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Autobiography Of Edward B. Clark
A Living Testimony
Message to The Ezra T. Clark Association
By Edward B. Clark
Upon the Occasion of the 86th Anniversary of His Birth

To My Brothers, Sisters, My Family and Relatives of The Clark Family:


It is with gratitude in my heart that I greet you upon this occasion of a family reunion. I am glad to know there are so many members of the family who are desirous of perpetuating the memory of our noble ancestor, Ezra T. Clark. After all it is due to the stability of his character that we are, and that we have a being, with such a splendid heritage here upon the earth. Those who are fortunate enough to remember him know of his worth and the splendid traits of his character.

We owe much to him for the heritage he has bequeathed to us. And we are perhaps indebted much to many of our forebears for the part they played in the drama of our existence, for traits of character that are perpetuated from generation to generation. Ezra T. Clark thought much of his family, his relatives, and his friends, and it is now up to us his descendants to perpetuate that love. We should all live that no act of ours should bring reproach upon the name we bear.

To the young, I would advise that in their recreation and fun, it is done in the spirit of kindness and reverence. That in their youth they do nothing to regret in their old age. "Life is real, and should be earnest," and made beautiful. Each day well lived makes pleasant memories of the past and visions of hope for the future. Life consists of years, months, and days. We can live only one day at a time; but that day is typical of life's existence. Every day brings its opportunities for doing something worthwhile in the world for some of our Father's children, and each days practice brings us that much nearer the goal for which we are striving.

The young will do well by listening to the counsel of their parents and by seeking advice from older and more experienced members of the family, or of society. The purpose of life is to have joy. Joy comes to those who perform well the every day affairs of life. Work is one of the blessings of life; it has a stimulating effect upon the body and reacts favorably upon the mind and brings peace and happiness to the soul. Labor produces strength as well as ability.

Education should prepare one for the struggle of life, and to struggle develops strength, and power and ability to do great things in life. Thus, character is produced and manhood is the result as well as a pleasing personality. If one would succeed in life, he must pay the price of success. If one would be happy, if one would enjoy life's financial success, let him travel the road of honor, or morality, of moderation, of industry and of righteousness in all things.

To the older and mature, example should be their guiding star. Example is the most effective teacher. Let us all remember the admonition of the Prophet Samuel to Saul, "Obedience is better than sacrifice, to hearken that the fat of rams." There is always a compensation for doing right, and a punishment for doing wrong, and in the end every man will be rewarded according to his works.

In past decades Ezra T. Clark and family did considerable missionary work, traveling in many parts of the earth. Figures are not available, but I feel sure than more than 200 years of foreign missionary work has been done, a record perhaps exceeded by few families of the Church. Now, under war conditions, not much work is being done along that line, but many of the descendants of Ezra T. Clark are numbered among the armed forces of our Country. They need our faith, our prayers, our sympathy, and our love.

As to Temple work, the Clark family has done a good portion, Aunt Nancy, as Matron in the Logan Temple; Joseph and Maria, many years of efficient work in the Salt Lake Temple; Joseph E. Robinson and wife, for many years and still serving; Mary Clark Barrass and husband, many long years of service in the Logan Temple; and E. B. Clark and Wealthy in the Salt Lake Temple. All the above, as set apart workers are devoting much of their time to the interests of Temple patrons. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Aunt Maria for the splendid work she performed in research work, and placing names upon sheets preparatory for Temple work. She is now succeeded by her daughter, Iris, whom we all should support.

The Clark family is now growing into quite large proportions. The boys of a decade ago are now the older ones of many communities, and should, by their exemplary living, be worthwhile citizens in the various communities where they reside. Boys and girls, it is your turn next. Prepare yourselves for future eventualities.

Fathers and Mothers, teach your children to pray. Take them with you to Sacrament meetings. They are your most precious jewels. All of us should be guided by the spirit of Truth and by obedience to law. Parents should have a deep interest in their children, in teaching them the Gospel, and the better ways of life.

Edward B. Clark Autobiography

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