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The Missionary Journal Of Amasa Lyman Clark
May 1888


White at Rock Hill I wrote a letter to Wife.

Stayed all night with Bro. Thos. Harris three miles from R.H. 12 mi.

Tuesday 1st May

Had some nice sweet potatoes for breakfast and dinner which were a rarity. After dinner I went to the Nation and met with the children at 2 p.m. E. Johnson returned to R. H. to see if there was any mail but he received none. Spent the night with Bros. Harris & Canty. 7 miles.

Wednesday 2.

Posted Journal at R. L. Harris and read Testament. After dinner, spent the night with Sister Sarah Harris and son. (p.90)

Thursday 3.

Spent most of the forenoon at Sister Harris'. Took dinner with Mr. And Sister Gordon who were living near by. Spent the night with Mr. Benj. Ballard with good treatment. 2 mi.

Friday 4.

Helped John Ballard (son) plant a melon patch. After dinner wrote a letter to Father and Mother-in-law. Forgot our meeting with the children at 2 p.m., thinking it was Thursday. We had that Miss. Smith (widow) living close by who has been opposed to us now desires to hear us preach. Spent the night with Bro. Geo. Canty. 1mi.

-Saturday 5-

We worked most of the day & finished Sister Sarah Harris' porch where we ate dinner.(p.91) Spent the night with Bro. Jno. Sanders.

Sunday-6. 1888.

Held S.S. in Nation at 10 a.m. Meeting at 2 p.m. at which E. Johnson and self spoke. Took dinner with Bro. R. L. Harris. Spent night with Bro. James Harris.

Monday 7.

We started for Union Co. Had some difficulty in crossing the river, waiting for the batto which was in use down the river a short distance. Crossing the river we took dinner with Bro. Wm Whiteside and at 1-30 we continued our journey, and after 3 hours of pleasant walking we arrived at Mr. McMinice. He was away from home but was to arrive soon. While sitting wait(p.92)ing on the porch, (a) large man came and took a seat near by. After asking if we strangers I informed him who we were. He said they had no use for Mormons in their country. I spoke of our misrepresentation. He then commenced (sic) on the chorus (polygamy) (sic), but it only took a little defense of that principle until he was gone. Had a pleasant time in remaining all night with Mc. 12 miles.

Tuesday 8, 1888.

After breakfast we went down mile and spent the day and night with Bro. Bigham.

Wednesday 9.

We appointed meeting at Bro. Bigham's Saturday at 10 a.m. On our way over to Aunt Sally Ghent and Rebecca Baker's we called and (p.93) notified a family of the meeting. We took dinner and stayed all night with them. 2 mi.

Thursday 10, 1888.

In the forenoon I wrote a letter for Aunt Salley to A. J. Stookey & E Johnson wrote another for her. After dinner I wrote to wife and went and spent the night with Alexander Baker.

Friday 11.

We called on Mr. McNuley in the forenoon remaining until after dinner and had a pleasant time. Left for Sister Bighams called by the way and bid (A)unt Sally and Rebecca good bye and to the P.O. posted our letters, arriving at Bro. Bighams in the evening where we spent the night. 6 miles. (p.94)

Saturday 12.

Commenced our meeting at 10:45 a.m. with three members besides the family. Aunt Salley Rebecca and Mr. Baker. We both spoke on the First Principles (etc). Took dinner with Mr. John Bigham. Started for the Nation at 1-30 p.m. When we started it was very hot, in about an hour it commenced raining very hard and we got a good soaking, wading branches etc. but we rejoiset (sic) on our journey. Arrived at Brother Whiteside 6 p.m. where we spent night. 14 mi.

Sunday 13.

In morning we went down to the river to cross but the batto was gone. (W)e therefore had to go up the river about a mile and cross at Mr. Braidy's Ferry. River was high & in crossing we went down some. We arrived at the School House some time after S. S. was taken up. (p.95)


Took dinner with Bro. Jno Sanders. Meeting at 2 p.m. I & E. Johnson spoke. There was a colored Baptist Minister present who was pleased with what he heard. He seemed to think that our belief was the same as his. While talking after meetings, the subject of the Thief on the cross came up. I asked him to explain I Peter 4: (6) 18, 19, 20. After pausing he said he had come for information. Preaching to the Spirits seemed a new thing to him, and he said he was quite unlearned only having been a preacher for fourteen years. Stayed all night with Alonzo Canty. Letter from E. B. & wife. 3 mi.

