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The Forgotten Missionary
The Story of Elder Ezra James Clark


Most people have a hand in who they choose as an eternal partner. Not Ezra James Clark.

Ezra James Clark was sealed to a deceased girl from Farmington eight years after his death in a ceremony not completely out of character for that timeframe in the church.

This was a match made in heaven---literally.

Endowment House records indicate that Ezra James Clark was sealed to Lydia Ann Robinson on Oct. 11, 1876 with Ezra Thompson Clark acting as the "heir" and Mary Clark acting as the "heiress." The ceremony, performed by Daniel H. Wells, was witnessed by Wilford Woodruff and John Lyon. Ezra Thompson also used the same occasion to seal his parents, Timothy Baldwin Clark, and Polly Keeler to one another.

The Robinsons and Clarks of Farmington had a long history together, starting with Ezra T.'s first day in Farmington---where Joseph Lee Robinson was the first bishop. Bishop Robinson suggested a plot of ground for Ezra T. which he quickly assessed and asked for a different one, closer to a water source. Bishop Robinson granted the change in location. Ezra T. had several children who married into the Robinson family.

Bishop Robinson, who had five wives, noted the passing of his daughter in a journal account, that went on to note her being sealed to Ezra James Clark. "March 12th, 1869 is the date that our beloved daughter (Lydia Ann) died, age 13 and a few days old. She was an amiable, lovely, pure daughter of Zion. She was greatly beloved by her parents and friends, we mourn her loss or rather the loss of her society. We prayed for her, we teased the Lord to leave her with us but we had not faith of sufficient to hold her but she tried to feel resigned to the will of God. We said at that time, she should lose nothing and that she should become the wife of a noble Lord. We have her unto a nice young man, by the name of Ezra James Clark. She has been sealed to him. He was on his way home returning from a preaching mission in old England, the eldest son of the honorable E T. Clark of Farmington."

In case there was any doubt about the sealing, the couple was sealed two more times within the past decade. Genealogical records indicate that Ezra James Clark was sealed to Lydia Ann Robinson on in the South Jordan Temple on Nov. 14, 1992 and then again on Oct. 23, 1993 in the Ogden Temple.

This graphic, traced from Endowment House microfilm, shows the sealing of Ezra James Clark and Lydia Ann Robinson which took place in October of 1876.

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