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The Family File

Hyrum Don Carlos Clark

Final advice from Hyrum Don Carlos Clark to his children

For some time now I have felt an inclination toward admonishing my children that you might know my desires concerning you; but first of all I must say as I look at all of your splendid faces that I am gratified that you are all sound in body and in mind. I am proud to have been blessed with such a wonderful large family, and as you have often heard me say, "I see in perspective a whole regiment of fine little threshers and crashers growing up about me."

But seriously now, I want all of my children to understand that each and every one of you were welcomed into this world with open arms. You can go forth from this household with that assurance. You have ample reason to be proud of your exemplary progenitors, if you do your part they, in turn, will be proud of you. Let me prevail upon you to use guarded restraint in all your desires, being moderate at all times. Always have reverence for sacred things.

If at times I have seemed a little severe in disciplining some of you, it is my hope that you will realize I was motivated by an eager anxiety for your ultimate good, as well as an intolerance toward lack of obedience or unworthy behavior.

Having been aware that some of you children have criticized and censured some of the steps I have taken in the past, particularly that of polygamy I wish you to know that in so doing I felt that it was the will of the Lord.

It has been my purpose to emphasize the importance of the knowledge and testimony you possess of the will of the Lord concerning his children here upon the Earth: A knowledge that is the greatest gift of mankind, and when you think of the comparative few who have been given this opportunity, let me say to you on this occasion that you should value highly this inheritance.

If we have left you little else but to create in each of our children a desire to live up to the ideals and principles of this great plan, we can feel highly gratified, especially in these perilous time when the very backbone of civilization is threatened.

I beseech each one of you to use the knowledge you possess. Let your associates feel the strong influence it has in your lives. Better acquaint yourselves with Gospel teachings, and so live that your conduct radiates its strength and beauty -- that you will be a power for good among men. Hold your heads high, unafraid to look any man squarely in the eye, knowing you have wronged no one.

And when you are faced with difficulties, which you all will be at one time or another, take your problems to the Lord in prayer. In this way you will gain strength and wisdom with which to handle them.

Be tolerant and kind to each other. Meet together often and partake of the spirit of integrity which we have tried to leave in trust with you. Go to the House of the Lord together.

And now I leave you with my blessing: That you will all come out of this chaos victoriously and that none of you will be given a trial or a cross that you cannot bear nobly and with dignity, is my prayer concerning each of you, my children.

(Signed) Your Father
Hyrum Don Carlos Clark

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