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Hyrum Don Carlos Clark

My Grandfather

By Bernice Gundry (daughter of Herma) February 4, 1981

"I remember when my Mother cut Grandfather's hair in the kitchen where we lived in 1931 about 385 West State Street, in Farmington, Utah. I was about eight years old and enjoyed playing jacks on the smooth congoleum at their feet. I listened as Grandfather recalled many of his experiences in Star Valley, Wyoming, Logan and Farmington, Utah. Some of them were happy ones and some were disappointing ones especially losing his many acres of land in Star Valley. Mother would reassure him that he had accomplished the most important thing in life by teaching his family of eighteen children correct principles to live by and truly they were his greatest wealth. She would say there was purpose and learning even in life's difficult experiences.

"I was very happy when Grandfather Clark baptized and confirmed me a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That occasion was very special to me and I can still remember feeling his hands on my head.

"After we moved to Salt Lake City and my grandparents were living in their home at 268 West State Street in Farmington, I stayed with them a number of times, and my family enjoyed many happy family gatherings in their home. We always felt love and welcome there. After a meal, Grandfather would take a spoon with a bit of sugar on it and throw it in his mouth just to finish off the meal. I remember him as a proud but kindly gentleman."

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