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Autobiography Of Edward B. Clark

Edward B. Clark and Wealthy Richards were united in marriage in the old Endowment House on Sept. 25, 1879 by her father Franklin Dewey Richards.

Children born to us are:

Edward Franklin Clark born September 14, 1890.
Rulon W. Clark born January 17, 1893.
Wealthy Clark Weight born October 31, 1895.
Ray and Ralph Clark born July 14, 1897.
Orson R. Clark born August 14, 1898.
Mary Clark Ellis born October 25, 1905.

Edward B. Clark and Alice Randall were married in the Logan Temple April 2, 1885. Alice Randall was the daughter of Alfred Jason Randall and Margaret Morley.

Children born to us were:

Walter E. Clark born May 31, 1889 in Farmington.
Melvin J. Clark born February 9, 1894 in Georgetown.
Rhoda Clark Taylor born January 20, 1896 in Centerville.
Maurine Clark Wiberg born January 20, 1899 in Georgetown.
Bryant R. Clark born January 30, 1902 in Georgetown.

Children in the order of their birth:

Walter E. Clark May 31, 1889
Edward F. Clark Sept. 14, 1890
Rulon W. Clark Jan. 17, 1893
Melvin J. Clark Feb. 9, 1894
Wealthy Clark Oct. 31, 1895
Rhoda Clark Jan. 20, 1896
Ray & Ralph Clark July 14, 1897
Orson R. Clark Aug. 14, 1898
Maurine Clark Jan. 20, 1899
Bryant R. Clark Jan. 30, 1902
Mary Clark Oct. 25, 1905

Edward B. Clark Autobiography

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