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The Missionary Journal Of Amasa Lyman Clark
February 1888

Wednesday-1 of Feb.

Completed the work on the chimney. Ate dinner at Bro. Surratt's. Stayed all night with Bro. Evan Watts.

Thursday Feb. 2

Half soled my boots & helped Bro. Surratt put a hearth in his fireplace. Ate dinner and stayed all night with Bro. Surratt.

Friday. Feb. (3) (p.44)

Feb. 3 In the morni8ng wrote a letter to my wife at Bro. E. Watts and went to P.O. 6 mi; rec(')d letter from Alice; went back to Bro. James Watt's (on Mr. Black's place) & took dinner. Here met Elders Ferrin and Peck who had stayed all night with Bro. Lee Linder. Stayed all night with Bro. Davis Ayers (on Black's). 9 mi.

Saturday 4.

Went to Bro. J. Watt's in morning met Elders Ferrin & Peck, and soon after Elders Redd and Jensen came from a journey down the country south of Cowpens. According to request of E. Ferrin (Pres) Elder Redd and I were to go and visit King's Mt. Branch in Cleveland Co. N>C. and on our way hold meeting at Hampton Robson's the next day. So I went to Bro. Bolin's (p.45)


Changed clothes (4 miles) while Elder Redd went to Bro. Surratts and met us at Bro. Bolin's. We took dinner and started at 3-40 arriving at H. Robinson abt. 5-40 where we stayed all night. 11 mi.

Sunday 5 11 mi.

Held meeting at 11-40 a.m. six members present. After dinner I carried Mrs. Phillips (Sister Robson's) mother a bucket of water who lives near by. She is an old lady. When she came to meeting she brought a bucket, so I carried it full of water back for her. She treated me very well. I ate dinner with her and stayed some time. This is the first time an Elder ate with her. At one time she threatened to throw hot water on the Elders for passing her door. Stayed all night with Sister Robson. (p.46)

-Monday 6-

In the morning Sister Robson mended my pants and at 9-30 a.m. went across Broad R. (river) 9 miles and took dinner and stayed all night with Bro. Saml. Gordon. (H)is wife and family have become friendly and are investigating. 9 mi.

Tuesday 7.

Left in morning and went 6 mi and spent the day, and stayed all night with Bro. Wm Weaver. Administered (his) to child which was having warm fits and it seemed better. 6 mi.

-Wednesday 8.-

Went to Bro. Wileys near Kings Mt and on the way went a mile out of the way & visited the monument situated on the hill where the tide of battle in the Revolution turned in favor of America. 5 miles-7. (p.47)


Took dinner with Bro. & Sister Wyley and after noon went two miles and stayed all night with Mr. & Mrs. L. Wilson miles from Grover. In evening E. Redd & I explained the principles of the Gospel to them in connection with a Mrs. Starns who came to visit, there, soon after we arrived. She had heard a great many tales about the "Awful Mormons" and when she found that we were Elders she wished she had not come. She afterwards found (we) were perfectly harmless, and accepted a tract and invited us to call and visit her.

Thursday 9.

In the morning went to Brother Moses Gordon's 4 mi spent the day and stayed (p.48) all night with them. 4 mi

-Friday 10-

Went one mile to See Mr. & Mrs. Patterson and to Bro Jno Gordon's & took dinner with him. After dinner we went on to Bro. & Sister Jno. Goins+ 9 mi. (S)tayed all night. 9 mi.


After dinner-Elder Redd & I administered to Dortha-the daughter and then went 6 mi and stayed all night with Bro. Jno Gordon where we hold meetings. 6- (miles)

Sunday 12.

Held meeting at 10 a.m. Ate dinner with Bro. Gorden. Spent evening and stayed all night with Mr. & Mrs. Patterson-2 mi.

Monday 13

Took dinner with Bro. Moses M. Gordon. Stayed all night with (p.49) Mrs. Turner.---3 mi.

Tuesday 14.

In morning went and spent day with Bro. Saml Gordon. Held meeting with the family at night. Mrs. Gordon's sister (Bobbi) and her father were also present. We both spoke for an hr. each. 5 miles

Wednesday 15

Left in the morning. (A)s we (were) going along the track I sat upon a piece of timber and wrote a note to Alice & inclosede (sic) it in Mary Elizabeth's letter; went across Broad River & called at Sister Robson's. She was away from home, so Elder Redd displayed his ability in getting dinner. We then went, by way of Gaffney to Bro. James Bolin & stayed all night. 18 miles. (p.50)

Thursday 16.

Went to Bro. Surratts in morn and met the Elders. Two new Elders, Lehi Jones Cedar City, Iron Co. Utah & G.E. Burgess, Pine Valley, Washington Co. Utah. Elder Redd & I ate dinner with Mr. & Sister Bright. After dinner all of us went & administered to Mrs. H. Bright who was very sick. Seemed better and at night sent for Elders again. Elder Burgess & I, as the other Elders were away, went & administered to her again. Stayed all night with Bro. Surratt. 3 miles.

Friday 17.

