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The Missionary Journal Of Amasa Lyman Clark
December 1887

Thursday Dec. 1.

Met Elder Ferrin. Ate dinner with Alonzo Canty. Went with Elder Ferrin stayled all night with Davis Ayers. 2 miles.

Friday 2nd Dec.

Ate dinner with Alonzo Canty. Stayed all night with Sydney Berry.

Satur 3 day.

Went to the post office stopped on the way back and ate dinner with Sister Lanier. Met with Bro. Jensen and Peck from Brighton. (p.16) Stayed all nigh(t) with Bro. Jas. Watts. (7 ½ miles)

Sunday 4th Dec.

Fast day. Sunday School and meeting at James Watts'. Spoke at each meeting. Took dinner with Bro. Taylor George's. Stayed all night with Bro. James Watts.

Monday 5-

Took dinner with Alonzo Canty. Stayed all night with Davis Ayers.

Tuesday 6

Went to Post Office came back to cotton picking at Davis Ayers had dinner and supper with him. Stayed all night with Jno. Black. 7 ½ miles.

Wednesday 7

Engaged in setteling (sic) difficulty between Bro. Sydney Berry and family about working part of Mr. John Black's Farm. Took dinner with Sydney Berry & stayed all night with Alonzo Canty. (p.17)

Thursday 8

Went to the post office coming back, took dinner with John Williams. Rec'd a…come from my wife. Stayed all night with John Black Esq. after holding a Testamony (sic) meeting at Bro. James Watts. 7 ½ mi.

Friday 9 Dec.

During the forenoon I attended a council meeting in the woods, by a fire, while it was raining. Moroni Ferrin, Wm A Redd and myself were present. Were engaged in setteling (sic) a difficulty between Sydney Berry and family. His wife has (had) children from four other men before marrying Bro. Berry and according to the Law of S. C. he has no right to control them but we wish to have the children bound to them so he can (p.18) control them, which he is not willing to have done.

Ate dinner with Alonzo Canty. After dinner we met with Bro. Berry in a vacant cabin of John Blacks and held council until about four p.m. when we went and visited with Sister Berry and tried to persuade her to bind the children to him which she was not willing to do. West from there about 9-30 p.m. and stayed all night with Alonzo Canty.

Saturday 10 Dec.

Wrote a letter to Alice and went to the post office while Elders Ferrin and Redd went to visit Sister Berry. Stopped at Sister Linder's on my way back and had a nice dinner with her. On coming to headquarters met Bros. & Jensen, (p.19) had a bath and Bro. Ferrin wished me to go with Elder Peck to a branch three miles east where a Sunday School and meeting are held every Sunday, average attendance about thirty. Arrived at Bro. Surratt's (headquarters) at 6-30 p.m. 10 ½ miles.

Sunday 11

Met with the saints and children about 10-30 a.m. After the reading exercises I spoke for about 15 mts. Between S. S. and meeting there was fifteen intermission. Meeting commenced at 12 o'clock. During meeting I was an instrument in speaking to the people for about thirty minutes upon the first principles of the Gospel, the Apostasy, & the Restorations of the Gospel. Bore testimony (sic) that the Gospel was (p.20) restored in these last days. After dinner went from Bro. Surratt's and visited Sister Price and took supper with her-spent the evening there and returned to Bro. Surratt's where we stayed all night.

Monday 12-1887

Spent the forenoon in picking cotton for Mrs. Surratt. After dinner cut some wood-wrote in my journal and walked two miles and a half south. Stayed all night with Bros. Thos. Blackwood & family all have been baptized except the mother. Spent the evening in talking with the family about the Gospel. 2 ½ mi.

Tuesday Dec. 13, 1887

Left Bro. Blackwood's about 9 oclock after chopping some wood, walked about one mile stayed all night with (Bro.) James Bowlin (p.21) and family. Had a good time in talking about the Gospel. Sister Bowlin told of the ill-treatment she received from her folk. Her father went away from home when she went to visit him. Her folks with not have anything to (do) with her.

Ate dinner there and stayed all night. Was treated very kindly. Enjoyed a nice dish for dinner and breakfast called stickies. Made by rolling out dough which spread with butter and brown-sugar then it is all rolled together making layers of dough, & butter & sugar. The roll is then cut into pieces about two inches long which are put into the baking oven-a little milk poured over them and then baked. 1 mi. (p.22)

Wednesday 14

Left Bro. Bowlin's about 9, o'clock went about two miles-north-west to Mr. Henry Henderson's via of Bro. Blackwood's. His family have all been baptized. Here a young lady aged 15 was sick with a dizzy head blood having rushed to her head.

Her father also had a very bad cold. We administered to them and then went about ¾ of a mile to Bro. Blackwood's and got some herbs to make some herb tea for them. When we returned the girl was better-made some tea and gave them & he felt better. We then chopped up a pile of wood. After dinner we read the Book of Mormon to them until 4 p.m. and then walked three miles to Bro. Surratt's (headquarters). Ate supper with Sister Watts, and (p.23)


Stayed all night with Bro. Surratt. 5 miles.

Thursday 15

After breakfast spent some time in writing in my journal. Two years ago this moment I was going after My Alice to start to Logan.1 Left Bro. Surratt's at 10 a.m. & went two miles south two miles (sic) and took dinner at Thos. Blackwood's. Talked with Mrs. Linder upon the Principles of our religion. Ate some very nice popped-corn.

