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The Missionary Journal Of Amasa Lyman Clark
March 1888


And I spent the night with Sister Sarah Harris & son. 1 mi

Thursday 1 March.

Went to R. L. Harris. I spent the forenoon writing references in my Bible. After dinner E> Bingam cut my hair. Supper with (Bro) W> T. Ivey after which we went and spent evening with Mr. Ballad, close by, when Elder J. & I stayed all night. 1 mi

Friday March 2

After breakfast we went to Bro. Ivey's, posted journal, wrote to Robt. Skelton. Ate dinner with Bro. Ivey also supper and went to testimony (sic) meeting.

Went to stay all night with Bro. R. L. Harris. Heard a false report that a mob of 16 men were in the Nation so as to be on the safe side E. B. & I went with bed (p.60) & stayed in the woods. Elder J. stayed with W. T. Ivey.

Saturday Mar 3. 1888

Spent most of the day with R L Harris. After dinner went to Bro. Jas. Harris and had bath etc. During the day one or two strange men were seen I Nation, we thought perhaps to see where (we) were going to stay all night; so we crossed river stayed all night with Bro. Wm W. Whitesides. 2 miles.

Sunday Mar 4.

Crossed river again to S. S. & spoke in meeting. All day fast. Stayed all night with Bro. Geo. Canty. 1 mi

Monday 5

We Elders and few Saints fixed up an old building to hold S. S. (p.61)meeting in. Had been holding meeting in a private house. Ate dinner with Sister Sarah Harris. Ate supper with Bros Canty & Harris. Stayed all night with W T Ivey. Wrote to C. R. Savage and Wife. 2 miles.

Tuesday March 6-

In morning Bro. Ivey & I went to Rock Hill as Elder Ferrin was coming over from Spartanburg County to join E. Bingham and bid farewell to all, here. I got my shoes mended. Returned to Nationl. Ate supper with Bros Harris & Canty---went to Singing at which E. Ferrin occupied part of the time in speaking to Saints. Stayed all night with Bro. R. L. Harris. 19 miles (p.62)

Wednesday 7

Met E. Ferrin and Bingham in morning; crossed river and ate dinner with Bro. Wm H Whitesides. E. F & B went on to Union Co. to bid friends & saints adieu. Elder J & I stayed all night with Bro. Whitesides. During day went to river and saw baskets used in catching fish. 2 (miles)

Thursday 8

Wrote to parents and J. L. Hetzler. Crossed river and ate dinner with Sister Tims. Stayed all night with Bro. Wm George. 3 miles

Friday 9 1888.

After breakfast went to Sister Tims. Elder J. wrote a letter for Sister H. Harris. Ate dinner. I worte to C. R. C3. & wife. Testamony (sic) meeting. Spent eve. Saturday 10 =W.T. Ivey. 2mi

Elder J & I cleaned out the School House. (p.63) Took dinner with Bros Harris & Canty. Spent night with R. L. Harris. 1 mi

Sunday 11-

Held S. S. and meeting at uasual (sic) time. E. Ferrin, Bingham, Johnson & Clark present. E. Ferrin spoke in S. S. Elders F. (,) C. & B. in meeting. Elders F. & B. spoke their farewell sermon. We all took dinner with Bro. Wm George supper at Sarah Harris---spent eve together at R. L. Harris. E. J & I spent night with Bro. Jno. Sanders. 2 miles

Monday 12. 1888-

Met Elders Ferrin & Bingham in morning and they made preparations to leave. All ate dinner with Bro Geo Cantys where several of the Saints had gathered (p.64) to bid them adieu. After their bidding good bye etc. (E)lder J. & I went with them to see them off. Went to Bro. Thos. Harris' 4 mi from Rock Hill as they did not have very many accommodations for so many of us. E. Ferrin & I went to a house by & asked if we could be acmmoded (sic) there. The man of the house had gone to bed and received no, for answer, knowing who we were. We all four slept in one bed on floor and got along all right. 5 miles

Tuesday 13

The next morning we journeyed on with them stayed a short time in Rock Hill. E. Ferrin left his umbrella in P.O. & in a few moments went & found it had taken its departure. (p.65)


Went on their way 3 miles past R. H. Here we held Council Meeting. Each spoke and rec'd instructions from E. Ferrin. We then gave them the parting hand. Returned to R. H. Had lunch, wrote to wife & after mail came in we returned to the Nation ate supper at Geo Canty's-went to singing and stayed all night with John Sanders. 19 miles-

Wednesday, 14

Helped Bro. Sanders in morning saw and split wood to build his chimney higher. Ate dinner at R. L. Harris. Spent night with Mr. Ballad. 1 (miles)

Thursday, 15

Spent day and night with Wm T Ivey. Read testament. Talked E. J. abt Young Ladies. (p.66)

Friday, 16-

Went to Bro. Harris & Cantys in morning. Rec'd letters from Robt. Skelton an interesting one from Wife and Joseph S. Clark. Spent the whole day and night with Harris & Canty. Went to testimony (sic) meeting in evening. Pulled two teeth in afternoon. 1 miles

Saturday, 17.

Went & cut wood for schoolhouse-posted Journal at R. L. Harris where we took dinner. Spent the night with Bro. Geo. Canty.

Sunday 18-

I was requested to take charge of the Sunday School also held meeting and spoke at each. Went home with R. L. Harris where we spent the night. (p.67)


Monday 19-1888

Read in Testament. Ate dinner with Sister Wiley. Stayed all night with Mr. Ballard and was treated fine. 2 mi

Tuesday 20.

