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The Missionary Journal Of Amasa Lyman Clark
April 1888

Sunday April 1.

Went to S. S. in morning after which I went to James Harris and had dinner and went to R. H. to go as far as Charlotte (North Carolina) with Tersey Patterson to see her off all right. Started from Rock Hill abt. 5 p.m. arrived at Charlotte abt. 6 p.m. Put up a(t) Snyder House and I went and looked around the town and about seven the sounds of more than half a dozen Church bells warning people of meeting. I attend the 2nd Presybterian Church occupying seat in gallery directly opposite the minister. (p.77)


The singing (or music) was excellent. The choir sang twice, the minister offered prayer and read portion of a chapter from which he took text. Singing. For text he took II Cor. 5:11 & went on and showed how the terror of the Lord is manifested on ocean by storms or ship (w)recks; on the earth by eruptions & quakings and reffered (sic) to the sky as being the home of the terrible cyclones.

He told his audience they were not worshiping the right God hence, said in you are Idoliters (sic). 11 mi

Monday 2

Went and looked around the town for some time in the morning and bought collar (p.78) tie, etc. After lunch I went and bought tickets and had quite a time changing money & it was not until (sic) a few minutes before the train started that I arranged everything. I returned to Rock Hill and rec'd word that Alice & babe were still doing still doing well.4 Arriving at Nation just in time to escape a heavy thunderstorm. Found Elder Johnson at Sister Mary Harris where we spent the night. 10 mi.

Tuesday 3-

Pulled a tooth for Sister Jno Sanders in morning. Dinner at Sister Ann Tims. At 2 p.m. met with the children to teach them again. Spent night with Bro. Geo. Canty. (p.79)


Wednesday 4

Spent day & night with Bro. Wm T Ivey. (W)rote to Parents (and) J. S. Clark & wife. 1 mi.

Thursday 5-

Went to Sister Ann Tims and spent forenoon & had dinner-wrote to W. A. Redd & Eddy & Wealthy. Went and spent the night with Bro Wm George. 2 mi

-Friday 6-

Read in D & C. Took dinner with Sister John Sanders and met with the children in the afternoon teaching them the rudiments of education. Elder Johnson went to P.O. to post 5 for me & 4 letters for himself. Rec'd letters from C. R. Savage and wife to which I answered. (p.80) Crossed the river and stayed all night with Bro. Wm Whitesides (2 miles.)

-Saturday 7, 1888-

Came across river in the afternoon and Elder J. and I had a fine swim in the river. Spent night with Bro John Sanders.

-Sunday-8.-2 mi.

Had a good S. S. and meeting. Spoke at meeting. Dinner at Jno. Sanders and spent night with R. L. Harris.

Monday 9.

Spent most of the day with Sister Mary Ann Tims-wrote to T.B.C. Spent night with Bros. Harris and Canty.

Tuesday 10.

Spent forenoon with Bros Harris & Canty. Dinner at Sister Sarah Harris' spent night with Mr. Benj. Ballard and was treated (p.81) well. 1 mi.



Wednesday 11

Spent part of the forenoon explaining the Gospel to him. Had conversation after dinner. Spent night with Wm. T. Ivey.

Thursday 12

Read pamplet in forenoon. Dinner at Bro. Harris & Canty. Read Testament in afternoon and crossed river and stayed all night with Bro. Whiteside. 2 mi

Friday 13

Crossed river in the morning or rather afternoon, after waiting 3 hrs for the ferryman. Met with the children in the afternoon. Supper with Sister Jno. Sanders. Stayed all night in a house. 2 mies

Saturday 14

Ate breakfast at Bro. Geo Canty's. (p.82) Wrote to wife went to P.O. and back after 11 .am. eating lunch at Bros. Harris' & Canty's. 18 miles.

Sunday 15-

Met with well attended S. S. & meeting-spoke in latter. Ate dinner and spent night with John Sanders. Esq.

Monday 16 1888

Wrote a letter of three pages to Wm Elliott, Rochester, Minn. In answer to "Self Contradictions" etc. and one to Joseph Thorup for Alonzo Canty. Spent night with Bros. Harris and Canty.

Tuesday 17.

