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Autobiography Of Edward B. Clark
Civic Service

I have served the community in many ways, starting at an early age. I was secretary of a cattle organization started in 1884 by a number of prominent people of our county. Of the number of over 60 who made up the group, only two of us are now living to wit: David C. Layton and myself.

In about 1882, when pressure was being placed on the Mormon people, especially those having more than one wife, it was thought advisable for father to resign from the office of County Treasurer. I was appointed to succeed him. On Aug. 6, 1883 I was elected County Treasurer and re-elected to the same office Aug. 2, 1886.

I was president of the first Commercial Club organized in Farmington. I served three terms as city councilman. I served in their order with Mayors H. S. Daynes, John A. Bourne and Nephi Palmer. The last named, received in the election for mayor only three more votes than I did.

While on a mission in Iowa, I visited quite a number of beautiful cemeteries. Then and there I decided to work for improvements in our "back-in-the-woods" cemetery. When I was elected to the city council, I, in cooperation with the other council members, was successful in my strong desire to modernize our "City of the Dead." As I had secured the first lawn in our city of the living, so I did in our now beautiful cemetery.

I served two terms as Justice of the Peace. I was first appointed by Mayor Gardner and then by Mayor Sessions.

November 2, 1926 I was elected four-year term County Commissioner. During that time I attended at Los Angeles a road convention where road machinery was being displayed. As a result and upon my return, I recommended the purchase of some improved road building machinery. At that time our county had only one grade of any value, and that was a horse drawn machine. It took about three men and three teams to operate it. We purchased a tractor, a scraper and a rooter. A little later we purchased two other motor graders. We immediately went to work and soon our poorer roads were greatly improved. We constructed the first and quite a number of hard surfaced roads in Davis County, other than the State Highway.

While I was chairman of the county commission, we built the Memorial Court House at Farmington, or had it well along toward completion. We had quite a battle to put it over, as a faction in the north end of the county tried to enjoin us and as a result, a lawsuit followed, but the construction went right on.

We had another storm time when a strong delegation met with the commissioners and asked us to stop the horse races at Farmington racetrack. The contention was that they were operating illegally. This created quite a commotion in Farmington, as the city had issued them a license. We had to enforce the law, however, and as a result we got in "Dutch" with a number of our friends and neighbors. This affair caused considerable trouble and expense to me.

When my term as four year commissioner ended, I desired an election as two year commissioner. A group here in town conspired against me, and ran another man who was not acceptable to the county delegates, and as a result the office went to Kaysville.

When quite a young man, I helped organize the North Cottonwood Irrigation Company as an association. Later, about 1897, we incorporated the company under the state laws. I was one of the incorporators and served on the board for many years. A good deal of the time I was secretary or president. I was a director in the Haight Bench Irrigation Company. I made out the incorporation papers for the Spring Creek Irrigation Company, and served as one of the directors.

I was one of the incorporators of the Farmington Commercial and Manufacturing Company, and also of the Davis County Bank, and served as a director until I went on a mission Feb. 6, 1908.

After returning from my mission Oct. 6, 1910, I helped organize, and served as a director of the Federal Land Bank Association of Farmington. For more than 21 years I was chairman of the appraising committee. I was also president of the company nearly all of the time.

I was an honored guest at a convention held in Berkeley, California in 1927. The bank paid all of my expenses as I had been a director for over 20 years. I had a wonderful time visiting with bank officials, and also my daughter Mary and her husband Owen. I also greatly enjoyed seeing the sights in and around San Francisco.

The following is a copy of a letter from J. R. Hinohcliff, expressing appreciation for my service:

Weber & Davis County
National Farm Loan Association
2427 Kiesel Avenue
Phone 960
Ogden, Utah

February 27, 1939

Mr. E. B. Clark
Farmington, Utah

Dear Mr. Clark:

At the annual meeting of the Farmington National Farm Loan Association held in Farmington recently, it was particularly noted that this associations still remains in class 1.

Mr. Gailey, your successor as president, of the Farmington Association expressed the opinion that the status of the association was largely due to your efforts as an appraiser while you were its executive officer. The membership of the association seemed to greatly appreciate this fact and motion was duly made and seconded and unanimously carried that you be given a vote of thanks for the efforts which you put forth in behalf of the association during your many years as president and head of the loan committee. It is my great pleasure to so advise you and to wish you many years of continued health and happiness in your retiring age.

Yours very truly,

J. R. Hinchcliff

Edward B. Clark Autobiography

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