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Hyrum Don Carlos Clark

Father . . . As Known By Edna Clark Ericksen

(written up from notes taken by Morrell at interviews with her)
Notes from November 19, 1981

Edna recounted a boat ride with Father on Bear Lake. "He was master of those oars" she later remarked.

On the ranch she and Heber helped milk the cows. At times she helped with fences.
"Father was finicky about meat."

Notes from March 7, 1982

Edna said that the FATHER I (Morrell) knew, was overburdened; he had "pressure;" and was "not the calm and deliberate FATHER that I (Edna) knew."

While Father was courting Mother (Eliza Porter) one time they were near the Weber River, and near the mouth of Weber Canyon, and Father asked: "If I'd catch the fish, would you fry it?" She replied: "Yes, you catch the fish and I'll fry 'em."

"Father used to take me for a ride on his horse, and while riding would like to hear me sing to him," -- such for example:

"Up, up in the sky, Where the little birds fly,
"Down, down in the nest, where the little birds rest."

"Father made hand sleds for us, and would pull them" with a rope, from a horse, two or three in tandem."

"Father had quite a lot of sports in his nature."
"He loved to race" with horses.
"He was a very steady driver."
"He was quite a professional horseman."
"Father played a mouth organ."
"He always dressed neat, was well-groomed."
"Mother knew she married a handsome man."
"He was always considered a handsome man."

On a problem, "He'd think it over carefully, then speak; and his answer stayed." Example: We should "not go to public dances if not supervised by L.D.S."

"Father supervised dances all over the valley, especially in Auburn and Grover. He'd go by horseback or carriage, or bob-sled."

At the time of the Indian scare, Father stayed home. Early in the morning Chief Walker came to the door. Father gave them bread. The Indians gave him beads.

They had family prayer, before breakfast and supper.

"Father and Mother often sang duets."

One would often hear Father singing phrases of a song.

While traveling between Farmington and Star Valley, with horse and wagon, Father would often over-night east and north of Preston, Idaho, "where the Danes lived."

He was exacting of hired men: no swearing or foul language.

He served on the High Council, also in the bishopric for several years.

He was very alert, and had very sharp eyes.

He was for boys going on missions, and for protection for girls.

Father was involved in the settlement of a dispute over lands. "Limbergs got the Big Spring, but Father was friendly and didn't seem to hold a grudge."

"In disputes between sheep and cattlemen, Father was the arbiter, and Father settled it."

The Indians always liked Father; he was congenial with them."

One time Edna mentioned to me that Father was going to visit the B.Y. College in Logan, and the faculty was alerted that one of the prominent men from Star Valley was going to visit the school.

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