Elder J. and I started to R. H. to P.O. Stopped about half way and took dinner with Bro. Thos. Harris & wrote a letter to Robt. Skelton. Rec'd letter from wife desiring a new name, which I answered. Came back and spent the night with Bro. Harris. 14 mi.

Wednesday 21.

Went to Nation in morning. Took dinner with Sister Ann Tims. After dinner we met with the children and taught them their letters-how to read etc. (a)fter which I wrote aletter for Sister Rachel Harris. Then cross (p.68) Catawba River on way for Union Co to visit saints and friends there. Stayed all night with Bro Whitesides. 6 miles.

Thursday 22, 1888-

In morning started on our way for Union Co. After going two miles we came to 12 mi. creek which on account of such much rain was so high we could not cross withought (sic) going up the creek two miles so we returned to Bro. Whitesides and spent remainder of the day and night. 4 mi

Friday 22..(23)

After breakfast we started again on our journey. Went two miles extra & crossed bridge all right. Had successful journey. Before arriving at our destination we sat on a log near Walkerville P.O. and wrote a letter to our Better halves. (p.69)


Arrived at Sally Jant & Rebecca Backer's at 3-30 p.m. These are two sisters who are widows and are and have been very true friends to the Elders. We had dinner & supper together. Here we spent the night. (17 miles)

-Saturday 24-

Remained here until after dinner reading and chatting. Aunt Sally gave me $20.00 of the Confederate Money as a relic and a rosed (sic) which had been pressed. Was treated very kind. After dinner we went and stayed (1 mile) with Bro. Bigham & family. 2 mi

Sunday 25

Spent the forenoon in singing and reading. After dinner two lady visitors came in and had a good look at Elders for the first time but nothing much to say.

In evening we went north (p.70) a short distance and visited a good friend by the name of McMinice. In evening besides the family several young people came in to hear us sing as they liked to hear the Elders sing who had been here before. We sang to them a while and then I asked the man if it was intended that we should speak to them, who answered that he would leave that to us, so we held meeting at which each spoke. After which the man of the house and the young people sang. Spent night & was treated very kindly & asked to come again.

Monday March 26. 1888-

After breakfast we went and spent a short time with a young lady, according to request, (rec'd) the night previous by the name of Miss Ferguson. (p.71)


Went and took dinner with John Bigham, Bro. Bigham's son-in-Law a friend where the Elders first stayed when they came in here. We then proceeded to go and visit other friends but as we could not get across the branch we returned and had supper and spent evening. Then went and stayed all night with Bro. & Sister Bigham. 2 mi.

Tuesday 27

In morning we crossed branch went about 3 miles east called on a friend by name Mr. McNuley who is a very well read gentleman. He is and has been a good friend to the Elders. Had conversation upon different inventions and science, and for our religion. Poligamy (sic) seems to be stumb(p.72)ling block for both him and his wife. Spoke of the man who is trying to work a plan to make it rain on desserts (sic) & a scientist who predicts another Deluge in the 8th thousand year. While talking on matters of religion a visitor was in his house and when he heard me say we were anxious to get to preach he called Mr. McNuley out and told him to bring us down to his house in the evening. Some time after supper we went down to the man's house and we held meeting & each spoke. I answered the question What for and why do we have Temples. After meeting we went back to Mr. McNuley and spent the night. 3 miles (p.73)



After breakfast we went to Mr. H. Baker's and took dinner after which we intended to start back for the Nation, but as it was raining so hard we stayed all night. The two sons played on the fiddler and Elder Johnson on the accordion-was treated very well. 1 mi.

Thursday 29.

After breakfast we intended to start off; went to bid Salley Johant & Reb. Baker Go(o)d-bye & as it was raining so very hard it was not hard to get us to stay over another day. Wrote a letter for them to Elder Alonzo J. Stookey, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and had conversation. Had a fine bed (p.74) to sleep in which was enjoyed.


E. Johnson & I left in company with Wm. T Ivey for Nation taking some biscuits in our pockets. Posted a letter at Walkersville P.O. for Alice my wife. Came to Catawba River about 4 oclock in afternoon. The three days (of) almost steady rain made the river rise away beyond its banks but we went and hollowed (hollered) and two young men came over and got us and we had a nice ride as we had to start across away above the ford in order to make our landing p;lace.

Met with quite a large number of the saints on the edge of the high waters. We went to Bro. Canty's & Harris' and rec(')d letters (p.75) from Mary Elizabeth & Father (,) W A Redd (,) E. Ferren and a card from Sister Smithy. Here rec'd word to the effect that I was Daddy Clark which was thankfully received. Mother and son were doing well. Took supper with and spent the night with Bros. Canty & Harris.

There were two persons from here expecting to start next Sunday with a company of emigrants but in the letter from Elder Ferrin I was informed that no arrangements had been made (except) for sending only Tersey Patterson but if farther (sic) instructions should reach him from Pres. Spry he would send telegram, and requested me to be at R. H. 17 mi.

Saturday 31-

After breakfast I went (p.76) to Rock Hill but no news came for Henryett Canty to go to Zion. I wrote a letter to my wife-returned and stayed all night with Harris & Canty. 18 miles.

3 Charles Rich Clark.

Missionary Journal of Amasa Lyman Clark

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