Spent part of the day and had dinner with sister Martha H. Tims. Met in afternoon with the children. Posted Journal and wrote to my companion. (p.83)


Wednesday 18

Elder J. went to P.O. Rec'd the News containing the Conference minutes. We spent the night with Sister Sarah Harris & Son.

Thursday 19.

Had a good time reading the News. Called to see Sister Elizabeth Harris but she was not at home. Crossed the river in the evening and spent the night with Bro. Wm Whitesides. 2 mi.

Friday 20

Crossed river again in the morning went and spent the forenoon and took dinner with Sister Ann Tims. Elder J. wrote a letter for her and I wrote to Elder M. D. Ferrin. At 2 p.m. we met with the children and taught them. 2 mi Spent night with Bro. R. L. Harris (p.84)

-Saturday 21-1888

Spent forenoon in reading etc. Took dinner and spent the night with Bros. Harris and Canty. Went to singing in the evening.

Sunday 22.

Had a good S.S. and meeting in the school-house. Spoke at each. Five were present who had never heard and (sic) Elder speak before; issued three tracts at their request. Took dinner and spent the night with Bro. John Sanders.

-Monday 23. 1888-

Spent the forenoon with Sister Jno. Sanders reading Testament, when we had dinner. Read newspaper and spent night with Mr. Benj. Ballard. (W)es (sic) treated fine. 1 mi. (p.85)


-Tuesday 24. 1888-

Elder Johnson and I went into the field where Mr. Ballard & two sons were planting cotton. I took a mule and opened furrows, the seed being dropped by one following. E. Johnson followed with the other animal covering the seed over with a wooden impliment (sic).

After taking dinner we met with the children at 2 p.m. Spent the night with Bros. Wm. George. 2 miles.

Wednesday 25.

In the morning we started to go and visit some saints living 8 miles up and on the opposite side of the river, Bro. John Brown accompanying us. Crossed river at Mr. Braidy's ferry. (p.86) (O)n arriving we took dinner with Mr. Wyley his wife being a Mormon, and moved up there from the Nation. Went to a store, close by got some paper and wrote to wife. Spent night with Mr. Wyley. 8 miles

Thursday 26.

In forenoon wrote a letter for Sister Wyley. Dinner at her daughters Sister Sarah Gordon. On returning to Nation stopped at Belair P.O. and called and saw Mrs. Ivey a few minutes. Crossed at Nat. Ferry to get letters but none came. Crossed river again and spent the night with Bro. Wm Whitesides. 8 miles

Friday 27.

Crossed river in the morning & went went from house to house via the trails trying to find the woman. (p.87) that brought the mail. Rec'd letters from Robt. Skelton and my Wife. The baby had been sick and she was not feeling very well. Took dinner with Sister Elizabeth Harris. In evening two letter came for Elder J. one from E. Humpherys, and one from his wife unfolding the news that he was Father of a fine daughter. Folks all doing well.

Saturday 28.

Took dinner with Bro. Wm. George. At 2 p.m. Gus Harris and Johnny George being eight years old were baptized by Elder J and he confirmed one and I the other. Quite a large crowd of people were present.

Spent the night with Bros. Harris and Canty. 2 mi. (p.88)

Sunday 29.

Sunday School at 10 a.m at which I spoke. (G)ood attendance. Ate dinner with Bro. John Sanders. The meeting at 2 p.m. was well attended. Four or five were present and several colored men who could not get in the small house. We both spoke to the meeting.

Wrote a letter to Parents and one to Jas. Patterson for Alonzo Canty. Spent the night with Bro. R. L. Harris.

-Monday 30-

Wrote a letter to Pres. Humpherys. Wnt to P.O. and rec'd a letter from Wm. Redd Stating that an E. in some part of the Mission preached a sermon to a mob with a rope around his neck over a tree when the mob took off the rope and sneaked away leaving the E. preaching. (p.89)5

4 Amasa's wife Alice had her second child, Amasa Sterling Clark, on March 19, 1888, two week's previous. Amasa and Alice's first child, Alice Maude Clark, was born on October 28, 1886, and died on July 1, 1887 just four months prior to Amasa leaving on his mission.

5 Timothy Baldwin Clark

Missionary Journal of Amasa Lyman Clark

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