Wrote letter to wife and posted my Journal. Took dinner with Bro. Evan Watts. Elder Jones and I stayed all night with Mr. Morgan Paris near Bro. Surratt's. (p.51)


Saturday 18, 88

Elder Ferrin & Redd went to P.O. Jones & I went to Bro. Jas. Watts near Black's had a bath etc.: here met Elder Jensen & Peck who had been down the country a few miles holding meeting & also back to Bro. Surratt's. We all were called to go and administer to Mrs. Harrison Bright who would be baptized if her husband would consent. We administered to her and she seemed some better. The next day Mr. Bright went for a doctor, but she refused to take his medicine. She was afterwards administered to & got better very soon. Mr. Bright said, while she as sick, he would consent (p.52) to her baptism. Then went to singing school. E. Peck & I stayed all night at Mr. (H) Bright. 7 miles. Elder Ferrin & Bing(h)am are released.

Sunday Feb. 19

Held S. S. & meeting Elders present+ Ferrin, Redd, Peck, Jensen Clark and Jones & Burgess. After meeting Elder Burgess & I went home with Bro. James Bolin and spent the night. 2 miles.

-Monday 20-

Went to Bro. Surratt's in morning. Wrote to Hyrum. Wilford & E. S. Cotton. On account of E. Ferrin & Bingham being released from their missions two new elders, Jones & Burgess were sent to the conference. Elder Alonzo J. Stookey & H.J. Humphrys traveling in new field. Elder S (Stookey) called to the office at Chattanooga to assist Pres Spry who (p.53) presides over the mission as Bro Jno Morgan has been released. Elder H. follows E. Ferrin in presiding over conference. Spent night with Mr. C. Bright. 3 miles

Tuesday 21.

After breakfast went headquarters. All Elders present at Council Meeting-partook of the Sacrament & all spoke. E. Wm. A. Redd was app to go and take Elder Stookey's place and remain a short time with Elder Humphreys and another Elder will be sent from the office to join E. Redd.

I was appointed to take Elder P. P. Bingham's place & join E. Johnson in Catawba Nation 70 miles east (100 by rail). Elders Ferrin, Redd & I made preparations to go to Spartansburg City (p.54) and buy some clothing etc. etc. (sic) Went and spent night with Mr. And Sister Henderson 3 miles from Cowpens. On leaving Mr. Blacks was called back mile and pulled tooth for Mrs. Black. 9 miles.

Wednesday 22. 1888---

Rose at 2 a.m. Sister Blackwood got us an early breakfast & we went and took train about 5 a.m. Arrived at Spartanburg City after a ride of 10 miles before day.

Bought summer clothes, shoes, penholders etc. Had a nice dinner in restaurent (sic) for 25 cents.

In afternoon E. Redd & I returned to Cowpens and after walking 7 miles & spent night with James Watts. At Spartanburg Elder Ferrin went the other way (west to Oconee Co., to visit Saints, and (p.55) as E. Redd would leave for new field before he returned, they bid each other good bye never more to meet in the Sunny South. 13 miles

Thursday 23

Ate breakfast with Sister Taylor George and accompanied E. Redd to Bro. Surratts' and made preparations to leave for Catawba Nation. Put tack in bottom of my shoes. Stayed all night with Bro. Surratt. 3 miles

Friday 24

Wrote letter in morning and at 11 a.m. bid Elders and Saints adieu, and went in a heavy rain to Gaffney's Station, stopped by the way, to Bro. James Bolin and ate dinner & got my clothing which Sister Bolin washed & then took train at Gaffneys at (p.56) 4-30 p.m. arriving at (50mi) Charlotte in evening. Stayed all night at Snyder House. 7 miles.

Saturday 25

Spent some time in morning in drying my shoes which I got wet previous day. The train was to leave at 1 p.m. so I went and took a view of the City. Contains 15,000 inhabitants one of the best looking cities I had seen in states. There are several nice houses, stores & churches. On one of the most elevated and central parts of the city stands an iron cistern, or tank about 20 feet in diamater (sic) & 130 in height. This is kept full of water to be used with engine in case of fire.

Train 1 hr late. Left at 2 p.m. & arrived in R. H. (25 mi) about 3 p.m. Left for Nationa 10 miles; got off the road and walked two or three extra miles arriving (p.57) in Nation at 8 p.m. Stayed all night with Bro. Alonzo Canty & James Harris who are living together. Here I met & stayed all night with Elders P.P. Bingham of Wilson, Utah. 13 miles

Sunday 26

In morning met Elders Jos H Johnson of Johnson, Utah my intended companion. H(e is a) young man aged 21 years old who came to mission one mo before myself. Held S.S. & meeting in a log house with good attendance. Spoke at each place. Elder J and I went home and spent night with Bro. Wm T Ivey. Wrote letter to Wife. 3 miles

Monday 27.

Met Elder Bingham and we (p.58) crossed the Catawba or Pedee R. in a batto or small boat and went three miles up the R & had dinner with his mother. (C)ame back after dinner to Bro. Wm. Whitesides one mile from the ford and stayed all night (a)nd ate for supper some cat fish which were very nice. 7 miles.

Tuesday 28.

Came back to Nation ate dinner with Mr. Louis Gordon, his wife belongs to Church. Supper with Bro. James Harris. Attended singing in the evening. Spent night with Mr. Ballard a friend was treated very kindly and slept for the first time under (upon?) a feather bed. 4 miles

Wednesday 29

Wrote references in Bible took dinner with Mr. Ballard. E. Johnson (p.59)

Missionary Journal of Amasa Lyman Clark

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