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Autobiography Of Edward B. Clark
Another Faith Promoting Incident

While on a mission in Iowa, in the years of 1908-1910 I came in contact with a family of saints by the name of Christensen. The father had passed away and the mother left with a family of children. They obtained a livelihood by farming from rented farms. When moving from one farm to another their eyes being focused on Salt Lake City and the temple they would move westward. Sister Christensen was a very zealous and faithful saint. She would often come to the office of the Elders to pay her tithing and attend meetings of the saints. I had met her quite often and also been at her home, so I became quite well acquainted with her. I told her the Lord would bless her for her faithfulness and devotion. They had moved to a farm on the Missouri bottoms about 12 miles south of Council Bluffs where we were located. They concluded to move further west into Nebraska. While loading a car with their implements on the railway siding, David, the oldest of the family at home, took seriously sick. The doctor was called, he pronounced it Typhoid Pneumonia. Sister Christensen called the Elders at Council Bluff to come as quickly as they could. She said a train would leave the city at a certain time and that she would have a conveyance at the station to bring us to her home. Elder Azra J. Udy and I took the train and as we neared the home we met the doctor who had just left the sick boy telling the mother he had done all he could do for him but it was a serious case and the boy would be apt to go into unconsciousness at any time and would perhaps pass away. He was preparing the mother for the worst. You could imagine the feelings of a distracted mother with her main support sick, the other children being younger and girls, getting ready to move, part of her fixtures in the care at the railway siding and her son on the verge of death. As we entered the kitchen, a little shanty at the side of the house, where the mother was working with tears streaming down her face like rain. Seeing me she said, "Oh Brother Clark, the doctor thinks David is going to die." With a shock I exclaimed, "David is not going to die." How did I know, I had not even seen him nor did I know anything about the case, only just what the doctor had told the mother. We had been called to administer to the sick. As we entered the sick room I felt the assurance that I had been prompted aright, that he would get well.

We administered to him and he soon dropped off to sleep. It was evening, everything quiet, the nurse left to go to a neighbors to sleep. I told Sister Christensen to go lie down as she was nearly worn out. We would sit with David. She told us about the medicine the doctor had left with instructions. About midnight he roused up enough to take a dose of medicine and went back to sleep. We let him sleep feeling that sleep and rest was what he needed and would do him more good than medicine. The next morning the nurse came early and when she entered the door of the sick room she exclaimed, "Oh my! What a change." She immediately went to the telephone and called the doctor. The doctor came at once. After giving the sick boy an examination he said, "Some good work has been done here since I left last night." I said, "Yes the Lord has been good to David." He said, "Yes I believe in prayer, and that man's extremity is God's opportunity" meaning that after man had done all that he can do the Lord can step in and do what man is unable to do. He said to David "you are practically well, be careful and not get a setback. You will not need me any longer."

David got well, and finished loading the car with their household effects and moved to a rented farm in Nebraska. I heard no more of the family until a few years later. While I was seating the people in the temple I saw that Sister Christensen was in the company. Later in a conversation with her she said she had purchased a little home in Sandy where she could go to the temple often and do her temple work.

Edward B. Clark Autobiography

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