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Autobiography Of Edward B. Clark
Priesthood Activities

My first ordination to the priesthood was when I went to the Endowment House to receive my endowments at the age of 15 years. This took place on Dec. 4, 1874, at which time I was ordained an Elder.

I was ordained a Seventy by Ezra T. Clark in 1875, who was senior president of the 40th Quorum of Seventies. Later all the 70s of the town were organized as a body and presided over by Ezra T. Clark. I was one of the counselors and also the secretary. Later all the 70s of the ward were made members of the 56th Quorum. The 74th Quorum was moved to Bountiful and the 40th Quorum to Cache Valley.

I was ordained a High Priest by Pres. Joel Parrish May 9, 1886. I was made second counselor to Pres. Joel Parrish in 1887. I became first counselor to Thos. Steed in 1905. In 1910 I was made president of the High Priest Quorum. I served in this position until the reorganization of the stake April 1, 1937. A little later in 1937 I was set apart by Pres. Wesley E. Tingey as Stake Representative of the genealogical society. This position I held until 1939, when I was released because of illness of my wife. January 20, 1932 I was set apart as a regular temple worker by President George F. Richards, Jos. Fielding Smith and Joseph Christensen, counselors. On Feb. 28, 1936 I was set apart to do sealings in the Salt Lake Temple by President Heber J. Grant and David O. McKay. President McKay officiated.

Since being set apart to do sealings, I have sealed 118,706 couples and 184,692 children to parents up to June 30, 1944. As of December 31, 1952 I was completed the sealing of 218,796 couples and 562,956 children to parents and as of July 3, 1953---1,090,918 individuals.

I performed a mission for the church from Feb. 5, 1908 to Sept. 25, 1910 in the Northern States Mission under President German E. Ellsworth. I spent most of the time in the West Iowa District. I visited every county and most of the larger cities from Des Moines to Council Bluffs, and from Missouri to Minnesota. I presided over the district from Aug. 28, 1909 to Sept. 25, 1910. I baptized 11 persons and married one couple.

I was ordained a patriarch by Joseph Fielding Smith on June 7, 1942, during stake conference in Bountiful. I have given 887 patriarchal blessings up to Nov. 12, 1952, and a total of 910 as of Aug. 7, 1953.

While doing temple work, I have done endowment work for at least 2,500 persons in the Salt Lake Temple.

Edward B. Clark Autobiography

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