took supper at James Harris and went to Sing (p.128)ing in ev. Rec'd letters from W. W. C. stating he had rec'd letter of Inquiry also one from Alice. 18 miles.

Spent the night with R. L. Harris.

Sunday 22 1888.

Met with S.S. at 10 a.m. fair attendance. Elder C. spoke to the children. Spent noon with A Canty. Meeting at 2 p.m. was well attended. Elder Johnson and I spoke. Went and called on Mr. Ballard. Sat up until about eleven o'clock to see the eclipse of the moon which commenced at 10-28. 1 mi.

Monday 23.

Wrote a letter to E. A. Catterell posted my journal. Had a nice dinner and had some nice apples also. Spent the night with James Harris. Had a game of marbles in the evening with boys. (p.129)

Tuesday 24.

Posted the Nation Journal. Dinner Uncle Billy George, after which we went up the river 8 miles, talking some about home and about the Gospel, by the way; arrived at Mr. and Sister Wylies in the evening.

On our way we took a bath in the Catawba River. Spent the night at Mr. W's having some nice apples to eat in the evening. 8 miles.

Wednesday 25

We had heard that Mr. Solomon Harris, the owner of a large plantation, wished to talk with us on certain points. Prior to this we had sent him a Congress Record containing arguments of Richards & Caine (p.130) in favor of Utah becoming (a) State. It treated on Celestial Marriage which he thought was all a humbug. He said woman was taken from man and she would return again in our future existence. While he said this, his wife stood by his side and seemed perfectly satisfied with the idea, believing as he seemed to, that the woman in this state could be happy. We told him no rib had been taken from him, or us. (A)lso explained that we all had to stand before the Jud(g)ment seat etc. and that the "spirit must return to God who Gave" it. Ecc 12-7.

We told him he had a Spirit and a body also his wife, and that the blending of spirits would be something strange. Explained the Law of Moses of 7 brothers; also woman no without man. He had (p.131) nothing more to say on the Marriage Question. He asked us in and we enjoyed a very nice dinner with him. Spent the night with Mr. Wyley. Had plenty of nice applies also some melons at Mr. Harris'.

-Thursday 26 1888-

Commenced a letter to Companion. Called on Mr. Harris and again enjoyed ourselves sitting in the shade chatting with him. Helped him eat two melons in forenoon.

For dinner we had fried onions, tomatoes, apple-pie, and grape-pie etc…

We had understood that he had quite a number of religious subjects he wished to talk about but it seemed the youths hemmed him in too close and he (p.132) preffered (sic) talking about something else. We talked about the different classes of people, their intelligence etc. After a while Mr. Wylie came and joined the conversation. He is the one who Mr. Harris told he wanted to talk with.

Mr. Wylie said, "he (Mr H) can prove there was (sic) two distinct creations," at this Mr H. tried to turn the subject in a different direction, but we didn't care to change. His proof was that "we read about God creating man in his own image a verse or two farther along it says he create man from the dust of the earth." One verse simply explaining another. I called for his Bible, when he stepped in the room and handed us each one (one?).

The subject of preixestence (sic) was then (p.133) sprung. I told him and explained from the Bible that man existed before he came here and that by creating Adam & Eave (sic) was the way the Lord appointed for us to come upon the earth & what was the need of two creations.

I turned to Job 47 Sons of God shouted for joy, etc. Mr. H seemed to thank that Sons of God means those who do his will. I referred to Heb. 12-9 We have had Fathers of our flesh, etc. alson Numv XVI 22. Ecc. 12-7-Jam 1 5 Titus 1-2.

He gave us saying "you've got me the there. That's new doctrine" etc. Went on to tell us how much more the Ministers of the Day cared for money rather than the soul.

Mr. H is an intelligent man (p.134) and can plainly see that the Ministers speculate on the "Gospel." During our conversation he said he thought he could prove that the American Continent was inhabited before the flood. He referred to an ancient wall which was made visible by the water washing a gulley about 7 feet deep into the ground. In this gully, which he went with us to, can be seen a rude stone wall built by the ancient Nephites and buried during the period in which Christ was crucified.

We told Mr. H about the B of M. and its coming forth, but he didn't care much about listening about it, but he afterwards sent for a copy of the B of M. In the afternoon we went with him to the melon, took several to the house (p.135) and we had another enjoyable feast.

Returning from visiting the ancient ruin we spent some time with Mr. Louis Gordon his wife being a member. At 8 p.m. we held meeting in the woods near an old school-house, having a few of the desks and benches for our accomdation (sic). Our light was furnished by the bottom part of a lantern, the oil gave out leaving us in darkness to close our meeting. The attendance was small; three or four from the outside and a few members were present. Spent the night with Mr. Gordon. 2 mi.

Friday 27, 1888.

Started for the Nation 8.45 arriving at 12 o'clock. Took dinner (p.136) with sister Sarah Harris. At Geo Canty's I receive(d) a letter from my Wife containing $5.00. Spent the night with A. Canty. 9 mi.

-Saturday July 28-

Went to Rock Hill taking dinner by the way with Thos. Harris. Rec'd letter from C.R.C. also one from companion containing proofs. Bot (sic) shoes (2) collar tie, etc. As it was late when we started for the Nation we concluded to spent the night with Thos. Harris. 13 mi

Sunday 29.

Arrived at the Nation about 9. met with S. S. at 10 a.m. good attendence (sic). Speakers were E. Jos H Johnson and Wm Whiteside. Fasted all day. Went home with Geo Canty. There was a usual good attandence (sic) at the meeting at 2 p.m. Elder J. (p.137) presiding. Speakers were Elders Johnson and Clark. Bros. Canty (A) and Sanders. Spent the night with Bro. Sanders. 6 mi.

First wore my new shoes.

-Monday 31, (30) 1888-

Posted Nation Journal. Took dinner with Elizabeth Harris. Crossed the river and spent the night with Wm. Whiteside. 2 mi.

-Tuesday-1 Aug. (July 31) 1888.

After a few hours pleasant walk, we arrived at Bro. Bighams Union County, where we took dinner and spent the night. Hoed corn in the afternoon.

Missionary Journal of Amasa Lyman Clark

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