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Hyrum Don Carlos Clark


Blessing # 1

Farmington, Davis County, June 29, 1874

Patriarchal Blessing given by C. W. Hyde, upon the head of Hyrum Clark, son of Ezra and Mary Clark, born Feb. 13, 1856, Farmington, Davis County, Utah.

Hyrum I place my hands upon thy head and seal upon thee a patriarchal blessing, for thou wilt yet be called to proclaim the gospel to nations, kindred, tongue and people, and thou shalt have power to do any miracle to forward this kingdom, and thou shalt have the spirit of prophecy and speak with mighty power, for thine enemies shall tremble before thee and thou shalt lead many to the waters of baptism. Thou art of Ephraim and have a right to the fullness of the priesthood and wives and a great kingdom upon the earth. Thou shalt be a savior upon Mount Zion preaching the gospel from city to city.

It is thy privilege to stand upon the earth at the coming of the Savior and redeem thy dead until thou art satisfied. These blessings I seal upon thy head with thy father's household forever and ever.


Blessing #2

No. 23 Farmington, Davis County, Sept. 9, 1879

Blessing given by William J. Smith, patriarch, upon the head of Hyrum Don Carlos Clark, son of Ezra T. Clark and Mary Stevenson, born Feb. 13th, 1879, in Farmington.

Dear Brother Hyrum, I place my hands upon thy head to give unto thee a patriarchal blessing, and I bless you that your faith may increase from this very hour and your mind expand until you shall comprehend all the principles of the Redeemer's kingdom here upon the earth.

Thy faith shall increase and the power of the priesthood shall rest upon you until thou shall receive a fullness and perform and (????) great and a mighty mission upon the earth. Thou shalt have power to preach the gospel in its fullness at home as well as nations afar off. Thou shalt assist in gathering scattered Israel and hunt them from the dens and caves of the mountains and assist in the redemption of Zion and see the Kingdom of God fully established upon the earth. Thou shalt have a suitable companion and have a numerous posterity upon the earth that shall be mighty in the Priesthood and bring thy name in honorable remembrance from generation. Thy thy name shall be honored amongst the elders of Israel and thou shall be blessed with the blessings of a natural life.

Seek unto the Lord with full purpose of heart. Let not thy mind run after the vain and transitory things of this life and shun the very appearance of evil, even the shadow of it. Honor thy father and thy mother and comfort and bless them in their declining years and the God of Israel will be with thee to bless thee and establish thee in the House of Israel forever. I bless you with houses and lands, orchards and vineyards, and everything that shall make thy heart comfortable with health and peace in thy habitation. Thou art of the house of Joseph, the lineage of Ephraim, and fully entitled to the priesthood and the ordinances thereof. For thou shall minister to the lost tribes of Israel and they shall receive blessings under thy hands. Thou shalt perform a great work for the living and the dead and assist in the redemption of thy Father's House and thy Forefathers.

Apply thy heart unto wisdom and seek unto the Lord like Daniel of old that thou mayest have power with God to perform any miracle in the name of Jesus to heal the sick and have exceeding great faith like Elijah of old.

I seal every blessing of the gospel on thy head and bless you to be faithful in all things to come that your feet may stand in sure places. I bless you with the second comforter that it may abide with you forever and bless you with a holy resurrection and endless lives through thy faithfulness. I seal these blessings in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

J. Smith, Recorder

Blessing #3

NS 110 Salt Lake City Nov. 19th, 1881

A blessing given by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of Hyrum Don Carlos Clark, son of Ezra and Mary S. Clark, born in Farmington, Davis County, Feb. 19, 1856.

Brother Hyrum, I place my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ and seal the blessings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob upon thee for they are thine, through right of lineage; and I say unto thee, be firm in thy mind and prepare thyself as an elder in Israel to travel and assist in gathering scattered Israel, for the eye of the Lord has been upon thee; from thy birth he hath preserved thy life for a wise purpose.

