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Hyrum Don Carlos Clark

Introduction and Appreciation

During the last number of years several in the family have felt that highlights of Father's life should be written, and some have done so, including Elwin who has passed on. In recent years, Edna had prodded me on to assemble and compile what I could. All of the sons and daughters now living who were able, have made contributions, and also two granddaughters, for which grateful appreciation is extended.

We are fortunate indeed to have a brief sketch of Father's life, written just over two months prior to his accident, and also to have copies of three letters written by him while on his first mission, in 1878, as also a copy of a letter written by his uncle and missionary companion, Edward Stevenson.

Special thanks go to Carlos for the profile picture of Father, and to Rachel (Thelma) for the extra contribution of Father's talk to his children in 1911; also to Hazel for a picture of Father with President Heber J. Grant and Sister Grant, and for a copy of Father's handwriting of a letter to her.

When we realize that Father was born in a log cabin, in early Mormon pioneer days, educated largely in the "school of hard knocks," and yet attained the stature of refinement, success, leadership, and accomplishment which were his, we can be proud of him. We can say, as he too could say, ". . . having been born of goodly parents . . ."

Again, thanks to each one who has contributed and helped to make this production possible.

To his descendants and their loved ones, this work is affectionately dedicated.

Owen Morrell Clark
July, 1883
Ogden, Utah

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