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Autobiography Of Edward B. Clark
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Walter E. Clark, born May 31, 1889. A graduate of BYU; bishop of Georgetown, Idaho and a member of the High Council of Montpelier Stake.

Married Violet Katherine Christensen, March 3, 1920, a U of U graduate. Two sons were born to them: Wayne, a graduate of BYU filled a mission in Denmark, married Coleen Clark, also a graduate of BYU and they have a son, David Wayne; Alan, a BYU graduate, filled a mission in the Eastern States, married Janet Rupp, also a BYU graduate and they have a married daughter, Brenda.

Walter married Lela Blanch Willett, a graduate nurse, June 3, 1933. They have five children.

Edward F. Clark, florist at Miller Floral Company, President of 56th Quorum of Seventy, filled a mission in Australia. He married Inez Potter on April 28, 1915. Five children were born to them: Stanford, a world war veteran, married and sealed to Muriel Mackay on October 25, 1944; Norman, world war veteran and graduate of Stanford U with doctor's degree, married Lois Amanda Colt on November 7, 1947 and they have two daughters, Carol Lois and Alice Elaine; Harlow J. a world war veteran, married Beverly Hurst n August 29, 1947 and they have a son, Gerald H.; Preston R., a U of U student, filled a mission in the Northern States, married Pauline Morgan on March 5, 1952 and they have a daughter Jan.

Rulon W. Clark, U of U graduate, born January 17, 1893, filled a mission in New Zealand, married Clara Caroline Gleave August 17, 1921, first counselor in Emigration Stake Presidency, Judge of Juvenile Court and member of Salt Lake City Board of Education. They have four children; Rulon Herbert, born July 22, 1922, graduate of Colorado College and graduate work at U of U. served 2 years in U.S. Marine Corps, married Verona Smith and they have three children, Cathy, Robert and Joan; Fern Clark Fox, born November 5, 1923, graduate of U of U., taught in the School of Business at the U of U., married Donald Lott Fox on October 9, 1944. They have four children, James Edward, Ann, Donald Clark, and Robert Clark Fox; David Gleave, born January 6, 1927, attended U of U and attending U of Southern California in School of Architecture, married Julie Caine on December 14, 1951 and they have a daughter, Julie Ann. He filled a mission in Argentina; Calvin Edward, born September 17, 1929, filled a mission in Argentina, attending the U of U in Law School.

Melvin J. Clark, born February 9, 1894, student at BYU, filled a mission in California Mission, married La Reva Bacon September 3, 1924 and have six children: LuLu and Beryl had graduated from college and are school teachers and Gail is a student at BYU; and they have two sons, Melvin Vernell and Sheldon La Mar have both filled mission for the Church.

Wealthy Clark Wright, a trained nurse, was born October 31, 1895. She filled a mission in Hawaii and married Walter Wright of Ogden, a college graduate. Both were victims of the flood disaster August 13, 1923.

Rhoda Clark Taylor. A graduate of BYU was born January 20, 1896. She filled a mission in Northwestern States, became a graduate nurse and served at the LDS Hospital then married Harvey Hyrum Taylor of Colonia Dublan, Mexico, a member of the High Council of Juarez Stake. She is now President of the Relief Society at Dublan and is a schoolteacher.

Ray and Ralph Clark, a pair of twins born to Wealthy 1897. They died on the day of birth and were buried at Farmington.

Orson Richards Clark, a graduate of the U of U was born August 14, 1898, a former member of the presidency of the Davis Stake. He married Lucile Barlow on December 24, 1920, a nurse and church worker. They have six children: Ruth, married to Shelby M. Bently January 27, 1944 and they have three children; Naomi, married Ronald B. Foster , who filled a mission and is a graduate of USAC; Orson Merrill, a USAC student filled a mission and married Colleen Parker on April 30, 1953. He is now in the U.S. Service and is in a training camp in California; Ralph, a student at the USAC; Gordon and Lucile. They now live at Vale, Oregon and Orson is a member of the Stake High Council.

Maurine Clark Wiberg, a graduate of the BYU, a schoolteacher and church worker, president of Lake View Stake Primary, married Reuben Weiberg, who filled two missions and is now a member of the High Council of Lake View Stake. They have five children, Ronald married Barbara Simmons August 15, 1950 and they have two children and Marilyn is a BYU graduate.

Bryant R. Clark, a graduate of BYU was born January 30, 1902, married Rega Jane Brown on August 25, 1926, a schoolteacher and church worker. They have six children: Barbara, who works at LDS Church offices; Carol, a graduate of BYU married Max Ray Call, a graduate of BYU and they have two children. The family live at Colonia Juarez, where Bryant is superintendent of Church Schools.

Mary Clark Ellis, while attending the U of U married Owen W. Ellis on December 23, 1926. They have five children: Richard, a student at the USAC, filled a mission in Canada and married Beverly Alida Hathaway on June 5, 1953, a missionary; Steven, a carpenter, married Jean Everett and they have a daughter Vickey; LeGrand C. Ellis, a student at USAC married Marilyn Peterson on September 17, 1953; Colleen and Elaine are students at Davis High School. Owen is a graduate of the U of U and is a builder and contractor.

Edward B. Clark Autobiography

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