Therefore, be upon thy guard and seek wisdom and thou shalt become a wise councilor among thy brethren. Many at home and abroad shall rejoice in thy teaching, for thy mind shall expand, the vision of thine understanding shall be opened, yea, even shall prophesy, and if necessay, thou shalt the prophecies in this journey? at home and abroad and in thy labor spiritual and temporally. Thou shall have power over evil and unclean spirits and also be enabled, if necessary, to command the elements, and the waves of the sea shall obey thy voice for the Lord knoweth the secrets of thy heart. He is pleased with thine integrity and shall hear and answer thy petitions and prepare the way before thee and give thee power over thine enemies and direct the course, for thou art of the lineage of Ephraim and an heir to the blessings, gifts, and privileges of the new and everlasting covenant; and if thy faith fail not, thy days and years shall be many, and thou shalt see the army of the Lord made bear in behalf of Israel.

The gift of healing shall also be thine through prayer and faith. Therefore be prudent and all shall be well, and thou shall rejoice in they labor and shall feed many with both spiritual and temporal food; and so long as thou art in the discharge of every duty, no power shall prevail against thee; and as a father in Israel thy fame shall be known forever and they name shall be handed down with thy posterity in honorable remembrance from generation to generation; and thou shall receive thine inheritance with those who have fought the good fight and kept the faith and won the prize. This blessing I seal upon thy head and seal thee upon to Eternal Life to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection, a Savior in thy father's house. Even so. Amen.

Blessing #4

Blessing of Hyrum D. Clark

Son of Ezra T. and Mary Stevenson Clark, born Feb. 13th, 1856. Given Jan. 12, 1901, by Patriarch Ezra T. Clark

Hyrum, I place my hands upon thy head, as a father to give unto thee a father's blessing that thou mayest feel in thy heart that the Lord is with thee.

I bless thee as a patriarch also. Thou thou art of the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and I bless thee that thou mayest live long in the land.

Thou has been an obedient son; thou hast been an ornament to thy father's House and a blessing therein. Tthou shalt from this time be greatly blest, and then shalt be a shining light in thy Father's Household, and the blessings of thy father shall be upon thee and upon thy companion and upon thy children after thee from generation to generation, and they shall emulate their examples; thou shalt be blest in thy basket and in thy store; thou shalt feed the hungry and administer to those of the people of God that are in need and be a useful man, for no power that is arrayed against thee shall prosper; thou shalt be blest abundantly with the things of the earth and with flocks and herds and shall be able to administer to the sick and afflicted people of God, and shall go forth and do a great work in the earth.

Thy name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life, and the angels of the Lord have charge over thee and have preserved thee from many dangers seen and unseen to do the things of the Lord; and He has preserved thee for a wise purpose that you may be blest with the blessings of eternal life; and an eternal increase shall be upon thee, and thou shalt be blest from this time forth; thy mind shall be quickened and enlarged and thy understanding that thou mayest be instrumental in proclaiming the word of God and be a great comfort to thy family and those with whom thou art associated in the Holy Priesthood; and thou shalt be blest therein by the power of God and thou shalt lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover. Thou shalt be an instrument in the ordinances of the Holy Priesthood, and thou shalt be blest as a man of God and be preserved upon the earth to do a great work through thy faithfulness and obedience to the Lord, for thou shalt claim the blessings of honoring thy parents and thy days shall be long in the land. This blessing is thine and shall rest upon thee, and thou shalt be blest with the blessings of Eternal Life for I seal upon thee that great blessing; and thou shalt go forth and administer in righteousness to the people of God. Thy name shall never be obliterated from the earth; thy posterity shall go on and increase in the land; and thou shalt always have a representative upon the earth; and thou shalt administer in the Temple for living and the dead. I seal thee up to come forth in the Morning of the First Resurrection as a King and reign in the House of the Lord with thy posterity. I seal and confer these blessings upon thee as a Patriarch in the name of the Lord. Even so. Amen.


Susan Duncan Clark

Blessing #5

Grover, Wyoming, Nov. 5, 1922

A blessing given by Ray S. Thurman, patriarch, upon the head of Hyrum D. Clark, son of Ezra T. Clark and Mary Stevenson. Born at Farmington, Utah, Feb. 13, 1856.

