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Autobiography Of Edward B. Clark
Faith Promoting Incidents of E. B. Clark

I feel constrained to relate a few faith-promoting incidents that I have witnessed during my life.

My wife Wealthy Richards, was an outstanding girl in her youth. She was active in the Sunday School and the YLMIA. Though she never went to college she assisted in teaching in the district schools. She succeeded Sister Aurelia S. Rogers as president of the Primary Association. She acted as Stake secretary of the YLMIA. She was the first counselor to Sister Elisabeth Smith of Kaysville in the Stake presidency of the YLMIA. She was also a counselor to Sister Susan Grant of Bountiful in the Stake presidency of the Relief Society. The last four years of her life she was an ordinance worker in the Salt Lake Temple. Here she received many compliments for her efficient work, and especially in taking a character part in the Temple Ordinances. She was beloved by all who became acquainted with her.

In her early life she was at times a great sufferer, having severe cramping spells, when she would become almost as stiff as a board. When she would come out of cramps she would be limp and weak. She was administered to many times and promised that she would become a mother. This was the greatest desire of her heart. She had great faith, and clung to the promises made to her by her father and other faithful elders.

It was during the last spell of this of sickness, that I almost despaired of her getting well. I had witnessed her suffering so much, and for several days I had been at her beside almost constantly. One morning while her mother and the nurse were present I decided to walk out for a few minutes. It was during my absence that Brother Palmer, a former missionary president called. He was asked to administer to my wife. He promised her that if she had faith she should be healed. She had that faith, and was immediately healed.

Having seen her suffer for so long, I decided during my walk that if it were God's will, I would say, "Thy will be done." However, upon my arrival home, Wealthy met me at the door, and throwing her arms around my neck she said, "I have been healed and am well." She never had another of those cramping spells, and in a year she realized the desire of her heart---she became a mother.

Another instance of faith and prayers answered was when my son Orson, was a baby. He was rather frail and delicate, and we had a hard time to keep him alive. One day the nurse in attendance pronounced him dead. I asked one of my wife's brothers who was present to administer to him. He gasped and commenced to breathe.

Prayer is one of the most powerful agencies of the universe. God instituted it as a means of communication between heaven and earth---between our Father and His children.

Edward B. Clark Autobiography

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