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The Missionary Journal Of Amasa Lyman Clark
June 1888

Friday 1. 1888-
Rained some in forenoon. We put top on the Bowery. Ate dinner at Bro. James Harris. Met with children at 2 p.m. after which we crossed river at Mr. Bradies Ferry to see Bro. Wm. Whiteside about getting some slabs from the saw-mill to make seats for the Bowery. Spent night with Bro. Whiteside. Had some cherries. 3 mi.

Saturday 2.

Crossed river again in morning and finding a tree of mulberries we had a feast for the first time. Got into some poison oak but washed in soda-water and it did not break out. Dinner at A. Canty's where I found a letter from Wife telling of her taking music lessons. (p.103)

June. 3

Spent night with Bro. Canty and had some cherry pie for supper. Went to schoolhouse at 8 p.m. but as it was rainy the Saints did not come to Singing.

Sunday 3.

Sunday School at 10 a.m. moderate attendance. Spoke to Saints. Had dinner at Mr. Benj Ballards and meeting at 2 p.m. Elder J. and I spoke to about a dozen darkeys and severald (pic) whites; issued six tracts. Spent night with Benj Ballard, Esq. 2 mi.

Monday 4.

Went and hoed cotton in the forenoon. Dinner = new potatoes and custard pie. Had (p.104) some religious conversation with Mrs. Ballard and was treated fine. Had some mulberries. Worked on Bowery in the afternoon. Spent night with Sister Sarah Harrises (sic) Son. 1 mi.

Tuesday 5.

Hoed cotton in forenoon. Ate dinner with Sarah Harris. Posted Journal. Met with the children in the afternoon 4. o'clock. (H)ad no school as children did not come. Spent night at Uncle Billy (George's).

Wednesday 6

Went a short distance and picked an ate some dew-berries which are a good deal like blackberries also had some cherries. Hoed cotton for 2 hrs. for A. Canty. Dinner at Bro. James Harris & had the first mess of (p.105) green peas. Wrote to Alice in the afternoon. Spent night with Bro. James Harris.

Thursday 7

Visited Bro. John Sanders in forenoon but was sick but, soon recovered. Took dinner with Sister Sarah Harris---new potatoes. Hoed cotton a short time for Bro. J. Sanders after which I started on my way to Rock Hill staying all night with Bro. Thos. Harris. 6 mi.

Friday 8.

Wrote to E.B.C. 6 and arrived in R. H. at 9 a.m. I had previously sold my light coat to Jas. Harris and I bought an alpaca coat & vest-caot. 2.90 (A)lso bot (sic) small looking glass & presented it to Mrs. A. Canty for her kindness to me in doing my washing etc. Arriving (p.106) at the Nation in the evening I spent the night with Bro. Geo. Canty. 12 mi.

Saturday 9.

Hoed cotton for Bro. Geo. Canty for sometime in forenoon where we also took dinner. Had bath in afternoon. Spent night with Bro. R. L. Harris.

-Sunday 10-

S.S. at 10 a.m. Spoke on history of Jos. Smith the Prophet. Dinner with Bro. R. L. Harris. Spoke in meeting of the First Principles. 2 mi.

Mr. Saml. Broom, a friend, was present; he told us one of his neighbors, Mr. Cullins desired to see us so we accompanied him there where we stayed all night and until (sic) eve the next day. Mr. C. was very sick & had been for about 2 weeks with the Flue (sic). He and his wife treated us very kindly. Had for supper fish (p.107) and the first blackberry pie. He asked me who Mechesideic (sic) was; he had thought he was a spirit, but my answer seemed to satisfy his mind to the contrary. In talking about Negroe(s), he said he thought they had no soul; he seemed to believe they were created and classed with the other animals. Though(t) they dwelt in the land of Knod as a kind of animal having no connection at all with the race of Adam. Cain, he thought had a dark skin but he thought the darkey sprang from his marrying in the Land of Knod.

After eating a very nice dinner we spent a few moments with the wife of Mr. Broom and then via. Of Nation and spent night with Mr. Benj Ballard. (p.108)

Tuesday (12)

Went to the field in the morning and had a time binding. Chopped some wood at the house. Had new potatoes and gravy for dinner. Hoed and replanted our melon-patch in the afternoon, also talked with Mrs. Smith (widow for some time ). Spent the night with Bro. James Harris. 4 mi.

Wednesday 13.

Had slept during the previous night in J. Sanders house as Sister S. spent night with Sister Harris. Wrote letter to wife. Ate dinner with Sister (Mrs.) Alonzo Canty and went up the river 8 miles and spent the night with Mr. Wiley crossing river at Mr. Braidies by the assistance of Bro. Ben Harris. Was very much surprised to have Sister W. give us some ripe peaches as it was the first (p.109) we had had and we did not know they were ripe. When Mr. Wiley came home from work, he brought us a few more ripe peaches. The next day we had a few more also a few ripe apples. 8 mi.

Thursday 14. 1888

Dinner with Mr. Wiley after which we visited an ancient burial ground which was in a hollow a short distance away. The creek had, when the water was high, washed the surface of the ground seemed to be of a sand loom while the top of the graves seemed to be more clay, hence the sand would wash away and leaves (p.110) the graves. We could not tell how large the burying ground was as we could not distinguish them (graves) only where the creek had washed over which was only a small area.

