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Autobiography Of Edward B. Clark
Another Case of Remarkable Healing

While the Elders were tracting in a certain district in Council Bluffs they came in contact with a very fine family who appeared to be interested in their message. They opened their home for the Elders to hold cottage meetings. We met there quite often. Later one of their little boys became very ill. Doctors had been called without apparent affect. The boy kept going down and down. Until one day when the doctor was there he told the family that the father who was an engineer, working in Omaha, had better come immediately. They called the father, he came to the home telling the family that the boy was not going to die; he was going to call for the elders. He got on another car and went to the home of the Elders on Broadway. Meeting some of the Elders he took Elder Thomas G. Hunt of Enterprise, Utah and another Elder and returned to the home. As they administered to the boy he vomited up that which seemed to be the cause of his sickness. And he commenced from that time to build up his emaciated body for he was nothing but skin and bones. When the boy was asked how he got well so quick he would say "Elder Hunt made me well."

On another occasion the saints of Council Bluffs and Elders and friends were having a picnic in one of the parks on the fourth of July. This family was there also. After lunch the mother's baby seemed to be fretful and not well. She said to her husband "I think I shall go home." A while later the father said to one of the Elders "I think I had better go home and see how baby is." He asked one of the Elders if he would accompany him home, which he did. While there at the home, their beautiful, 14-year-old daughter bantered the elder for a game of croquet on the lawn. The mother, with her baby in arms, and the father were watching the game. The baby was apparently getting worse. She asked the elder if he would bless the child. The elder responded and the baby soon went to sleep. The mother remarked, "It is wonderful the power these Mormon Elders have. They seem to be different from our ministers. They seem to have more power." And yet she was unable to see why there was a difference. And she could not understand Divine Authority. Whether this family joined the church we do not know but they certainly had evidence that the Lord is with the Elders in their ministrations.

Edward B. Clark Autobiography

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