Bro. Hyrum D. Clark, by virtue of the Holy Priesthood and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly place my hands upon thy head and, as I am led by the spirit of the Lord, bestow upon thee a Patriarchal blessing. I feel in my heart to say unto thee that the Lord will bless thee. He has heard thy humble petitions, and He will bless thee that the Gospel with its teachings of righteousness shall bring thee salvation and exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven, and the day will come when thou wilt have the privilege of standing before thy maker and give an accounting of thy stewardship, and He will judge thee as a righteous father full of love and grace for thee as his servant. He knows every part, every condition, and circumstance connected with thy life, for thou art a man who has taught thy children to love their Heavenly Father. Thou hast been kind and good to thy family, thou hast worked hard to bring them up in righteousness. Yea, thou has reflected in the late hours of the night to strengthen and to build up the lives of thy wives and children. And for all thy good works, the Lord will accept and reward thee. Thou wast with him in the beginning and chosen to be born in the last days to grow up in the land which is called Zion. Thou hast always been sincere in the Gospel, hast admonished thy loved ones and associates to honor and obey the Gospel. Thou hast been known for thy good works, and during thy sojourn on earth be prayerful, cultivate heavenly power, a lowly heart and contrite spirit, and when the end of mortality appears and the dawn of salvation is entered upon, thou will be glad in thy heart for the experiences of mortal probation and will enter upon an exalted plane of activity of thy Father and in due time shall have the privilege of sitting in council with the great men of the day, with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Thou shall be known for thy good judgment, implicit faith, long suffering, and ready for the great opportunities of celestial life and immortality of the soul. Therefore, Brother Clark, be of good cheer, accept this comforting blessing from the most high. Make the best of thy present conditions and thou wilt have joy in thy soul because thy Heavenly Father loves thee. Thou art of Ephraim, entitled to blessings of righteous living, of all the Holy Prophets since the world began, and being one of the first born chosen of the Father, he loves thee and has decreed thee to be blest.

I seal thee up to eternal life and bless thee to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection clothed with immortality. Even so. Amen.

Ray S. Thurman

Blessing #6

March 10, 1933 No. 827

A blessing given by Nicholas G. Smith, patriarch, upon the head of

Hyrum D. Clark
Son of Ezra T. Clark and Mary (Stevenson) Clark
Born Feb. 13, 1856 at Farmington, Utah

Brother Hyrum D. Clark: As patriarch in the Church of Jesus Christ I lay my hands upon your head and bless you. Brother Clark, as I think of your achievements and the blessing that you and your father's family have been to the church, I thrill throughout my whole being. Knowing of your goodness and devotion to your fellow men, knowing of your willingness to sacrifice that others might be enabled to enjoy the good things of life, I realize that you have won the love of the Lord, and His protecting care has been with you throughout all the days of your life.

You have had the opportunity to impress others, and many lives have been copied after your manner of life, for men and women love you for the good that is inherent in you. Your actions have spoken your part, as the Lord would have you play it. Satan has been busy, and he would have broken through and destroyed your life and caused you to go wrong. You have had your trials and vicissitudes, but that desire which burned in your breast to serve the Lord and do the things He would have you do has been uppermost. And I bless you that your years here upon the earth may be as long as you desire in righteousness, that the marvelous example of your life may continue to bear its impress upon the lives of the rising generation, that the stability of your character may be implanted in the youth of today, that your children and your children's children may follow your example and be a blessing to every community where they reside.

The Lord has much for you to do, Brother Clark, therefore set to with a willing heart and a generous hand to play your part in rendering service to your fellow man. Your ancestry are calling for your assistance and your help. In the House of the Lord is to be found peace and joy and happiness in rendering that service which you can do for them.

Therefore, be of good cheer for you are an heir to the Priesthood, your lineage being through Ephraim, and the power of the Lord shall be with you and go with you as long as you continue to serve the Lord as you have done in the past. Scatter the sunshine that is in your soul.

I bless you and seal you up unto eternal life to come forth in the morning of the resurrection of the just, a savior upon Mount Zion, and I do this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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