The "Knights of Labor" are holding meetings here and quite a number are joining them. There is a general feeling among the people that they are about to create trouble with the Nation. Left Bro. Blackwood's at 4 p.m. (p.24) for Bro. Surratt's. On the road we met Elders Ferrin and Redd who accompanied us to Bro. Surratt's. Elder Peck and I went & spent the evening and stayed all night with Sister Cleveland Bright. (H)er husband has been excommunicated. 2 mi.

Friday 16-Dec.

My Wedding Day---Beautiful day. Met with Elders Ferrin & Redd & held a Council Meeting upon some difficulties to be setteled (sic) in the Church. Ate dinner with Bro. Surratt. Wrote to my wife and Dr. Hetzler. Spent the evening with the wife of Hosea Bright-he has been excommunicated. Stayed all night with Bro. Surratt.

Saturday 17. Dec.

Ate breakfast with Bro. Surratt. Went up to Alonzo Canty's (headquarters). Had bath & changed clothes (p.25)


Ate dinner with Alonzo Canty. Held Council Meeting on the case of Mrs. Sydney Berry also James Watts for drunkedness (sic). Has to make acknowledgement before the Church. Left for Bro. Surratt's with Elders Peck & Jensen. Stayed all night for Bro. Surratt. 6 mi.

Sunday 18th, 1887.

No Sunday School was held on account of the children having the mumps. Meeting commenced at 11 a.m. at which each of us spoke. Testamony (sic) meeting at 6 p.m. was held at Bro. Evan Watts. Several of Saints bore their testimony (sic). Spent night Harrison Bright.

Monday 19

Helped Mrs. Surratt pick the last of her cotton while Bro. Peck carried a grist to the mill 21/2 miles away. Ate dinner with Bro. Surratt. (p.26)

Spent the evening and stayed all night with Mr. Harrison Bright and family. Read to them from "The Martyrs" and explained the principles of the Gospel to them. (W)ent to bed 11-40.

Tuesday, 20. Dec.

Has been raining during the night and all the morning. Ate dinner with Bro. Surratt. Wrote to Alice, Wm. Elliot (of) Rochester, Minn.2 And to Jos. S. Clark. Spent the evening with Hosea Bright and stayed all night with Bro. Surratt.

Wednesday 21,

Went with Elder Peck two miles to the Shoe-makers. Came back and had dinner with Bro. Surratt. Met with Elders Ferrin & Redd who had brought me a letter from A (Alice). Held Council Meeting over the (p.27) difficulties existing in the Conference. (P)artook of the Sacrament and each of us spoke and desired to improve the condition of the Conference. After meeting left with Elder Ferrin went 2 miles south and spent the eve. & stayed all night with Bro. Thos. Blackwood. 2 miles.

(22) Thursday

Went to Mr. Henry Henderson at 8:30. Read the B of M to them; stayed until (sic) about 3 p.m. left to see Bro. Lee Linder-was away from home. We then went down towards Cowpens & stayed all night with Mr. Mat. Henderson. 4 miles.

Friday 23

Went and saw a Mr. Smith on some of Elder Ferrin's business, then went and had dinner with Mr. Jorden Blackwood's (wife had been baptized). (p.28) Stayed all night. Had conversation with a woman who had no heard the Gospel. 3 mi.

Saturday 24

Started for headquarters Alonzo Canty's distance 5 miles. Has been raining all night. Ate dinner with Bro. Alonzo Canty. Started with Elder Peck & told the people there would be no meeting tomorrow on account of so much drunkedness (sic) going on it the (sic) being the custom of the country. Stayed all night with Bro. James Bowling.

Sunday 25 Christmas (sic)

Left for Bro. Surratt's 3 miles, had Christhmas (sic) dinner with Bro. Surratt. Spent the day in singing hymns and talking. Ate supper with Bro. Surratt. Stayed all night with Bro. Evan Watts. 6 1/'2 mi. (p.29)


Monday 26 Dec.

Wrote to Wife and Parents. Ate dinner with Bro. Surratt, also stayed all night with him. 3 mi.

Tuesday 27. Dec.

Went to the P.O. coming back ate dinner with Sister Lanier. Left headquarters with Elder OP Jensen stayed all night with Theodore Bright. 12 miles

Wednesday 28, Dec.

Went to Bro. Surratt's wrote to my Companion. Held Council Meeting in the afternoon and partook of the Sacrament. Elder Ferrin and I after meeting, started on a three weeks trip to Kings Mt. 25 miles east to look after the Saints there. Walked 8 miles in the evening stayhed all night with Hampton Robinson who has been excommunicated (p.30) for drunkenness (sic). His wife is strong in the faith. (F)riends have abandoned her; her half-sister burned her house & continse (contents) down but cannot give her religion up. 8 ½ (miles)

Thursday 29. December

Stayed all day and night with Sister Robinson. Chopped a large pile of wood for her mother who has been opposed to LDS. She seemed pleased with my cutting the wood & felt better towards us. Made two pies for us for Christhmas (sic) Present.

Friday, Dec. 30.

Had a very nice chicken & dumplings for breakfast. Started on our journey at 1 p.m. went east 14 miles to Bro. Moses Gordon's on Buffalo Creek where we stayed all night & the next day and night. Read a pamplet entitled Mormon (p. 31) Exposed" The other side of Mr. Barclay (,) A Member of the British Parliament. 15 mi.

1 Amasa married his first wife, Alice Charlotte Steed, on December 16, 1885, in the Logan Temple
2 This is the guy he met on the train leaving on his mission.

Missionary Journal of Amasa Lyman Clark

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