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The Missionary Journal Of Amasa Lyman Clark
January 1888

New Years 1888. Sunday.

After breakfast we went one mile south in the rain & spent the day and night with Bro. Jno. Gordon on Mr. Humphrey's plantation. 1 mi.

Monday January 2

Administered to one of the children and left at 1 p.m. went to Bro. Wm Weavers three miles south east of Grover on Mr. Patterson's Plantation. Stayed all night. 7 mi.

(Tuesday 3.)

Went and took dinner with Saister Dorer (Soer?) 11/2 mile(s) south. Her husband is opposed to our Faith. After dinner went 11/2 mi south and spent some time with Bro. Wiley. Sister Wiley is blind. (p.32) She knows how to read with raised letters. Has the Testament in two volumes each being about the size of a large center-table Bible. She is very well versed in the Scriptures. Left in the evening and went back and stayed all night with Wm. Weaver. 5 mi.

Wednesday 4 Jan.

Wrote a letter to a to Alice. Went three miles and spent several hours with mr. L.g. wilson who has been investigating-lives one half mile n-e (northeast) from Grover. Went Back to Bro. Moses Gordon's 41/2 mi and stayed all night. 7-1/2 (miles)

Thursday 5, 1888.

Went 1 mi. east. (T)ook dinner with Bro. Jno. Gordon who has moved on Mr. Thos. Camps place. After dinner went to Shelby and found Bro. Jno. Gowins working in a small (p.33) plaining (sic) mill; went from here 2 miles s-e (southeast) to his home got lost & went an extra mile. 12 mi.

Friday Jan. 6

Stayed all day and night here. In the afternoon went to Shelby, N.C. Got some Olive O(il). 4 mi.

Saturday 7. 1888.

Had a bath in the creek and wore some other underware (sic) while Sister Goins washed & dried ours. Went back to Bro. Jno. Gordon's 6 mi. where we stayed all night. Administered to Bro. Gordon's child. 6 mi

Sunday 8. Jan.

Held two meetings spoke at each. In the evening administered to Bro. Jno. Gordon's child. Stayed all night here. Had conversation with Mr. Camp who thought I (was) a young looking (p.34) preacher. Seemed interested & accepted a tract with pleasure.

Monday Jan. 9

Went and spent the day with Bro. Moses Gordons wrote to Father-in-Law and Alice. Stayed all night with Mr. Jno. Patterson treated kindly his wife would be baptized if he would permit. 3 mi.

-Tuesday 10-Jan.-

Went 8 miles s. (south) ate dinner with Bro. Wm. Weaver. Bro. Ferrin (re)baptized Sister Weaver for Adultery and I reconfirmed her. E. Ferrin went down to York Co. alone and in disguise to visit some of the Saints. I did not on account of raising suspicion as two generally travel alone. I accompanied him one mile and visited Kings Mt. Monument and then came back and stayed. (p.35)


All night with Bro. Wiley. The King's Mt. Monument is twent(y)-five feet high built of granite; the same as in SLC. (Salt Lake City) Temple. Cost $2800.00. I(t) is situated on a hill, one of the spurs of King Mt. Ridge. Build in honor of a successful Revolutionary Battle in which Gen. Furgerson at the head of English, who were camped on top of the hill, was defeated by the Americans who surrounded the hill. Here the tide of war turned in favor of America. Battled Oct. 7, 1780. Obtained a good view from the monument standing on its platform five or six feet from the ground. 10 mi

Wednesday Jan. 11, 1888

Went seven miles north-ate dinner with Bro. Wm. Weaver. (p.36) Stayed all night with Mr. Lum Turner who wanted to see the Elders. (H)e was much interested was treated kindly. I was to ask him about wanting to see the E's if I saw him while going by; so as no one could be seen the dog come at me in such a fury that the man came out and invited me in. 7 mi.

Thursday 12

Took dinner with Bro. M. Gordon. 11/2 mi. After dinner went to Bro. Jno. Gordon's 11/2 miles east. Spent the evening & stayed all night with Mr. Thos. Camp who wanted to see the Elders. Stayed up talking until (sic) 12 p.m. His wife never talked with an LDS before thought men in Utah had 7 wives and to examined my Bible thinking it a "Mormon" Bible. 3 (miles) (p.37)


Friday 13.

Ate dinner with Bro. Jno. Gordon and then went 6 mi. n (north) to Bro. Jno. Goins near Shelby N.C. (S)tayed all night. 6 mi.

Saturday 14 Jan.