It is supposed the Catawba Nation was once quite a powerful one and they owned a large tract of land. They used to roam over the country as the wild Indians of the west, selling pottery and pipes which they made which trade is carried on at the present on a small scale.

They tell us that years ago they had kings to rule over them but since the whites setteled (sic) in near them, they have been robbed of their lands and many of them killed, while others migrated and joined other tribes. The (p.111) burying ground is supposed to have been one belonging to the Catawba Nation many years ago. Human bones have been found here and I also picked up part of a human jaw bone containing two teeth, but the bone was very badly decayed.

We were to spend the night with Mr. Louis Gordon and while going home we picked up some blackberries & Sister G. made some pies for supper and breakfast. 2 mi

Friday 15

Left at 7 a.m. and arrived at Bro. Wm. Whiteside's at 10. In the afternoon we picked some more blackberries and Sister W. made some more pies for supper and breakfast. (p.112)

Saturday 16

Crossed the river in the forenoon after waiting three hours for Mr. Braidy to come with they (sic) key to the batto. Took dinner with Bro. Alonzo Canty. Had no supper. Attended Singing in the evening (or night). Spent night with Sister Sarah Harris and son. 4 mi.

Sunday 17.

Sunday S. at 10 a.m. good attendance. Elder J. & I spoke. Spent noon with Bro. Sanders.

Meeting at 2 p.m. Had the Saints bear their testimony (sic). I spoke on Authenticity of the Book of Mormon. Spent night with Bro. Jno. Sanders.

Monday 18

Posted Journal and spent some time talking with Sister Jane Sanders. Dinner---Sister Sarah Harris. (p.113)


Spent the night with Bro. Geo. Canty.

Tuesday 19

Spent some time hoeing cotton for John Sanders. Dinner, Sister M. A. Tims. Wrote letter for her also to Pres. H. T. Humphreys reporting our labors. Stayed over night at Bro. Alonzo Canty.

Wednesday 20

Hoed cotton part of forenoon for A. Canty. Spent some time at R. L. Harris. Dinner with Bro. James Harris. Hoed his melon patch in afternoon and helped him shock up grain. Spent the night with our old friend Benj. Ballard and was treated fine. (1mi)

Thursday 21.

Went into the field where Mr. B's son was cradling oats, and did some binding & was not outdone in a short race. Hoed our melons. Dinner---Mr. B's. All night R. L. Harris. 1 mi. (p.114)

Friday 22.

Hoed some cotton for Bro. J. Sanders where we also had dinner. Spent night James Harris. Rainy afternoon.

Saturday 23.

Rec'd letter from Alice which one of the Saints handed me. While Elder J. was cutting my hair with Fanny Harris' scisssors, I laid them on a rock and with another one I tried to rivet them a little closer together and broke them. Afterwards paid 38 cents to replace the broken with another pair. With another pair I succeeded in getting my hair cut. Elder J. rec'd word that a registered package was at the office for him so he went to R. H. and received a new suit of clothes from his Bishop. I helped Bro. Jno. Sanders hoe cotton as he had been up the river and on the opposite (p. 115) side and floated some slabs down the river to the Nation landing which he paid 50 (cents) to have delivered upon the river banks above.

We carried these slabs from the river to Bro. James Harris where during the afternoon I with a little assistance made six benches for the Bowery. Dinner with Bro. Jno Sanders. Spent night with Bro. Geo. Canty. 1 mi.

Sunday 24.

Had bath in morning as I did not have time the night before. SS at 10 a.m. in the Bowery was not well attended. Had meeting at 2 p.m. with fair attendance. Elders J & C spoke. Dinner and spent the night with John Sanders.

Monday 25.

Spent some time and had dinner with Sister Elizabeth Harris. (p.116) Hoed cotton in the eve for Bro. Sanders. Spent night with Sister Sarah Harris & son.

Tuesday 26

Made more benches for Arbor. Dinner Bro. Wm George. Stayed all night with James Harris.

Wednesday 27.

Dinner Alonzo Canty. Lost my pocket-knife on my way to his house through a hole in my pocket. Started for Union Co. Crossed river at Mr. Brady's ferry and stayed during night with William Whiteside. 3 miles.

Thursday 28.

Arose at 3-20 a.m. rainy morning and did not start until 9 oclock, arriving at Bro. Bigham's a little after dinner, where we spent the night. 12 mi.

Friday 29.

Visited Mr. John Bigham where we took dinner. Went to visit Aunt Sally (p.117) and Becky who were away on a visit; started the same day, but Mrs. Ghant, (A)unt Ricky's daughter who lives near by received us with kindness and good treatment where we spent the night. Before leaving Bro. B's wrote a letter to Mother and Wife. 2 miles.

Saturday 30

Saw Wm T. Ivey and conversed with about his duties and his conduct for it seems Bro. I. Although having been baptized the second time is loosing (sic) ground. Had gone to his original church. Went to-and returned from P.O. Took dinner with Mr. Ghant. Called on Mr. Baker in the evening. Soon after we called, two gents & 2 ladies called & after the evening was nearly spent Mr. Baker asked us to preach, (p.118) so at 10:10 p.m. a small table was cleared for us to make use of. We both spoke and our meeting closed in about 1 hrs. After meeting several questions were asked & it was not until 1 oclock that we found ourselves tying to close our eyes in happy dreams.

6 Edward Barrett Clark

Missionary Journal of Amasa Lyman Clark

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