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Hyrum Don Carlos Clark

A Letter To Hazel By Father

153 W. Adams Los Angeles, California Nov. 3, 34
Dear Dot Hazel.

A few lines to you -- This is sat. a day the elders & all the missionaries have practically to do & see to their affairs visit study clean up. Some do their laundry, some go to a movie some times go to the beach. Six went this P.M. to the quite famous Chinese theater it's quite elaborate. I went with a bunch 2 cars autos, last spring & saw the noted Rothchild's play. But I don't go to many not so gone on them.
Well your Mother tells me you go to Mutual & I think S Schools but your work is not steady likely too much competition. but I believe most women have their hair waved nowdays & I have learned to like to see it even may young men take great pains to kink their hair & a certain amount of personal pride I think commendable if they don't get vain over it. I expect the Y.W.M. have reading courses & then the S.S. lessons & the social contact with such as attend these gatherings help to develop & gives richness into the lives of all participating. I meet lots of nice individuals & converse with them nicely on our doctrines & many can see we have more than others have & many will come to a knowledge of the fullness of the gospel. Many thousands even Cal., now are members & there is to be 2 more stakes organized soon making 5 stakes. I think it is fine for every young person to become acquainted with the doctrines, so to be able to teach it to others & especially to live it ones self, nothing equals it if put into every day life.
When we consider that we have all the same attributes that God has & that it is made possible for us to become perfect as he is & become a joint heir with Jesus Christ it's enough to make us fear lest we slip & fall short thru or because of the weakness of mortality, we all need the help & mercy of the Lord in our behalf, we need to cooperate with him on our own behalf. All blessings are predicated on obedience to law & we all have our agency & a consciousness of right & wrong. We should have a purpose in life & a desire to attain to it either or both in this life & the life to come. Personally I would like to become all my dear ones can hope for me to become & would rather give my life than to disappoint or be disappointed, & yet I'm weak if unaided. Yes I've had my faults, my chidden need to have a charity for me so to overlook my faults & love me & pray for me daily, will you? It also applies to the mothers of my children that is, my appeal does.
My sympathy goes out to the distressed those in want & in sorrow, tho many bring it on themselves.
Well I must close. I would like you to write me. Tell me your hopes, fears & desires so I will understand. Sympathetic understanding is one of the foundation stones of enduring love. Affectionately, Father.

Feb. 13, 1932

I address my family - on my 76th birthday while yet in a healthy condition of body & mind - that is, I think. I want my children to be assured that I appreciate each & all of them & their Mothers for their respect for me & the love they have for me & the love I feel for each of them, so much so that I have joy in their joys and sorrow in their sorrows.
I appreciate that they all have good bodies & minds & good characters & therefore a good standing among men & in the church to which they belong. I repeat that I appreciate these things in my large family.
The advancement in education & science of better advantages & information in regards to ideal home training & conditions makes it necessary for tolerance to be extended by both the parent & the children to each other in order to be reconciled to each other & to appreciate & love each other, especially is it true in case of elderly parents of the "old school" so to speak that have struggled with poverty & rude conditions in the development of new countries & raising a large family at the same time.
As for myself I feel conscious of trying to keep pace with the advancement of the times that I lived in, in improved homes & home conditions & conveniences & education of my family, & have especially emphasized the importance of religion not only a knowledge of its principles & doctrines but a personal testimony of its divinity by the exercise of faith & humility & earnest prayer before the Lord.
I admit of having an ambition of possessing property & have put forth a strenuous persistent effort to do so, & have been reasonably successful in doing so at the same time have tried to feel & act that it was the means to a greater end. & that I needed it in schooling & missioning my children. I might have done better with more wisdom, many have done better, but so many apparently have not succeeded so well that I have been quite well gratified.
I have felt some of the prestige that comes by honest successful effort in business & also the humiliation to have it swept away suddenly as by a flood, as others also are experiencing.
Hyrum Don Carlos Clark is shown in a photo taken late in his life
I hope to live so as to meet & greet my dear ones who have gone on before in good fellowship & also to meet those who come after me with a greeting of affection & equality.
I hope we can maintain a high standard of living that will guarantee our eternal association as a family. To this end I recommend to my children a consistent living in harmony with the teaching & ordinances of the Gospel, realizing that this is easier said than done as it means self sacrifice - self denial & personal effort.
At this time I wish to express my appreciation of Ephraim & Edna in calling a number of the family together to commemorate this my 76th birthday as also the many generous acts to the family & especially to my self.
I may see a number of birthdays yet can't tell as life at my age becomes uncertain, but I leave my blessings to each & all of you.

Father - Hyrum D.

Hyrum Don Carlos Clark and daughters from Ann Eliza

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