Had a bath in the creek some sleet was on the ground. Wrote to my wife. Left for Bro. Jno. Gordons at 4 p.m. here met Elder Ferrin who had returned from York Country. 6 mi

Sunday 15

Had meeting at 11 a.m. & ate dinner with Bro. Jno. Gordon. Stayed all night with Bro. Moses Gordon. 2 mi.

Monday 16 Jan.

Had a fall in the old mill wheel feel and cut my head on a rock but soon got well. After dinner we went 5 mi. (p.38)


s-e (southeast). To Bro. Saml. Gordon's 2 mi nonorth (sic) of Balck's Station near Whitacer Mt. His wife is non-Mormon. Held meeting with the family and I spoke about 30 minutes by the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Stormy weather. Stayed all night. 5 mi.

Tuesday Jan. 17

In the afternoon we held meeting with family of Ruphus McDade who invited us. One mile from Bro. Gordons.

Wednesday 18

Left Bro. Gordon's in the morning went 9 miles to Sister Robinson's. In the morning Sister (Robinson) mended my pants and coat. 9 mi.

Friday 19.

Went to Bro. Surratts 10 miles via of Gaffneys here I had 7 letters, 4 from my Wife one from M.E. Clark (Mary Elizabeth) & Ezra, Wm Elliott & J.L.H. Stayed all night Bro. Evan Watts. 10 (miles) (p.39)



Wrote to C.W. Richards & Wife. Dinner with Bro. E. Watts also stayed all night with family of Bro. Wm Watts with E. Jensen.

Saturday, 21

Went to P.O. by Alonzo Canty's where I found one letter from Wife and got 3 from office 2 from Alice and one from W. W. C. (Wilford Woodruff Clark). Had dinner with Bro. Canty. Stayed all night at Morgan Paris (friend) with E. Redd. 13 (miles)

Sunday 22.

No Sunday School on account of bad weather. Held meeting with Bro. Evan Watts. Stayed all night with Harrison Bright (friend).

Monday Jan. 23

Held Council Meeting---Elders Ferrin, Redd, Peck (,) Jensen & Clark. Partook sacrament. Each spoke. (p.40)


Wrote to Alice. Stayed all night with Bro. Evan Watts.

Tuesday 24

Wrote to Chas. R. Clark-dinner with Bro. E. Watts. Went two miles s.e. (southeast). Stayed all night with Bro. James Bolin on Mr. Harrison('s) Planatation. Administered to Bro. Bolin's little boy E. Peck & myself. 2 (miles)

Wednesday 25.

Spent the day in reading and talking about the Gospel. Stayed all night.

Thursday 26.

Came up to Bro. Surratt here met Bro. Ferrin who has come from Mr. Blacks---had one letter from Alice. Had dinner with Bro. Evan Watts, also stayed all night. 2 (miles)

Friday, January 27

Wrote to Alice and Dr. J. L. Hetzler. Went two miles north with Elder. (p.41)


Peck to the Shoemakers. The weather is warm here while at home they are having a hard winter & cold weather 15" below zero at Farmington. About noon (Elders Ferrin, Peck & myself) commenced work on a rock chimney to Bro. Surratt's house where we have meetings so we can have a fire during meeting. Ate dinner and stayed all night with Bro. Surratt. 4 (miles)

Saturday Jan. 28

Worked all day on the chimney mixing mud etc. Ate dinner and stayed all night with Bro. Surratt.

Sunday Jan. 29.

Held Sunday school and meeting at Bro. Surratts with large attendance. I spoke in Sunday S. Elders Ferrin & Peck in meeting. After dinner I went home with Bro. (Bolin) where I had (p.42) dinner and stayed all night. Administered to Sister Lanier who is staying with or near Bro. Bolin.

Monday Jan. 30

Came with Bro. Bolin to Bro. X and continued work on the chimney. (O)n our way we shook some locusts down from the tree and I enjoyed them very much. In the evening I left via. Mr. Black's for the P.O. (S)tayed all night with Bro. Davis Ayrs (Ayers) (On Mr. Black's plantation). 3 mi.

Tuesday-Jan. 30 (31 3 mi.

Left for P.O. early in morning sat porch of P.O. & wrote a letter to Parents. Then walked 5 miles to Bro. Surratts for dinner. After dinner Elder Peck & I went three miles to mill with grist on our backs. On the way the string of my sack broke & let (p.43) part of my corn on the ground & we had a picnic gathering & cleaning (sic) up the corn. Elder Ferrin & I went a short distance and spent the evening with Market Bridges, an old friend to the Elders, on account of his having company, we went and stayed all night with Bro. Surratt. 16 mi.

Missionary Journal of Amasa Lyman Clark

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