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Hyrum Don Carlos Clark

Things I Remember About Father

by Blanche Clark Wilcox

Feb. 21, 1981

I am happy to say I was born of goodly parents. They were kind and sweet to me. . .

When I grew up I decided they were so kind to me because I was sickly and delicate in my baby and childhood and nearly died a few times. So they "spoiled me" as some of the family thought. I had an advantage in being too delicate to spank and discipline as some of the others were!

When I was very young I had my tonsils out in Salt Lake City by Dr. Stucky. After the operation mother brought me home on the Bamberger. Father was waiting at the station and carried me home. Somehow I survived whooping cough and pneumonia and with tender loving care I would survive this.

We all knew that father and mother were very much in love. I don't remember of ever hearing them quarrel or argue before any of us children. That set a fine example for all of us, as some of my children say the same thing about Clyde and me.

Father and mother were both extreme about us girls exposing any of our body except our face and hands. They thought everything else should be completely covered to "cover our neckedness." Even our arms above our wrists and our skirts close to our ankles. I think that by now they must be smiling or groaning to find out that it is no sin to have sleeves even above the elbow and skirts just below the knees!

Father always seemed to me to be a very silent man, seldom expressing his feelings or giving his opinion like mother always did.

The most communications I had with father was in a letter he wrote to me when I was going to college in Logan. He admonished me to keep myself from temptation and sin, to have high ideals and choose good companions.

Our parents taught us by example more than any other way. We always had family prayers so we knew we had a Father in Heaven who loved us and helped us. It was always a great comfort and blessing to have the priesthood. And it was always very important to me to have a husband who honored his priesthood as father did.

It gives me a feeling of great joy to belong to such a big and wonderful family and dear parents to love and associate with eternally in our Heavenly Father's highest mansion. I expect to see us all there together some day and until then, may we all do good deeds and love our fellowmen.

All my love, (signed) Your Sister, Blanche

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