Monday 14.

Helped Bro. Canty plant a melon patch. After dinner Elder J. & I took a bath in a creek near by.

Spent the night with R. L. Harris. Rec'd letter from F. D. Steed & wife. (p.96)

Tuesday 15.

Posted Journal in forenoon. Took dinner with Sister Ann Tims. (M)et with children at 2 p.m. Spent the night with Bro. Wm George. 1 mi

Wednesday 16.

Wrote a letter to my wife also to James Loynd. Elder J. and self administered to Sister George. Took dinner with Sister Sarah Harris and spent the night with Bro. Geo. Canty.

Thursday 17

Took dinner with Sister Elizabeth. Read a lecture given by Bro. J E Taylor on Priesthood. Rec (')d letters from John L. Hetzler Dr. & Mrs. C.R. Clark.

Spent night with Bro. James Harris. (p.97)


Friday 18

Went to see how Bro. & Sister Wm George were getting along as they had been unwell & found them some better.

Ate dinner with Alonzo Canty. Met with the children at 2 p.m. Spent night with Mr. Benj Ballard and was treated well.

Saturday 19.

Read pamplet treating on the admission of Utah as a State. Dinner with Mr. Ballard. Ate supper with Bro. Jas. Harris. Singing School in the evening. Spent night with Robt. L. Harris Esq.

Sunday 20.

S. S. at 10 a.m. was well attended. Metting (sic) was quite slimly attended on account of the rain. Spoke at each.

Dinner and spent night with Bro. John Sanders. (p.98)

Monday 21.

Read Testameint and posted Journal. Ate dinner at Sister Ann Tims. Spent night with Sister Sarah Harris & Son.

Tuesday 22.

Wrote to W. A. Redd. Took dinner at Sister S. Harris and spent the night with Bro. Alonzo Canty.

Wednesday -23-

Chopped wood for Uncle Billy George also took dinner. Took dinner with Robt Lee Harris. Rec'd letter from Wife.

Thursday 24

Dinner with Bro. Geo Canty. Bath in afternoon. Spent night with Bro. James Harris. (p.99)


25 Friday-

Took dinner with Alonzo Canty. Met with children at 2 p.m. only one however was present. Wrote to J. L. Hetzler. Started for Rock Hill spent night-Bro. Thos Harris. 6 mi

Thursdy (sic)

Spent the forenoon reading Congress pamplet on the Amission (sic) of Utah as State. After dinner we went into the National and stayed all night with James Harris Esq.

Saturday 26.

In morning wrote to Annie & Wife. Went on to Rock Hill. Bot (sic) me a hat, writing material, and medicine: Salts, siene (saline?) and a box of pills. On returning spent night with Bro. Thos. Harris 7 mi. (p.100)

Sunday 27.

Walked to Nation in the morning and attended S. S. at 10 a.m. good attendance.

Dinner at Bro. John Sanders. Meeting at 2 p.m. medium attendance. After meeting went and spent night with Mr. Benj Ballard 7 mi.

Monday 28

Plowed cotton for Mr. B. and had quite a number of strawberries which we found in the woods. After dinner we replanted and hoed our melon patch. Went to the Nation in evening and spent night with Bro. Robt. Lee Harris. It was a very warm day and hot weather in commencing. 1 mi. (p.101)

Tuesday 29.

Spent some time mending pants. Ate dinner with Bro. James Harris and had the first mess of new Irish potatoes.

At 2 p.m. we went to the School House but no children came. Commenced work on a small arbor, or bowery to hold meeting in during the summer time. Spent the night with Bro. A. Canty. 1 mi


Posted Journal in forenoon. Ate dinner with Sister Tims. Done some work on the bowery and (s)pent night with Bro. Geo. Canty.

Thursday 31.

Ate dinner with Bro. Robt. L. Harris. Wrote to Companion; spent night Jno. Sanders. Had a feast of cherries for first time.

Missionary Journal of Amasa Lyman Clark

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