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Hyrum Don Carlos Clark

Notes on the Life of Hyrum D. Clark by (his son) Heber D. Clark
Bountiful, Utah, February 19, 1956

  1. Father was the 6th child in a family of 11 children.
  2. Born in a log cabin near the site of the Clark Marker along the "Speed Way" at Farmington. The cabin had been moved from near the Big Creek into which the family moved on April 3, 1850.
  3. An autobiography of Alma Porter states that he helped to build it.
  4. Went on a mission with Uncle Edward Stevenson to Tennessee 1878.
  5. Married 11 November 1880. Uncle Joseph ans wife accompanied them. Daniel H. Wells performed the ceremony in the Endowment House, Salt LakeCity.
  6. Went to Georgetown, Idaho in November 1880 and spent the winter.
  7. In Farmington at Grandfather's when Avery was born 9 March 1882.
  8. Moved to Oakley, Idaho spring of 1882. To Star Valley April 1888.
  9. Served in Bishopric with John Smith at Oakley, fall of 1887-1888.
  10. Bought Homestead "Squatter's Claim," from Bainbridge, 1887 for $400.
  11. Bought Ben Perry Ranch for $1200 about 1895. Bigler ranch $6,000 in 1900.
  12. Spent winters of 1890-1891 and 1891-1892 at Farmington selling beef in Salt Lake City.
  13. County Commissioner 1900-1902. School Trustee 1897-1899.
  14. Counselor to Bishop Heman Hyde 1896 and Sunday School Superintendent several years.
  15. Stake High Councilman about 1904-1912, acting in Stake Presidency.
  16. Chairman Stake Tabernacle Finance Committee to 1911.
  17. Mediator Sheep vs Cattle disputes 1903, for Star Valley.
  18. 1899 Avery and Mary attended B.Y. College in Logan, Utah; also 1900-1901 and 1901-1902.
  19. Avery, Mary, and Hyrum R. attended there 1902-1903.
  20. August 1903 Avery went to Old Mexico.
  21. Last of December 1904 H.T.C. left for mission in Central States. Arrived home with Avery, Ruth July 4, 1907.
  22. Edan, Heber and Hyrum T. attended B.Y.C. 1907-1908.
  23. Edna & Ephriam married June 8, 1910.
  24. Hyrum T. & LuEmma M. on October 2, 1908; Heber & Lilly C., October 11, 1911; Porter & Lavinia, November 20, 1912.
  25. Mother and smaller children moved to Farmington October 1908.
  26. Heber D. left Salt Lake City for Eastern States Mission June 16, 1909. Returned on June 27, 1911. Porter left November 27, 1912 and returned early 1915. Elwin left for Australian Mission in May 1920.
  27. Father filled a short-term mission in California 1927, and a 26 month mission there in 1934-1935. Banquet with President & Sister Grant February 13, 1936 on 80th birthday and while still on mission in California with Nichoal O. Smith.
  28. Passed away at Dee Hospital, Ogden on July 2, 1938 from affects of accident, June 4, 1938. Main sermon delivered by Dr. E.E. Erickson.
  29. Hyrum T. passed away 2 December 1911, Uncle W.W. and President Duffin, speakers.
  30. Mother passed away 12 June 1927; Avery May 8, 1953; Porter 29 September 1953.
Nicholas G. Smith and Uncle Amasa main speakers at Mother's funeral; Dr. E.E. Erickson at Avery's and Bishop Chas. Moser, Harvey Allred and E. Wesley Smith of Hawaiian Mission at Porter's.

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